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Deformed girls fantasy continues
Barbara never spoke during our first encounter, after giving me all she had to offer she just clung to me as we both stood there with her face buried in my chest, we were both scared as hell. Before long, the feel of her warm body, the smells, and the thoughts of what we had just done had my prick poking into her stomach. This seemed to scare her even more. She backed away and gathered her clothes and held them over her torso, covering her breasts and crotch. Gosh! How I wanted to fuck her again right then! But part of me wanted to run from there and pretend it never happened. I knew my parents might soon be looking for me, so I put on my clothes and asked her if she was ok. She just sniffled and nodded yes. I told her that my parents would be looking for me if I didn’t show up soon. As I opened the door to leave I asked, “will you come here again?” Again she nodded.

After supper I snuck away from home and in the darkness, returned to the shack. She was gone. I looked over the scene there to convince myself that this had really happened and was not just a dream. Sure enough, as I looked around with my flashlight, there was ample evidence of what we had done. Near my carved pecker was a bloody smear on the bench where I had tried to wipe our fluids off of my t-shirt, and on an old cardboard box were more bloody marks where she had evidently tried to clean herself up with her hands. I felt scared and a little sad, but more than anything I was turned on. I shot off twice in shack while I re-lived the event before I returned home.

For the next several days I was returning to the shack every chance I got, which was dangerous because it increased the chances of some of my buddies discovering what I was up to. I was jacking off there several times each day. I was still scared as my mind kept asking questions. What if she told her parents? What if she got pregnant? Why hasn’t she come back? Did it really happen?

About three weeks later, on my approach to the shack on one of my after-dark visits, I saw sign that someone had been there. When I got close enough, I spotted Barbara trying to hide huddled in the bushes near the shack. I motioned to her and she made her way to me. We entered the shack and as soon as I closed the door she grabbed me and hugged me while she sobbed. She said my name. The first word she ever spoke to me. Before long, to my surprise, we were carrying on a conversation. When she whispered, her speech actually sounded almost normal. It was then I learned that she had been watching me for years, she was not as retarted as everyone assumed she was, and that she loved me. This she kept repeating in every which way she could think of.

We sat on the stack of boards that was my seat as I explained how we could never really be together. She understood. She said it didn’t matter. She just wanted me to know that she loved me and she always would. I kissed her swollen deformed lips and then pulled her with me as I lay down on the floor of the shack. She knelt beside me then laid down on top of me. Her lightweight body pressed her tits into my chest as she moved to kiss me.

There in the darkness on the floor of the shack, Barbara was not a monster at all. Her appearance was masked by darkness, her whispers were that of a woman, her warm skinny body felt so good held close to me. Her smell, perhaps offensive in a more public setting, only served proof to my senses that here was a real live woman close to me, her mouth, neck, and tits, were not just clean and tasteless skin, but salty, sweet, and flavorful. As we made out and I rolled on top of her, I forgot all about her deformed features.

The next minutes went by in a blur of passion and the next thing we knew, we were naked, with me poised atop her. Her bony knees were spread wide apart, with me lying in between them, my aching cock tickled her crotch and probed into her pubic hair. Reaching down with one hand I tried to spread her pussy open, wetness was seeping out of her and into the crack of her ass. She held my cock and guided me to her. Penetration was a little easier than it had been the first time now that she was lying down and steering my cock into her tiny opening with her small hands. But it still took some effort to force my member into her. She groaned and squealed into my mouth as her entire body tensed with the pain, but this time she did not try to back away, her legs remained spread wide and her hips arched up towards me letting me know that she wanted this more than anything in the world.

Her arms were wrapped tightly around me. Our mouths opened ever wider as if trying to swallow each others breaths. Her small frame was now wedged tightly between me and the floor. I completely ignored the pain in my elbows and knees on the hard plank floor as my dick forced its way into the depths of her tight opening. I nudged my hips forward a few times to insure that I was lodged in her to the limit. Then slowly, I withdrew. Pulling my cock from out of her depths felt every bit as good as going in. My sensitive swollen cockhead could feel every contour of her snug tube as it withdrew from the confines it had just invaded. I paused and then sank back into her, it was like my cock was forcing the air from out of her lungs as she panted into my lips.

Barbara, the poor, pitiful, little deformed girl was again giving me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams! As I began to pull back again, I felt her tiny legs wrap around mine as if they were trying to hold me deep inside her. In and out, I was trying my best to move slowly. With small subtle movements, her little body rode with me, with her arms and legs she helped pull me into her each time I pressed forward. Then her pussy, indeed her whole body, seemed to grip and clutch at me each time I withdrew, as if she was reluctant to give up the slightest fraction of separation between our bodies. It was incredible, I was fucking her again, and it felt even better than it did the first time!

My hips worked back and forth, slowly driving our bodies together towards ever increasing ecstasy. We embraced each other ever closer as her tight passage clung to my cock like it was her own body part. As I sank myself into our deepest point of penetration, I paused to try to hold off my explosion. Too late! ! Barbara felt my hips tremble, the base of my dick throb, my swollen head expand inside her as I erupted into her hot tunnel. She felt the jets of warm sperm being spurted into her most sacred recesses as my stomach tightened and I pressed hard into her sensitive clit. For a moment she sensed her destiny fulfilled as she felt my semen filling her receiving organ. It was too much for her. All she had known thus far was gentle waves of increasing pleasure as she held the one she loved in the closest embrace. But now, her thoughts disappeared as her consciousness focused on our pulsating organs and the world throbbed around her as she surrendered herself to the heavenly realms of orgasm.

I did not realize what had happened. All I felt was the wonderful sensations of her involuntary muscle contractions, an explosion of heat from her body, and her suddenly irregular labored breaths in my face that had occurred just as my orgasm had begun to subside. I thought something was terribly wrong; she seemed as if she was having a seizure or heart attack or something. It went on for several seconds. I asked her if she was ok. She looked at me with a look of surprise on her face, but said nothing.

I moved my dick inside her to relish the newfound sensation of heat and slickness surrounding my cock. I don’t think my cock ever shrank a quarter of an inch. I began with little thrusts and soon I was fucking her as before, already chasing after another orgasm. The feel of her pussy had changed. It was now super-lubricated and slick but at the same time it maintained it’s tightness.

I felt like I was fucking like a real man now, I started going in and out of her hard and fast, pressing into her on the downstroke with all my weight, trying hard get as much of my body inside her as I could. I was making the small building shake. She began squealing louder and I thought I was hurting her, so I rolled over while holding her tightly keeping her impaled upon my dick. Once on top, Barbara paused to savor the new sensations, then began working her ass around slowly, keeping me buried deep inside her, then gradually she moved more and more until she was bouncing herself up and down, delighting in every movement of my cock in her well lubricated pussy.

I did not announce that I was cumming, but just as my powerful young organs began to squirt my semen into her belly, she slowed way down and accepted me into her as deeply as she could. Somehow, at that moment, her light body found a way to take me inside her farther than ever and just as I began to blast, the head of my prick mashed hard into her cervix at the end of her tight cunt. We both squealed and I felt my cum bathing the end of my cock.

She remained on top of me, clutching me and breathing heavily for several minutes as my dick slowly grew limp and reluctantly receded from out of her loving grip. I cuddled and talked with her, actually enjoying it when I could drive from my mind a growing sense of shame and regret in having got this involved with “ugly Barbara”. When we finally parted, I watched her struggling and falling down a couple times as she ambled towards her home. Although I knew that it was partly due to the firm fucking she had just received, I realized again how handicapped she really was. I could not let this go on.


2006-07-18 12:00:35
what kind of deformaty can't be to bad if she can have sex but cool story willie t


2006-06-03 23:33:01
i wouldnt fuck her again. thats really not me


2006-06-02 00:44:03
I wish I could still fuck her like in the old days...
nice story, ahah & title.


2006-06-01 06:07:36
a story where the main character has a heart. a nice change


2006-05-31 19:09:47
bullshit you'll still fuck her as long as she will let you...BTW I would too! LOL

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