It had been a long and tiring move from our previous home to the one we just moved into in July of that summer to a house out in no where land. The house was cluttered with boxes and furniture with only small paths to walk down to get from room to room. I was 14yrs old and in really good shape. I played all the sports in school which had carved a tight muscular body with hormones to match. But this move had completey wore me out. Mom was in her mid 30's with an average figure but all things considered, looked hot. Her firm 36C breast and shapely waist complimented her tight ass. She too was drained from the unloading.
She suggested we get her room together and then the following day get my room aranged, I readily agreed. She had a queen size bed with a matching dresser and mirror and two small tables on each side of the bed. We soon had it somewhat arranged and she then stated she was going to bath and go to sleep. I laid on the bed resting my aching muscles as I listened to her shower. Soon she came out in a t-shirt that came about mid-line to her knees. She brushed her hair in front of the mirror as she instructed me to go take mine. I walked by as she raised her hand to brush her hair and caught a glimpse of her right breast through the open sleeve of the shirt. A shock ran through my body and spontaneously my penis reacted. I hurried to the shower. I tried to igore the thoughts I was replaying in my mind of what I had just seen but as stated earlier, the hormones were running high. I finished my shower and walked into the room to find her lying on the bed uncovered. Along with other things on the repair list, the A/C was at the top. I was tired but couldn't sleep and asked her if I could watch the small TV on the table next to the bed. She mumbled a slurry ok and continued to lay on her back. As I flipped through the channels I realized that some of them had a brighter light which lit up the room. This however, did not seem to bother mom. The channel surfing continued and as I glimpsed up when the room was bright I froze. With the light from the TV I could see in the mirror the reflection of my mother's body. She was still on her back with her legs positioned where one was straight and the other bent at the knee with the foot against her leg. I was able to see up her t-shirt and thighs to her thin panties covering what looked like a large puffy mound. Small dark hairs escaped the sides. The thin material did little to cover the rest. Again my penis reacted to my view. Her arm was covering her eyes and she was breathing slow and steady. I gazed at the mirror as I instinctivly rubbed my cock. This was the first time I had ever seen a pussy that close, even if it was covered and mom's. I got up to go to the bathroom and looked back. I could cleary see her twat as I reached the end of the bed. Once in the bathroom I pulled out my cock and within a few minutes shot my wad across the room. It was that overwhelming. I went back to the bedroom and mom had changed positions this time lying on her side facing away from me. I laid down on my side facing the wall, turned off the TV and fell ito a deep sleep. Around 2:00am I awoke to find mom spooned against me. I could feel her firm breast and torso pressing against my back. The thin cotton shirt did not conceal her body from mine. I could feel her nipples harden as she pressed deeper into my shoulders. I waited a few minutes then decided to role toward her. As I did she roled with me and now the position was reversed.The cotton t-shirt had risen up some and her bare thighs were against my legs. The shear panty line was visible from the moonlite coming from the open curtains along with all her other wonderful curves. Again her breathing was slow and steady as mine became faster and stronger. My cock was aching again and this time beating off was not going to help. I slowly moved towards mom's tight ass until my cock was slightly against it. I froze. She remained motionless and I pressed a little harder and slowly moved my hand onto her hip. Mom made a slow move rolling futher away from me but parting her legsat the same time. This caused her shirt to rise up futher until her ass was completely visible. It also allowed her cunt to be exposed as it bulged against the fabric. Once again, with the help of a full moon, I could see the hairs coming out of the legs of her panties. My cock was about to explode. With a trembling hand I started to move it from her hip towards her inner thighs. Still she remained motionless. The intensity grew as did my cock as I inched closer and closer to her puffy mound. Then, I felt small hairs across my fingers. Again I stopped all movement. And again no movement from mom. I slowly continued my exploration of her inner thigh where I discovered her puffy lips pressing against her thin panties. It was soft yet firm. She repositioned her legs with a larger gap between them. Then laid still. I pushed against her mound in wonder. It felt so good. It was warm and moist. I carressed her bulging lips and managed to slip one finger under the hem of her panties. I worked with the edge until I had exposed one large,puffy lip that was very slippery. Carefully, I continued to work her panties over to the opposite side until her cunt was completley visible. My wondering finger found her slit and parted her cunt lips. I continued to press my finger into her until I felt a sense of a vacuum and it slid as far as it could go. It was warm and wet. I wondered if I could get another finger in and slowly slipped my middle finger in as well. It caused her to twitch andher cunt tightened but still she said nothing. I slipped both finger in and out of her feeling the wetness increase. My other hands were running through her cunt hairs and cupping her large mound. I could not stand it any longer and pulled out my stiff cock and ever so slowy inched it towards her wet opening. First I felt her pussy hairs tickle the end of my cock. Then I felt her warm, moist slit. She let out a soft moan and pressed her ass against my cock which caused it to slip into her wet hole. "That feels so good darling, please don't stop." She moaned. She pressed harder and my whole cock slipped deep into her drenched pussy. I didn't know what to do. "Don't stop baby, please do your mommy. Fuck your mommy now." Half way in shock that she was awake, and commanding me to fuck her,I pressed hard against her ass and began pumping in and out. She squeezed my cock with her tight cunt muscles. "That's right do me good!!!!" I continued to fuck her in that position while my head was spinning and everything seemed unreal. She pulled away, slipped off her t-shirt and panties thed placed her head on the pillow and her ass in the air. "Get behind me sweetie. Take me from behind." I sat up on my knees behind her and againd caught a look at her glistening, wet cunt before I drove my cock deep into her again. "OH YESSS!!!" "YES, do me good sweetie do me good!!!" Her breast were hanging down swaying with every slap of my cock into her hungry hole. I had her by her waist pounding away as she began talking dirty. "Fuck me hard, baby, I like it hard and rough. I loved to be fucked. I will fuck anything. Do what you want to sweetie, I am your slut. Remember your friend Tommy ",she gasp "I used to let him look under my skirt with no panties on. I let him see my hairy pussy. Do you like my hairy pussy?". "oh yes, I stammered out. "I let him play with it when he stayed over with you. I let him stick his fingers in my wet cunt. " Hurt me baby, do what you want. Squeeze my tits baby, squeeze them hard. Tommy would squash them til they turned red. I took my hands off her hips and I grabbed her swinnging tit and squeezed as hard as I could. I then slapped her ass. "Oh, baby hurt me, I'm so naughty letting Tommy finger me . OH YES!! " Your making your mommy cum!!! I felt my balls tighten and in an instance yelled "Im cuming!!!!" She tightened her muscles tighter, threw her head back and screamed ..."OOOOOOO YESSSSSSS...I'm cumming too!!!!" YES...YES...Yessss...." I fell to my side of the bed and stared at the ceiling losing all sense of time. I looked over at mom and she was wearing her t-shirt facing the window where the moonlite filtered through. Her breathing was slow and steady. After a little while I walked to the bathroom again and cleaned the cum off my balls and cock. I slipped back into bed and fell back into a deep sleep. All the while wondering.......was it a wet dream???

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2009-05-09 19:32:28
is this true? if so cool. wish i could.


2008-07-31 22:58:59
Good story. Too short. Keep fucking your mom and get her pregnant and live together as husband and wife or just as lovers and mother and son.


2008-05-26 11:38:30
paragraphs man paragraphs....makes it so much easier to read! good story tho!


2008-04-02 23:03:25
Gave a low score but would have given a much higher score if you would use paragraphs iin your writing. Not using paragraphs makes the story very difficult to read and to get a flow.


2008-02-25 09:59:57
This could have been a 10/10 story if you could write properly.

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