I have known Rachel since we were 18 years old and started university together. We met at university through some mutual friends and we were in a lot of classes together. During university we became better friends and hung out together a lot more. Eventually Rachel started dating one of my good friends which worked quite well because I got to see even more of her. I am now in my late-20s and Rachel is now married to my friend. They have been married for a couple of years now.

During university I dated a number of girls who were friends of Rachel and I have since moved away from the town we grew up in for some specialized work opportunities. As it turned out I moved away with one of Rachel’s good friends and we have been in a relationship now for nearly six years.

What I forgot to mention was that over the years there were a couple of times where Rachel and I fooled around together. Looking back on it, it was never very serious. That said, she was in a relationship with one of best friends so it probably wasn’t the best thing to do. We had a couple of vacations together where my friend (and her boyfriend!) never came, and Rachel and I always got lumped in the same room together. The fooling around only ever got to touching each other, we never kissed and we never had sex. Some nights on vacation she would let me touch and caress her breasts and she would rub my tummy and end up stroking my cock before pulling away, obviously thinking she couldn’t go any further because she had a serious boyfriend.

More recently I had been thinking about Rachel a lot. We still keep in touch on a regular basis. We still chat via email and over the Christmas holidays we would inevitably catch up when I go back to the town we grew up in. Also for the past few months I have been thinking about Rachel when having sex with my girlfriend. I am not proud of it but the more I try to stop thinking about her the more I want and desire her. This has led me to become quite flirtatious over email and I got the feeling that Rachel was playing along to it. We talked about our sex lives, the size of her breasts and the size of my cock, not explicitly but in a playful flirtatious way.

Now this is all background to what happened a couple of weeks ago. One Monday I got into work and I picked up my emails and noticed there was one from Rachel. Rachel works back in our home town but she was telling me she had been put on a training course at the head-office which was in the city I lived. Her work head-office was a little way from where I lived and she gave me a description of her flight times and where they were putting her up in a hotel. She was to come down the following week from Tuesday to Thursday. I told her it would be silly if she didn’t come and stay with Georgina and I. We would be more than happy to have you, I told her. As such she changed the hotel booking and decided to come stay with us.

I was over the moon for the rest of the day, walking around with a constant grin on my face. That night I told Georgina that Rachel would be coming to stay with us. She didn’t even batter an eye-lid and she told me it would be good to catch up. The work week and following weekend passed quickly and soon enough it was Tuesday.

I got home from work late Tuesday by which time Rachel had arrived at our place. Rachel and Georgina had already eaten and were two-thirds of the way through their second bottle of red wine. As I walked in Rachel jumped up and hugged me and told me it was great to see me. Georgina raised her brow and told me my dinner was in the oven. I sat down with the girls, grabbed a glass and poured out the rest of the wine. We sat chatting for quite some time. Around 1am we all retired to bed.

Rachel was up at the crack of dawn because it was a bit of a drive to where her training was. She knocked on our door and was a bit shy to ask where she could get a towel from, and Georgina got up to show her and they both had breakfast together. I was still in bed when Georgina went into the bathroom, closed the door and had a shower. I made the most of the remaining few minutes of sleep I had. Just as I heard the water start to run in the shower, I saw a crack of light open over my face as Rachel opened the bedroom door. She saw that I was awake and then took two steps and bounced next to me on the bed. She reached over me and grabbed the remote and turned the morning news on the TV. Rachel was still dressed in a towel and dressing gown that we had given her, she pulled open the covers and jumped inside claiming she was still tired because we’d stayed up so late the night before. As she pulled up the covers she saw that I was only wearing a t-shirt. She saw my bum and just pretended she didn’t see and spooned into me. My cock was already hard from just waking up but with the pressure of her breasts on my back and knowing it was just a towel between us I could feel my cock pulsating.

I told her Georgina would be out of the shower soon but she didn’t care, she rolled me over and said “This is just like the old days on holidays, you haven’t touched my boobs in so long”, and with that she opened up the dressing gown to show me her enormous breasts. She had told me many times they were D cup and I had never had been with a girl with bigger or nicer breasts than Rachel. I reached out and touched one of her breasts and within seconds her nipple was hard as a rock and I looked up at her and she said “I saw you like to sleep naked, you know I never saw you naked downstairs before.” I lay on my back and said “Really, I thought you’d seen him, he’s enormous.” Joking, I lay on my back covered by the bed sheets and she looked at the lump where my cock was rock hard. In moments, she ripped back the covers and with her hand grabbed my cock and started to play with it and my balls. I looked up at her and she knew I was worried about Georgina still in the shower.

Rachel then said “so how long will this take” and she started wanking me. She had a furious pace and was pretty rough with me. I was longing for her to place her lips around the tip of my cock and give me a blowjob, just like I had dreamed about for so long. I started to play with her big breasts and she continued to rub my cock, after about two minutes I shot my load all over my chest and stomach. She looked at me as if she had wanted to do that for years and took some of the sheet to mop up the cum on me and still dribbling out of the tip of my cock.

Soon enough we heard the shower turn off and Georgina dried herself and came into our room. Rachel was still lying next to me but we were innocently watching the morning news on the television and Georgina didn’t suspect a thing. She said she had to get changed, so Rachel leapt up and gave us some privacy. I got out of bed and headed to the shower and Georgina looked at me naked but there was nothing really unusual about that.

I had a shower and took time to think about what happened, obviously Rachel was keen for something more to happen on her trip to visit us and I was very keen to oblige. As I was drying myself Georgina walked into the bathroom and said that she wouldn’t be home for dinner that night because she had a parent-teacher interview night with her Grade 8 pupils. She said she would be staying on with her colleagues for dinner followed by the parent-teacher night and wouldn’t be home until about 9pm. She said it might be nice for me to get home early and take Rachel down to the local pub or a restaurant for dinner. So our night was set. Georgina drove Rachel to her training place and as they walked out the door I looked at Rachel and knew I could probably take things further that night.

All day at work I was useless, I didn’t know whether I was overplaying things or whether I would actually get my way with Rachel like I had wanted for the past ten years. Late in the afternoon I called Rachel to say that I had booked a place for dinner at a local restaurant, I said that Georgina might join us later, but Rachel was too the point and said she had planned to cook us both dinner for being so hospitable. I mentioned that Georgina wouldn’t be home until later and she suddenly picked up and said she would grab some ingredients and meet me at our place.

I had to leave work a little early and by the time I got home Rachel was waiting for me to let her in. She looked amazing, she had taken off her jacket and was wearing a black low-cut top and I could see a lot of cleavage and I immediately knew what was going to happen.

Rachel made small talk in the lift up to our apartment and pretty quickly I told her that Georgina was delayed at work until late and it would just be us. We walked into the apartment and within moments I was holding Rachel in my arms and we were passionately kissing each other. I pulled away and she looked at me like something was wrong, and I said “Are you sure you want to do this? Is everything alright?” We moved into the lounge and sat next to each other on the couch. She started telling me that things weren’t the best at home and she was pretty unsatisfied which explained why she might have seemed more full on over email for the past two months. She said she had looked forward to this trip to see me and didn’t care at all about Georgina, she just wanted to spend time with me alone.

I looked at her and I knew that this is what I had wanted for ten years and had to make the most of it. We started kissing on the couch and next thing I knew I was unbuttoning her top to reveal a lacy black bra. We both looked down at her stunning breasts and I took off her bra. She sat there with her top off, completely comfortable with me kissing her mouth, her neck and moving down to her breasts. With both hands I held her breasts and they were bigger than I remembered. I whispered in her ear that it had been too long since I last touched them and she just nodded as I began to suckle on her nipples.

After a minute I lay Rachel down and we started kissing some more. I lay on top of her but after a couple of minutes I decided to get up and pull the blinds in case any of the neighbors could see me with another woman. As I came back Rachel’s face was at my belly button height and she pulled me close, within moments she had undone my pants and they were on the ground. I stood there with a shirt on and my boxers with a hard cock wanting to explode from inside. She then started to undo my shirt. Soon I was sitting on the couch kissing Rachel with only my boxer shorts on. She broke away from our kiss and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to make up for what she had done to me that morning.

I lifted myself off the couch and undid Rachel’s skirt. She was wearing a very sexy black g-string which I slid off her thighs and exposed her pussy. I had seen Rachel naked a number of times and she had never been one to shave her pussy and still she was very hairy around her mound. I looked down and looked up at her and she looked like she was begging me to start on her. As soon as I spread her legs and went to touch her pussy she began to moan. She was already very wet and easily let one of my fingers slide inside her. Within a minute I had my mouth and tongue wrapped around her clit and two fingers inside her.

Rachel was very loud and was moaning a lot telling me what she liked and the further I went the louder and louder she got. Eventually she had both her hands pressed on my head pushing it into her pussy. After about ten minutes she sounded like she could barely breathe and as she orgasmed I could feel her pussy lips tighten and contract for about ten seconds around my two fingers. I just kept lapping at her pussy lips and after a little bit she pulled my head up and walked me to her bedroom.

We walked into the dark bedroom and I turned on the light, I was just wearing my boxer shorts and it was obvious I was pleased to be there with Rachel. Rachel was completely naked and for a couple of seconds I looked at her and knew this is what I had wanted for too long. I looked at the clock and it was just before 7pm and I figured we had at least two hours before Georgina would be home.

We both sat down on the bed and Rachel pulled her hair back from her face. Then she looked up at me and said “you realize this is a once off, after we’re done I don’t ever want to talk about it and no one can ever find out OK?” Of course I agreed and said also said no one can ever know. And with that we started a couple hours which I could only dream of. I lay Rachel down on the bed, her dark blond hair pushed out on the bed and her breasts parted and lay flat. I put myself next to her and we kissed for a couple of minutes without doing anything else. After I moved down to kiss her neck and moved to her breasts. I had always been obsessed with her breasts and I spent some time kissing them and rubbing them and focusing on her nipples. Rachel whispered in my ear that I had better take off my boxer shorts. I stood up and revealed my throbbing cock which already had a dribble of pre-cum sliding down my shaft. I looked down at my cock and shook it and asked if it was as big as what she was use to and she said “you want the truth or do you want me to tell you how fucking hot you are?” I told her the truth would be nice, she smiled and said “OK well about the same length, which I already know remember, but you’ve got a much thicker cock than I have ever had.” With that she lay me on the bed and wrapped her mouth around the tip of my cock, then she positioned herself so her pussy was above my face and lowered it down so I could see and smell it. I took two fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart and with one hand on her bum I pushed her down so her pussy was right on top of my mouth.

I told her Georgina never sucked me off and she pulled away with just one hand on my cock and said “oh poor baby, do you like this?” and she licked her tongue right up my bulging cock and then opened her mouth right up and pushed my cock right inside her and then slowly pulled her lips and tongue. She took her head off my cock for a second and bent her head down to look at what I was doing and I had fingers and my tongue lapping at her pussy. Rachel then focused on my cock for a couple of minutes, lots of teasing, lots of sucking, lots of licking and lots of rubbing. After a couple of minutes I could tell I wasn’t far off bursting inside her mouth, but I didn’t want to just cum on the sheets again. I lifted up her bottom and said “you want to feel me inside you know?” and she just looked at me and nodded.

We pulled the sheets off the bed and I lay on my back beckoning for Rachel to come over on top of me. She sat on her knees hovering above my cock. With one hand I lifted my cock up and pointed it upwards her pussy, and slowly she lowered herself down onto me. Her pussy was soaking wet and easily took the head of my cock and it felt so good inside her. She pulled him out and then put him back in and took half of my cock this time. I pushed up so I went deeper and she moaned a little. She was still hovering above me and I started to thrust my cock in and out of her, each time I pushed it in a little deeper until she was sitting on my pelvis with my whole cock inside her. She motioned around and then pulled her bum up a little and I began to pound my cock in and out her tight little pussy. She loved it so much and was making so much noise like I had never heard before. I just lay back and looked at her large firm breasts bounce up and down on each thrust. I reached out with both hands to hold her breasts, and I massaged them until her nipples were rock hard and pointed out between my fingers. I had always pictured fucking Rachel like this, with her riding me and me holding her big breasts. They were so big I couldn’t fit them in my hands, they were just bigger than I ever remembered.

Within a few more thrusts I knew that I was going to cum. Rachel hadn’t orgasmed yet, but I told her I wanted to cum all over her boobs. I turned her over and she held her boobs up together. I rubbed my cock until cum spurted up onto her chin and neck and them the next couple of streams landed on her boobs and I wiped my cock in between her breasts getting rid of the last few drops of cum. I felt bad that I had blown my load already, so I said to Rachel that if she could make me hard again I would last for an hour. I knelt on the bed and let her suck my soft cock. She could easily fit him inside her mouth and throat and just took a few long sucks before he started to lengthen again. She played with my balls and rubbed my cock on her already moist breast. My cock was definitely hard enough now to give Rachel the pounding she had been looking for.

Rachel lay on her back and moved both legs up in the air and rested them on my shoulders, pulling down her thighs with her hands. I positioned myself over her and took my cock in one hand and caressed her pussy lips with the tip of my cock. She was still so wet that the head of my cock went inside her with ease. I pulled out and teased her some more, after a little while she was motioning her pussy towards me and I dipped my cock half way in and she moaned. I lent over and we kissed and I pushed my cock all the way into her tight pussy. The feel of her pussy was like a tight glove. The position she was in meant my cock would go so deep into her, every time I pushed she shivered a little like I knew that it was just a bit too much for her. As I got faster she seemed better and I was pumping my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. Rachel was much louder than when I fucked Georgina and she didn’t mind telling me what she was feeling. After a couple of minutes Rachel had her first orgasm and I could feel her pussy grip tighter around my long rod. I didn’t care that she had cum and I just kept going. This prolonged her orgasms and she was digging her fingers deeper into my backside as she climaxed. All of a sudden she lay limp on the bed. I took my cock out and looked down at her raw pussy and asked her what was next. At the same time I looked at the clock and it was a little after 8:30pm.

I was conscious of the time but only because I knew I didn’t have long left with Rachel. I lay next to her and asked if I could clean her in the shower. She slowly got up off the bed and I hoped into the shower with her. She held me and I got the soap and started rubbing it all over her, when I got to her boobs I made sure I didn’t miss a spot and then I reached her pussy I dropped the soap and started caressing her swollen pussy lips. After I started touching her she had my cock in her hand and was rubbing me to make sure I was still hard. We both stood there rubbing each other and we kissed some more. I couldn’t resist playing with her large wet breasts. Then I turned Rachel around and bent her over and started to fuck her standing up in a doggy position.

She lent over and spread her legs a little and I could see the top of her pussy from behind. My cock was hard again and wanted to be inside her. I pushed my cock inside her and the feeling was a lot more watery than before, I could tell the difference between her thicker pussy juices and the water that was sliding between us from the shower. I quickly found a rhythm and Rachel began panting again. I hadn’t had sex in the shower for many years and with Rachel bending over I could push my cock all the way into her vagina. I always came quickly when having sex in the doggy position and this was similar. After about ten minutes Rachel was on her way to her second orgasm in the shower and suddenly I let out a big scream and empty my load into her pussy. I must have shot ten or more spurts of cum into her pussy before I pulled my cock out. We held each other and kissed. We were both too spent to do anything else.

After drying each other it was after 9:00pm and I was wary Georgina would be home. We both walked around in to each other’s room naked. It felt comfortable being naked with one another where previously we had only gone to a certain length before getting too scared. Rachel said she hadn’t come more than once for years with her now husband, she talked about their sex life being very straight forward and she knew that if she could get me alone she would have her way with me. She said previously when we fooled around she wanted to go further but didn’t want to feel like she had betrayed her boyfriend. I asked what had changed and she said she thought it was worth it now, she could live with it and knew I hadn’t said anything previously.

We got changed and sat on the couch together talking and making out. Rachel was in her pajamas and we were going to tell Georgina that she got changed and had the shower. After a while I was fingering Rachel again and we were lying next to each other on the couch. Soon we saw the headlights of a car pull up and we straightened up and pretended we were just bored watching TV.

Georgina walked in and sat down and bitched about her night at school. She had been talking all night to parents about the kids she taught. After 15 minutes she asked me to put her to bed. I was tired enough too from our night and we all decided to go to bed.

In the morning Rachel and I acted like nothing had happened. As we had breakfast together as Georgina had a shower I couldn’t get rid of my hard on. I was in boxers only and it was clear to Rachel how I felt. She asked me how I was hard again despite what happened the night before. I told her I wanted to have sex again and she said I would just have to wait until next time I visited her at home.

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Great story!


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Interesting events - maybe you can try to be a little more descriptive and insert some dialogues.
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