Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were known, well known. Both of them singers and actresses. They both had it all as their lives emerged into what they are today.

As Ashlee just got home from her 40 city tour. She was worn out and frustrated with it all. Of course, after her break up with Ryan. And not have spent anytime with her sister. It was all time to let it all loose. Once she got back to her house, the home she shared with her two best friends. They were gone with their boyfriends and she was alone. Once again.

Heading into her room. She pushed the door open to see it exactly how she left it. Dropping her bag on her floor. She slid off the black converse that she wore. Kicking them aside. She unzipped the hoodie she was wearing and dropped it beside the converse. Stretching her arms up causing her shirt to expose her stomach. She slid her hands down unbuttoning her pants and kicking them aside. Leaving her in her black panties and the white tank top. She crawled into her bed. Sliding beneath the blankets that laid upon her.

Shifting her body a bit. She slid her hands beneath her shirt. Unclasping the bra from the front as she slid it off carefully removing it without pulling her shirt off. She slid her hands down her chest slowly. Feeling her nipples perk up through her tank top. She let her eyes fall shut as she let out a soft sigh. Her fingers curled around both of her nipples. Pinching them and twisting them a bit roughly. A soft moan poured out of her lips as she let her hips rise up from the bed a bit. One hand continuing to slowly pinch at her nipples. Her other hand trailed down her body and rested at her panties. Slowly sliding her hand within her panties. She let her finger slip between her legs. Brushing slowly back and forth over her clit.

Her body was gone by this time. And nothing around her had even bothered her. Not even allowing her to hear the door...


Jessica knew Ashlee was to arrive home today. Wanting to surprise her. Of course she missed her sister way too much. Driving over to Ashlee's. She pulled into the driveway. Knocking lightly. She heard nothing and no one inside. But she knew she was home because her mother had called and informed her. Sighing softly. Her hand reached around the door. Wiggling the knob to find it unlocked. Opening it she slipped inside shutting the door quietly. Wanting to attempt at scaring her dear little sister.

Slowly making her way inside the house, she walked up the steps slowly. You could hear a faint sound coming from her as her flip flops hit each step softly as she made her way up. Reaching the top. She made her way down the hall till she got to her sisters door. She saw the door open a crack. And her sister in the bed within the room. Curiously she slid more to the side. Watching her sisters small movements in the bed. She knew something was up but wasn't sure what.


Ashlee's hips rose a bit with the touch of her fingers to her clit. Her hand that pinched at her nipples. She let it loose. Moving it down her body and tugging her shirt up to expose her bare breasts to the cool air conditioned breeze that was passing through. She slid her foot up a bit kicking the blankets down as she let her fingers work at her clit. Her other hand returned to her breast. Slowly circling around the hardened nipple.


Jessica's eyes focused on her sister. She bit down on her lower lip as she felt her body shiver slightly. Watching her movements. Her free hand slid down the thin thank top she wore. Grazing over her large breast slowly. A soft sigh escaping her lips. She continued to focus on the movements of her sisters hand.

After a few moments of watching. She let out a sigh as she pushed the door open. Ashlee saw the door fly open causing her to quickly remove her hand from her panties and use it to pull her shirt down over her chest.

"Jess.. what .. are you .. i mean hello don't you knock?" Ashlee questioned as she ran her hand over her thigh before reaching for the blanket.

"Usually, yes but i wanted to surprise you.. but wow.. you're.. surprising me right now" She stated in a stuttered out tone.

Jessica licked her lips as her sister gave her an uneasy look. Walking over to the bed. She crawled ontop of it. Hoovering over her sisters blanket covered body. Her eyes focused down into Ashlee's as she let her hand slowly tugg the blankets down enough where she could use her foot to push them off the rest of the way.

"What .. are you doing?" Ashlee questioned as she looked up at her sister who was now straddling her waist.

"I'm helping you out" Jessica mumbled as she leaned down letting her lips graze over her sisters slowly. "Don't fight it.."

Ashlee's body stood still as a board. Her lips meeting with Jessica's as she brought her free hand up and around her sisters neck. Kissing her back softly. Letting the kiss linger. She let her lips part slowly as she peaked her tongue out grazing it over Jessica's lips. A soft ``mmm` coming out of her. Jessica's lips parted instantly at the feeling of Ashlee's tongue. Both girls eyes fell shut as Ashlee let her tongue massage up against Jessica's in a soft but sensual way.

Jessica's hand slid up Ashlee's side slowly. Her hand pushed the tank top back up and let her fingers graze over her stomach slowly making its way up to her chest. Reaching the top. She let her fingers slowly tickle over her nipple before taking it between the tips of her fingers, pinching and tugging at it a bit roughly. Causing Ashlee to let out a loud moan into the kiss.

Jessica's hips slowly began to grind down against Ashlee's at the sound of the moan. Her pussy had become wet, Really wet at the contact of Ashlee's hips being pressed up against her own. Parting from the kiss. Ashlee's hands met at Jessica's shirt. Pulling it up to expose her braless breasts. Ashlee bit down on her lower lip as she looked up at her sisters beautiful body. Jessica removed her hand from her. Sliding the shirt that Ashlee wore from her body and tossing it to the side. Looking down at her. She let her tongue graze her lips as Ashle'es hands met at the button on her jeans. Unbuttoning them. She slid the zipper down and moved her hands over to tug them down from her hips. Lifting her hips up. Her jeans fell from her body as Ashlee pulled them from her legs and dropped them to the floor beside her.

"I want you so fucking bad" Jessica murmured out as Ashlee slid her hand along her sisters inner thigh.

Ashlee licked over her lips as her finger slowly slid between her thighs. Her finger grazing over her clit. Which sent chills down Jessica's spine causing her body to quiver a bit.

"You want me that bad" Ashlee questioned her eyes watching her sisters facial expression as her finger slowly moved over her sisters pussy. "Tell me how bad you want me"

"Ohh fuck me now" She groaned out as her hips pushed up against her sisters hand. "Please ..."

Ashlee's free hand slid around her sisters waist. Her hand grasping at her ass roughly. Her other hand moved down more as she let her index finger and middle finger plunge quickly within her sisters pussy.

"Arghhhh fuck" Jessica moaned out. Pushing her hips up her sisters body a bit more.

Ashlee's fingers arched up in a circular motion .Rubbing her fingertips over her walls as she began to pull them in and out of her pussy in a quick like manner. Jessica's hips bucking back and forth in movement with her finger movements. Her hand held her ass still as she gave it a soft squeeze.

"FUCK ME HARD NOW HARDER!" Jessica screamed out as she moved. Her eyes were clenching shut as she moved her hips faster. Her body jolted up a bit when she felt a third finger enter her pussy. Feeling her walls tighten up around Ashlee. She bit down on her lower lip as her hands slid up grasping her large breasts in the palm of her hands. Massaging them roughly up against her body.

"Oh god, come on cum for me Jess.. come on let it out" Ashlee pleaded as she let her fingers part the cheeks of her sisters ass. Sending one finger within it quickly causing Jessica's hips to jerk roughly against her fingers.

"OH IM IM .. CU" Jessica shouted as she let out a groan. Her hips rocking harder and faster as her walls tightened around Ashlee's finger. Her cum came oozing out of her against her sisters hand as her body arched back some. Breathing heavy breaths until she was done.. "Oh wow.."

Ashlee slid her fingers from Jessica. Letting one in her own mouth. She licked it clean as she slid her other one to her sisters mouth. Jessica sucked her finger dry as she pushed her body up against Ashlee's.

"Wow.." She mumbled out placing a kiss to Ashlee's jawline.

I cant wait to taste your asshole juice.

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wJ9GWx The material is on the five plus. But there is a minus! My internet speed 56kb/sek. The page was loading for about 40 seconds!...


2010-07-11 07:51:18
I thought it was a good stooryline, but I didn't even know what position they were in. Add a couple of sentences where stuff is connected and more detail is added. I think this has great potential.
Oh and I'm a girl so maybe that's why it takes a little more to get me off? hhahaa great job nonetheless


2008-10-20 21:50:33
hmmm the simpson sisters, pretty time pussy-licking!!


2007-04-17 01:15:36
the only thing to make it better is some pussy liking on both girls part but still not a bad story


2006-12-27 21:02:43
WTF !!! i'm not here complaining about the story the story is fine (although i could rite better and i'm fukin 17) and all you that just comment to insult, WRITE YOUR OWN FUKIN STORY AND JACK OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE SHIT BRAINS !!! (doesnt apply to those who actually point out whats wrong, thats just productive criticism) but this is about the dick that commented back on 11-10-06 .
he (i'm guessin its a he cos he's an arogant twat) should shut the fuck up ! insultin the writer by callin him/her a retart, WTF'S A RETART !? if your gonna insult someone atleast have the decency to spell it right !
i'm done.
happy wankin.

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