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I was tied up bent over...
I was tied up bent over. My wife liked to do this to me before she fcuked me with a dildo. I could not figure out why she left, but I heard voices. My wife walked in naked and said, "Iam going to fuck like you have always wanted. Meet the fuckers."
I saw two guys from my wife's work. They were butt-naked with hard dicks that were about average. I said, "What the hell is happening." I had not had a real dick in my ass since I was a teenager experimenting with sex
"NO way am I going to get fucked by a guy." My wife said, "Go ahead and resist. I think you are going to get fucked and are going to like it."
Then I saw my best friend. I am going to fuck you like I have always wanted to." I was a little scared because his dick was about 9 inches. I knew it would hurt.
Then I saw a beautiful black woman. "Now that is what I am talking about," I said. Then she pulled off her panties and this huge 12 inch cock plopped out. It was kind of sexy to see that big dick with those huge tits.
Before I could appreciate the excitement, my wife plunged her favorite dildo into my ass. I gasped for air, but I liked it. She fucked me hard and fast for about five minutes and said, "Ok. who is first to fuck my husband's ass."
One of her friends stepped up and slid his dick in my ass. I felt sooo good. It was smaller than the dildo, but it was hot. My wife laid on the bed in front of me and the black shemale stretched her pussy with his dick. It took some time to go all the way but it fit and was as hot as hell. When it hit bottom, she came immediately. The guy fucking me said, "Damn, that is hot." And he lunged forward with a grunt. I felt his dick swell and fill my ass with cum. I oculd feel the shots in my ass. It was really exciting and made my own dick grow really hard.

My wife's other friend got behind me and started fucking me hard and fast. His dick slid in easily from the other guys cum filling me. He fucked me hard and reached around my body and stroked my dick. Man, did it feel good and I could still see that huge black dick pumping my wife's pussy. The man behind me leaned over and whispered in my ear and said, "I know you want to cum. Let's cum together."

He fucked me hard and stroked my dick. I decided I should just let myself go. He said, "I am going to cum in 10 seconds. Are you ready?" "Yes, I am going to cum with you. Count it down for me."

10... 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2. I started expploding as he stroked me. I had not cum like that ever. 1... 0. He fucked me faster and said let out a gasp. I knew he came, but did not feel it like the other guy.

My wife was cumming like crazy and my best friend said, "OK, it is my turn." I felt his huge dick pushing at my asshole. He slowly pushed in and went in easier than I thought, probably because of the cum running down my ass to my balls.

He fucked me nicely. He did not go to fast or too slow. It was like he had fucked a guy in the ass before. His dick went deeper than the other two guys. The black tranny pulled out of my wife's pussy and put his dick in her mouth. It really stretched her mouth and was as hot as hell. The first guy who fucked my ass was hard again and put his dick in my wife's ass. She exploded. She likes it anally.

I lost track of how long my friend was fucking me, then I heard him say, "I am going to stick my dcik in your mouth. " And he pulled his dick out of me with a plop. He sat right in front of me and I put my mouth on his head. It was an interesting taste. All that cum and my ass on his dick. But it made me hotter than ever and I started sucking him for all I was worth.

I did not realize the big-dick shemale had positioned herself behind me until I felt that big dick stretching my asshole. When his head borke through, it hurt. I think he knew because he paused before he started pushing into me again. When he started pushing his dick again, I thought I was oging to rip into two pieces. He finally put all of that huge dick in me and I started sucking my friend again. It was sensory overload to have a dick in each hole.

The tranny pulled her dick almost all the way out until it felt like his head would pop out of my ass. then he slammed into me. As he fucked me hard, I started cumming, with no stimulation on my cock. My friend must have sensed it because he said, "Are you ready to take a load in your mouth?" And before I could respond his load exploded in my mouth. I swallowed what I could, but it kept cumming. I finally took my mouth off his dick and he relaeased one last load on my face.

The tranny said, "It is my turn!" He pulled his cock out of my ass and shot his load on my back. The first load hit the back of my neck and the rest made a puddle on my back.

I didn't notice what my wife was doing because I was being fucked so hard. BUt she had been mounted by the first two guys. One was under her driving her pussy and the other guy was working his cock in her ass. The more her worked his cock in her ass, the more she started to shudder. The two guys looked like pros at double penetration. As one pushed in the other pulled out. They worked to perfection and my wife started down the road to a continuous cum.
She was screaming as she came. Then she collapsed, but these guys just kept on fucking her. All she could do was moan and whimper as they fcuked her for almost 30 minutes. The guy in her ass said, "I am going to pull out of your ass andshoot in your mouth."
He pulled hius cock out of her ass and moved toward her mouth and the cum shot on her face and the guys face underneath. Both of them seemed to enjoy it.
I had been untied and started sucking off my friend again. I had tasted cum and I wanted more. When my friend was rock hard, he said to the guy under my wife, "Let's do a double anal."
I said, "No way can my wofe take two cokcs in her ass. She barely took the one." "
"Who said she was the one who was going to take a double anal."
The sexy tranny moved my head out of the way and sat on my friend's cock with his ass. It seemed like it was effortless to fit those 9 inches in his ass. The guy under my wife oved around behind the tranny and lubed his dick up really well. I don't know how it fit. But he started squeezing his head in by my friends cock and slowly pushed into the tranny's ass. ONce he worked his dick all the way in the two dicks started trading strokes slowly. It must have felt really good because the tranny really started to moan.
The guy who came on my wife's face said, "Why don't you fuckk me in the ass?" I don't have to be asked twice. I put some EZglide on my dick and pushed into his ass. I could tell he had done this before because he accomodated my 8-inch dick without any problem.
Since his ass was so accomodating, I showed him no mercy and began to ram his ass as hard and fast as I oculd. "That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me like the ass slut I am."
It was really hot because I could see the double anal perfectly as I fucked this guy's ass. I heard my friend say,,"I am going to shoot!" His ass tensed as he pushed deep in the tranny's ass. I could only imagine the amount of cum draining into that ass. The other guy said, "God that feels sooo good. I cumming!" He lunged forward and started bucking. When thery both settled down, they pulled out together.
The tranny's ass was gaping and cum was running out of that ass toward his balls. My wife leaned over to my ear and said, "Now its your turn to get double fucked. " She pulled me off the guy I was fucking and laid on the bed with a strapon stricking up in the air. "You saw how it was done. Now sit on my fake cock." I was more than willing to oblige. My ass strecthed a little. Buit it was still loose from the fucking I had earlier.
The guy I was fucking got behind me a slowly began to squeeze his cock inside my ass with the dildo. I felt the head get past my sphincter and it hurt a little. But I tried to relaz and he kept pushing. Finally he hit paydirt. He started slinding slowly out of my ass, but bfore his cosk popped out of my ass he would slowly slid it back in.
The tranny put his huge cock right in my face. I figured, "What the hell?" And a wrapped my lips around his huge prick. He immediately started to fuck my face. He was filling my mouth and I almost gagged several times. I figured I was taking a little more than half his monster. As I was being face-fucked, my wife started licking his balls. Waht a feeling! A dildo and dick strectching my ass to its limits and a huge black dick fucking my face.
The guy behind moaned and lunged forward in my ass. I felt his dick swell then spurt. He seemd to unload several loads in my ass before he plopped out. But my wife kept fucking my ass. The tranny grabbed the back of my head and shove his cock til it hit the back of my throat. My eyes watered but I knew he wanted to cum, so I held on with my mouth. It was almost like I could feel his cum pushing up through his dick and he took his first shot, almost drowning me. As he kept shooting he slowly pulled out of my mouth. When he took his dick out of my mouth he shot one more time, right in my eye.
I got off my wife's dildo and stuck my dick in her faceand after only three strookes of my cock I shot right on her face. I had nver cum that hard. She had cum drencing her face. I just couldn't resist. So I started licking the cum on her face.
It was an amazing ecperience and we have had many more since then. I will have to write some more later.

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My girlfriend used to tie me to the bed and do me with a strapon.
One day she decided to surprise me and had our gay friend take over half way through. I was shocked and annoyed at first but then with every stroke of his huge warm cock I melted more and more till he locked up and filled my ass with his load. I also came immediately and my girlfriend was giggling as she untied me.
She stopped giggling when I grabbed our friend and pulled him down on top of me, wrapped my legs around his waist, kissed him furiously and yelled fuck me again

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