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After many years, she finds her love again!
I had thought that night, seeing Barbara after many years, was destiny. Our relationship was like a book partly read and never finished, and that night at the fights I felt was a fitting final chapter to this story left unfinished for so long. To my great surprise, the story was to continue!

Within a week of seeing Barbara unexpectedly at that distant town, I received a letter in the mail, postmarked from a rural town about 30 miles from where I had seen her. I could not believe it! But I guess it made sense, my name and where I was from was probably printed on the fight program, probably in the local paper as well, it would not be too hard to track me down from there.

The letter was four and a half pages long, too much for me to recount entirely. She described how thrilled she was that night to see me after all this time, and how overwhelmed and excited I had made her with what I had done. She spoke of her declining health, she professed her undying love for me, and she asked to call her if I could.

I called her that evening. We talked long into the night. I found out that Barbara spent much of her time in a care facility in that city where I had seen her as part of a social program for terminally ill patients. Although I was in a serious relationship and about to get engaged, she persuaded me to make plans to come and see her. I felt obligated. I felt sad. I felt like it was the right thing to do. I arranged to visit with her at the facility.

Two Fridays later, I made the long trip to see her. I waited in a large visiting room until someone came pushing her down the hall towards me. I nearly cried when I saw her then. She was sitting up as best she could in her wheelchair, she had obviously just done her best to “fix herself up” her hair was clean and brushed, and she wore a new looking dress that her spindly legs stuck out from beneath. We sat and talked in the room for almost an hour when I suggested that I could sign her out and I could take her out to eat. Barbara was thrilled. That evening, I pushed her around in a shopping mall where she spent some of the money I had given her, and then we went to a local restaurant for dinner. It was another first for her, the first time she had ever been on a “date”. It felt good to make her so happy, all these years I had never forgotten all that she had given me so long ago.

In the restaurant, she talked of how she wished she could get out of her wheel chair and sit close to me. She told how she thought of me each day for all these years, and how it would mean so much to her to spend just one night with me before she died. It was not just my generous spirit that encouraged me to keep her out that night. I must admit that my body was reacting to the presence of the one who had given me my first real taste of carnal pleasures.

We found a nice motel that had vacancies, and after securing a room, I pushed her in her wheel chair through the lobby and down the hall to our room. As we approached the room I could swear that I detected that same musky odor rising up from her, that same scent that had first ignited my lust for her so many years ago in that little shack so far away.

I opened the door and pushed her inside. We knew that each other was terribly excited. I know that I should have been more subtle, and just started by holding her close, but I was losing control of myself. The memories of my experiences with this monster from so long ago had me mad with lust. After shutting the curtains, I simply dropped my pants to reveal my throbbing dick. I started to apologize for my rude lustfulness, but I was interrupted by the feel of her tiny warm hand wrapping around my stiff shaft. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Barbara leaned over the side of her wheel chair towards me to once again kiss and suck on the cock that she had dreamed of for decades. As I stepped towards her, I went straight into the wet embrace of her ever-drooling mouth. Barbara moaned with excitement. She frantically swallowed at my enlarged member as she tried to look up at me with her awkward gaze. With every heartbeat, my cock grew still larger in her mouth, Barbara made every effort to swallow me deeply but she could not. She tried rotating her head in small circles trying to slide her tonsils past my swelling head. The sight of my old lover gagging and trying to impale her face on me was bringing my nuts to a rolling boil. Although I hadn’t really planned on sex with her, I had refrained from cumming for nearly a week before seeing her, just in case I might get the opportunity to give her a load, I wanted it to be a nice one. Thoughts of the possibility of pumping my sperm into her belly made me step back from her to save my cum.

She looked up at me as I pulled away, a string of saliva stretching between us, then breaking and swinging from her chin. She asked, “will you make love to me?” I was a bit unsure about how to go about it, but my reply to her was to bend over and hoist her out of her chair and into my arms. If anything, my tiny girl had only gotten smaller through the years. There was no way she weighed over 80 pounds. I carried her around effortlessly and lay her on the bed.

I lay with her and spent the next minutes helping her undress and then kissing over her breasts, neck, and lips. My fingers found their way to her overheated crotch and rubbed through a bounty of dark hair to find her moist swollen cuntlips. She was so ready! But her size! Just like when I was sixteen, as I probed a finger into her clenching orifice, I thought that there was no way I would be able to get my manhood inside her. She looked so tiny, and my cock had grown considerably since I was a teenager, I told her that I was not sure if it could be done. Barbara replied, “you have to!”

I eased up over her, and straddled her chest. My hairy balls hung down to her breasts, tickling her pointed nipples. I eased my cock into her mouth and let her do her thing. She loved it with her tongue and lips until as I backed from her face, she left it dripping with her saliva. I positioned myself between her spindly legs and taking my time, I aimed my stiff rod down towards her hairy slit. The head of my fat dick looked ridiculous as I tried to wedge it into the smooth flesh of her cuntlips. Had I not seen firsthand the amazing properties demonstrated by a woman’s pussy during childbirth, I would not have even attempted this feat.

But we both knew it could be done. And we both knew it was meant to be done. I stiffened my hips and lowered myself, allowing my body weight to force my cock into her. Her tight passage resisted my intrusion, allowing only my soft cockhead to penetrate into her before pushing her towards the head of the bed and making my legs slide backwards. She bit her lip and dug her ankles into the backs of my thighs as I crawled forwards to brace for another push into her. My powerful hands slid beneath her to help anchor her bony ass. My torso now mashed her into the motel bed as if she was a blow-up doll about to burst beneath my weight. My neck crooned down as hers came up and our mouths sought each other’s wetness. We kissed and relished this moment, as if standing at the edge of a bottomless cliff, preparing to jump into a world of bliss.

Having fucked several pussies, I now realize that Barbara’s is truly different, maybe it’s her stunted growth, maybe her deformed hips, or just her diminutive size, but no pussy I have ever felt was so wonderfully tight. The best way to describe it would be like fucking an ass that is one continuous sphincter squeezing the length of your cock.

I felt like a teenager all over again when our delay finally ended and I ever-so-slowly forced my way into her and once again heard Barbara squeal the squeals of a virgin into my mouth. The combined emotional and physical pleasure was overwhelming for both of us. It was an agonizingly wonderful descent into her hot depths as I felt her stubborn flesh part around my throbbing pole. My penetration was almost complete when I hit her cervix, and only by carefully adjusting the angle of my member was I able to finally lodge my entirety inside her. We were one. I wished to hold that position and savor it for hours but my body was uncontrollable. I involuntarily hunched my hips back and forth into her and felt the smooth friction of her tight embrace over the length of my cock. Each wonderful stroke into her seemed to multiply our pleasure. I had only probed into her 8 or 10 times when her tiny warm body and tight pussy began convulsing around me, her face flushed and she gasped in ragged breaths while she came. I could feel her heartbeat throb through her cunt as it discharged more lubrication to surround my throbbing shaft.

The additional heat and wetness drove me crazy and I could not resist fucking her ever faster with increasingly long strokes that left her tiny belly feeling alternately empty, then bloated. I raised up slightly, and gritted my teeth as I fought the intense pleasure, trying to delay my explosion a few seconds longer. I was pounding into her even deeper now as I gazed down upon my beautiful little creature. Her tits rocked back and forth on her chest with her nipples pointing like fingertips towards the ceiling, I could almost see the outline of my cock low in her belly each time I thrust into her thin abdomen. Then I looked at her face. Her bulging eye gazed into mine and stared with wide-eyed amazement as she blissfully continued to offer her body to the only man she had ever loved. At that moment I knew that no one else had been here. No other man had ever experienced the thrill of Barbara’s sex, thoughts of this treasure waiting untapped for all these years overwhelmed me.

Her cunt clutched my dick so tightly that it pulled her body downwards each time I began to withdraw from her, while the inner lips of her hot snatch folded outwards and stretched around my retreating shaft. Then, as I plowed back into her, she would spread her saddle widely to offer the least resistance to my pole as it thrust it’s way back into her warm nest.

Barbara had lost control of her body as it responded to me, her fluids were everywhere, she drooled freely from her deformed lips, her eyes flowed tears of joy, and her pussy continually secreted slick nectar into our union. The only thing she was able to do was wrap her tiny hands around my ass and make small rocking movements with her frail hips as she welcomed my massive manhood into her womb.

Despite her many shortcomings, Barbara was able to please me like no other woman could. The experience was an overwhelming mixture of feelings and pleasures, an expression of true undying love, the feel of a tight “virgin” cunt that belonged to only me, along with the nasty forbidden sensation of bestiality from fucking this hideous, tiny, version of a human female body. For several minutes I maintained a steady, rhythmic pace as our bodies reveled in the ultimate stimulation of primal lust. Our bodies were beyond feeling mere pleasure, we were sharing unrivaled ecstasy as every nerve in our conjoined bodies responded to each other. Somehow, I maintained control of my unbridled lust, determined that I would delay my explosion to see if she would orgasm again. Fortunately, that did not take long.

Barbara’s face began contorting into a beautiful grimace as her lungs expelled great gasps of air into my face. Her hips trembled and despite being 1/3 my size they lifted my weight up and off of the bed as they thrust her organ into the most compromising position. My hairy balls pressed tightly against the bottom of her opening as my cock grew inside her. Powerful muscles in my groin contracted stronger than ever as they jettisoned my seed through my stiff shaft. As the first blast of thick cum spurted into her belly, I felt her tube contract in a rippling motion as it stroked my cock as if it had a life of it’s own. My spurts were so powerful that we could actually hear them rhythmically release gobs of my fluids deep inside her. My entire body erupted with all of its energy into her welcoming womb, enormous tidal waves of ecstasy washed over both of us with our every heartbeat. For five or six seconds the pleasure intensified almost unbearably and I nearly lost consciousness as we were both launched into a world of bliss.

The seconds immediately following our climax were going by in slow motion, we were both reeling from the experience and as our bodies tried to recover. My mind now slowly re-awakened to the sensation of me being thrust deeply inside her, and I immediately suffered another bout of orgasm, my cockhead swelled and spewed three more globs of spunk into the expanding bubble of semen that now filled her gut.

I collapsed onto Barbara, and lay there panting until I felt my cock being squeezed out of her as I grew soft. As my dick melted out of her opening, I felt and heard cum squishing out of her. I lifted her up to pull her out of the puddle forming under her ass and when I did I looked in amazement at the fluids. She had bled again, streaks of blood mixed with some pinkish semen and a few pearly white globs of sperm lie just beneath her bony ass and oozed from her hairy cunt. I was again overtaken by a sublime feeling of love for Barbara as we stared at each other and I gazed at her limp body and the puddle that lie there in silent testimony of our love.


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2006-10-14 13:37:48
You are one wick and disgusting piece if work, you
wold probably fuck a dead bitch yoo if you thought you would get a nut.


2006-10-01 19:53:48
OMG best series ever 10/10 all the way


2006-07-29 03:04:13
9/10 only b/c fucking a girl in a wheelchair like that is slightly strange to me. Otherwise, one of the best written stories on this entire site.


2006-06-29 15:42:54
Lovely well written story a true love story thanks
A BIG 1O +++++++

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