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Little Tim goes on a bike ride with his mother, not knowing she's planning on seducing him.
Tim Greenwood jumped straight out of bed after opening his eyes, quickly making his way through all the toys on the floor and stopped in front of the window, opening it, hoping the weather wouldn’t be as bad as it was yesterday. Luckily enough - it wasn't a rainy day, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Not even a cloud anywhere in sight, the sky was now perfectly blue and the sun looked like a big golden plate up there, shining warmly at his face, blinding him for a second.

Almost jumping out of his pajamas as well, he removed it within seconds, and instead he put on a new pair of gray underwear, dark blue shorts and a green T-shirt with some funny comic character on the front. He didn’t bother with socks, always preferring to be barefoot during the summer as often as he could.

The reason to why he was in such a hurry, was that on the day before this one, was his birthday, and the first thing he had seen when he woke up that day, was this brand new, shiny bike! Exactly the one he had told his mom and dad he wanted, a couple of weeks earlier! Right there and then he felt like the luckiest boy alive! The only downside to his birthday (lots of his friends had come over, bringing nice presents as well, though nothing as exiting as his new bike) was that he never got the chance to try it out, since it was raining all day! He did ask his parents if he could try it out just a little bit, even though it was raining, but his dad had told him no, not wanting him to catch a cold.

But today was a new day, a very pleasant one, made to be riding your new bike!

He looked at the clock (which looked like a motorcycle) beside his bed. It read almost 7:30, and that made him smile even more, knowing his mom would be up by now, even though it was Saturday.

Not wanting to let anymore of this day go to waste (after all, he was finally going to be able to try out his new bike - no time to loose) he left his room, almost forgetting to close the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Tim's mother, Veronica, was standing down in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for them both (her husband having gone fishing with a couple of his male friends about an hour ago). She didn’t plan for her and her son to be eating breakfast at home today though, as she was instead filling a picnic basket with all kinds of things that would make them a really nice breakfast. Just like her son, though a while earlier, she had woken up and noticed the wonderful weather, and knowing Tim would be anxious to try his new bike, she had thought it was an great idea to take him for a small bike ride this morning, bringing breakfast with them.

She was dressed in a pair of extremely tight, blue jeans, probably not suitable for a married, middle aged mother, but lately Veronica had really started to enjoy the looks she got from her son. She wasn’t just imagining it, was she? After all, wasn’t he still a bit too young to have any sort of interest in girls? Not to mention his own mother? Whatever the case, as she’d been having these fantasies about him for quite some time now, she figured it was about time she did something about it. She wasn’t too sure how long she could go on like this, having to change her panties every once in a while whenever she was around her son, not being able to think about anything else than sex! Sex with her own son! Perhaps it would have been easier to seduce him (cause that was exactly what she was planning to do) at home, but for some reason the thought of making him have sex with her outdoors, was even more appealing. Of course, she wasn’t planning on forcing him to do anything, but she didn’t really think she would have to. If he was anything like his father, it would be real easy to get is cock hard, and it would be even more easy for her to take his virginity.

Apart from her jeans, she was also wearing a completely white T-shirt, and like her son, she was barefoot, though she was going to wear shoes later. For once, she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples almost showing through her T-shirt as they where very hard, as she, needless to say, was incredibly horny, thinking of her plans with her only son. She was also wearing black panties, the same color as her bra, and she knew she would have to change them (or maybe not wear any, since that would make things easier) as they were already wet, her hairless cunt really looking forward to take care of Tim’s little cock.

She had just finished making the last sandwich, closing the lid of the basket, when her son rushed into the kitchen.

"Mom!" he yelled, looking as if he was going to Disney World. "You know what?"

"I know..." Veronica said, turning around, holding the basket in her right hand smiling at her excited little boy, "I've already made us a picnic basket."

"A picnic basket?"

"Yes, I figured we could take our bikes and go for a short ride, enjoying our breakfast in the park. Wouldn‘t that be fun?"

"That would be super, mom!" he hugged her tightly, and she hugged him back, hoping he wouldn't smell her wetness between her legs. She didn’t need to worry though, as he rushed out of the kitchen almost immediately, wanting to get to his bike as soon as possible.

"Don't forget to put on your helmet", she yelled after him, "and wait for me to come outside, OK?"

"OK, mom", he yelled back, right before he closed the front door.

Veronica was almost done, there was just one more thing she needed to do.

Cleaning up the kitchen a bit, she hurried out in the hallway with the basket, leaving it there as she ran up the stairs to the bathroom. She closed the door and quickly pulled down her jeans all the way down to her knees. Then she started to rub her overexcited pussy through her panties.

She desperately needed an orgasm just now, or else she would be forced to rape her son in front of their house, and she didn’t want that.

Having rubbed her pussy so many times before, and especially since she already was so hot, it didn’t take very long before she came, her fingers having done their magic perfectly. Her orgasm was so intense, her knees almost started to shake, and she could feel how some of her cunt’s juices started to make it's way down her right leg.

She removed her jeans as well as her panties, cleaned herself up a bit, and then put on the jeans again, not bothering with finding new panties.

Checking herself in the mirror, making sure she didn’t look all that guilty, having done something very naughty... she left the bathroom, got down the stairs, and with the basket in her hand and shoes on her feet, she soon stood outside their house, locking the door.

Tim was already happily riding around on his bike.

“Look at me, mom!”

“I see you”, Veronica smiled, going to get her own bike. She put the basket on it, then got up, the bicycle saddle giving just the right amount of pressure between her legs after she’d adjusted herself a bit. She’d probably get an orgasm or two on the way, especially if she could rub herself against the saddle without Tim noticing.

“Come on now, mom!” Tim said, doing one last turn before he took of, going away really fast.

"Promise you don't ride away from me", she said, half jokingly, rubbing her cunt against the saddle as she said so.

"I promise, mom!"

After a short while, Tim already pretty tired from riding his bike so fast, his skinny legs not able to keep up, he now kept a slower pace, finally allowing his mother to come up next do him.

"How's you bike, honey? Is it working OK?"

"Its great mom, I like it a lot! It‘s the best one I‘ve ever had!"

After 15 minutes or so, they arrived at the park, but Veronica wanted them to continue a bit further, not telling Tim she wanted to find a more secluded place in the park. After all, she didn’t want anyone to find them while she was busy fucking with her son!

Soon they reached a place that seemed OK, and Veronica said: "Why don't we make a stop here, Tim, this looks like a nice place.”

"OK mom. I‘m real hungry!"

Veronica got an tiny orgasm just by climbing of her bike, having been on it for such an long ride, rubbing her pussy against it most of the way. Soon, she thought, as she enjoyed the feeling, I‘ll be getting even more orgasms...

"Why don't you take of your T-shirt?" Veronica said, right after she’d placed a blanket on the grass. "You look very warm and sweaty. Here let me help you." Not at all aware of what his mom did have in mind; he let her remove his T-shirt, for a moment wondering why she didn’t just let him take it of by himself. "There, now that's better..." She didn’t say anything more for a while, just admiring his slim half naked body. "Hmmm... why don't you take of your shorts as well, honey? And... you might as well remove your underwear as well... No one will see us here anyways."

Tim, even though he wasn’t exactly sure why his mom wanted him to take of all his clothes in the middle of a public park, even if they weren’t really visible from here, and they hadn’t seen many people yet, he was still a bit confused about it, but didn’t argue, and he did as he was told. He almost never argued with his mom, because she knew what was best for him, something she always told him.

The boy standing there naked, Veronica placed herself in front of him on her knees, her left hand on his back, her right hand caressing his thigh, soon caressing his small cock.

Tim giggled. “What are you doing, mom?”

“Tim... The thing is... I’ve got a bit of an itch down there... and... you are the only one that can help me with it. Do you understand?“

“I think so...” Tim said, almost a bit shyly. “What do I have to do?”

“Oh, it’s nothing too advanced...” Veronica smiled, continuing to caress her son’s cock, that actually had gotten bigger while they where talking. “All you need to do is to put your co- I mean, your penis, right... here...” Tim looked at his mother’s right hand as she started to rub with her fingers at the place between her legs. “You think you can do that for me?”

Tim nodded, unsure of all that was happening, but knowing his mom would never do anything to hurt him, he was curious of how it would feel, having his thing right where his mom had told him she wanted it. He wasn’t at all sure though how they would do it.

“Let me show you”, Veronica said, she stood up and took care of the buttons in her jeans, before she let them slid down to her knees. Once again she started to rub her cunt, this time on her clitoris. If she didn’t get his cock inside of her within the next sixty seconds, she didn’t know what she was going to do. Quickly she laid down on the blanket and removed her shoes and jeans.

"Come on...” she said cheerfully, gesturing with her hand she wanted him to come closer. “Between my legs... Yes... That’s it...”

Her hand started to shiver as she reached down to take a hold of his cock, which, not surprisingly, still wasn’t very big, but it was hard, really hard, and she could feel it throbbing when she finally was able to put it between her fingers, helping it find it’s way to her cunt.

“There...” she said, placing both her hands on his tiny butt as she’d managed to put his cock to where it belonged... in her cunt... making him do small thrusts, pushing his cock in and out of her wet hole. “Just keep on doing this for a while...”

Tim didn’t have any problems obeying, as he soon found out that he really liked doing this, helping his mom with her itch...

Veronica enjoyed every second as she was fucking with her son. Having sex with his father was never this good, even though he was far more experienced than Tim, and was able to fuck her hard and fast. With Tim it was soft and slow, but she enjoyed it tremendously, getting so many small orgasms she wouldn’t have been able to count them. Tim enjoyed it too, something she was absolutely sure of when he started to fuck her faster, even without her helping.

“Something’s happening, mom!” he panted. “I... I think I’m going to pee!”

“No, you’re not, honey“, she whispered to him, “it’s just something to help your mother get rid of the itch... please don’t stop...”

He came pretty soon after that, and to his mother’s surprise, she could actually feel him coming inside of her, filling her mature cunt with his hot boy cum.

Even if he wasn't in the age when he was thinking of girls, he apparently was more than able to shoot cum inside of her. Something that she was happy about. She'd always enjoyed the feeling of a man coming inside of her, and now it was her son who came inside of her, which made the feeling even better. She’d always known it would be.

Tim pumped out every drop of cum out of his cock that he could manage, before he stopped moving, making the impression of a rag doll.

After a while, holding him tight against her body, Veronica giggled as she said: "You liked that, sweetie, didn't you? You want to do it again?”

The End

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A good story. I was a little older than Tim when I first fucked my mom, but my mom was horny like Tim's mom and we fucked the first time in thre ladies bathroon of a very nice night club in New Orleans. We fucked for about 12 years and we had 4 children together. Dad never knew.

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