Part 2

Out of the darkness came light, the soldier was awake, He awoke in a large room in a fore poster bed, almost naked. He then tried to remember what happened before he got there, all he could remember is his squad jumping out of the time portal and into a dark wood somewhere, then large creatures that resembled white colored wolfs, but with four arms, came in all directions at them, he jumped as he replayed the image of Clarke being ripped to pieces in his mind.
He fought his way out of the forest with his Tavor assault rifle, yelling at anyone else alive to follow him, when he looked back after getting out of the woods he only saw three more of those freaky bastards pursuing him, he chopped two of them to pieces with his rifle but the last one, using only two fists, hit him very hard in the chest and the head, he did lose consciousness but not without aiming and pulling the trigger on the last one.

Despite the dream he had of a beautiful naked ghost that persuaded him to rest in peace, he could remember nothing else. He sat up from the bed and noticed two things that were out of place, felt a damp patch beside his hand and his pants were down by his knees. Before he could think of putting two and two together, a trio of women dressed in dark thick gowns, opened the only door in the room and stood there looking at him, two of them were young and beautiful and the last one in the middle looked at a mature age.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"We are sisters of the Sisterhood" replied the older women

"The sisterhood of what?"

"THE Sisterhood." she empathized, she approached and sat down on the bed on the opposite side to him.

"That is our identity and legend, we have found you in the woods unconscious and perhaps dead if we didn't bring you here before the Petro-Wolves got to you first.

"Petro what?"

"Petro-Wolves, they are the large, white four armed creatures that attacked you, right."

The soldier had taken all this information in and looked up "Is anyone else still alive?"

"Our sisters are searching the grounds now, Petro-Wolves only come out at night".

He reevaluated his environment again. The walls were made of stone only the furniture and the fire place were the only things that weren't the same material, he looked out of the window to saw a beautiful blue sky and green country side outside.

"Where am I?" He asked in a confused, helpless tone.

"Your safe, this is the Castle Veltogue " answered the old lady.

"I am sure you have plenty of more questions to ask us" she said in a final announcing tone. "But before we can burden you with anymore answers, we insist that you get dressed and be escorted to the grand hall. We have some questions for you".

The soldier heard all of what she said but his face was blank for a period of time, assessing the situation. The mature woman stood up and took two steps towards the door, she half turned and looked at him.

"Do you require any assistance or food?"

The soldier snapped out of his trance and gazed at her.

"No thank you, errr...?"

The mature sister took the end of that sentence as an inquest for her name.

"Mother Superior Vanaky" she replied and left

The soldier got up and walked to a table a few feet from his bed, it held all of his clothes and equipment but his rifle was not anywhere. He got dressed, he put on his cameo trousers, dark blue shirt, tactical vest and pistol holster, which was the only thing they didn't take that was dangerous. Opened the door to find two girls in dark clothes who escorted him through windy stairways and halls down into some chamber. When he entered, he was amazed.
The hall was very large, there was a long, red carpet that looked like his path to the other end where there was some sort of throne area with three dark women sitting and waiting for him, he walked down the red carpet and looked around as he approached, on either side of him there were row upon row of female faces in dark clothes who stared at him when he marched into the chamber.

He finally stopped to a halt when he was at about ten feet, all three of them were old, looked about in their late fifties.

"Good morning, Stranger of the strangeness." bellowed the one in the center, her bellowing voice could be heard throughout the chamber "Last night we have heard the sounds of conflict that echoed the winds misfortune, last night we send out some of our brave and loyal sisters out into the darkness and danger to seek a sample of salvation.... and they bring you to us...What is your name, stranger soldier.

He didn't like the nature of this women, she sounded completely weird to him, too weird for his taste.
"My name is Major Michael Carmack."

The hall suddenly turned into a explosion of whispers, even the three women in front of him were talking silently then the whispers were violently cut out when the center women bellowed louder at him

"We sisters of the sisterhood can detect one out of three words in your name is a false, I strongly caution you to speak truth!"

Michael quickly thought about what she then said and understood what she meant.
"The word 'Major' is indeed not part of my name, it's a rank."

'They can hear and detect truth and lies but not misunderstood information? I better be careful' he thought in the back of his head

The chamber became a whisper hall again then silence, the one on the top left spoke this time.

"So you admit that your a soldier?"
"Yes I am" Michael answered back.
"What army do you represent?"
"The Royal British Army, I am a member of special forces."
As the whole hall went into a louder muffle of quiet talking the woman on the top right now asked.

"Please explain, we have never heard of an army such as this, is this part of a new order rising or secret society?"

"It's neither" Michael answered "It's an army from some distant time in your future"

That set off the dynamite, there were no whisperings but the three women in front if him had faces of murder. Before he knew it, his feet were swept from under him and he was lying on his back. a small but firm leg covered in black dressings was stood on his neck and a redhead woman with her hood off looking down at him with a face of evil.

"SPEAK TRUTH, LIAR, OR DIE HERE AND NOW!" stabbed the red head girl

Michael was choking with her foot pressed down on his throat, she pressed even more force down on her leg.


Then before she knew what happened, her other leg was grabbed by the ankle and Michael had her legs by both hands, he forced her off him, stood up while still holding her in mid air and swung her round and round then released her ankles. She flew across the chamber, landed on her hands and feet and instantly recoiled up right.


A old woman's voice barked out behind him. "SISTER VALEIR, NEUTRALIZE THIS MAN IMMEDIATELY!"

Michael kept he eye on the red head the whole time and when that women made that command the girl had a smile on her face, meaning her name was Valeir and she is going to bring him down, it's in his nature not to be manipulated by excessive or brutal force and now they see him as a threat and she was going to try and bring him down.

Valeir stripped of half of her robes off until she was only wearing a dark, leathery, skin tight suit and dark boots on, it skin suit showed of her figure and covered every part of her except her hands and head. She then sprinted towards him then jumped into the air and landed in front of him. Valeir immediately engaged in hand to hand combat, she thrashed him with one or two limbs at a time while he countered a few of them, she was fast and skilled, she was beating him he could not find a chance to punch back until she made her self exposed for a stunning stroke to the head. He made the swing with his left arm. unfortunately she exposed herself for that move, she grabbed his arm and held the other one as well, with both of his arms restrained by her own pair he was completely exposed to her, she started to kick him repeatedly in the groin.

Right now he was in tremendous pain, he was paralyzed by both arms and was being thrashed in the groin her kicks. She was taking it way to personal, he was strong and had learned to withstand so much amount of pain so he could hold on for a little while longer but he was still in a stale mate with the arms and she was beating him by the legs. He decided the only way to break this was to do the obvious thing, he fell backwards after her seventh kick and held her arms so he could toss her over him which he did, she quickly recoiled again after landing and crouched, she started to circled around him like a tiger, ready to pounce. He remembered something that was in his left pouch which might help him, he would only use it to bring someone down without killing them and that was what he wanted, to disarm her not kill her, otherwise he would have the whole castle to deal with.

Valeir was getting impatient, she wanted to really hurt him badly and she hoped that the groin attack she did earlier did work but he still seemed to be in control, she decided to make a high jump where we can kick him in the neck and end this. Valeir lunged at him but he ducked her high jump and she flew past him, as she recoiled with her cat like reflexes and looked back at him she suddenly saw two tiny bits on a long line penetrate her leather suit and skin before she could pull the out she felt all of her body was paralyzed with pain, she screamed with every ounce of breath she had in her lungs, she felt all of her strength die but she could not fall to the floor yet. When the pain finally stopped she finally fell to the floor, shivering on her hands and knees, she felt all of her hair stood up, completely wiped of energy, she could not believe what happened, she could not believe a single man defeated her in combat.

Michael cut off the line between her and the electric traser gun he fired at her and looked back at the elder women who just sat there with looks of disbelieve and anger. He just stood there waiting for them to make their next move.

"Your reverences!" a girl said who appeared behind him, he looked around at her and his jaw dropped, she looked exactly like the girl from his dream.

"If I may intrude, it may be possible that this man isn't lying."

No one said anything, not even a whisper, he caught on with the suspense and carried on in an announcing voice while looking at everyone.

"When we listen to a person talk we take in information given to our ears, we process the information and our brains conclude the facts and non-facts, we are gifted with these amazing tools but they have proven to be unreliable at times. This man could be honest, we don't know where he came from or what he is and this alone could confuse conclusions."

Michael looked around him, the elder women seemed to approve of this statement and the whispers were back. One of the mother superiors studied Michael's face.

"Then would the Major Michael Carmack please forgive our harsh prejudice and accept a Mind Sumner?"

Michael was pissed off for what they did and what they made him do to Valeir he is running out of patience with these witches, he had important matters to attend like finding his squad, filling his scout report and getting back home. He felt a small hand touch his hand, he did not expect this and retracted, the hand came from the girl who walked up beside him, she read his face and understood.

"Please, I understand you are not in the mood for all of this but this will firmly silence their suspicions of you if you open your mind to me." She looked at him with a kind and innocent face, the face that comforted him when he was feeling helpless.

"What is a mind Sumner?" Michael asked more patiently now

The blonde girl smiled, her bright blue eyes were dancing all over him "It's when a mind open itself to another and reveal his whole life to that person, his thoughts, his drives, his dreams.... everything.

He did not like the idea of someone knowing everything about him that he could not hide any dark secret from them, but if he had a choice of letting this beautiful, charming girl become one with him or be pussy whipped to death by all these crones...

"What do I have to do then?"

"Just when you feel something is in your head don't fight it." Whispered the little girl, she then looked towards the council

"He accepts our apology and request!"

"wait a minute!" Protested Valeir who was then back up and fury written all over her face. she marched in front of him with her back towards him and looking at the elders.

"Your reverences, the matter between him and me is not yet closed!"

One of the elders looked down upon her and smiled.

"You were ordered by us to neutralize him, yes, but the situation has changed and have extended our full apology to him and he accepted....

"I DEMAND SATISFACTION!" she screamed that could have damaged her throat.

"Maybe you can get your satisfaction in another manner" Said the blonde girl beside Michael.

Valeir turned around and looked at the blonde girl with flaming daggers in her eyes.

"What do you suggest, Sister Tenniese?"

Michael heard that name before, from his dreams? Maybe it wasn't a dream!

Tenniese continued "You can join me in this mind Sumner, see this man in what he does, weather he is lying or not, understand him, know all his secrets."

Valeir looked at him as she thought of what Tenniese just said. A small wicked smile crossed the red head's face her flaming green eyes looking hungry.

"I Accept" she said in a quiet menacing tone.

"You will need to stand still, Michael" Tenniese said to him.

both women stood both sides of him, standing still and peaceful, they both extended a pair of hands each and held Michael's head. He felt some pressure building inside of his skull, it didn't hurt but it was there, then it exploded. The explosion was of no consequence at all but it did make the girls either side of Michael jump back from him. He looked at both from either side, they looked like they were looking at something evil.

Valeir was the first to break silence "Oh my God, what in Chillisidora is the world he's living in!"
The council looked anxious for answers "Sisters, what did you find?".
It was Tenniese's turn to speak "This man, he is indeed from another point in time, but not from our world."
Michael looked at her with a puzzled stare.
"His kind it is as human as us, except it has accelerated in its tools and knowledge, they have achieved in flying to the skies in metal birds, riding metal boxes on stoned paths that spread across the world and now this!"

"Wh-what do you mean?" Michael asked in confusion.

"Your people have built a special metal thing which you call a 'Time Machine.'" Tenniese continued. "You are a man from another point in time but there is something horribly wrong..." Tenniese's sentence died out with mute.

There was a lot of tension in the air now and Michael was wondering what was going on, then he looked at the three mothers in the council stand and they were looking confused as much as he was, then the one in the center stood up.

"This Inquest will need to be confirmed!"

All the women in the hall stood up and started to evacuate the hall but he stood right where he was, the three elders climbed down from their stands and walked up to him and waited until there was only him, the elders, Tenniese and Valeir.

"We need to discuss Sister Tenniese's findings in private".

Michael was about to protest when Valeir grabbed his left arm but it wasn't aggressive, it was more gentle and caressing.

"I shall take him back up to his apartment, Mother Superior."

Without a word she guided him out of the hall, he was being held by hand, by Valeir back up the castle.

Michael was not in the mood for resisting her hold of him, but more of asking what happened down the hall.

"Could you just tell me what just happened down there?" He demanded

Valeir looked at him as she continued to take him up the castle, here green eyes showing some sort of fire but not of anger.

"What happened down there was a inquiry, that's we need to know for now."

They finally arrived back at the apartment he woke up in bed in, Michael was standing in front of the half closed door, Valeir in front of him with her back to him. Michael was going to say something else but before he could react Valeir whirled and jumped at him, he feel back to the door, which closed, as she landed on him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips while she forced him into a deep kiss.

Michael was the first to break it, "What the hell are you doing?"
He looked into her eyes, he then realized what this new was, it was lust and earlier she was practically trying to kill him which made him a bit uneasy with this mood swing.

"I have been inside your memories" Said Valeir, wetting her lips, holding him tighter to her.
"You are 25 years old and you never had sex with anyone in your life, not even masturbated, not once."
Michael was almost scared of her knowledge of him, but he had a funny feeling growing in his crotch and it's something he had always felt but vowed to never relief it.

Valeir was rubbing against his hips against her now, being inside his head completely
changed her view on him, all his life he has been alone, all his life he had never been touched by a woman, he was a virgin as well as she was, she was going to change that one way or another.

"Come on, handsome." Valerie said in a seducing voice which was picking on Michael's nerves.
"You know you want to, you have resisted the temptation your whole life, but tell me, can you resist this now?"
She brought one of her hands back to her chest, he found out that there was a zip on the top of her collar which goes all the way down her body, not a normal zip like he has on his clothes but nevertheless a zip. She unzipped half of her suit, showing off her massive cleavage and amazingly flat belly, she pressed her chest into his face while she pulled her head up to the ceiling. She was dry humping him while making moans to get him to fuck her, she looked back down at him, Michael was panting and looked very horny, her eyes glowed with victory.

Valeir quickly released him, they both stood and faced each other one second and then they started to strip off their clothes fast, she was first to be naked, Valeir was slightly smaller than him by height her red hair was long but wrapped into a pony tail on the back of her head, her skin was pale and tight around her body, showing off amazing curves, her breasts were large and juicy with tiny red pointed nipples, she had no pussy hair none at all, but her clit and pussy lips were there, and they looked bright red, with anticipation.

while Michael took off his vest and shirt, his muscular body was gawped by Valeir, studying his six pack, flat pectorals and large biceps he took off his belt and dropped his trousers When Valerie could not wait anymore, she simply yanked his underwear down which released his eight inch penis and jumped back on top of him while he went back and leaned against the door.

She took a glimpse of his penis earlier but she didn't want to waste anymore time, she wrapped her legs and arms back around his neck and hips, he felt his flaming hot cock, fully erected, pressing up against her ass, she felt like she was going to go to heaven, Valeir elevated herself so Michael's member could point upwards and slowly she went back down on him, guiding him into her pussy.

He moaned out loud as his sensitive penis entered into her, he could feel the walls and flesh brushing his head, he entered her very slowly so she could take it all in but it felt like he was going in forever until he could go no further. When he looked at her face she looked the equivalent of someone just stabbed her in the stomach.

She eventually settled down and started to go back up again, which she panted, then she came back down again, then up again then down until they were both rocking against the door with their fast rhythm skin rubbed against skin. Her panting grew faster and faster, then she was grinding her hips very hard and fast on his meat, she grounded her teeth aswell, clenching her hold around him.

"Ohhhhhhh, yyyyyYES, OH YES, YES, YES, OHHHH YES!" She screamed

Michael's legs were getting weak, she was jumping up and down on him like a crazed murder while he clenched his breath to keep his strength.

Valeir was in heaven, she never felt a man's penis in her whole life and absolutely enjoyed it, she felt the old itch inside her being scratched but then she felt something build up inside her, something that was nearly coming.

Michael was feeling the same particular build up growing inside him, they both started to moan louder and louder .

"Something's...uh.... happening!" Valeir cried.

"It's called a.... huff.... climax, baby..... huff...puff....get ready!"

Both of them clenched each other tighter then screamed in each others faces as they exploded, vast juices running down from under them. Valeir and Michael still held on to one another, panting, minutes passed then Valeir finally released her self from him. They both lied down on the bed, Valeir stretching herself.

"M-mmmmmm, I never thought sex was that good." Valeir said out loud

"Neither did I" Panted Michael, with a small amount of sweat coming down his face.

End of Part 2

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2010-06-30 00:50:31
You need to get your terminology right, and look to your continuity. Unless you deliberately misspelled it, you mean a mind "Summoner." In the first part of the story Michael's shirt is white, in the second it's blue. And the short form of camouflage is "camo," not "cameo." Also, again unless you made a deliberate choice, the British Army is not "Royal." (Not sure why, but it's the only one of the British military services that isn't. There's the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, and the British Army.)


2006-06-03 07:18:02
You kind of skip around all over the place. Slow down and proofread several times. It is not just te grammer and spelling, it just seems as if you are writing in a hurry (a lot of run on sentences and incomplete thoughts). The plot is interesting and the pace is pretty good but the dialogue also needs to be filled in a little. For the record, I doubt there has been a virgin in the sas since world war two, at least I have never met one. You are obviously putting a lot into this, make it the best story it can be, keep trying.


2006-06-02 15:34:12
Pish! 2/10.


2006-06-02 07:44:40
one word, nice

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