This is a story about a love between two 15 y/o brothers

On the first day of summer our dad droped us off for a week in the mountians. Because there was nothing to do in town except to get into trouble.

So sam and chris started up the mountian fully packed with every thing that they would need for a week.
Hey sam,what chris how far do you think we can get in a week? I dont know ask me that in a week ok, ok. they hiked what seemed for hours. One of the times that they stopped to rest on top of the ledge they looked out and they could see for miles sam then looked at his watch it was 7, chris it's 7 so lets make camp besides i'm hungry ok said chis. So chris pitched the tent and sam got the firewood, when sam got back with the firewood he saw chris naked except for his shoes. What are you doing naked asked sam relaxing it's ok nobodys around how do you know sam asked.
I just know replied chris, just get undressed and relaxe, sam said ok.
so he got undressed except for his shoes then sam built a fire and then pulled out two packs of dehidrated chicken. and got the pot out of his backpack and poured some water out of the water jug and then they sat back and watched the sun set while their food was cooking. after they ate chris then went out for some more firewood when he got back he cought sam wacking off. SAM you couldn't wait?, sam looked up at chris sorry we might as well hit the hay, sam said ok can we at least have some fun??? yea of course, have we ever gone to bed without having fun? no sam said. chris said well then?
when they got in their tent they left their tent flap open so they can have the fire light to light up there tent and so they can also keep an eye out on the fire chris layed down and then sam layed down next to him then they rolled onto there sides so they can face each other then sam kissed chris pasionatly and tasting chicken on his lips and smelling his sweat on him which made him hot. After sam kissed chris he started kissing his neck and then slowly went down to his nipples and sucked on them ever so gently and after that slowly worked down to his navel and then gently started kissing down till he got to his dick then he started gently kissing the head of his dick and slowly widing his mouth and letting more and more of his dick to enter sams lushious mouth untill it was all the way in, then slowly sam started bobbing his head up and down ever once in awhile licking the shaft and kissing his head and also licking his piss hole and tasting his precum then sucking his balls and he kept doing that untill chris came in his mouth then he got between his legs and lifted his legs over his sholders and grabed chris by his hips with one hand and with his other hand he aimed his head to his but hole once his head was in, with his other hand he put back onto his hip then he pushed his dick in slowly at first then when he got it in all the way he stoped for a moment after he knew the discomfort was over then he pulled it almost out then back in again he did this slowly at first then he started going faster and faster untill he was jackhammering him, he moaned a bit in pleasure. and at the same time sam was screwing chris, chris was wacking off at same beat.
About an hour later sam cums in chris almost immediately, after chris came. then they both pass out from exhaustion.
Morning came and with that they packed up and continued on their hike, As they were hiking down Dry creek trail they walked by this raggady mountian man, hi chris said to this man but the man just ignored them. So they kept on going chris, I hope we don't run into him again, sam said. And so they kept on going down the trail, A couple of hours later they ran into a fork in the trail, which way chris asked, sam said left, ok chris said left it is. So they went down the left trail for about three hours. And then they walked by a cabin that kinda looked run down so they went up to it and knocked on the door no one answered the door so then they checked the door to se if it was locked it was unlocked so they opened the door and sam calls out any one here, still no answer so sam said to chris doesn't look like any one lives here chris,. Chris said sam lets stay here for the night sam said ok lets put our sleepingbag out, three hours later they started getting ready for their bed time fun. Chris started kissing sam then chris heard a creaking noise hay sam did you hear that, no replied sam so chris went back to kissing sam, this time sam heard the creaking noise sam asked chris if he heard that creaking noise, he said yes sam told chris lets get our pants on at least. Ok replied chris so as their putting on their pants on. The door opens and chris and sam only had one leg in their pants and they saw some one in the door. It was the guy that they saw on the trail six or seven hours ago, the man asked what they were doing in his house, sam and chris replied back we didn't know any one lived here.
Since there was only one door and the man was blocking it. Sam told the man that they would get their stuff and leave,. The man told them that they couldn't leave sam asked why they couldn't leave, the man wouldn't answer them. So sam looked at chris in fear. Then chris asked him why they couldn't leave the man didn't answer him eather. So sam and chris got all their stuff all together and ran at the man as fast as they could with no prevail. But the man put his arms out to his sides and grabed them both and said what part of your not leaving did you not understand?. The man ordered the two boys to sit in the two chairs that were on other side of the cabin next to his bed. So the two boys went over to the chairs and sat down. Then the man went to the wall that was on the side were the bed was and grabbed the rope off the wall and turned around to were chris was sitting and started tieing him up. At that moment sam got up real fast and took off for the door. When sam opened the door he saw a wolf blocking the door.
Sam just froze at the site of the wolf growling an snarling at him and he just stayed frozen intill the man finished tieing up chris and came over and grabbed him. Forcabley and threw him to the chair that he was sitting in and ordered him to sit in the chair. After sam sat down the wolf followed the man in and sat in front of sam while the man pulled his knife from it's sheath and cut the excess rope then turned around and used the excess rope and to tie up sam.
then the man picked up the chair that sam is sitting on and moved the chair and put it in front of chris so that they would be faceing each other. Silently they both started crying because they were so scared that they were going to die. About ten minutes later they stoped crying and chris asked sam quietly if he thought they were going to die and sam answered quietly yes. about five minutes later sam said unless they can ecape from here. Chris told sam if he can escape go for it and forget him. Sam answered back that he wouldn't escape with out him. Then chris ask why, sam answered him for two reasons one reason is that he was his brother and reason two was that they were lovers and that brothers or lovers don't leave the other behind pereod. Sam asked if he had the chance to ecape would he?? chris replied NO then sam ask why not, then chris answered for the same reasons that he gave but if only one of us could ecape would you then. Sam replied only this then we both DIE.
They couldn't sleep the whole night. Finally when morning broke after a long night of thinking on how they could escape.
when the man finally got up out of bed he went to his sharping wheel and sharped his axe and hunting knife he then came to sam and untied him and started to take him outside chris told the man to take him instead. The man replied no but your next. so the man took sam outside and there was a big tree that the man retied sams arms around and he faced sam to the tree with his back side faceing out then he left for a while sam was wondering what the man was going to do to him and then what he was going to do to his brother. about ten minutes later sam saw the man come back with a stick about three ft long and an inch thick. then sam saw the man pull his pants down to his ankles and he wasn't wearing any underwear. Then he sarted wacking off when his dick got hard he went up to sam and spreaded his but cheeks apart and rammed him dry sam then let out an ear popping screem so the man pull his dick out and then started wipping him on his neck back but and legs untill sam passed out from the pain.Chris heard sam screem and then he heard the sounds of some thing whipping and sam screeming every time he heard that whipping noise and there was nothing chris could do because the ropes that bound him so tight and getting tighter every time he tuged at it, and when he try and pull again. Finally he gave up then sudenly he didn't hear any more screeming from sam but he kept hearing the whipping noise a couple more times.
Chris lowered his head in fear thinking his brother was dead. At that time after sam passed out the man went back up to sam and pulled his but cheeks apart and rammed him hard again then the man screwed him untill he came inside of him. After he got done he pulled his dick out of sams but then he sat on the stump and pulled his pants up and then sat down and watch sam while the cum mixed with blood dribbled down sams legs. then fifteen minutes later he untied sam and dragged him feet first back into the cabin.
then he sat sam back in the chair and tied him back up.
then he turned the chair around so chris could see sams back. then he looked at chris and said your next and seeing the fear on chris's face put a smile on the mans face. then the man left and at that time chris realy tryed to work the ropes around his wrists loose. Time went by and the man came back and saw sam was still unconscience then went behind chris and untied him then the man pulled him by the arm outside and retied chris back up to the tree and haveing him face the tree. Then the man told him I know you heard your brother screem and if I hear you screem you'll get the same do you understand me chris answered yes. So the man then pulled chris's pants down and then he pulled his own pants down and started wacking off again untill he got hard again. then he went up to chris and spreaded his but cheeks apart and rammed him chris had to bite his tounge to keep from screeming about twenty minutes later of dealing with the pain he felt him cum inside of him. Then the man pulled his dick out then the man pulled his pants back up and then he went and sat on the stump and watched the cum mixed with blood dribble down chris's legs. five minutes later the man untied him then he grabed his arm forcably as he was draging him in chris noticed human bones all over the place chris asked who were all these people he answered people like you two who tried to escape chris didn't say any more after that.
when the man got back to sam and the emty chair he threw chris back in the chair and retied him back up. Sam was still out cold. All chris could think about was his brother and how they could escape without getting recought and them both not ending up as a pile of bones. While his brother was out cold he started working on his ropes, again the cabin was starting to get dark when sam came to, chris told sam, when sam was fully conscience quietly he said sam were escaping tonight, sam asked quietly to chris how?????? chris replied I don't know how right now but we are going to tonight.
Then chris's but felt really wet so he looked down the chair and saw a pool of blood under him and another pool of blood under sam, sam's pool of blood was a lot bigger then his own. chris while working on his ropes looked around the cabin he saw a couple of knives on the table chris thought himself I know how we're getting out of here. The man left for a minute or two thats when chris said sam ---sam---SAM, sam said what, chris said I know how we're getting out here sam asked how, chris said see those knives on the table sam said yea, chris said that's how. Sam?????? chris said listen when we get untied we're go to grab the knives off the table and will use those knives on them. I'll kill him and you kill the wolf ok, sam said ok, chris told sam to go back to sleep to save his energy. When the man came back in, the cabin was pitch black except for were the moonlight was shining in threw the window so the man didn't see chris working on his ropes the man went to bed because it was to dark to see any thing.
When chris finally got loose he leaned forward and untied sam then chris got up quietly and pulled up his pants and slowly tip toed to the table and grabbed the knives then tip toed back and sat there untill he heard the man snoring. Then he quietly woke sam up and handed him a knife then they both got up sam pulled his pants up and then they both tip toed chris went to the man and sam went behind the wolf which must have been deaf and they both raised their knives and plumbided it downward chris's went right into the mans heart and sam's went right into the wolfs heart.
Then they grabbed their stuff. and left and ran out of there as fast as they could go.
Then when they thought they we're far anough away they stoped to rest.
And asked each other if they we're ok. They both said yes and then chris asked sam if he was still bleeding sam said no it stoped chris asked if he was still bleeding chris said no and then chris asked if he was able to keep moving sam said yes. While they were still resting they heard a russleing in the bushes so they got up and took off again thinking it was the man coming after them again. This time they didn't stop untill they reached a town called lyons and then they went to the lyons p.d.. Then they told them every thing then the police took them to the hospital in estes park and had them checked out, and then they were released to their dad.
two months later they were geting ready for bed (not knowing to their dad that they actule slept together) they got undressed and sam crawled into bed then chris went to the foot of the bed and crawled into bed he stoped when his head reached sams dick and chris then gave sam the best blow job that sam ever got

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE END

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2009-09-08 08:51:00
reminds me af me and my twin brother. We slept in one bed for years and we always played with our dicks, sucked and fucked. But now he is married. I always search for twin stories.

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2008-05-21 19:16:19
not bad, needs a bit of work withj Grammer and Punctuations


2007-07-05 07:04:31
are all twin gays that blonde? ok concept bad grammer


2006-08-09 22:44:18
I love gay stories and such,



Honestly, a 10-year-old could've written this with better form.


2006-07-17 00:09:57
it was really good, but put paragraphs and stuff so that its easier to read!

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