This is my first story so I hope you like it
I live at a boarding school up in Maine. I’m 5'10, 160 pounds, brown hair and 8 in cock.
A lot of the girls up here at prick teases. They wear short skirts, tight jeans and shirts, but only a few of them only fuck. There was this one girl particularly. Her name was Shawna. She was about 5'8, 125 pounds, dirty blonde hair, about a 32 c cup. She had a great athletic body. She would always wear these short little skirts, and she would always sit across me from me in class. I could always see up her skirt. Nice tan smooth legs, and always a pair of cute panties. Danm I always though, I wish I could see that nice cunt someday. We had a lot of classes together, including Spanish. I sucked at that class. The teacher passed back our quizzes. Fuck I thought 65. Shawna looked over at me.

“What did you get”?


“That sucks...98"!

Damn, I hated Spanish so much. I heard from one of the kids in the room one time, that she cheats all the time and that’s why she gets such good grades.

“Hey Shawna, you think..uh maybe you could give me some Spanish help tonight”.

She looked over at me and said

“Yeh sure I’ll come by your room around 8 or so”.

The bell rang and we all left class. Fuck yeh I thought, I’ll take her into my room, and see what that skank is really up too. Around 8:15 she came buy room. I guess she changed clothes again. White tanks top, and an even shorter skirt.

“Hey” she said, and she came in and sat on my bed. I got out my Spanish books, and we studied for about 15 minutes, when I looked down again, and saw that nice little sliver of white panties. Damn this girl is a slut, and I looked back up and she kinda staring at me.


“What are you staring at”?


“Oh my god, are you lookin up my skirt”? Her face got red hot, and she started to get up, but I pushed her down back onto the bed.

“What the hell”! She said, “What are you doing”?

I was still holding her down, “Listen I know you’ve been cheating on those Spanish tests, so how about this, you’re a little skank, and now your gonna suck my cock. If you don’t, I’ll tell on you and you’ll be kicked out.” Her face showed that it was true and she could tell that I wasn’t joking.

“Now..why don’t you slip off that nice shirt and, and that little skirt of yours”. She completely stripped down, and then she was laying butt naked on my bed. I looked at her twat. Nice and pink. I bent down and stuck a finger in it. Damn she was tight as hell. She stated to moan softly.

“Have you ever been fucked before, or fingered”? Her face got a little red. “You dress like a slut everyday, and tease people, and you ain’t even been fingered. Oh tonight this is gonna change.” I pushed my finger deeper into her twat and she moaning softly. I pulled my finger out and tasted her warm, sweet juices.

“Damn I love a virgin. Flip over, lay on your stomach...I wanna see this nice ass of yours.” She flipped over. I ran my hand over her bare ass. Nice and tight with nice long, strong thighs. I patted her ass a little, then gave it few slaps. Each time she let out a little gasp.

“You like that baby, each time I give you one”, and then I gave her one hard slap and the let out a little cry. “Sit since you’ve been a bad little girl...cheating, and looking like a little slut all the’s now time for some punishment. Get up and lay across my lap...time for a little more spanking”. She got up and laid down on my lap. Again I rubbed my hands across that ass and then poked a finger in her twat. I sat there for a minute fingering her, and then I pulled out and with a slap, hit her ass.

“OH God yes” she squealed.

“Yeh you like that don’t you”. I gave her a few more slaps, and her butt started to turn a nice cherry red. I stopped and then put another finger into tight little slit. I moved it in and out slowly, and then a little faster. She started to moan again. I pulled out my finger and tasted it. Damn she really did taste good. By now I was fucking harder than hell, and my 8 inch cock must have been poking her right in the stomach.

“Alright” I said, “now that you’re a good little girl, and now since you butt is all nice and red...lets see how you suck cock.” She stood, and got down on her knees. I stood up and took off my shirts. She reached up and unbuttoned my jeans, and slid them down. My cock was pretty much already poking out of my boxers. I looked down at her, and I could see that she was a little hesitant. Seeing her cute face right there in front of my cock made me even harder, and when she pulled down my boxers, my cock sprang out so hard it almost hit her right in the face. She slowly reached out and grabbed my shaft. She gently stroked it up and down a few times. Then slowly, she put her lips up to my head, and as if to taste it, she slowly ran her lips over it. She slowly put my cock into her mouth. She slowly began to move her head up and down, running her tounge up and down my shaft. I put my hands on her head and pushed her down on, gagging her with my cock. She pulled out and spit on my shaft, and started sucks some more. “Ohhh god your good. I knew you were a little cock sucking slut” She kept on sucking my shaft, using her tounge to lap up the pre-cum on my head. “Ok I said..stop.” I got up and told her to get on her knees on my bed. I put a finger into her cunt, and she was already wet as hell.

“Ok ...we’re gonna take this nice and easy.” I put the head of my cock right up to her cunt lips, and slowly pushed it in. Her pussy was so tight on my shaft. I put my hands on her hips, and slowly started to fuck her. I started to speed up, and she started to moan softly. I started to speed up. The feeling of that tight, toned ass slamming into me, made me wanna fuck her even harder. I moved my hands up and cupper her breasts in my hands. God damn I thought, this girl is fucking awesome. I could feel myself about to cum.

“Oh god I’m about to” I pulled out and turned around and I stuck my dick in her. She stuck is down her throat and started sucking it.

“OHHH god here it comes.....OHHHH..” I let a giant load of cum right down here throat. She let my cock out of her mouth, and swallowed my load. She looked up at me and said “We’re gonna do more studying this year.


2006-06-09 15:03:39
I agree rough stuff spoils the story just keep thinking with your cock


2006-06-08 12:33:31
don't like the rough stuff, makes the author look like a jerk. first you love the lady before you love the pussy.

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