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Ok this is the first story I have written so take it easy on me. This is set back when I was about 15 and I was never the sharpest tool in the shed so before every test I had to get a tutor and I hadn’t been doing all that great on my test so my mom decided to hire some new lady and I was kind disappointed because I had rather liked my last tutor kinda old still good looking maybe around 40 or 45 but any way when I got the this extremely hot women answered the door kinda tall really tan nice size boob maybe about a 34 C skinny she had to be about 25 just out of collage incredibly beautiful.

So we sit down and start going over some homework I had and she was wearing a v neck t-shirt and a professional looking Minnie skirt we were working at a glass table and he legs were ever so slightly open and I couldn’t stop staring then she saw the bulge in my pants she quickly closed her legs and gave me a mean look and we just moved on and my mom came and picked me up.

When I went back the next week she was wearing a looser neck and a more casual skirt. So when we sat down her legs were open again but it wasn’t like lat time her legs were open a little wider and I could see she had no underwear I was starting to get an erection and I saw that she spotted it again but this time she didn’t close her legs bit she closed the book and said in a seductive voice “do you like what you see” I just dropped my jaw “well answer me” she said in that same voice “y-y-yesss” I managed to get out “ok I think we need to move on to a new subject so I don’t feel guilty for taking your moms money ill teach you something you will never for get ” she said in a seductive voice she then grabbed my hand and led me to her room she sat me down in the bed and said “ill be right back I am going to go change in to something more comfortable.” I was sitting on her bed just trying to think what just happened I was excited scared and confused all at once then she walked in wearing this sexy loose robe “are you ready for this” she said in a really sexy voice “you look nerves is this your first time?” “y-yes” I stuttered “aww how cute this will be fun” then she dropped her robe and she was wearing nothing and seeing the almost prefect body you can imagine that I was pretty rock hard then as she looked down she said “when I said something more comfortable I meant nothing” and saw the big bulge in my genes and said “lets let that monster out of it cage” then she bent over and un buttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers and my big 7.5” dick “wow! For such a young man you’re your really big!” “Thanks” I said in a shy voice. Then I felt her worm breath on my head then her soft lips and her hot wet tongue as she’s bobbing up and down on my dick I feel her tongue licking all around my head “ohhhh ya that feels sooo good yeeaa ahhhh I ABOUT TO CUM!” so she starts jacking me off with her mouth wide open and tongue out ‘ahhhhhhhh yeeaaa that feels sooo good” as I shot a big wad of cum in her mouth and all over her face “I didn’t no I could feel soo good” “mmmmmmmm that was good” she said as she licked her lips she wiped her face off the grabbed my hands and put them on her firm tits “massage them” she said in a kind voice “good you want to contrite on the nipples because that is the most sensitive part…..oooooooo yea just like that” she moaned “now I want you to suck on them lightly and flick you tongue across it……ahhhh yesssss just like that” she said in almost a whisper during all this she had been rubbing my cock getting it hard again but she didn’t have a hard time “ok that’s good” she said “now lay on the bed” so I did as I was told I laid down on my back and she got on the bed and she asked me “do you know what 69ing is?” I thought about it for a second and remembered that I had seen a porn picture on my friends phone and he explained to me what they were doing because I didn’t look at porn all that much he said they were 69ing so I answered “yea I think” she looked at me and said “ok good” so she got on me and it looked a little different than in the picture most likely because I was doing it not looking at it so she started to suck my cock and I started licking her pussy and she stopped and said “do you know what a clit is?” I reply “no should I?” oh yes It is one of the key thing to know” so she reached her hand to her pussy and opened her pussy lips and showed me this little bump and said “if you suck and lick on this it will drive me crazy” “ok” so she goes back to sucking on my cock and I open she pussy lips and I start sucking a flicking my tongue across her clit and I can hear moaning and I could feel my orgasm building up and I couldn’t hold it any more so I shot a another lode in to her mouth and at the same time I could feel her tense up and I new she was having and orgasm so I licked her clit fast and I bit it softly “OOOOOHHHH IM GONNA CUMMMM!!” she screamed then she turned around and started kissing me deeply and cleaning all he juices off my face she said “that was amazing are you sure you haven’t done this before?” in a joking tone “yea im pretty sure”
I said in the same tone “we have to get you cleaned up before your mom gets hear” she said as she was walking her bathroom shit I completely forgot about my mom the I heard the shower so I went and jumped in with my new found lover when I got in she said “ooohhh you know what I just realized we haven’t fucked yet” and then my cock go hard again “oh well I see your ready” she said with a smile the she positioned herself and grabbed my cock and lined it up with pussy I could feel the pussy lips touching the head of my cock then she told me to push so I started pumping my cock in to her after about a minuet I got in to a rhythm and I could feel her tensing up and “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH IM GOING TO CUMM AGAIN OH YEA!!!!” then I feel my cum start to build up again so o push as hard and far in to as I can and shoot another big wad of cum deep in to her then we both relax and finished washing each other off then we dried each other off and took our sweet time on each others crouches and asses and for me I took my sweet time on her tits as well we both get dressed and go down stairs and about 2 minutes later my mom rings the doorbell wow what great timing I thought to my self “bye miss.O-Ryan” “bye zack” when we get in the car my mom said “so do you still like your new tutor” “yea she’s the best teacher ever!”

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2015-05-31 21:46:04
Good story.


2007-06-10 14:19:22
meh, its ok


2007-04-13 10:51:50
i love the idea of fucking a tutor but all i get is a teacher and heaps of my sisters friends and a few random girls at parties.......


2007-03-19 09:57:41
bad spelling and shit but overall good story


2006-11-25 20:48:08
you were certainly right when you said you were "never the sharpest tool in the shed" and it seems to be reflected in your writing. this is really hard to read and i gave up before i was even a quarter way through. you need to proofread, edit, capitalize, punctuate, spell check, etc, etc, etc. this isn't really a story but just a bunch of words strung together.

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