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Mr. Big.

When I was three years old my father left my mother and I. I found out years later that the reason he left is that he could not handle my mother sexually. He just wasn’t capable of fucking her as often as she needed which was at least once a day and sometimes more. I was an abnormal child growing up. By that I mean by the time I was five years I weighed 55lbs and was 3’4.” When I was seven I had grown to 4’10”weighing 140lbs and by ten I was 5’4” and weighed in at 165lbs. I continued to grow so that by twelve I had grown to be 6’1” and 210lbs and was 6’5” and 295lbs at sixteen.

During this time my cock had grown as well. At seven I was 6” and at twelve I was 9.”
Unbelievable you say. Well, again I didn’t find out until years later that my Mom had been feeding me growth hormones. The same ones that they were giving cattle during the 50’s and were later outlawed. The reason I guess is she had decided to use her son as her human dildo. She started sucking my dick when I was five and By the time I was seven she was fucking my dick several times a week. How she did it was she would fill me full of water and when I had to pee in the morning I would get a hard on and she would fuck me sitting on top of me. She would do that until the pressure would make me pee into her pussy. She kept rubber sheets on my bed so that it was easy to change. Mom would tell me that I was the man of the house and how proud she was of her man and how much she loved me. I had my first climax when I was eleven and from that point on she would suck me to get me hard and then fuck me, sometimes two or three times a night. Mom had an insatiable appetite for sex. She gave me sex books to read and to learn how to please a women.

I can still remember on my twelfth birthday my mother came into my room and said you are now a man, and as the man of the house you should sleep in the master bedroom. We went into her bedroom and she sat me on the bed and slowly began undressing in front of me. She took off her dress first and then her slip, then she removed her bra and my eyes kind of bugged out because it was the first time she had ever let me see them. I learned that she was a 37D. Her nipples are rather large and her areola’s were pink. As she slid down her panties I could see that she had shaved the hair off her pussy area. She just stood there letting me look at her full 5’9” beautiful body. “Close your mouth Teddy (my real name was Theodore but every one called me Ted except Mom who used Teddy) your drooling” she said, with a big smile on her face.

She walked over to me and took one of her tits as she said, “How would my little man like to suck his mommy’s titties as she placed her nipple to my mouth. I opened my mouth and began to suck. I ran my tongue over her nipple and sucked as much of her breast as I could into my mouth. I reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her to me. I sucked first one and then the other for about thirty minutes. She then pushed me down on my back and took my 9 inch cock into her mouth and slowly lowered her lips down my shaft until she had about six inches in and began to suck. I could feel the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat as she sucked running me in and out of her mouth. Her mouth felt so smooth on my dick and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. After about five minutes I exploded into her mouth. I came a lot and she swallowed almost all of it except a little white cream eased out of her lips. Oh god it felt so good I almost passed out.
Mom said, “Now it’s my turn. Remember those books I gave you on how to please a women? Well now you can put into practice what you read and saw in those pictures. She rolled over onto her back and lifter her knees as she spread her legs. I knew what to do but not exactly how. I remembered the picture and what it said. I squirmed between her legs and looked at her slit, It was a dark reddish color all the way around her slit I guess from shaving. I took two fingers and pulled the lips of her pussy apart. Inside was verypink and she smelled like mint. I placed a finger into her hole and moved it all around and then put it into my mouth. It tasted like mint. I remembered that the book said to take my tongue and run it up and down her slit so I did. I shoved my tongue into her hole as far as I could reach and then I flattened it out and ran up her slit to the top. I found her clit covered in a hood just like the book said so I licked it and forced it out of its hood with the end of my tongue and tickled it. She jumped and her cunt hit my lips with a jolt. I continued licking and sucking on her clit as I heard her begin to breathe harder and faster. Her stomach was beginning to go in and out. The more I sucked and plunged my tongue deep into her hole the louder she breathed. I must have sucked her pussy for close to thirty minutes because about every four minuets she would grab my head and bury my face into her crotch and scream, ooooohhhhaaaahhhhh. She did that four or five times.

Mom pulled my head from between her legs and pulled me up until I reached her round firm breasts and I began to suck. Mom said "My god son you learn quick. your so much better than your father ever was. In fact I can't remember ever having my pussy eaten better, as she guided my cock into her pussy. I could not remember it being that hot. As I slid inside her it was like sliding my dick into very worm water. Mom had fucked me for years but this was the first time I had ever fucked her. I began to pushed my cock deep into her pussy and then pull it out to the tip. I kept doing that very slowly in and out of her. Mom put he legs around my waist and the heels of her feet on the small of my back and would push her heels into me on every down stroke. She moaned, “That’s it baby, yes baby, that feel so good” Over the years of my Mom fucking me she had taught me stamina and how to hold off. After about eight minuets of slowly sliding in and out of her I began to increase my tempo. As I did Mom began to moan louder, Ohhhhhhh yesss baby, you are fucking me soooo good, you make your Mommy feel, ohhhhhhh yes, yes yes, I’m going too ooooooohhhhhhh god YES I’M CUMMMMMMMING AHAHAHAHAHAH and she shoved her pelvis up into me and I felt her ass shuddering as she held me tight against her with my cock deep in her fuck hole. That night she let me fuck her three more times sleeping only a couple of hours in between.

All that week I would fuck her as soon as she got off work, she would walk into the house and immediately take off her dress and bra, she was no longer wearing any panties and would take my dick and suck it until I was hard. Then she would have me lie down on the floor and straddle me sliding down my hard nine inch cock and fuck me until I came, Cuming several times before I shot my hot sperm up into her tight pussy. She said she came every time she felt me shoot my love juice up into her.

For the next four years I fucked Mom almost every day. Mom never seemed to get enough of my cock. Her pussy was always wet, hot and ready to fuck like she had an itch in her pussy that needed scratching. On my Fourteenth birthday Mom said she was going to give me a special treat if I wanted too. She was going to let me fuck her in the ass. I told her I had wanted to fuck her beautiful ass since I was eleven but was afraid to ask. I think Mom prepared for this because she showed me several dildos that ranged in size from 2” in diameter to 5”. And they were 6” to 14” long. She had douched her ass and oiled it. She asked me how I wanted to fuck her scrum-shish ass, laying on her side, doggy style, or her on top? I said all three but I want to start with you on top and then on your side and I’d like to finish doggy style.

She straddled me and tucked her knees on each side close to my waist. She inserted the head of my cock into her ass. She had done a good job loosening her sphincter muscle because my cock slid in easily but she was still very tight. I had grown another two inches and was now 12 inches long and three inches across. Talk about sliding into velvet that had been heated to about eighty degrees, that’s what it felt like as my shaft slide slowly up into her valley of darkness. She began to ride my cock up and down my rod, slowly at first and then faster and faster as she pumped her legs up and down as she lifted and then lowered her ass onto my cock. She was screaming, Ohhhh Teddy your cock feels wonderful in my ass, I’m sorry we didn’t start sooner. Up and down she went moaning first and then shouting, Ohhhh yes Teddy I’m going to cum, I can feel it deep inside rectum. She was now ramming her ass up and down my cock as fast as she could raise and lower herself on my shaft. Suddenly she rose up and her ass started quivering and she sat down fully engulfing my cock and I could feel her cum as it oozed out of her pussy onto my belly. She just sat there with my cock up herass for at lease seven minutes as she regained her breath.

As soon as she started to move I rolled her onto her side and began to fuck her again. I fucked like that for a good twenty minutes before pulling out of her. I had her get on her hands and knees on the corner of the bed and reinserted my cock into her gorgeous ass. In this manner I was able to put my legs on each side of the bed corner so I could drive my cock into her with power. I started slow and easy, taking my cock all the way out to the head and slowly shoving it in until my abdomen was tight against her ass. In and out, back and forth I went. After about five minutes I increased my speed, and about every five minutes I increased again until I was shoving my huge cock in and out of her ass like a piston. I kept shortening my stroke as I went faster and faster until I was like fucking her like a dog with short hard strokes. Mom was moaning and screeching, “Oh fuck me Teddy fuck your Mommy's ass. Don’t stop I’m going to cum again, one of those big one’s. I can feel it deep in my belly, that’s it don’t stop oh god ohhhhh shit yes, there it is, oh god yessss can you feel me Teddy? Here it comes ohhhhhhhhhhh holy shit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.” Hearing her sent me over the edge and I plunged my cock as deep as I possibly could and shot a full load of hot sperm up her anal cavity holding her tight against me. She shot a stream of water and cum all over my stomach, down my leg and onto the carpet.. We collapsed on the bed from exhaustion. Shortly we fell asleep with my cock still in her ass. I woke up about four in the mourning with my ass hanging over the edge of the bed and my cock though soft was still in her ass. We slept until eleven that morning. Consequently I didn’t go to school that day and she missed work. We decided to go to the park and spend the day feeding the ducks and resting. I continued to fuck Mom for the next two years almost every day except when she had her periods. I did fuck her once when she was in the middle of her period. She seemed to enjoy it but I didn’t, it was just two messy and besides her pussy smelled.

By the time I was sixteen I had grown to 6’5” and my cock was now a good 16” and 4 inches across. Mom was having trouble taking all of me. She was still able to take me up her ass even though when I was in her fully she said she could feel me move her colon. I was fucking her in the ass two out of three times we fucked. I had met a few girls but when they took a look at my cock it scared them off. The word got around and pretty soon the girls were calling me Mr. Big. I had heard that the boys were offering a hundred dollars if any girl could take my whole cock. A couple took up the challenge. I remember one of the local girls who had a reputation for sleeping around by the name of Betty asked me to take her home from one of the Friday night dances at school. I didn’t have a car so we took a bus to her house. We went around the back and sat on a lounge chair by her pool. There were very little preliminaries before she was taking off her clothes and my pants. When she saw the size of my cock all she could say was “My god they were right you really are huge. She sucked my cock until it got hard as I played with her pussy and clit getting her nice and wet while she sucked me hard. It took awhile but I was able to get the head of my cock into her pussy. She may have fucked around a lot but they all must have had small peters because she was really tight. I stretched her tight little pussy to her maximum. I got about eight inches in when I hit bottom so I fucked her with just half of my cock. I made her cum a half a dozen times before I shoved down hard and came directly into her cervix.

Another time I had just gone into the bathroom after my last class when this big gal named Tiny came in. She said don’t worry big boy no one is going to bother us. I put a closed sign on the door. Tiny was a big gal about 5’10” and heavy set. She had enormous tits about 44EE’. “I hear your suppose to have a pretty big cock on you Mr. Big.” She said Mr. Big rather sarcastically. “Well Mr. Big I’m going to fuck your brains out and win that $100. ”I smiled and said, I hope you do. "I love to fuck," she added. She lifted up her dress and removed her panties and unbuckled my pants pulling them and my shorts down. When she looked at my cock she whistled and said boy they weren’t kidding, you do have a big dick. I told her to bend over the toilet seat and when she did, I began to finger fuck her and play with her clitoris. In spite of her size her pussy was not. I had trouble getting three fingers up her snatch. She stunk a little from sweat. I decided not to be too gentle because of her sarcastic attitude. I placed the head in her hole and as soon as the head got slightly in I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock as hard as I could into her fuck hole. She screamed and I felt her pussy split open at the bottom near her ass. I shoved about nine inches into her when I hit her cervix she was screaming oh god that hurts, stop, oh please stop. I didn’t I shoved my cock in and out of her fat pussy as hard and as fast as I could. Tiny fainted and fell on top of the toilet. I continued to fuck her and even took it out and shoved it up her ass. I split her open at her sphincter muscle and she took almost eleven inches up her ass. I fucked her for about ten minutes before Cumming. I had shit all over my cock when I took it out and I washed it off first in her pussy and then the sink and left. I noticed I had a spot of blood on one pant leg. When I left she was still passed out on the toilet with a trickle of blood coming from her cunt and cum and blood from her ass hole. I usually am not a cruel person but I didn’t feel sorry for the sarcastic bitch.

The third one that I guess took up the challenge was this black gal who was a senior. My being a sophomore made it unusual because senior women never paid any attention to any boys who were under classmen. On this occasion I was having lunch at the cafeteria when she came over and sat next to me and said, “Hi, my name is Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” I said hi and told her my name was Ted. She said, “Well Ted I have been hearing a lot about you, is it true?" Is what true I asked, knowing full well what she meant? She smiled and reached over and grabbed my cock. She rubbed the entire length and her eyes grew wide and she said “shit they weren’t exaggerating. My cock when soft is almost the same size as when it’s hard except it gets bigger around and maybe an inch or so longer. She said “Some friends are throwing a party Friday night and I would like you to be my date.” Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for you to be seen with a sophomore I said. No, with your size and reputation, no I wouldn’t be embarrassed.”
(continued) All right reserved to the Author.

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