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Fictional story about a young hair dresser and her favorite customer.
Josh was sitting in the back of the salon in the shampoo chair while Lauren slid her fingers through his hair. Lauren was a young knockout that Josh often looked over when he was there getting his hair done. She was only about 19 or 20, 5’3”, and a little on the plump side.

Josh loved big woman and he found Lauren’s large build very appealing to his sexual appetite. She had huge tits and nice thick legs. Today she wore a short jean skirt, blue halter top, and high healed sandals. He looked up at her gorgeous face, long blond hair, blue eyes, and great smile while she shampooed his head. He fantasized about seducing Lauren which started making the blood flow to his cock.

She wrapped a towel around his head and they headed for the styling chair. She started cutting his hair as they continued their conversation. They were talking about height and Lauren was telling Josh how she hates her height and wishes she was taller so she could attract tall men. Josh continued getting aroused just talking to this beauty and what came next really sent all the blood down to his cock.

Lauren started telling Josh about her date last night. She went out with an old friend who was the same height as Josh. She told him how she wore this really seductive short black skirt and white sweater over a sexy lacy bra and stockings. She was panty less for her date and she told Josh how she loved the air to rush in between her legs. She wore 6” high heels so she could be as tall as possible. She went into great details about the date right down to her ending up in bed with this guy.

“I bet that was fun.” Josh asked.

“Oh yeah for him it was”, answered Lauren.

Just the thought of Lauren naked and fucking this guy made Josh hornier and harder. How he wanted to seduce her right there and now.

Lauren continued to describe how she gave this guy a blow job and how she let him fuck her but she didn’t even cum once and how she felt disappointed and used. Deep inside Lauren was horny and wanted Josh to seduce her.

“Good night Lauren,” was yelled by one of the other hair dressers, “make sure you lock up.”

It was just Josh and Lauren in the salon as she finished up Josh’s hair. She pulled the cover off and quickly noticed Josh’s bulging pants. The though of his hard on gave Lauren a tingle in her pussy but there was nothing she was going to do except masturbate once Josh left.

They headed to the register and Josh paid her in cash for his hair cut. He looked and had no money for a tip but told Lauren he will drop something off on an other day. Lauren argued and said there was no need to and that she enjoyed cutting his hair because it gave her someone to talk to.

Both individuals were very horny and they wanted each other. Lauren being on the shy side would never initiate such a thing but Josh was a little different.

“You know, there is something I can give you as a tip.” Josh said.

“What?” replied Lauren.

“How about an orgasm?” He asked.

Lauren’s face turned red and for a moment Josh thought he went too far. He quickly apologized and headed towards the door. Lauren did want him but being the shy type was afraid to get caught. However, the burning desire took over her better judgment and she chased Josh to the door. She pushed him away and locked the door in front of him.

Without saying a word the two soon to be lovers embraced in a big hug and very passionate kiss. Their lips touched which sent more desire to their loins. Josh held Lauren tight and pressed her ample breasts tight against him. He touched her all over releasing more cravings for his love. He reached down to the bottom of her sweater and tugged on it upward. They stopped kissing just long enough to pull the sweater over her head.

They continued to eagerly kiss each others mouth and play games with their tongues. Josh fondled Lauren’s breast and nipples through her thin lacy bra. She moaned as she felt the pleasure and begged for more. Josh reached around her and unclasped her bra. He stopped kissing her for a moment and pulled it off of her and threw it on the floor. He admired her magnificent tits for a moment before reaching out for them. The warm plump flesh of her tits filled Josh’s hands as he squeezed and played with them. Her pink nipples were erect and awaited Josh’s sensual touch. Josh reached up and gently squeezed her nipples in his fingers. This sent waves of pleasure and desire throughout Lauren.

Lauren desired more than just playing around. She wanted to cum and she wanted his meat in between her thick legs. Even though she hasn’t seen Josh’s cock, she has seen the bulge and desired the thing deep in her. Pulling away she motioned for Josh to come in the break room. They headed toward the break room which consisted of a counter and a small card table.

He pushed her towards the counter and intensely kissed Lauren’s lips. Pinning her against the counter he continued to kiss and play with her tits. He built her passion and desire for Josh until she was begging Josh to make her cum. Josh dropped to his knees and reached under her skirt. He lightly caressed her mound through her this panties. He reached for the elastic of her panties and pulled them to the floor. He reached up again caressing her shaved slit. He felt her juices and knew she was ready for more action.

He stood up and helped Lauren to sit on the counter. He kissed her deeply before bending over to her breasts. Her nipples were still erect so Josh sucked each of them before heading down to her love hole. This drove Lauren wild and she begged for Josh to fuck her. He remembered that this was her tip so he thought it wasn’t in the cards for him to cum.

He slid down to his knees again which brought his head at counter height right between her legs. He spread her legs with his hands and dove into her pussy. He didn’t tease or play around. He headed right to licking her clit and dipping his tongue into the young woman’s cunt. He licked up and down and sucked on her clit. Josh loved eating the young horny woman. Lauren leaned back while he ate her pussy. She fondled her own breasts and pinched the nipples in her fingers.

She was experiencing great pleasure but pleaded for more. How she wanted his throbbing cock deep inside her. She thought about his dick sliding in and out of her while his tongue fucked her. These thoughts and the stimulation on her clit pushed her over the edge into orgasm. She moaned and screamed as the shock waves of pleasure filled her body. Josh continued to lick and suck as Lauren’s orgasm came over her. She came hard because she desperately needed it from a man. Yeah, she masturbated but it wasn’t the same.

Josh stood up for some air as Lauren regained her consciousness. Josh had a bulge in his pants that he desperately wanted to release but was afraid to make Lauren feel obligated. She looked down at his pants and begged to see his cock. She reached over and pulling on his belt undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. She reached behind his briefs and fondled his throbbing meat. Grabbing the elastic she pulled his underwear down to his ankles exposing his huge cock. She grabbed it again and started to jerk Josh off. Then she begged for it inside of her which didn’t take much to convince Josh.

Josh positioned himself between her spread legs while she sat on the counter. He rubbed the tip up and down her slit teasing her and making her yearn for more. With one quick shove he pushed his dick into her wet tight hole. Lauren moaned in pleasure as her vagina adjusted to his cock to make them one.

Josh reached up to play with Lauren’s tits while he fucked her with his rod. Lauren reached down to finger her clit hoping to bring herself to a second orgasm. Josh tried taking it slow in hopes she would cum again before him. Being older in his late 20s he was using every trick he learned to slow his orgasm. However this young woman had such a tight warm wet hole that it was almost impossible.

He felt relieved when Lauren’s breathing increased and she started to moan from her upcoming orgasm. She was cumming and a combination of watching the young chubby girl squirm in delight and the feeling of her clamping vagina on his cock, sent Josh into his orgasm. He shot his load deep inside this girl as both were experiencing great gratification from cumming at the same time.

His cock went soft and fell out. He kissed Lauren before making his way to a chair for a little rest. After regaining themselves, they made small talk as they redressed. Lauren admitted that this was the best tip she ever had and told Josh to come back again.

He planned to and went to her for several years even after he was married. Every time he gave her a similar tip and they even dated a few times. When Lauren moved to the west coast she sent Josh a card from her new salon but he knew that she would never cut his hair again unless he could make an excuse to visit Phoenix for business.


2007-03-23 22:25:19
It was a good story. But at the beginning she was wearing a halter top, then she was wearing a sweater when he started to undress her.


2007-02-28 15:34:29
Women with a little extra padding are almost always better lovers and also more fun to be around. If you think about it "only a dog wants a bone"


2007-01-08 20:04:11
Really good story - and yes, woman being "a little on the plump side" are better! Maybe there will be a part 2 (hopefully) ? 8/10


2007-01-02 09:46:41
hot mama just got hotter. Being built on the generous side can be turn off but there are some men like a big handfull and love to sink their face into a fat pussy before burying their meat in it. Best position for penetration however is doggy. Love storiy


2006-06-06 19:23:08
That was a hot story....part 2?

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