Shopping for a surprise toy for her ends up surprising him.
I was dragged from the van by my hair and was marched to my front door, completely naked. My only hope for escape from this nightmare was the off chance that a neighbor would see what was happening and call the police. The neighborhood looked dark and everything was quiet. Why shouldn't it? It was after midnight now and most people would be lying in bed fast asleep, especially on a weeknight. The three tall men also pushed me ahead of them and formed a tight line behind me, blocking my naked body from view. It was only a short walk from the van to my front door. Black Master fumbled through my keys and easily found the one to unlock the door. Once the it was open, he grabbed me and literally threw me into my house. I bounced off the back of the couch and crashed to the floor. The door shut and the deadbolt locked. When I turned to look at my kidnappers I saw them all staring down at me with big broad smiles. Their cocks were still hanging out of their pants. The one who called himself Black Daddy stood on the right, holding the dildo and the bottle of lube. Black Master stood in the middle and then Black Knight stood finished the line. Black Master broke from the line and came towards me.

"Get on you knees." Simply stated but with authority.

I tried, but my bound hands made for slow work. Black Master reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me painfully up on my knees, my ass resting on my heels. I was eye level with his dick. He grabbed me by the jaw and forced open my mouth. Another round of dick sucking seemed to be in my near future. It surprised me when he snagged the lube out of Black Daddy's hand and opened its cap. He sharply squeezed my jaw and turned my gaping mouth skyward. I was staring at the ceiling tiles now and was surprised to see that Black Master intended on filling my oral cavity with the lubrication. He hovered the bottle over my mouth and squeezed the bottle tightly. I soon felt the cool liquid running out of the corners of my lips. My mouth was full.

"You should be happy you bought this lube, or we'd be fucking you dry and raw." He smiled down and my upturned face and turned to his cohorts. "Which one of you wants his pussy first."

Countdown to my first ass fucking had begun and now it was only a matter of time before my poor hole would be devirginized. Black Daddy and Black Knight began to argue over who was going to take me first. I could hardly believe my ears as they bickered back and forth, each claiming they deserved to be first. Finally, Black Master interupted the ruckus and told them to settle the argument or both of them would lose their chance. He reminded them that they were lucky that he was breaking me in first. To my astonishment, the two settled their arguement by shooting paper-rock-scissors. Black Daddy won the raping of my ass by shooting paper to beat rock. I couldn't believe. Black master turned to me and a smiling Black Daddy walked over.

"Now you lube up your Black Daddy's cock real good now, you hear?"

I groaned and nodded my head slightly. Black Master let go of my jaw and Black Daddy positioned himself in front of me. He positioned his the tip of his cock over my lips and held onto the sides of my head with his hand. Lowering my face towards his crotch, he slipped his dick into my lube filled mouth. The displaced lubrication flowed out of my and down my chin, slopping on my chest and the floor.

"Lube me up, boy."

I did as I was told, sealing my lips around his shaft to prevent more lube from escaping. I was appalled at the knowledge that it would be in my best interest to have as much lubrication as possible if this creep was going to fuck me. The more I realized how little I was fighting (and had fought?), the more numb and submissive I was becoming. So with a sinking feeling in my stomach, I began swirling the mixture of saliva and lube around the now completely hard dick of my Black Daddy. I allowed my spit to flow and swallowed nothing as I took the majority of his cock into my mouth. As I withdrew, I let my mouth open slightly and left a trail of glistening goo all over his shaft. His cock fell from my mouth and I stretched to spit on and lick his whole shaft into an even coat of lube. Black Daddy moaned the entire time while the other two leaned against the wall and clapped with approval, urging Black Daddy to take me. Their cocks stood at attention as they both slowly stroked themselves. Meanwhile, Black Daddy slipped his shoes off and quickly parted with his socks. As he encouraged me to do a thorough job, he unbuttoned his fly and let his pants fall to the floor. Soon, he parted with his shirt and there he stood. His chest was ripped with muscle and entirely hairless. His stomach was a washboard of fine tuned meat.

"You like what you see?" He said, lifting my face so that our eyes met. His glare demanded an answer.

"Yes Black Daddy."

"You've done a real nice job on my cock. You shined it up real nice."

I looked at my own work. His glistening penis bounced before me. It was throbbing hard with anticipation. In the face of what I was about to recieve, it looked larger than ever. Veins bulged, intertwining themselves back and forth along the eight inch shaft.

"Stand up and face the couch."

I struggled to get myelf off the floor. Not only was I reluctant but my arms were still secured behind me, giving me no leverage to get myself up. While the other two chuckled at my predicament, Black Daddy grew impatient and grabbed two fistfuls of hair and lifted upward. He paid no heed to my painful cries. When I did finally twist my legs around enough to lift my body up, he aggresively spun me and shoved me against the back of my couch. The site of my own living room shocked me. I was going to be assfucked in my very own house. Black Daddy kicked my legs wide apart and pushed on my back with one hand and held onto my constrained arms with the other. As he dangled me over the open space above the couch, i felt the first prodding of his prick.

"Ohgodohgodohgod..." I mumbled, almost in a whisper.

"Don't try and fight, it'll only make it worse for you, and better for me."


"Damn, this bitch is tight!"

My asshole starting spreading around the greased up pole. My hole clenched tight as the dick's head made full penetration. My throat made terrible groaning noises as the cock pushed onward. The main girth spread my ass farther open, stretching painfully around Black Daddy's shaft. In the background our audience cheered enthusiastically. The slab of meat entering my rear end mercilessly pushed itself forward.

"It's can't take...anymore..." I felt tears well up and spill down my face.

" now...don't doubt yourself."

I was thinking that anymore and I worn be torn in half. The pain was excruciating. It was then that Black Daddy thrust his hips and buried his entire eight inches deep into my bowels. I screamed out in pain and began sobbing openly. I gasped deeply as the insane dick began to withdraw. And then...SLAP. The sound of his hips smacking my ass, once again his cock buried within me. Black Daddy withdrew slowly again. Tension built as I braced for the next thrust in. Time slowed tremendously. The erection slammed me. Black Daddy spent the next five to ten minutes slowly withdrawing and quickly filling me up. Every new thrust grew less painful and my tears dried up on top of the already dried cum and lubrication that coated my face. Every new thrust pushed out a moan from my throat, which did not escape the attention of my rapist.

"You like Daddy's cock buried deep inside you, don't you?"

Withdrawing "Yes Bla....ohhhhmy" Insertion. "Black Daddy."

"Beg to be fucked."

"Black Daddy fuck me...oh..oh..oh..oh"

Black Daddy didn't even give me time to beg, he started furiously humping my ass. His cock stabbed away while his balls slapped my perenium.

"I can't hear you beggin' bitch!"

"Oh fuck me....OH Black DADdy!!...Oh...Uh....fuck my ass...."

I begged loudly, hardly aware of what I was saying. His big meat slammed me harder than ever. One of his hands held my hip, drawing me in. The other hand now held onto my hair, causing my back to arch. Embarrassingly, my dick rubbed against the back of the couch, causing it to get excited. The sensations running through my dick told me that I was actually going to come soon.


My asshole was being brutally assaulted and I was coming all over the back of the couch. This wasn't good but at that moment it felt like the best orgasm that I had ever produced. When it was over, while still getting reamed, extreme guilt and weakness swept over my entire being. I had cum while being raped. Black Daddy hadn't noticed but Black Knight and Black Master were shouting and whooping with excitement, calling me a fag and a cocklover. Black Daddy finally caught on.

"What a good little cock whore. You love this dick, don't you?" Black Daddy slowed his pace down. I was hoping he was preparing to come. I knew I wasn't getting out of this with just one assfucking so I figured the quicker the better.

"Yes, I love your dick, Black Daddy." And as an after thought and wishful thinking, "Come in my ass."

"Haha. I will, I will, but not for awhile."

Black Daddy withdrew causing an audible gasp to escape from me. My ass was raw and throbbing from what had just happened. I expected one of the others to take his place. In the back of my mind I saw the monstrosity of Black Master and wondered how bad it was going to hurt. Black Daddy spun me around so that I was facing him. He looked into my eyes for a few long moments and I thought that he was going to kiss me. Instead he pushed me backwards over the couch. My legs flailed in the air while my arms wedged painfully behind me. My ass pointed towards the cieling and my head dangled over the cushion edge, giving me an upside down version of the living room.

"Go 'round and grab his legs."

A naked Black Knight came around the couch to hold onto my legs. I have no idea when he had gotten naked but here he was. Black Daddy hopped over the couch back and staddled a leg on each side of my upside down body.

"Now you look up here at me and watch my magic trick. I'm going to make my whole dick disappear and then you can tell me where it went."

I held my head up to see Black Daddy. Black Knight had spread my legs wide apart and pulled them downward towards the floor. I watched in helpless horror as Black Daddy pushed down on his hard rod and aimed it directly at my defenseless ass. He warned me not to look away and with great strain I kept a lock on his cock. His knees unlocked and his shaft descended on me. Just as the tip of his dick went out of view I felt it once again stretching me open. Unbelievingly, I watched the cock as it disappeared deep into my ass. One consistent groan leaked from my chest as I watched. Soon, all I could see of Black Daddy's groin were his pubes. I had taken it all right before my eyes, without so much as a word of protest.

"Now, can you tell me where the dick went, slut.?"

"In my ass.." I blurted.

"Address me properly, and with a whole sentence." He flexed his dick muscle. I cried out uncontrollably.

"Your dick disappeared into my ass, Black Daddy." I dropped my head and stared directly at Black Knight's upside down balls and cock, aimed for my mouth.

"Don't be ashamed. You win the grand prize. Two dicks."

Black Knight spread his legs and bent his knees. His dick pressed against my lips and I willingly opened my mouth to accept his girth. I watched his balls draw towards me as he quickly replaced the air in my mouth with his bulging, hot cock. On the other recieving end of my double dick raping, Black Daddy was withdrawing his rod. They both began a rhythmic see-sawing, one dick plunging while the other retreated. Quickly increasing their pace, they fell out of rhythm. Black Daddy was using the cushions and springs of my couch like a trampoline. As he bounced, his dick pistoned away at my ass. I choked and gagged around the pole that abused my throat. Wet slobbering sounds that I never knew I could make escaped from me. Staring at my upside down living room, Black Master knealt before me and smiled broadly.

"You're like it on the rough side do you? You like your holes filled with dick?"

I gurgled a response.

"Blink once if you like it. Blink twice if you love it. Blink three times if you're nothing but a white ass bitch who can't get enough big black cock to totally satisfy her."

I blinked three times and he chuckled.

"I knew it. Hey, let's see some balls resting on this bitches nose."

Black Knight stopped his insane pace and withdrew from my mouth. I noticed my body bouncing in step with Black Daddy's ass fucking.

"You want these balls on your nose?"

I gazed at the cock before me and then at the balls.

"Yes Black Knight, I want your balls on my nose."

"Horny slut." The penis reinserted itself into my mouth and began pushing into my throat. His balls drew nearer as my air flow was cut off. Before I knew it, my throat was burying a dick and a set of balls rested on my nose. After a few moments, I began struggling for air. Black Knight removed himself from me and let me breathe. It didn't take him long to reinsert himself and force me to deepthroat him once more. Above me Black Daddy began humping my ass faster.

"Oh yea...oh yea.. uhhhhhh...."

Black Daddy pulled out his rod from my ass and I felt hot jizz splatter on my chest. The cock in my mouth was withdrawn and Black Knight pushed me over. He quickly jumped behind me and pulled me up on my knees by grabbing my hips. My face was pressed against the cushion of the couch and my ass pointed acceptingly into the air. That crazy two live crew song popped into my head, Face Down Ass Up that's the way I like to fuck.

"Face down ass up, that's the way I like to fuck. Haha."

I couldn't believe he said that. Before I could think any further, I was screaming. Black Knight had rammed his entire length into my bowels and was now assaulting my ass. He fucked me hard and mean, encouraging my screams, occasionally slapping my ass or pulling my hair. Nearly ten minutes later of consistent, nonstop fucking, he began moaning loudly. Without out warning, he pulled out of me and jumped up onto my back. He commanded me to open my hands, bound at the wrist, and let him fuck them. My twisted hands gripped his greasy pole and he fucked them until he came to a screaming orgasm, launching his cum onto my back. He fell back, collapsing on the far end of the couch.

"Cut this bitch's hands loose and make him shower. I want her nice and clean when she fucks me."

Black Master's commands were quickly met. My arms were cut free from their tethers and fell limply by my side, numb and sore. Two sets of arms lifted me from up from the couch. I stood there until I was shoved and ordered to lead them to the shower. I massaged my wrists, barely able to think, sadly aware of the cum running down my chest and back. Entering the bathroom, I glanced quickly in the mirror. My face was caked with dry cum and my eyes were totally bloodshot. My captors ordered me in the shower. They kept an I on me as I turned the water on and rinsed their love juices from my body. I stared as cum washed down the drain. I was dimly aware of the throbbing muscles in my ass. 'One more dick to go...hopefully." That's all I could think of. That one more monstrous dick waiting in my living room to be fucked.

"Alright, you cockwhore, get out."

I shut the water off and dried myself quickly. They led me to the living room where Black Master was waiting. He sat in the middle of the couch, totally naked and slouched. His legs were spread wide open and his abnormally huge cock hung between his legs and dangled over the edge of the couch cushion.

"Come and stand in front of me."

I walked over and stood before him, naked and wet.

"Get on your hands and knees and face me."

I dropped into the requested position. I was level with his cock. I looked up at his face and waited for further instruction. I watched as he unscrewed the lid to the lubrication. He ordered me to open my mouth, which I did. He leaned forward and inserted the bottle into my mouth. I was expecting him to squeez its contents into my mouth as he had done before but instead he commanded me to wrap my lips around the bottle. He started fucking my mouth with the bottle.

"You'll suck anything shaped like a dick won't you."

I nodded affirmatively as he pushed and pulled the bottle in and out of my mouth. Within a few minutes of humiliating bottle sucking, Black Master began to pick up the speed. Soon, he began moaning, is if I were sucking his dick. With no warning, Black Master screamed and squeezed the bottle. The lubrication quickly filled my oral cavity.

"Now I want you to get me nice and lubed up like you did before. You understand."

With my lips wrapped around a plastic bottle of lubrication, its contents now filling my mouth, I looked up to Black Master and moaned and affirmative yes. He smiled and removed the bottle from my mouth. I closed pressed my lips together so no lube would be lost and reached for the Master's limp cock.

"No hands. Only your mouth."

I grunted in dismay and inched on all fours lowering my head to line my mouth up with the tip of his dick. My lips met his cock and as his head slipped into my lube filled mouth a sigh (reminding me of relief) escaped from my Master. His dick lifted off the couch as I raised my head up, preparing to take more of his shaft. In its limp state, I was able to take most of the shaft but as lube leaked from my mouth coating his black flesh, the cock in my mouth rapidly grew into a blood pulsing erection. Fully hard, it was nearly impossible to take any more than the head. How in the hell was this going to fit in my ass.

"Stand up and turn around."

I of course did as I was told. As I stood, I unbelievingly stared at the huge dick glistening with spit and lube. I turned around slowly and started bending over, knowing it was time for another brutal raping of my ass.

"No, no. You are going to fuck me."

Stunned, I froze in a half bent over position.

"You heard me. You are going to fuck me. Don't you want to sit on this big black cock?"

I twisted my head around to look at him. He spread his legs far apart and slouched even farther on the couch. He held his dick by its base straight into the air.

"Yes, Black Master."

I couldn't believe he was going to make me fuck him. I slowly backed towards my impending doom. When I came into his proximity, I bent my knees and lowered my sore ass toward the oversized cock. One of his hands came to rest on my hip gently guiding my ass in the right direction. Once lined up, I felt slight downward pressure from his hand. He never forced me, making sure that it was me fucking him and not the other way around. His dick made contact with my ass and he gently led it to my devirginized bud. His hand left my hip and he waited for me to continue. With my hands on my knees for support, I lowered my ass onto the hardness beneath it. The thickness was immediately apparent as my ass painfully stretched over the head.

"'s too big.....I can't...." Tears fell fresh from my eyes.

" think yours is the only ass this cock has will fit and don't dare think of trying to get off."

I was still for a moment, trying to get used to the girth. God, I wasn't even past the head yet. I pushed harder, trying to relax as I did. My ass was being split open and I was begging to get off even as I continue to take more dick. I gasped in shock as my scphincter clenched tightly once it had finally popped over the head. Black Master groaned with delight. He urged me to go on. My ass screamed in pain as it slowly stretched over the main width of cock. As I slid painfully over the meatiest part of the dick, my ass betrayed me and swallowed the rest of the shaft quickly, relieved to be beyond the thickest part of the cock. Had I really taken that whole dick? I was in shock as new sensations shot through my stretched ass. I was even more shocked over my rock hard penis bouncing up down everytime I clenched my asshole. I sat there on Black Masters lap groaning uncontrollably.

"See now, I told you it would fit. Now ride me."

I rose from my seat and sensations shot through me once more. I began to ride is cock slowly. The pain was excruciating. Black Master encouraged me to speed up my pace and soon I was violently and repeatedly impaling myself of his giant staff. I cried and screamed uncontrollably as my Master spanked my ass. I rode his rod for nearly fifteen minutes straight. My legs were exhausted and I needed this to end before I collapsed but each time I slowed Master smacked me hard on my backside and yelled for me to keep fucking him. Before I knew what was happening, Black Master was bucking and grinding his hips drilling his meat deep into me. He grabbed my hips and stood up. I threw my arms out in front of me and braced myself against the coffee table. Black Master abused my reamed hole for another five minutes ignoring my pleas and painful yelps. As he neared his climax, he threw me off his cock and onto the coffee table. I was flipped onto my back and his dick found my mouth. Within seconds I was choking on a mouthful of cum. I sucked on his softening meat, my body in shambles, unable to move. I was broken.

"Hey, look what we found."

My other two captors had found the camera that my girlfriend had left for me. I knew then that my night had only just begun and that there was a lot more to go. I knew that I would do as I was told to do. I knew I would beg for cock the whole night and that I would receive what I asked for and more.

At this point a kitchen chair was brought into the room and Black Daddy positioned the dildo in the center of the seat. I was instructed to sit in the chair backwards. I descended on the rubber phallus and came to rest on the seat. After the fucking I had just received, it slipped in easily and completely with little pain. The three naked men surrounded me, their dicks filling with fresh blood and rising towards me. My job was to get each of them erect while fucking the dong. Their job was to discuss my upcoming amateur porn flick. My mouth was never short one cock for more than a few seconds and my hands stroked feverishly at the other two rods. I fucked the hell out of myself on my girlfriend's intended gift. The three black men developed a storyline and a rough script for their 'movie' and before I knew it I was standing before a camera, freshly showered, completely shaved, my girlfriend's makeup on my face and her skirt, bra stuffed with socks, and her blouse clinging to my body. I looked over at Black Master,aka the director.

"Remember, if you don't have a convincing performance, we'll start all over again until you get it right." I nodded. "Do you remember your lines?" I nodded affirmatively. There weren't that many.

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Black Daddy pushed record and I smiled as I looked into the camera and recited my first line.

"Hey Honey, you'll never guess what I bought for you. A Magic Black Dong." I held up the large dong to the camera and smiled widely. My first porn film was now under way.

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