Hot tubs fucking rock!!
Me and my boyfriend had been dating for 3 years and were 12 when we realy started getting intamet. par
It was in the 9thgrade when Keven had his first boy girl movie night. His parents left the house for
us all to have it to are selfs. kevin was tall stocky and had the best body so far in the 7thgrade. All the
girls wanted to date him but he wanted me and only me. I was averege hight, about a B cup breats
but thats what all the girls in my grade had and i had a slender body. I wasent so skinny that i could count
my ribs and i wasnet afraid to eat. I had nice legs and looked fuckable in skirts.
Normaly when i would go to kevins house we would just cuddle and watch a movie, or we would get in his hot tub.When he got the hot tub in the beginning of 7th grade thats when everything started. I wore my bikinie and got in the hot tub and watied for him to come in the room. This was the First time i saw him without his shirt on and he looked so hot and i felt this feeling but i just ignored it and thought nothing of it.We sat on opposite sides and he turned the heat up and put the bubbles on low. The room started to steam and he moved closer to me. I go wait wont your parents see us he geos no the room has steamed up. So he moved closer to me untill are bodys tuched and i could fell his stomach rubbing against mine. He kissed me slowly he ran his hands down my sides untill he reached above my butt he pulled on my legs and I wrapped them around him that feeling was coming back as his cock got closer to me i sqeezed my legs together as he started rubbing his hand on my thigh geting closer to my bottom bathing sute. I pulled away from him catching my breath and staring into his eyes i could feel his hand tuching under my bottom bathing sute and he was saprised to find out that i shaved.( I had an older 16 year old sister who told me that it was easier to shave because nonone could see your hair through your bathing sute bottom and she said that guys liked it. My sister was experienced and told me everything that she did so i had an idea what kevin was going to do.) He looked at me and pulled his hands away he quickly said he was sorry. I took his hand and told him if hes ready to try something i am. So we started kissing and i put his hand back where it was but this time i put his hand right down in the front of my bathing sute and moved evan closer to him. i felt his finger rubbing me i asked him, Do you know what to do as i kissed his neck. He said yea that his brother told him what to do when we had first started dating but he was never shure if it would be ok to do." are you ready? yea i guess" I could feel his finger going inside me making that feeling come back evan more. I felt his finger all the way in me as far as it could go and he started moving his finger in and out slowy and he started kissing my neck. He asked me if it hurt and i told him no it felt good. He stopped and slid his finger out and pulled his hand out of my bathing suit. I rested my head on his shoulder and we just sat there for a few minutes.we started to talk and in the middle of what he was talking about i interupted him and asked him if he jerks of. I know it was a stupid question because my sister told me all boys do it but i was just wondering if he does. "yea like every night. Why? Oh i was just wondering. What do you think about when you do it? I think about you and your smile and your hands doing it for me and you boobs most of the time. My boobs?! Yea they are really nice ive never seen any but i can tell that yours are nice. Oh really i said backing away from him teasing him. How do you know they are nice like you said youve never seen them. He came towards me and pinned me against the side. he grabbed my hands and wrapped my arms around his neck.He got his lips realy close to mine and said evan if i havent seen them i would know what to do and before i could say anyting he started kissing me he untied the back of my sute and cupped his hand on my tit i tried pushing him away but i couldent i finnaly did and tied my sute up. Ass hole what if your parents walked in. And stop laughing its not funny. Oh shut up you know u liked it and i proved you wrong and they wont walk in there watching a movie in theyre room. So were alone. Yea yea but its not funny. He sat against the side and i sat on his lap he wrapped his arms around my arms and i layed back and relaxed. When you were talking about jerking off you said that you think about me doing it, Wright? Yea i sapose why do you want too!I turned around and kissed him i put my hand down his pants and lightsly squeezed his cock. I moved my hand up and down. His cock was hard and smoth between my fingers. I took my hand out and sat on his cock. I rocked back and forth and i felt him cum. He looked at me and moved his hands to my back and down on my butt. I laughed and said ha bet ya ddint now i would do that. He smiled and said well it was great anyways..Want to go watch a movie. yes

Occasionly we would have fun nights in the hottub.But we had not had sex yet or anythying other than what we did that first time. We allways made eachother cum. I had gone home and told my sister everything she told me that feeling i had was called begin horny. But during the summer going in to 9th grade kevin had a boy girl movie night. Like i said his parents left the house and everyone could spend the night.My sister said good luck and dropped me off with my friends. I had a cute tanktop on with a tight pair of pants. I walked in and kevin just stared at me and when he took his eyes off my tits he kissed me i pulled away quickly and put my hand on his cock he gave me a huge smile. We all whent into the living room and found are seats. Me and kevin called couch. The lights were off and the only light came from the tv we called couch because it was the darkest spot in the living room. We layed there for a while jsut rubbing each other. i was so used to him feeling my tits on the outside by now i wanted to try somthing new. I took his hand and put it up my shirt. He so so saprised that i wasent waring a braw that he was jsut in shock. I took his hand and rubbed my tit with it. It felt so good i rolled on top of him and kissed him. we looed over and like everyone was making out and evan some people were in the hot tub. He started kissing my neck and i felt his hand on my butt he asked me if to wanted to go upstairs and i said yes. "wait you go up first and ill follow after." He left and i waighted a few minutes and whent up after him. I walked to his room and he was in there waighting for me. He grabbed my waist and said he had been waighting to get me alone.We layed down on his bed and we kissed he took his shirt off and asked" do you want too? yea if you want too. Ok i just dont want to force you. you arent" He took his shirt off and started to take my pants off i helped him and through them on top of his shirt i lifted my arms up and he pulled my tank top off. I unhooked my braw as he took off his pants. we stared at eachothers bodys i made the first move and took my underware off he followed and through his briefs on the floor. He pulled a condom out from under his bed. " I got it from my brother this weekend he said its a realy good kind. We layed down on the bed letting are neaked bodys tuch."Are you ready? go slow." I felt him entering me this time it wasent his finger it was bigger and it hurt a little. " let me know if im hurting you. ok" he pushed and i felt him more and more inside of me each push he did." are you all the way in. No just one more " we layed theyere breathing hard. He started to pull back out and it didnt hurt as much he pushed back in and this time it felt good. Are you shure ur ready we can stop he asked. Befroe he could say anyting else i kissed him and started grinding against him. He kissed me back and we started going faster. Afer the pain stopped and it felt realy good i rolled on top of him and moved back and forth. I could tell he liked it so i whent faster untill we cumed. He rolled on top and layed next to me. he said you ok i said yes that was great and laughed. He said whats so funny? i wonder if your parents will nodice me on top of you in the hottub. HE laughed and said well well find out lol. yes we will lol and i kissed him long and hard. We got dressed, and whent back down staris.

Hey looks like everyone is still here as i laughed. He said yea well they can stay lol i dont care about them i care about you. I brought my bikinie and jumped into the hottub with my friends he came in a lil after me with his shorts on and jumped in. there was two people making out and 5 other ones just sitting there. he got and and i sat on his lap and waihgted for them to start talking. My friend katie asked where i whent and i sad we were in on the couch wathcing a movie..he laughed and said well the only moive i was watching was ur ass near my cock. everyone laughed and i elbowed him and he kissed me on the shoulder. Katie suggested that we play truth or dare and i said what ever i dont care. So tom whent first and asked kaite. What she said . I dare you to make out with lyssa..i was like WHAT and kevin goes ohh yes! i was like shut up no way but it was a dare and katie was all for it. So we moved to the center of the hottub we moved in close to eachother and wispered to eachother.. are you shore? yea i guess its a dare right? well yea do u want to bring them on and then just stop..yea ok ready. we kissed gently on the lips then i felt her tounge slide in my mouth i licked it and slid mine into hers...she was acctually a good kisser and i was definley turned on..i hadnt noticed that kevin was right behind me massaging my tits infront of eveyrone but i ddint care i took her hand and put it on my waist..she new what to do she slid her hand down slowy so everyone could see what she was doing she cupped my pussy in her hand! i coudlent believe how turned on i was i started grinding her hand as i felt kevens hand move down my waist too. I was like a sandwich a very hot sandwich. Katie mvoed her hand in my bottom exploring my wet hot pussy with one finger. then kevin slid his finger in i could tell it was his cuz he started fingering me right away i leaned agaist him and through my head back i herd kaite ask kevin CAN i? another finger enterd me. I was amazed two fnigers fucking me i whent crazy i started grinding them both. i opend my eyes and noticed everyone left the hotub it was just us three. We all stopped but only to take are stuff off.i turned around and kissed kevin hard..kaite moved over and started sucking on my tit i moved my hand down and felt her was tiny..and tight i started fingering her slowly i stopped kissing kevin and started kissing katie kevin stayed behind me and sucked on my shoulder i could feel his cocke hitting my back and i could tell he loved me doing i told katie to lay back and let me do anything she said hell yea and did it i could tell she was a virgin cuz her pussy was sowlen from my finger kevin followed me as i leaned down to kiss her body i sucked on her tit gently and moved my way down i bent over and traced her pussy with one figer she went crazy and started saying fuck it fuck it!! so i leaned forwerd and licked her whole body shook as she yelled for more i took my fingers and opened her hole i slid my tounge in as far as it would go and mvoed it back and forth..she cumed right there and started fingering herself...i turned around and ducked my whoel body under the water to clean my self off..i felt very dirty and bad and still very horny when i came up kevin could tell. he kissed me and katie could tell we wanted to be alone she left and said fucking thanks beotch..i laughed and layed back and let kevin cover me under the flowed over us as he said want me too? i new what he was talking about and said yes!he kissed down my body tracing my pussy with his tounge ...he slid his tonge in and now i now why katie whent crazy i started moaning and rubbing my thighs as he slid in further and further moving back and forth..when his tougne came out he would circle my clit and dive his tougne back in it made me go crazy and i cumed everywhere..he came up and i kised him anyways i put my bathing suit on and just sat there. He did the same. Kevin? yea? i now feel like a slut..he laughed and said your not.

WE didnt bother drying off we whent in and sat on the couch...Katie came over and sat beside me i looked at kevin and he looked at me. and i just smiled at him i was still very horny but i could tell that he was tired so i jsut looked at him and looked at katie. She sat beside me and under her blanket i could see that she was fingering herself ..i leaned over and kissed kevin i grabbed his cock and gave him a lil squeeze.. i looked back over at katie and sat back in my place. i pulled a blankte over me and kevin and put his hand on my pussy. I reached my hand under katies blanket and before she could say anything i kissed her i looked in her eyes and she puled her finger out of her pussy and put her hand on my thigh. i looked a her looked at the upstairs and then back at her she winked and whent up. kevin saw and said hell be up in a few minutes. i wispered in his ear that he we wont wait..Yes is all he said as i walked up the stairs...i whent into kevins room and saw that katie was all ready undressed on the bed waighting for me with her legs spred wide open her pink pussy calling me she had her back arched and head back moning and yelling my name...i walked over to the bed and leaned over her she undid my top and whent to my bottoms i grabbed her hands and put them on my tits i walked over to kevins stereo and turned it on i looked at her and she looked at me i i pointed my finger at her and she came towerds me i grabbed her ass and pulled it close to my pussy and started to grind on her she leanded in and kissed me she sucked my tounge and turned around..she bent over and slid her tounge all the way down my body she stopped at my pussy and looked up at me i turned around and bent over she moved her hands up my back and down my legs i could feel her breath on my hot dripping pussy i was waighting for her to fuck it but she wouldent she started to blow on my clit FUCK IT i moaned but she breathed more over and over again i stuck my finger in my pussy and turned around she came up and pushed me on the bed ...youve been very bad..oh yea show me how bad i was..she leaned down and kissed me i put my hand on her tit and she sat up she straddled my legs down and pushed her pussy into mine...i could feel her wetness as she started to grind i pushed back at her and fucked her hard i pulled her down nad rolled on top of her..NOw its my turn i grinded her hard macking hr yell and moan we were both moaning hard when kevin walked in...we looked over and he had his shirt off we rolled over and got off the bed we walked over to him and i started to kiss him katie whent to the back and i was in front we turned the music up evan louder and i started to grind slowly against him i reached back and pinched katies tit..i put my hand on kevins cock and katies was allready there he was hard and i fucking wanted him..i pulled his shorts off and layed on the bed katie came over next to me and started sucking on my tit i looked at her and we watched kevin put his condom on he came over and said whos first...i knew katie was a virgin so i said me..i leaned in and kissed her and said watch how we do it..your next!! she looked scared but before she could do anything i kissed her more and stuck my finger in her pussy to remind how good it was...she moaned and sais ok....kevin layed donw on me and he stuck his cock in me he felt larger but he was MUCH harder know...he pulled on my legs and i wrapped them around him makeing him go deep he started to felt so fucking good i started to moan and katie was fingering herself she watched us getting horyner every time kevin pushed harder.....i rolled over on top and grabbed kevins hands i held them above his head and slowly grinded on him katie leaned down and started kissing him when i cummed kevin was still hard so it was katies turn..i knew seh was a virgin so i told kevin to go slow..katie layed down and to calm her down i kissed her her face changed as he entered her he started to go out and she whent crazy seh sarted grinding him going faster and faster..she ddi what i did she roled on top of him..i sat on his cock and her pussy and move in really close i could feel her fucking him and i started to fuck too..kevin loved it ...he started to moan he rubbed his hands up and down my back and left them on my ass and i kissed katie we were rubbing eachothers tits and makeing out fucking eachother hard when me and katie cummed kevin had not cummed yet so i wispered into katies ears and said...lets give kevin a treat that will make him cum...FUCK YEA....we rolled kevins condom off and bent over i licked his cock and i felt him moan katie joined in and we were both licking his cock everyonnce in while we would lick each others tounge wtih kevins cock there to i put my hand on his cock and took him in my mouth...i sucked his head and then moved my tounge up and down his shaft i took him out of my mouth and he cummed everywhere..katie kissed me and said that was fucking amazing..we crawled in bead with kevin katie on his left and me on top of him...we had our bathing suits on in case anyone came in but we didnt care everyone once in a while during the night katie would reach over and stick her finger in my pussy and i would do it to her..then to wake kevin up we woul both put our hands on his cock and he would quickly wake up...and we would go again.....

want me to continue?? let me know bitches cuz theres plenty more sex in my life...!!


2006-12-25 01:08:24
bull shit this happened! and make paragraphs esier to read LEARN TO SPELL WOW!!!


2006-07-19 13:38:16
fuck the spelling, the story was ok, u all know what shes talking about. don't be such ass holes she was not writing this story for a grade from all u fuckin teachers.


2006-07-06 14:58:29
horrible0/10 u suck and so not true


2006-06-14 07:17:02
I couldn't even get through the first paragraph, if that's what you want to call it. Occassional spelling errors can be overlooked if the story is well written to start with, but when the spelling errors are multiplied as in this story and there is no story structure its not worth reading. this story could have been written by an 8 yr old instead of an 18 yr old. In the future take a refresher English Class and a Spelling Class before you write another story. 2/10


2006-06-12 11:04:20
Oh dear lord, you should go back to school. Your spelling, grammar and everything else sucked. Worst story by far.

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