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Sarah gets rolled
Breaking Sarah’s will with my friends help part 3

As Sarah cried I thought about what I wanted to do to her, and remembered the olive oil I brought up from the kitchen, I told her to stay still and poured some on her back, and started to spread it out all over her body, I felt her squirm at my touch, by the time I was done her body was wet and shining, the sight of her skin glimmering off the light made Rowan and John hard again, my cock was throbbing, I took off my clothes letting Sarah look at my lean muscular body,
I was the same build as John , I took off my boxers and unveiled my hardened cock, I wanted to enjoy the anticipation of what was to come as I slowly began to rub my fingers through the crack of my little sister’s ass massaging her asshole before continuing down to her warm and wet pussy,
she started to shiver with fear and dread, and rightly so, as I picked up the rolling pin from my little bag of props and covered the handle with olive oil, I showed it to Sarah who began to squeal, and then I rammed it into her asshole, pushing it in deep, her face went deep red, tears and sweat rolled off her face and her nostrils flared once more for air, then I rolled her over (excuse the pun) on to her back,
she looked damn sexy, stretched out legs apart and her back arched (to accommodate the rolling pin in her ass) big breasts heaving up and down, and her skin glistening and with the scent of olives, John zoomed in on her face and ran the camera down her body, I placed my hands on her stomach, running my hands up and down her inner thigh’s and then her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingers, as they grew hard and rubbery,
I looked at Sarah wincing, as I pushed my dick slowly into her moist pussy as I leaned down on top of her and began sucking her tit’s while slowly thrusting my rock hard cock into her, I looked at her face as she closed her eyes, her breathing settled and her heartbeat began to steadily slow to a gentle and deep rhythm and it was at that moment I took out the rag stuffed in her mouth, and shoved my tongue to the back of her throat, seeing her eyes widen with fear as she gasped with disgust and for air,
I ran my tongue along the roof of her mouth and inner gum line, letting my saliva dribble onto her tongue and trickle down her throat as she reluctantly swallowed while I continued to pump her slowly then I ran my tongue down her chin and neck and swirled it around her left nipple then I bit down, not hard, but enough to wedge her nipple between my teeth, she begged me not to bite down when I let go and said “ talk dirty to me, tell me what a whore you are” ,
Her forehead scrunched with worry as she thought for a moment, her face looked cute when she was worried, so cute it made me want to bite it off, then she said” give it to me master, pump my dirty little cunt, ride me raw like the little slut I am, fuck me hard and don’t ever stop, I’m your slave, please drive me long and hard, master”,
Rowan and John were gob smacked, " fuck her hard" said John holding the camcorder, " fuck that hot blonde's ass" shouted Rowan eagerly, I smiled as her eyes began to water with despair, her voice was shaking with fear , no more arrogance, or snootiness, or sense of superiority, just humble and with shame,
I grinned with victory, then flipped her on her stomach again, ripped out the rolling pin, causing my newly broken sister to wail as I began to ride her hard, fast and hard, she grabbed the railing on my head-board for support, I leaned on her back and bit into her shoulder-blade pulling (not to hard) on some skin,wedging it between my clenched teeth, I thrust faster and faster, building and building until I couldn’t hold it any longer and then, shot my load into her hot and sweaty pussy, feeling it jut into her and pour down my dick onto my bed sheets creating a large wet patch,
I groaned with pleasure and satisfaction, as I pulled out I looked at my little sister “ not so insolent now, are you?” I said , then I slapped her hard on the cheek of her ass and squeezed it , Sarah was silent, there was no crying or complaining, just a look of quite humiliation etched on her face, Rowan said “what now?” , “Now" I said
"we’ve broken her will, she’ll do as she’s told, I’ve got plans for her this weekend, my little sister’s going to make us a lot of money, we’re going to sell my sister to guys from our school and we’re going to sell drinks to our customers while they wait, My little sister Sarah is going to be a fuckin’ theme park for the next two days” I started to give orders “ Rowan, you go and buy the alcohol and John you go and phone anyone you think would be interested, tell them it’s £20 a go, that should be affordable” ,“and what will you do?” said Rowan, “I’m going to teach my little sister to suck cock” I said,
Rowan and John left to carry out they’re orders, “Now sis you’ve got to take a crash course in sucking cock” I said with a smile, Sarah lowered her head, and I laughed because I knew what was coming next………


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2011-09-12 05:48:41
I loved it. So fucking HOT. I did the same thing to my sister when she was 14 and I was 18 and our mom and dad went on a 14 day cruise. The smart ass little bitch thought she had me and the world by the ass until her bitch mom and our wimp dad got on board the cruse ship and then her cunt, ass hole, tits and mouth were mine. I raped and abused her for 6 days, fucking her in every hole she has and then I took her to a motel across from a truck stop ware I kept her stoned and started to pimp her out taking photos of the action and home movies. When dad and mom got home I showed the picturs and movies to dad with her standing by nude and available, after dad saw his little whore perform for all of her johns he fucker her while I watched and filmed it. Now dad and I use her and pimp her out all the time and she has nothing to say about it. We maystart doing the same with mom. She is almost as bad as sis was.


2008-01-10 23:12:05
selling sarah 3 finale just submitted should be up in a few days


2008-01-07 20:28:56
it's called selling sarah with my freinds help part 1
it's there just saw it


2008-01-06 16:58:15
clicked on your name but no sign of part 4 selling sarah i'm getting desperate please help


2008-01-05 20:43:40
part4 is called selling sarah
just click on my name

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