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GIrls satisfy his need for virgin twat but boys he uses to vent
Obviously it's recess time and elementary school kids are running around and playing games as they would normally. Unfortunatly on this day a crazed pedifile rapist was on the hunt for your holes to insert his large penis into and also try out his new sharp razor dick cover which he invented on his own with the desire to fuck some while simultaneously tearing there insides apart.
The antisipation of what he was about to commit had his blood pumping out of excitement. Sitting down at a bench just at the edge of the playground at a bus stop seemingly waiting for the bus but really he was scoping out the 5th grader girl who had on a little skirt, brunette hair, long sleeve black shirt on, flat chested but very beautiful face which was so innocent but attractive. He waited to see if she is going to enter the bath room, meanwhile his cock is throbbing and he is debating if he wants to slam is dick in her mouth with his razor dick glove which basically had razors super glooded all along side it's shaft and slips right over his cock for giving the ultimate pre teen orgasm.
the bell rang and as soon as the kids started running toward there classrooms hi noticed she ran into the bathroom. He quickly got up and ran across the field to where the bathrooms were located. Still undetected he look around and slides in the restroom.
To his suprise there is a feet underneath both the stolls and without any hesitation he goes through the first stoll and before this defenseless blonde 8th grader which he had gabbed before she could even let out a squel. He quickly ties her hands behind her and threatens to kill her if she makes any noise while pressing his over grown fingernail up against her shorts hard enough to whare she could feal it pearcing her virgin womb. Crying and full of fear she listens to this strange man who's towering white supremosous prison tattooed coverd body and face was standing over her.
The other girl is obviously finished due to the toilet flushing. He hears the little girl wipping her butt, this immediately has his mind picture is cock pounding into her little dirty butt and his cock went rock hard and without and control he pushed the door open forcefully to see this little girl with a look of horror on her face, so frightened screams could not even come out. This is the little 5th grader that he was originally planning for and now he has her but not much time before people start to worry whare these girls are.
He pulled the little 5th grader brunett by the hair after gagging her mouth into the other stoll so now both of his soon to be deverginized bloody princesses were standing side by side.
I pull out a large blade and clearly warn the girls of what i will do to there breast if the scream. They nodd in a jesture to show cooperation. I remove the gags and the 5th grader is sobbing which gives him reason to fuck her mouth first to shut her the fuck up. He grabs her haid and holds it in front of his zipper and tells her to unzip him. She does so shaking, as soon as the zipper was down his dick expoded out of his pants and hit her in the hace. His large 9 inch red cock was uncircumsized and dirty as all hell.
When this guy isn't fucking little girls he enjoys fucking little boys without ever cleaning the shit and blood smears off his cock. He loved being nasty and also a man who was only aroused by vicous sex acts and should be in Prison but currently he is running from the law. Insane no just has a thirst for young ass raping and snuff sex scenes.
before she even knew it she was choking on a this rapist dick and could not breath. He pushed his cock a few inches down her little mouth and as soonas he let back she puked her lunch up on his dick. He said to her you must really not like this blonde girl because she has to lick this off of me. Me motions to her to lean forward and start clean up the little 5th graders mess. while she is licking his shaft gagging and on the verge of throwing up herself he is undoing her short buttons and the quickly rips them off her body. she had a little white cotton panty which she had peed in aparantly which unknowingly was one of this rapist favorite flavors. Kiddie pee, he dives down and starts sucking the pee off her panties and she is screaching trying not to cry, and all of a sudden feal a sharp nail pushing through her panties into her your virgin pussy. He then pulls her panties down and she hits the toilet seat with her face due to her hands being tied behind her back. He orders the little brunett to get on her beack inbetween his legs and beneath this little wet 7th graders pussy. He reaches down grabbing the girl by her cheaks and raising her mouth to this virgin masterpiece. He orders do not stop licking no matter what. If you have to hold on to her but dont stop licking her twat until i say stop or else...
the 5th grader proceeds to lick the olders girl pussy who is on the ground with her face in the toilet bowl now and her arms tied behind her back. Exciteded the rapist proceeds to insert his cock into this tiny womb and despite the tightness and the unwilling hole he used all his strength on his first thrust pushing through her whole while she experiences a ripping sensation so painful her body goes into shock. This is a problem for the rapist he likes his victims to be fully aware and awake so he leaves his dick barried inside the little blonde 7th graders no blood dripping pussy waiting for her to regain conciousness dunking her head in the tolilet bowl a couple times speeded up the process and she was wide awake and present which gave him the green light and not to make her pass out again he dosnt slam her as hard but proceeds to slowly pump in and out of her. his cock in great pain due to her extremely little pussy assured her whole must be on fire. He starts puping her faster and faster looks down and sees the little brunettes face covered in the older girls blood which erupted from her recently de virginized vagina but to his surprise she was licking away like her life depended on it. No amout of pleasure could take away the pain this little girl just experienced but she is moaning now, her body filling with pleasure mixed with pain giving her a gulty concionce but anable to stop the pleasure ahead. "Get up here little girl" grabbing the bruntett 5thgrader in the little skirt by the hair and blacing her head above his cock with access to the blondes butthole which was still a little muddy and smelly but without any other choice and fear of being stabbed by this huge cock which is devouring the girl who is 2 grades ahead of her could only make her imagine how much wose it woluld be for her tiny body. the 7th grader could not be over 95 pounds she was very cute and was most likely one of the more popular 7th graders. her little breast could not have been any bigger than a b cup, her flowed down passed her face into the toilet but it was obvious this was a very pritty 7th grader. Now her ass is being eaten by the brunett 5th grader he takes his dick out finally and she unexpectedly did not want it to leave her. now her strethched hole is spread open and she kneals thare on all fours totally fucked and helplesy s.
The rapist cant hold back his anticipation anymore and he slides on the razor covered glove for his cock his his first victims of the razor terror which he couldnt wait to see the destruction it will do to these pritty little rich raped girls. real quick he grabs the 5th grader and slams his cock all the way down hor throat terring skin all the way down her esophogus. The razor sharpness did not rip through the skin as he was hoping but instead sliced clean all the way down it's path and even momentarily not even seeming to have cut anything but soon after her mouth starts filling up with blood. He shoves her face in the blonde girls pussy muffling her bloody screams with the blondes already dripping pussy meanwhile her screams start causing vibrations against the little bald pussied blond girls cunt which send unstopabble shots of pleasure through out her body. the rapest notices this and wanting to make her orgasm he sticks his pinky in her little butt and pushes the bloddy girls mouth farther in the blondes strethed pussy while jamming his finger up the 5th graders ass the squeeze more screams of pain which are being converted to orgasmic pleasure for the blonde 7th grader who is now completely given up any fight and has no hope of escaping. He finally grabs the 5th graqder by the hair lifting her head and also does the same to the blonde girl pulling her head out of the toilete and forcing them to kiss. The blonde girl so beaten becomes angry at the 5th grader who forced her to experience her first orgasm while being raped. Suddenly she grabs the little brunetts head and starts kissing her real hard and reaches around to her pussy and immediately tries shoving 4 fingers up in her. After a couple miniutes of struggling the 7the grader had her fist slamming up the little girls pussy and the girl was bleading but obviously also cumming. The rapist turned on by this puts his razor glove back on his throbbing uncurcumcized coke and firecefully grabs the these brunetts tiny ass cheeck spreqading them as hard as possible almost splitting to poor girl oppen but gives off on the ass cheeck just as he slides his cock strapped with razor blades into the her tight unwilling ass hole which was actually most likely only possible due to the razor blades cutting open her butt alowing his dick in. The blonde sees what is going on and feals that she did this to the 5th grade girl but she could not live with being raped so now this fith grader falls onto the floor bleeding and slowly losing life. Satisfied with his work on the now gone brunette he turs to the blond swings her around fiercefully by her arm the slides on his razors over his cock right in fornt of her face and oreders her to suck his dick. She tries butt immediatetly cuts her lip and starts crying hoping to god he is not going to ramm theis razor modified penis down her mouth and as soon as that thought ended he reached around his head with his fingers through her head and proceeds to push her little pink lips down his razor sharp knife. The design of the razor gloves actlully enables his dick to be mostly exposed with the razors only being a trio to on the sides and on on the bottom. The bottom razor slices the blondes tongue deeply straight down the middle and proceeds to cut her more severely as he starts jamming her head harder down on his joyfull blood covered cock he manages to get down her throatat and proceeds to pump her mouth which is now gushing blood but the cuts are not deep enough to kill her quickly instead she will have to wait intil he decides to stike her pussy or her ass with his razor cock which would then cause internal bleeding but instead he removes the razors and starts pushing against the blondes tiny ass hole so hard she managed to push out a scream which indicated her ass was officially being raped. The blood covering her body also works as a lubricant while he is pumping her ass he starts banging her pussy and he want sher to cum befor ehe will be satisfied with his sinful actions of cruelty and evil. Reaching around fealing for her clit he starts rubbing it fast and percisely hitting her spot with his dick deep inside her ass she screams out a orgasm and cum comes squirting out of her pussy pushing some of the blood to the side leaving behind a clean streak of shinny cum covered pussy surrounded by what looked like a massacure but the man who has done this he had loved these young girls for they fulfilled his sexual desires and he had no guilt do to his lack of control and insananity driven mind. He is already looking foward for the next victims which will be a boy which will have to pay for he owes this rapest his life and will soon be in a similar situation which to innocent youog girls were victims of rape which left one tore to shreads b ut alive to live her the hoorible memories which she screamed out in pleasure to and left another brunett girl convinently dead

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2014-10-16 10:07:53
Wow I can't believe all you people are being so negative and rude towards this writer because you all clicked rape and you all clicked the story and you all read it if you did not like it then you would have known after the first paragraph as for myself I'm a 25 year old female who thought this was quite a good story yes it could have used a little spell check and possibly some punctuation but other than that all in all it was a good story non fiction come on people if you don't like something then don't read on don't read it at all haters going to hate hate hate all day long

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-11 01:50:44
this was just revolting, disgusting, vile, horrid, and many more adjectives.
fantasy is one thing, but this is a step way too far beyond that line.
honestly? what would make you want to write something like this?
are you okay?
do you need a jacket? and perhaps a soft room with no window?

anonymous readerReport

2013-02-21 21:18:42
to the guy before me. Is it a harmless fantasy to talk seriously about raping little kids at an elementary school. Sorry but ur as bad as the guy who wrote it. And to him, go jam a fucking axe into your esophagus.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-28 03:23:44
To all the haters of this story, you clicked it, read it, and hated? This isn't nonfiction guys. It's pure fantasy. Now, I personally found this appalling but really guys? Telling the author to kill himself over a FANTASY story that some people find erotic is unnecessary.

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-23 03:15:22
This story is fucked up. I hope you get raped and rot in jail someday.

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