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He looked up from his book one last time at the clock to see what time it was. The clock only read 10:15pm he sighed and went back to his reading it was a hot summer night. The girl whom he was waiting for is a girl he has loved for many years and ever since his sophmore year in high school he cant stop thinking about her. She was only a year behind him in school and even though they dated on and off throughout highschool they had now been going steady for almost a solid year. He went to the local state university branch so he could stay close to her as she went through her last year in highschool. Her body was dark brown and had curves that just kept going. He was not suprised when people esp older people stared at them, Esp those that had known him since he was a baby. She was black and had a butt and chest that was wonderful to look at and he was white very skinny and tall and they loved each other so much and though he thought it odd sometimes that he never really thought twice about dating her.....Without warning the downpoor of rain the radio called for ealier started. He went outside shirtless with the dog and let the warm rain soak into his skin while he chased the dog around the yard. He was a 6' 2" and 145 well built for a 19 year old guy and in his own opinion looked very sexy standing in the rain.

He saw the head lights of a car appear from the end of the street and pull into his driveway. His dad had come outside to watch the pooring rain and pointed out that he had company. "About time" He thought to himself. He waited for the girl to get out of the car. When she did she ran for cover from the warm rain under the porch he followed her with his eyes slowing her movements down in his mind watching her 36C boobs bounce as she went along and her ass looked great in those cotton pants he thought to himself . He finished playing with the dog and dried the dog off under the porch and sent her inside. "your all wet my love" the girl exclaimed "go inside and change". So he ran upstairs to his room and dried off and put on a change of cloths. As he turned around he saw that his girlfriend had followed him up the stairs. "hey you" he said as he kissed her. "how long have you been standing there?". "long enough" she said they kissed some more and moved over to his large bowl chair and sat down.

The lights in his room were turned off and since he lived on the 2nd floor of the house the rain could easily be heard through the roof. They talked for a while about the graduation partys they planned to attend and what they wanted to do on their first week of summer vacation. The girl noticed it was getting warm in the room so she got up to open a window. After she did she stood there for a while listening to the rain hit the roof and window it was just nearing 1 o'clock . She took a sharp breath when she felt his arms wrap around her toned swimmer body as he kissed her neck from behind. She turned around suddenly and planted a big kiss on him while she ran her hand down his toned chest to the croch of his pants and pressed on it a bit. "hey" he said with a smile and his hand cupped one of her tits and squezzed it then his hand ran down her side and accross her waist and gently stroked the croch of her pants. She gave a slight moan and her body went gooey. his fingers slid into her pussy with ease even though her cotton pants remaind on. They worked their way back over to the chair, She sat down as he kneeled on the floor.

They had fooled around a lot in the past few months. she had suprised him one night as she unbuttoned his pants and worked his boxerbriefs down and stroked him for the first time and exclaimed how his cock was "huge". He thought she was crazy. He cock was just a average 6" but she thought it was something special and he wasnt going to ever argue with that. They had spent many nights rubbing their bodies together haveing dry sex and touching each other. They had promised to save themselves for each other when they were married. On a few occasions they had fallen asleep half naked after dry sex and almost got cought by his parents so they usually went up into his room instead of the living room now, Although she stayed late usually 2 or 3 in the morning so they could each explore the other and his parents would be fast asleep.

He knelled down and teased her a little more through her cotton pants. It was easy to do and he didnt want to get his fingers all sticky and wet from her juices that seemed to never end. Her body started to move against his fingers and she started to moan. She leaned forward and kissed him. He took the opportunity to take her shirt off exposing the bright green lace bra. 3 seconds later and with one hand and months of practice on her, the bra was on the floor. She reached down and touched his throbing cock. She worked the button then the zipper then grasped his large cock between her thumb and forefinger and gently stroked it . The light from the hall offered a little light into the room and this was the first time she had seen his cock when it wasnt pitch dark in the room. "WOW...your are huge" she said as she marveld at his cock in the small beam of light. "here I'll stand up so you can look at it closer" he said. As he stood up his pants hit the floor and he took his shirt off. He looked back down at the girl who was staring at his cock. "can I lick it?" she said.

For a few weeks she had come close to giving him his first blow job but they agreed to not take things to far until school was over..and now it was. He didnt think she would try and place it in her mouth but he wished she would

but when she went to lick his head her lips creeped up and finally over his head and slowly down his rock hard shaft. she went further and further until she couldnt go any more. He moaned a little but mostly was still suprised at what she was doing. She released his cock from her mouth and looked up at him. "its so soft, yet hard" as she played with it with her hands. He bent over and kissed her "you know you dont have to do that" he said. " I know but I can't resist you anymore" she stuck his shaft back into her mouth and for the next 5 minutes ran her tounge and lips all over and up and down his shaft. She ran her fingers up and down it in sync with her mouth faster and faster. "I want you to cum in my mouth" she whisperd. he simply nooded as she bobed faster and faster. He thought he really must be huge cause she had her mouth all the way open and her teeth were dragging on his skin. but it was very stimulating. He reached down with both hands and played with her tits while she pleasured his cock with her mouth. She let go and started giving him a quik paced hand job he felt the pressure building......"Oh yeaaaaah" he said. She placed her mouth on him once more and forced it down as far as it would go......He then released his hot load into her mouth. She made a little noise but then he felt her throat move as she swallowed it.

He looked at her as she had a look of satisfaction on her face. "That turned me on so much" she said He kneeled down and pulled her pants back far enough to expose her patch of hair. His hand slid down and touched the lips of her soaking wet pussy and instaintly she let out a loud moan and told him not to stop. They went on like this until she had several mild orgasims. his fingers were soaked. It was the first time she had given head and she knew he was the only man she wanted to ever do it to. They both knew the summer of "ought 6" was going to be fun.

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2011-02-06 03:10:39
I really like your story it was sensual, loving and refreshing. Looking forward to reading more of your stories :):) Happy Writing!!!


2007-06-21 12:34:14
Wolfman: Nothing wrong with the story except for some of the spellling. But who cares as long as the content is good. I can picture your girl going down on you first knowing damn well that she can't get pregnant by giving you a blowjob and swallowing your cum. Had a girl in our 8th grade who asked my buddy if she could get pregnant by using her mouth. Saw her at our 50th reunion and was dying to ask her if she ever found the answer. Gave this story an 8/10.


2007-02-13 17:33:12


2006-07-28 00:11:53
u guys are fucking gay why wait for a blow job all it is is sucking!


2006-06-08 00:24:17
Yeah, Like I said this was my first such story, A few spelling isnt that bad, I wrote this at 3:30 AM so I was a little out of it anyways. years of writing argument papers have put me in the mode were I'm used to going from past to present.

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