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His foot steps could be heard throughout the hallways. Slowly he walked towards his final destination. It had been a long time since he had last seen her. Almost to long, but he had seemed too occupy himself just fine with other matters. Although his pace was slow, he was not wasting any time making it to the chambers the data pad had listed.

She had helped to save his life, had helped him escape Mimban when the Jedi and Republic invaded. Barton had scanned her mind for anything he could get her for payment…and what he found was interesting, most interesting. He paused at the doorway, he didn’t know whether to knock or just go in. She had been his apprentice so surely he had the right to barge in…but even with his rank he didn’t dare.

He moved his hand forward and lightly knocked on the door, but it sounded as if someone was banging as hard as they could. He forgot how much strength he had sometimes. He waited patiently, even though one of the main things he lacked was just that. He could hear her moving about inside the room she had been assigned after her cloning.

It was a cold night out, not quite as cold as the deepest depths of space but one could say it was a cold to rival it. He turned to face the wall opposite the door he was in front of. It was a nicely crafted stone wall, one of the better ones in the temple. A soft light flowed outwards, casting a rather large shadow of him onto the stone wall. He turned to face the occupant of the room.

He glanced firstly at her hair, which was now died a purplish black. A very good color combination, it brought out her eyes a bit. She was still pale from lack of sun light, so that further brought out the color in her eyes and her hair. She didn’t have a smile on her face though. She glared at Barton, her eyes penetrating the Sith. His mouth lay agape as he looked onto her.

She did not speak but instead moved out of the door way, almost as if to motion him inwards. But instead the pulled him in violently with the force. He landed flat on his face a few feet from the edge of her bed. He could feel her roughly grab his sides and flip him over. He felt a sharp pain run up his side as her knee firmly connected with his lower chest.

“I know what you did Barton! You messed with my head, you altered it. All that power I had broke the hold you had and now I see clearly what you did to me. You will pay!” Her voice was full of venom and hate, the kind of animosity she had always had deep within her but never dare release.

All Trowa could do was look up at her and try to speak. He was at a loss for words, he didn’t know what to do or say now. His mind was racing with thoughts now about what she would do to him, she was a rank lower then him…he should be the one in charge. He could easily over power her but he couldn’t bring himself to it. The only words he could manage were “I’ve got him for you…I’ve got Darex for you…like you wanted.”

Shy froze in her position. She obviously had not known he had scanned her mind and found that thought. Her face burned with anger once more, he had taken some of her most hidden thoughts from her. She did not lash out at him though, for if she did she might not get to see Darex. Instead Shy-ree rose up to her feet, brushing herself off before looking done at the…thing before her.

“Get up, take me to him. Now.” Her voice was commanding to say the least; it was obvious she didn’t want to waste any time just sitting around in this boring temple. Much to her surprise Barton jumped at her command and began to move towards the door without a word, only a flick of his wrist in motion for her to follow him. She grabbed a spare set of robes and followed him quickly out to his ship. Once inside they lifted off, destination: Naboo.

The streaks of hyperspace rocketed past her eyes. She sat alone in the cockpit of Trowa’s ship. Something was wrong…but oddly felt right. He had changed since she last laid her violet eyes upon his cold unforgiving features. He had a certain aura about him…that aura of mystery is what drew her mind back to him. She couldn’t place what it was just yet…but she would keep trying.

Slowly she leaned back in her chair, a small smile on her face as she realized this was it, and she was going to see him again. It had felt like forever since they had last spoken…the last time she even caught a glace of him he was laid up in a hospital bed.

He mind slowly began to drift…to a thought that had nagged at the back of her mind for ages now. She had always liked Darex…he was nice and always there for her. He was a good master and quite dependable, but she liked him on a deeper level then that. One she had original had to block out because Jedi where not allowed attachments.

His face was soft as her hand lightly caressed it. She couldn’t believe he was here now…with her. A large variety of thoughts ran though her head at the sight of him. He quickly embraced her, hugging her tightly as it had been too long since his eyes last lay rest upon her beautiful features.

She was like butter in his arms; it felt so good for his muscular arms to hold her. Her mind raced with even more thoughts now. So badly she wanted him to kiss her…even if just for the briefest of seconds. She wanted to feel his soft tender lips upon hers. She looked up at him, as she had been resting her head upon his chest.

Just as she looked up he did that which she had most desired, he leaned in and kissed her passionately. His lips sent an electric shock through her body, never before had she felt as she did now. She probed his mouth, attempting to get it to open so that their tongues could dance together even if just for a little bit. But she was unsuccessful as he was beginning to…fade away.

“Hey, we are almost there…” Barton stood in the doorway as Shy came out of her dream like state. She glanced up at the man. His complexion almost seemed paler, as if that was even possible. She just looked at him; unsmiling as he was the reason Darex faded from her once more…

The streaks that symbolized hyperspace abruptly cut out as the ship entered real space once more. Barton had barely spoken the whole trip, but that was probably for the best as Shy-ree had her mind on other things. Like what she was going to do when she finally saw Darex…or what he would do. She knew what she wanted him to do, but doubted that would ever happen.

No matter though, she would make do with what she got. She glanced over lazily at Trowa as he brought the ship in for a landing. He still had those green tinted arms. They where so strange and emitted a dark side aura that would make one assume his power level was much higher…or maybe his power had reached that level.

Slowly her violet eyes drifted down his arms to where his hands laid at rest on the controls. His hands were smoother then one would think possible with all the deeds a man like him had done. His fingers were longer then they should have been…she hadn’t really taken note of it before, but somehow they had…grown?

She sub consciously shook her head before closing her eyes. She caught a few minutes of sleep before Barton was once more shaking her awake. “We are here, lets go.” She could feel something oddly strange about Barton’s force presence as she was shaken awake…it was almost neutral in power.

It was not good, nor bad. It was almost as his force ability had just up and left the dark side only to stop in between it and the light. It was strange…such a creature as Barton could surely not be anything but a must have been a new trick he had picked up since they had last met.

He led her outside of the ship, after letting the ramp down. The air of Naboo’s night hit her in the face. It was so refreshing after the old smelling temple she had been in. It was a cloudless night on the beautiful planet and as such Shy-ree could see ever star in the sky perfectly. But she did not linger on the sight, as she could feel him…he was just inside the house that Trowa had already entered.

A light flickered on upstairs as she approached the door. Her hand moved outwards to grasp the handle, but instead froze…what would she say to him? She had failed him…failed the light. She couldn’t face him after such a big failure. She had just turned on her heel to leave when a light coated her back, her shadow cast out onto the lawn now. She knew who was standing there and as much as she wanted to face him she couldn’t after failing him…she had never wanted to fail him.

He spoke; his voice was full of joy as he did. “Shy…” Those were the only words out of his mouth as she turned and lunged at him. He caught her in his arms and smiled as she held him tight. Nothing was said between the two as they stood there; neither of them noticing or caring that Barton was sitting in the living room with them in plan view.

Barton watched them quietly, not daring to interrupt the pair. After a little way the two of them walked inside, both with a rather large smile on their face, taking a seat on the couch across from him. Shy briefly glanced up at him with a curios look.

Barton twisted his neck to pop it as she looked up, a brief flash of light reflected off of something around his neck as she glanced up. She only allowed her mind to ponder on that for a few seconds before turning back to Darex.

Darex nodded his head towards Trowa; Shy was barely able to catch the movement but did none the less. Barton got up and made his way from the room and up the stairs slowly. It was an odd thing, but it didn’t matter to Shy right now really.

“How have you been Shy?” His voice was soft…soothing. One of the things she loved about him, he was able to calm her with just his words. His eyes were looking directly into hers…she felt almost as if he was looking into the depths of her soul…her tainted soul.

She opened her mouth to reply but she couldn’t get any words out. She had been through so much…but she was ashamed about it all. Her mind cycled through all of it in the blink of an eye it seemed. Then he spoke once more his voice still soothing.

“It is alright Shy, you did not fail me…it was not your fault.” Her smiled gently at her, his smile was that of an angels. She smiled weakly, not looking at him directly. She loved his smile, but she couldn’t take just sitting her with him. He stood up and stretched briefly.

“Well, it has been a rather long day for me. So I am going to catch some sleep, we can talk some more tomorrow.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead lightly. “Get some sleep and if you need anything…just ask Trowa. I am sure he won’t hesitate to get it for you.”

She almost had not caught the last part, as her heart was frozen in her chest. Her lips left hanging open just a bit. She had leaned forward some when he had removed his lips from her forehead. She wanted so much for him to just kiss her…she wanted so much for him to just caress her. But instead he walked up stairs. But it was strange…the way Barton had been acting today.

She sat in the semi-darkness for a long while just thinking. She didn’t know what to do. She was over whelmed with happiness from seeing him again, but she didn’t know if she could resist her feelings for him. After a while she got up and moved up stairs.

Slowly she walked up the stairs, not knowing what she was going to do or if Trowa had told Darex about the thoughts she had on Mimban. Her mind kept drifting back to the two of them…both of them, she couldn’t help it. She absent mindedly walked down the hallway and by the time she wondered where she was going, it was too late.

She stood in front of Barton’s bed room, or at least the bed room he had used before. She stared at the door, a sliver of light escaping through the cracks around the door. She didn’t know whether she should open the door and question Barton on how he had acted throughout the day or just walk away.

Part of her wanted to know why he had been acting like that… and what exactly that was around his neck, but the other half of her knew that she shouldn’t pry. She decided to open the door and see what Barton was doing.

Slowly she turned the knob, trying to keep it so he didn’t know she was entering. She glanced in a bit at first, not able to see anyone in the room. She opened the door all the way now. She stood frozen; one eye brow cocked as she saw someone she hadn’t expected too. She didn’t know what to say…so she just stood there looking stupid because rather then seeing Barton in his own room, she saw Darex.

The light that had been coming out of the room was from a small lamp on the bed side table. Darex was lying with his hands behind his head; half his body under the midnight silk sheets and the other half were bare. He smiled softly at her, his eyes seeming to dive into her once more.

The room had changed quite a bit since her last…visit. It was darker then before. It had been almost pure white the last time, everything done out in silk it seemed. Now it was decorated in dark purples, vibrant crimson’s, and an odd shade of midnight. The colors blended together perfectly, but Trowa’s interior design did not bother Shy right now. What bothered her was…why was Darex in here?

She quickly glanced around the room in an attempt to locate Barton, but she failed. Instead she reached out with her senses and located him…about ten feet away in the refresher. The door was closed, but the light was on so she wasn’t mistaken.

“Did you need something?” Darex spoke up from his seated position in the bed. That question, coupled with her previous thoughts did nothing to help her mind set. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind, as she was sure Darex would never do the things she was thinking of…

A slight shiver ran down her spine, her arms covered in goose bumps…all from just being around him in this room, him with his shirt off and in that bed. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know why she had walked to this room…or why he was even in this room to start with.

Just as she opened her mouth to reply, the refresher room door opened up. Both Darex and Shy-ree glanced over. Trowa stood in the door way, with nothing but the color in his cheeks on him. This was the only time Shy had ever seen him blush in any way, but not the first time she had seen him without any clothes. She struggled to keep her eyes focusing at, at least chest level but she allowed her self to slip downwards only once…and she noticed something new now, a piercing Barton had. It was at the base of his manly hood, one of the better spots by far for such a thing, as it actually could serve a purpose in there.

She looked over to Darex, whose facial expression had not changed much. “I…uh…I…” She couldn’t get the words out, she was now blushing and standing there like a complete idiot. Trowa looked over to Darex, who nodded his head at him.

As Darex nodded his head, Trowa moved from his position, a small piece of metal glinting in the light once more, she knew something was there now…but with the way his head was tilted and his hair drifting down around his head she could not tell what it was.

She shifted on her feet uncomfortably looking between the two of them then resting her gaze on her feet. She didn’t know what to think now, her mind was racing, her heart was beating faster then it ever had. Then she looked back up…Trowa was standing in front of her now. She looked upwards at his face, now able to see just what it was around his neck.

It was a collar of sorts, with a metal tag on it. She did not get a chance to read the tag though, as at the moment she tried too…he leaned inwards towards her. He stopped just inches from her lips…His hair was lightly brushing her forehead as his eyes met hers.

She could feel a deep yearning for him; she had not easily forgotten their last encounter. But she didn’t think she should…after all what would Darex be thinking right now? She pulled back slightly away from Barton. She looked up at him once more before slipping away out of his side, leaving him standing there by himself.

She now stood in between the bed and Barton, not knowing what to do. “I…I…” She wasn’t able to gather enough thought process to say anything but she didn’t need to, she could feel a new presence…a soothing one flowing into her. Darex was using the force to calm her down just a bit and relax her. She looked over to him as he got up out of the bed. He had on a nice pair of black silk boxers. She couldn’t help but glance down at them.

He moved his hand up, towards her face lightly taking hold of it by the side and turning it up and to the right some to face him. His smile was so nice…so tender…his lips were right there…so good looking. She closed her eyes as the soothing effects of the light washed over her. It had seemed like an eternity that she had her eyes closed, but in reality it was only a few seconds before his lips lightly brushed hers.

The feeling of his lips on hers was amazing, it was everything she had wanted…he rested his hands lightly in the small of her back as he pulled away from her lips…pulling her lip outwards with his teeth. He let go of her lip only to begin kissing her neck, as she leaned her head upwards to allow him easier access she felt a second pair of lips on her, Barton’s. His lip’s had a slight cold tinge to them, but it felt good. He moved around front, switching spots with Darex briefly. As Darex continued what he had started Barton moved forward, his lush lips now meeting Shy’s. His tongue flickered out of his mouth and began to dance and twirl with Shy’s. The piercing in his tongue moving along with it, making it all that much better as his hands searched her body.

Barton backed away briefly now, watching as Darex slipped the top of Shy’s robes off. As he moved back towards her, Darex stopped him. He nodded over to the chair and Barton moved over to it and sat down. Watching as Darex moved towards the bed.

“Well, do you?” Shy came out of the dream like state that she had been in and looked up at Darex still in the bed half covered. “It was only a day dream…” She looked up to him, franticly searching her mind for something…anything to tell him. She looked over at the bathroom light, which was still on. She grinned a bit at the thought of Barton actually being in there…

“Is someone in there?” She motioned towards the bathroom door as she spoke. A quiet excitement within her, as what if he really was in there? She watched as Darex looked over to the room then smiled.

“Oh, I just forgot to turn it off when I was in there a little while ago.” With the flick of his wrist the light went out and her heart had already sunk back into its natural position. She sighed and glanced around once more, something caught her eye in the corner. It was a small object that flashed as a bit of light hit it. Barton was off sitting in a chair in the corner.

“How did I miss him…he is right there.” A thought of him in the nude once more flashed into her mind as she noticed him wink at her. It was then that it hit her…it was him. He is the reason she had that day dream. He had spoken of a power that allowed him to install such thoughts that could arouse any kind of emotion.

She glared at him for a brief second before turning to Darex once more. He was still watching her, in what seemed to be a careful manner. She spoke, her voice a little off now as Barton continued to allow slight images to pass into her head.

“I…just walked up to the wrong door, I am going to go to bed now…sleep well.” As she said the last word her voice jumped up to a little bit of a higher note. Something had just pressed against a portion of her, in a rather pleasurable way at that. She looked down and around her to check and see if anything was around her…but nothing. She looked in Trowa’s direction; she could tell he was suppressing a grin.

She turned on her heel and walked out of the room quickly. She moved towards the bed room she had used last time. The sound of a door opening was heard, but when she turned to look at Derex’s door it was still shut tight. She felt a slight brush of wind move past her as she continued on wards.

She opened the door, only to reveal another darkly decorated room. It was almost identical to Trowa’s…or what seemed to be Derex’s now. She entered the room and another thought flashed before her eyes…of Trowa’s hands now. His fingers where so long…When one thought about it, he was just a big toy with a lot of add-ons. He had the right piercings, the teeth, the drugs, the elongated fingers, and wasn’t doing to bad in the department down stairs. . .

“So, what’s on your mind tonight?” His tone did not hold any sarcasm or any of the usual mocking sounds…but instead had almost a sincere sound to it…almost. He was sitting on the bed she was supposed to sleep on.

“How dare he sit on my bed…” She glared at him as he sat there; looking innocent in his white silky pants…so thin…she could almost see threw them…”No.” She cleared her mind.

“You mind getting out of my bed?” Her tone was a bit cold…but it was an obvious forced cold. She kept a straight face but Barton didn’t he just grinned…that same big grin that he always had. Made him look stupid. But that didn’t disrupt the thoughts of what him and his tongue could do…

“Well, I was told to do what you want…so of course I don’t mind…” He watched her face for a reaction to what he had just said, but one wasn’t visible at first. He continued to watch her, his odd eyes boring into her body.

She didn’t know what to say to that, he had a way with making her like that. “…Told to do what you want…” She didn’t understand…Trowa had never taken orders from anyone… but then again, the way he had been acting towards Darex was indeed odd. She felt an identical push as she had before…she moved upwards at it, her eyes shutting just a bit at it, It had felt better then anything else she had experienced in life…thus far.

“What do you mean by that?” She couldn’t conceal the pleasure in her tone, as great as she had tried too. She knew he would get cocky over that…even if it wasn’t him that was doing it. She opened up her senses so she would be able to tell where it was coming from. There was an abnormal energy flowing around her body, and as she suspected it was emanating from Trowa.

“It means, I was told to listen to everything you say and take it as law.” The words left his mouth with not even the faintest trace of sarcasm or any other tone meant in a bad or mocking way. He got up from the bed and walked over near her slowly, his eyes focused on her.

“And judging from what I read on your mind back on Mimban, I think I have a general idea of what you want…” He had that same smug look on his face now…the one she just wanted to rip off. But as she opened her mouth to speak, she was stopped not by Trowa speaking but by him leaning in quickly and kissing her and with her mouth already open he slipped his tongue in with hers.

Rather then just standing there like an idiot, she savored the feeling of his tongue on hers before pushing him back just a bit. “So you are mine now then…” It was not a question but more of a statement as she pushed him backwards. She could feel the force pushing down on key spots in her body, sending electric shivers up and down her spine. She was jerking up just a bit at each one as he grinned.

Pushing him onto the bed, she quickly followed, once more allowing her lush lips to meet his. She loved the feeling she got from his tongue piercing…and she wanted to know the full extent of its use soon…but as she toyed with his tongue she could feel his hands caressing her body, slipping further down her back with each second. He was using the force pushing into her still…his hands felt amazing as each piece of flesh they touched exploded in abruptly ended pleasure from them.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes, practically reading what she wanted just from them. He grinned and continued on as his hands shifted from being just outside of her upper robes to under her lower robes. He moved them just a bit further downwards before he began to toy with her…causing her to build up a moan in her throat. She broke away from his lips and let it out; as she did he began to kiss her neck, gently biting at it as he did.

He allowed his fingers to stop just toying with her and show her the extent of their usefulness by moving them into her slowly, the force still being manipulated to add to the feeling.

Trowa smiled in satisfaction as his fingers were now covered now covered in a nice moistness. He continued to slip his fingers in and out of her, paying great attention to each part of her. He bit into her neck just a bit harder now, drawing a thin line of blood. He hadn’t meant to…but he had not yet grown used to his teeth.

He leaned upwards and shifted positions with her, so that she was on bottom. Using his free hand he began to pull off the top portion of her robes. He had a bit of trouble doing such, as now Shy was moving about at his every touch.

Her face held an expression of deep lust…and even deeper pleasure. Barton looked down at her chest. Her nipples stood on end, awaiting him. He grinned as he pushed his, now two fingers, into her deeper then before. Her body jerked upwards as she released a moan. He bent down over her and twisted his tongue around her left nipple. His tongue worked magic…twisting and twirling all around her nipples…gently he bit down on them, sucked on them driving her closer and closer to her edge.

He could feel that she was nearing her edge now…so he slowed down. Pulling his fingers out and his hand up, he slowly began to kiss her chest…then her stomach slowly, ever so slowly making his way downwards. Once he reached the brim of her pants he pulled it up just a bit, then looked up at her…he could tell she wanted it so badly. So he continued to pull down the soft clothe material that was her pants. Once he had it down and off of her he continued to make his way further down.

Once he arrived at his destination he flicked his tongue around the outside…teasing her just a bit…making her moan and want more. He closed his eyes and savored her flavor…so much different from the coppery taste he had gotten from her not to long ago. Once he brought her back towards her edge he slipped his pierced tongue inside her. He probed her with it, moving it about quickly and efficiently. Her body began to tremble slightly as he continued onwards.

He used the force to pinch and slightly pull at her erect nipples as to not leave any part unattended too. Once she had reached her edge, he made sure to push her over it with force, continuing to probe her with his tongue through the duration of her orgasm.

Once she was finished he began to kiss his way back up to her lips. Slowly, savoring each inch of her body he went upwards…once he made it back up to her lips he began to kiss her deeply once more. He could feel her hand slipping downwards and grabbing him now. His body lurched upwards at her grip as she slowly tightened on him.

He gasp escaped his mouth as her nails began to dig in and he fell over beside her. The pain from her doing such was immense, and she was grinning the whole time. She squeezed one last time before he fell over the side of the bed and onto the floor. She got up and stood over him.

“I always wanted to do that to you…you were always an egotistical asshole, well now you are my bitch.” Her tone was full of sadistic triumph. She leaned down, pressing her knee into his crotch once more, and kiss him. After that she slipped on some pants and moved towards the bed. She quickly drifted off to sleep, feeling quite good mentally and physically.

She woke to the soft patter of rain on the roof top. She sat up and stretched, accompanying it with a yawn. Slowly she got up, wrapping the silk sheets around her and moving towards the window. Shy-ree looked out onto the lake as the soft drops of rain broke its surface. The lake had looked so calm the night before…yet now the surface was broken and distorted.

She glanced over her shoulder to where Trowa still lay, asleep. He had not moved from the position she left him in. He was now curled up into a ball, he was shivering just a bit as it was cold and all he had on was a thin pair of silk pants. She moved over towards him and slipped the silk off from around her shoulders and placed it over him in an attempt to warm him up.

She spoke softly to no one really but herself. “Can’t have my new pet freezing now can I?” She walked towards the refreshed and hoped in. She slowly cleaned herself up, her mind drifting away from her every so often. Shy finished up and moved down towards the kitchen; Trowa was not where she had left him…he must have gotten up and left.

Trowa and Darex were both sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast quietly when she walked in. Darex smiled and nodded at her before speaking. “So, how was your night?” His tone hinted that he might know what had happened but she wasn’t so sure he did.

“It was…alright I suppose, nothing special.” She glanced over at Barton as she spoke, noticing him flinch just a bit at her words. She smiled inside knowing that her words would irritate him, but at the same time it would make him work harder to be better.

Darex broke her train of thought as he spoke up. “It was alright? So you did something after leaving my room rather then going to bed then?” He sat there with what almost appeared to be a look of smug satisfaction with him, but Shy could not tell.

“Just…hung around with Barton for a while I suppose…speaking of which I need to talk to him, I will see you in a bit Darex.” She moved back out of the room without getting anything to eat, but expecting Trowa to follow. She did not have to turn around to hear his footsteps behind her almost immediately.

She walked towards the basement, knowing where it was as she had once danced with Trowa in there. He was a great dancer, better then any one she had ever danced with at least. She could never figure out how he knew how to dance so well, but then again she didn’t know a whole lot about him. She pushed the thought from her mind; she had other things to do.

Once in the basement she walked over to the supply cabinet and grabbed some zip ties. She turned to Trowa who was standing over by a wooden chair. “Take a seat…relax a bit.” She waited for Trowa to just as he as told and did not have to wait but a few seconds. Quickly she walked over behind him and gripped his wrists, using the zip ties to hold him in place. She put quite a few on him, as shy knew how strong he was. Of course if he wanted out he could still get out…but she doubted he would try.

She quickly moved around in front of him looking him over. “What did you tell him.” Her hand moved about his body, caressing it in an attempt to make him talk. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back…”I didn’t tell him anything.” She tightened her grip as she had the night before causing him to move upwards a bit and release a slight grunt.

“I asked you a question, now answer me.” Her tone was solid as was her grip. His eyes burst open as she tightened it further, using the force to assist her. His breath caught in his throat as he tried to speak now. She loosened her grip enough for him to catch his breath now and speak.

“I…didn’t tell him he took it from my mind…” He was now breathing rapidly his eyes wide with a slight smile on his face. He looked down at Shy’s hand as it further loosened its grip to his dismay. But rather then get up and just leave him there…she began to slowly pull down his silk pants to reveal his hard flesh. That was all he would be considered…a tool that is the way he liked it though, to just be a tool of others pleasure. She gripped him and slowly began to massage his hard piece of flesh, running both hands up and down it…building up the pressure she applied at a leisurely pace. A soft moan escaped his lips as she continued for a bit…she could feel him twitch in her hands as he was nearing his edge, so she stopped to let him come down from it.

He looked at her not saying a word, but his eyes begging her to let him come. She watched him, considering whether she would or not…after all it was all in her hands. She leaned down and quickly flicked her tongue over his crown, licking away the precome that had gathered at his tip.

“Having…fun, are we?” Shy jerked up at the voice, but did not turn around. She already knew who it was…it could only be one person. She didn’t know what to say…she didn’t know how he would react to such a scene. Her heart had frozen for the few brief seconds that held no sound. But then she heard his footsteps slowing walking over towards her. She turned around and looked up at him, his eyes meeting hers.

“I do feel kind of left out…not being invited and all.” He moved closer to her, smiling his lips inches from her as if he was about to kiss her…but instead he turned and cut Barton’s restraints. Shy let out a sigh as once more…she was so close and yet so far away still. She watched him as he lifted Trowa to his feet and pointed him over towards the corner…towards the bed? She carefully observed the two; it was obvious that there was something she had missed. She looked past Darex and into Trowa’s eyes…they were full of lust, but he was not looking at her.

She followed behind them quietly…watching as Darex led Trowa to the bed, before looking over to Shy. “Care to join us?” His tone was mesmerizing now, she couldn’t resist but to walk up beside him. He wrapped his left arm around her back and leaned in, his mouth softly moving over hers. Her body shivered with joy as his fingers slipped up and down her spine. She strayed from his touch just a bit, forcing her to move forward pressing her body closer to his.

Even the extreme control of a Jedi could not control all natural body functions…but for most they would not wish to have such things controlled. Shy could feel Darex was thoroughly enjoying her touch and kiss. Barton had taken a seat on the bed watching the two of them. Even with just a glance she could tell he too was enjoying it. The visions that Trowa had given her just the night before now slipped back into her mind…once again taking control.

She squirmed under Darex’s touch wanting him to touch her in more places then just along her spine…But before she even had a chance at another thought Darex had broken their kiss and looked her in the eyes, his hands slipping around to grip her robes and left them up and off. He traced his finger ever so lightly across her lips, down to her neck, then around her nipples as she quaked with pleasure just at his touch. Then his finger was gone…he had moved over to Barton.

Barton now had his head hanging over the bottom end of the bed, the silk fabric that was his pants had a massive bulge in them. “You look uncomfortable, you should take those off.” Darex spoke to Trowa softly, but turned to Shy once finished. He pulled her over to him as she watched Trowa slip off his pants…

Darex spun her around so her back was no to Trowa. He held her hips taught and began to kiss her deeply, moving back just a bit only to nibble on her lip. She could feel his grip around her waist tighten as he lifted her upwards for a brief second, only to set her back down on the bed, she was now straddling Trowa’s face as Darex moved forward once more to continue what he had started.

As each of the men began to kiss her she squirmed, it felt incredible; Darex’s tongue was probing her mouth as Barton’s tongue was probing her at the same time. Slowly Darex made his way down to her chest were he continued to kiss and lap at her nipples. Sucking on them gently at first, nibbling a bit as well. She loved the feeling of Trowa’s pierced tongue inside of her. His tongue was quick and agile as it made its way all around her folds of skin in and out…flicking across the surface among things.

Her body shook just a bit, before Trowa pulled back not allowing her to reach her breaking point yet. “What is he doing…it is my job to tease not his…” She moved about as Darex pulled as well. She didn’t want either of them to leave…it was all to good. Was it just a dream, one about to turn bad?

Darex moved around to the side of the bed before speaking. “Shy, move over here…I’ve something I want to do…” He showed Shy how he wanted her. He moved her over the top of Barton in a sixty-nine position. She held her head back just a bit as Trowa was…hanging right in front of her. She could feel Trowa beginning to probe her once more, so she leaned forward just a bit and took him into her mouth. Her tongue twisting and twirling about as his was…Flicking over the top carefully, before moving to the under side and hitting the spots that made him moan into her. She could feel the pleasure building in her…struggling to hold back a deep moan. But in the end she failed and released a moan full of pleasure down his long shaft.

Trowa pulled back once more, but she did not bother to look back and see why…she was now moving at a steady pace up and down…almost hitting the stud that was at the base. She could feel his veins pulsating for sweet release, but each time he was at the edge…she would slow and not allow it.

Darex moved over and positioned himself above Shy, teasing Barton…drawing him away for a brief time. He allowed Trowa to go down on him for a few minutes before moving back and positioning himself behind Shy…he was going to give Trowa a front roll view. He moved into her slowly at first, causing her to move forward just a bit as it had surprised her. After a few minutes of moving slow Darex picked up the pace, he moved in and out quickly as Trowa watched. Shy neared her edge, the pleasure was immense and her vision was starting to blur from it. She moved her head upwards, Trowa slipping out of her mouth as he hit his breaking point.
Shy screamed out as Darex hit home one last time, pushing her into her orgasm as Trowa had hers. His white, hot seed shot out hitting her chest, face, mouth and a bit in her hair as her body lurched forward just a bit each time Darex moved forward.

She could now feel him filling her up as he couldn’t hold back anymore. She loved every second of it. As Darex pulled out she rolled over to the side of Barton and lay on her back. Trowa switched positions and moved up, once more kissing her.

It was only but a minute of further pleasure before Darex moved in and pulled Trowa away…She sat up, her energy sources non-existent as she had not eaten anything in a long while. She didn’t know what to think of it all…she had wanted this and it was a great time…but she had never expected it to actually happen. She watched the two men as the moved away a bit, over to a chair that was against the wall.

Darex sat down, pulling Barton down upon him. A dull thud of bodies slapping together was heard as Trowa began to kiss Darex. Shy watched every movement of the two as they kissed, Darex’s soft tongue breaking the defense’s that was Trowa’s lips.

He loved the feeling…his body against Darex’s, their lips pressed together in a extraordinary kiss. The tongues resembled two form IV light saber duelist…dancing around barely visible in their speed and movements. Yet still one of the best visual forms…in this cause best feeling duel styles out there.

Trowa’s hand slipped downwards, on a quest of sorts to find a sword. He sought out Darex’s flesh sword, gripping it tightly in his right hand…massaging it a bit loosening and tightening his grip at different areas of it. Trowa broke the kiss, moving back just a bit. He grinned at Darex then glanced over at Shy who was pleasuring herself to the two now, once seeing that he made his way down, taking Darex into his mouth.

Slowly, he cleaned off the natural lubricant. He twirled his tongue around the hard shaft as his hand still gripped the base of it. Trowa could feel Darex’s hand running threw his, as of late, unkempt hair. As the pleasure was building inside Darex, Trowa began to take him in deeper, he could feel Darex’s hardness pulsating for sweet release as it neared.

Darex stole a glance over at Shy, seeing her pleasuring herself sent him over the proverbial edge. Feeling the others orgasm arrive just made Trowa work harder, he swallowed all that he could as he listened to the other moan out. He cleaned Darex off completely before slipping him out of his mouth and whipping away a bit of the missed juices. He looked up at Darex as he sat there in orgasmic bliss. A small grin formed on his face as he looked between Shy and Darex.


2007-09-16 16:58:33
I got confused!!!!!! Who was who? And who was a gurl and who was a boy???????


2006-08-16 01:38:28
i found the star wars theme to be rather creative, although i also thought the story could have used a little less mystery.


2006-06-02 07:16:01
Not too bad. needs a little more exposition or a little less mystery.
You probably won't get much appreciation for the whole "Jedi" angle on this site.

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