[b]At the time of this story I was 16. Today I'm 29 and I look back on these years fondly.
First, I must explain my rather large family. I had 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 male cousin who lived with us and 1 female cousin who lived with us, and of course Mom and Dad. We also had a couple pets seeing as we lived on a farm in Montana. We had a male horse, and 2 male dogs.
Now, I was always a big guy and at 16 I was 6' 4" 223lbs and all muscle. Also, I wore a size 19 shoe and consequently I had a big dick(13" long and 5" around). My youngest sister Ashley was 9 yrs old and had just started puberty she was about 5' 2" blonde and had started developing some curves. The middle aged of my three sisters was Jessica she was 13 and had B tits, a nice round ass, was 5' 3", and had dirty blonde hair. The oldest was April she was 14 and a 1/2. She was much taller than my other sisters standing at 5' 7". She had A tits but they were shapely and very sexy. She had an excellently round and tight ass, and long blonde hair. My brother(Joey) was 11 and a 1/2, about 5' 8" brown hair like myself and about a 5 " long and 2 and a 1/2" around penis. My male cousin(Mike) was 16 also he was 5' 11" and ahd a 7 " penis it was pretty girthy, he was blonde.My female cousin(Paige) was 8 and a brunnete who had hit puberty early so she had littl budding breasts and some developing curves, she was about 5'.My dad(Ted) was 6' 1" and had dark hair he also had the fattest cock I've ever seen at about 11" long he was 6" around. Oh yes and did I mention all the men in my family are circumsiced except my dad and my little brother. My mom(Karen) was the most beautiful woman I ever layed my eyes on and I frequently masturbated to her. She was 5' 5" blonde and had D tits (which explains my 13 yr old sister) she also had the most luscious big ass. anyways now that you know my family I can explain my story.
Shortly after school let out my sophomore year I started to notice the girls in my house more. I had saved up for months to buy a nice new computer for my room, and it had finally arrived. As I started to notice the girls of my house more I masturbated more. Seeing as we had a big family though my oldest sister and my little brother shared my room with me, so my only jerk off time was during the day while they were playing or watching TV. I came upon some odd sites that were turning me on they were involving humans fucking animals, pissing, and incest. All these sites would make me blow my load rather quickly. Everytime I went to jerk off I locked my door however my sister knew the trick to unlock it, so I was always worried I'd get caught. As the time passed I began to experiment with myself in the showertub I would lay down my cock pointed toward my face and turn the shower on everyone thought I was taking a shower, but really I was pissing on my own face and fingering myself and jerking off. It was a weird phase of my life, but I liked it and it turned me on. Then I started to experiment with my dog Bruno who was a black lab. I got him into my room locked the door and started jerking him off till his penis came out of its sheathe(sorry if thats mispelled) then I would suck him off as I saw on the sites I watched. I was scared to let him fuck me because of his big knot.
Then one day it happened my sister and brother walked in on me jerking off. All I remember is thinking "Oh Shit! Now, everyones gonna know what a weirdo I am." I tried to close the site but I couldn't in time. To my surprise though my sister quickly went over and locked the door. I said "What are you doing April?" to which she quickly responded "Me, you , and Joey are gonna have some fun." She looked at the computer and said "It seems you've had a crush on the whole family for a while." She looked over at Joey and told him to get undressed he quickly did so which exposed his nice bald cock(I shaved my cock cause I liked the feel so I was happy to see he had no pubes) April then removed all of the articles of clothing she had been wearing that day. My cock now sprang to life as did Joey's April looked at Joey's average sized cock and said "Very nice for your age Joe but Matt being older has my attention with his huge cock." April then looked directly into my eyes and said "Since you want to have sex with everyone in our family so bad you'll start with Joe now go ahead and take it in your mouth." I wasn't quite sure what to do, sure I had fantasized but to actually do it.
Then the next thing I konow Joey grabbed the back of my head and shoved is cock into my mouth. He didn't have to tell me twice so i started bobbing my head up and down on his cock but then just started to hover with my toungue licking his head and my hand stroking the shaft. Since Joey was so young and inexperienced he didn't last long. After about five minutes he shot his load in my mouth. It wasn't much, but I gladly swallowed.
April then stood up and Said "My turn." She sat me down in a chair and spread my knees she then got on her kness inbetween my legs and started in on my cock. She only licked it at first because she wasn't sure if she could take it in her mouth but she did after a while. In the meantime while she was sucking me off I was fingering and licking Joe's butthole. This had me really turned on and about 10 minutes later I warned April I was about to cum. She immediately pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jercking me off against her tits I then came and she loved it. She then told me that she had wanted to do this for a very long time.
April then moved back over to the computer and said "My, my, my.....don't we have quite the little fetishes." She had found the golden shower websites. I was quite excited she said "We'll have to save this for when we more family on board." This dissapointed me, but I knew the next page she would find was beastiality this excited me even more. She looked over at joe and said "Get dressed. Then I need you to do 2 things. 1 get Jessica and Ashley in here. 2 Then go get Bruno and Max(my other dog a chocolate lab)." He quickly responded ok and off he went.
Since Jess and Ashley lived right across the hall he brought them in very quickly, and just as quickly April had them undressing. I couldn't believe that all my sisters kept their pussies bald. I didn't realise it but April and my other sisters had been planning to seduce me thats why they were so willing. Soon Joey was back with the dogs. April instructed me and Joe to get on the ground and suck Bruno and Max off. We did as we were told until they're cocks came out. Then we were instructed to get on our hands and knees. Jessica and Ashley grabbed hold of Bruno and Max's cocks and guided them to our assholes then Bruno and Max took it form there humping furiously until they came a few minutes later.
All of a sudden the door opened it was my dad and Mike wanting to play basketball with me and Joey, but they got to play something much better. My dad immediately said "What the fuck April? I thought you were going to tell me when you got him." I was shocked my dad was behind the plan too. He and Mike immediately stripped they said hang on girls you can play with Joe. My dad came to the front of me and Mike headed to the back. I dropped my jaw at how fat my dad's cock was right then he jammed it in my mouth I loved it and I yearned for his cum. Right when I started really getting going on my dad's cock Mike stuck his dick at my asshole. I knew what was coming and it excited me. Mike spit on his cock then on my asshole he then slowly put his cock inside me. At first it Hurt but after he worked up a slow rythm it felt good and I god hard it was then that I felt Jessica's lips on my cock this made me suck dad into an amazing orgasm and he came all over my face. I then shot load after load all in Jess's mouth and then Mike shot his load deep into my ass. When he pulled out I turned around and tasted remnants of my ass and his cum.
Mike then went to go get his little sister and my dad went to go get my mother it was then that we decided to move to the barn it wasn't to hot and we didn't have to worry about gettin it messy. We all met up naked in the barn all the girls wanted a turn with me so I gave it to them first up was Jessica.
Jess was very tight I could only get one finger in her so I tolde her this is gonna hurt so brace yourself. I then Slammed her pussy once to stretch it out and break her hymen. I did so succesfully she then started to moan loudly as I slid half my cock in and out of her little pussy. I had never heard her use such words she started moanin "Ohhhhh ya Big bro shove that huge cock in and out of your innocnet little sisters cunt." as time went on the moans became shorter and more simple mainly harder, faster, deeper. Then after her third orgasm she told me she wanted my cum all over her face. All of a sudden I felt my balls tighten and I yelled out "Ahhhhh Fuck I'm gonna cum you little slut your makin me cum, alright you want it all over your face you got it sis!" So I pulled out and shot a huge creamy load all over her lips, cheeks, and forehead.
April then Pushed Jess out of the way and said "Move you little whore." April wanted to feel me in her ass so I agreed. I lubed up my cock with some Jergens and put some on her asshole. Then I gently pressed my cock inside of her she screamed in pain. She loved it even though it hurt she loved my cock up her little ass and I did to I told her I wanted to shoot my load deep in her ass. Then I started to pump fast this made her squirt her juice everywhere and as she orgasmed I did. Once my cock softened up it slipped out of her asshole and you could see the cum drip.
Next up was the tightest of all Paige. I just threw her around and then slammed my cock into her pussy she was screaming over and over again crying, but yet I knew on some level she liked it cause I felt her come on my cock. It was then that I layed down and placed her ass over my cock with her facing me. She was breathing deeply and I gave her a rest break but then I forced my cock up her ass and the tears started to run again. This turned me on but then she came on my stomach which pushed me over the edge. I came deep in her ass.
Now I looked to Ashley I took her to the Horse stall she loved our horse (sugar) but she was about to love him in a whole new way. I set her up so as I fucked her she would be sucking the horse's dick she liked this idea so we went at it she was a good cock sucker and had that horse going in no time I fucked her slowly while I watched this I didn't want her to be in pain and distract from the horse soon the horse tightened up and came in her mouth he came buckets and it overloaded her mouth this was enough to finish me off so I pulled out and shot my load on her petite little ass.
I needed a break so I decided I would get fucked now Joey started to suck me off as I told him and I put my dad's cock in my mouth. Mike then stuck his dick in my ass and went slow I loved it. I sucked my dad's cock hard until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. Joe then moved to my ass as Mike moved to my mouth I loved the taste of my ass and the taste of Mike's cum so I was excited. Joey then came in my ass as Mike came in my Mouth.
I was ready to fuck again and had saved the best for last, my mom. I put some Jergens on my cock told my mom I loved her and put some lotion on her asshole I knew she hated anal cause all the times I caught my parents doing it my dad would try and she'd quickly shut him down. I slowly stuck my cock in I started to kiss her while I did this I was going slowly in and out of her ass she started to feel less pain and more pleasure it was then that I moved my mouth to her nipples I sucked slowly and the excstasy of fucking my mom was setting in I whispered in her ear I was going to cum all she said was go ahead baby I've wanted this for a long time. After I came she said she needed a break and it seemed all at once that the men said we had to piss so April got in the middle of the men along with Ashley and Paige(Jess thought it was hot but only to watch so she masturbated as we did this) I told my dad to hold it and then me Mike and Joey all aimed and pissed in the mouth's of our sisters and cousins. Ashley was the only one to swallow some of it and I told her I was proud when we were done. Now I told my dad it was his turn and I got on my knees in front of his cock and let him fire on my chest cock and in my mouth so I swallowed as much as I could. Then mom was ready again so I laid her down and put the tip of my cock at her pussy lips I then slammed my cock in but gently fucked her deep. She kissed me over and over again I loved it, then my Mother screamed out " Oh my sweet child cum deep inside mommys cunt" Thats what did it and then I came in her pussy and slept on top of her........
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