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A sensual story about falling in love.
The shadows retreated as I flicked the lighter on and slowly, with deliberate care, lit each candle stick. The room took on a warm, sensual glow and I could see the fire's light reflected upon myself in the mirror.

Feeling both shy and seductive, I turned to face the figure on the bed.

He was turned slightly onto his side, watching me. I gazed back at him, my eyes moving slowly over his body. Absorbing the image of him stretched comfortably on my bed like some half tamed predator. Handsome yet dangerous. And oh so tempting.

His eyes locked with mine, capturing me. I was mesmerized by the intensity in their depths. He smiled and opened his arms to me, beckoning. Lightheaded, I took the steps needed to bring me closer.

The mirrors in my room reflected as I raised my hands to brush the sheer black robe from my shoulders. The fabric had a molten shimmer as it slid over my body like water to puddle at my feet. I felt empowered by his gaze. Ringed by flame, I was beautiful and seductive as I moved over him.

He reached out to me, his hands combing through my hair as I settled onto my knees, the blankets soft under my shins. Leaning over him I closed my eyes and rested my hands in the nest of hair on his lower belly, surrendering myself to the sensuality.

His hands set fire to my skin as he trailed them down my neck to cup my breasts in his calloused hands. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me as his thumb rubbed across one sensitive nipple. I melted. My throat vibrated in a purr. He slid his hands around my ribcage, burning to my very core as they swept down to my lower back, pulling me closer.

I smoothed my fingers up his chest, loving the crisp hair and marveling at the muscles I could feel working beneath his flesh.

I hovered above him for a moment, relishing the sensation of my nipples brushing his chest before I let his hands press me tight against him. I looked at his lips and traced them with my tongue, flirtatiously avoiding his as he tried to coax me into a deeper kiss. Teasingly I tasted his mouth until he placed his hand on the back of my head and forced the kiss deeper.

I reached my hand down and wrapped my fingers around him, fondling him. He was heavy and pulsing in my palm.

I pulled back, smiling at him, and slowly kissed my way down his body, lingering over the dark trail of hair on his belly that I loved so much. His erection cradled in my hand, I pressed my wet lips against the head and sucked gently. Parting my lips, I traced circles with my tongue, savoring the taste of him. When I had him all in my mouth I rubbed my tongue against him while I sucked, his hips thrusting in rhythm.

His hands in my hair tugged me back to him just as I felt him tense. I pouted.

"Not yet." He soothed ,smiling with eyes half closed, "I want to be inside you."

I kissed him, long and deep, as he rolled me to my back. He moved his hands to cup my breasts again and, his eyes holding mine, he leaned down and flicked his tongue across the nipple. My whole body trembled and my stomach turned to pulsing fluid. Still smiling, he continued until I could no longer control the whimpers before he smoothed his hands down my side. So close to where I ached for him.

Sitting up, he watched me as he rubbed his palms along the insides of my thighs, up, then over my hips and back down again. Teasing me. He traced circles against the moist fabric of my black panties and then hooked his fingers and slowly pulled them down.

He dipped his head and licked upward. I moaned loudly, my hips thrusting off the bed and rocking into him. Raising his eyes to meet mine once more, he plunged his fingers as deep as they would go. Arching, savoring the sweet ache, I clenched around them, feeling my throat vibrate with sounds I couldn't contain.

He withdrew slowly and I whimpered at the emptiness. I watched him, unable to control my desperate movements as he sucked my juices from his fingers.

Positioning himself, I felt the head of his penis probing at my opening and everything inside of me reached like little hands, clamoring to grasp him and pull him in. The ache was almost painful. Unable to stand it I thrust into him, crying out as I felt every inch of him slide smoothly inside.

Right where I wanted him...where I needed him.

I clenched, feeling him pulse and pulsing around him. Loving the sensation of stretching. Slowly we started to move, rocking with each other, setting the rhythm. Lights sparked behind my eyes with each thrust and pleasure rolled over me like waves, threatening to engulf me.

The pressure built. Desperately I clung to the sensations, battling back that which I longed for, wanting them to last forever.

It buoyed me up, higher and higher, and higher still. Until the waves crashed over me. Drowning me in a storm of pleasure that raged all around me. Pulling me down and down.

I became aware of myself slowly. My mind reaching out into my surroundings. I was wrapped in the embrace of my lover, his arms hugging me tight to his body and one leg thrown over both of mine. Trapping me to him. I looked into his eyes, so soft and caring they made my muscles melt. I never wanted to move. Never wanted these feelings to end. I felt as though my ribcage had turned into wings and flown away with my heart.

Smoothing the hair back, he scattered sweet, gentle kisses over my face and neck, making me feel warm and lightheaded with emotions.

"You know what?" He whispered to me, his breath warm on my ear. I snuggled closer. "I believe I've fallen in love with you."


2008-02-20 21:08:08
Oh My God, That was so amazing, BEAUTIFUL! You Are Wondeful.


2007-03-25 22:45:19
I believe it - it sounds true and really written by a woman.


2006-12-06 13:29:59
its beautifully written


2006-06-09 01:52:03

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