Kayden discovers the school's secret and gets ready for his first swimming lesson.
Hey everyone, this is the second part of Kayden's View.

I hoped you will enjoy this part as much as the first. I did originally want to get to the end of the swimming lesson by the end of this part although it was already getting too long so I decided to split it into an additional part.

For this part there are two double-dotted lines, just because.



Kayden settled down on his bed and opened his laptop. He opened up the internet, hesitated, his lips pursed. Then he started to type; s-experi. His little fingers gliding over the keys, he hit enter.

A number of results appeared, over three-hundred-thousand, but it was the second link that caught his eye. The web address read, that must be it. He clicked on the link and let the web page load up. A search box popped up in the middle of the page. Kayden inputted Colton Grammar and clicked the Find option.

He had bugged Jarrett to tell him what the site was about but he had a reasonable idea. Jarrett had told him that the website had been where people had posted their school experiences. He said that years and years ago the website had even been endorsed by the school who included the website address in their student guide which they gave to every interested pupil at the open day, one of the few schools to do so. In those few years however it had fallen into disrepair, until someone decided to post an experience they had had of the school that had nothing to do with the lessons or the teachers, but with another student.

The school's introductory student guide had not been updated since, meaning that the website still remained on the guide. It was seen only by students interested in going to the school, and most of the candidates checked the website. They all saw the story. It instantly made their decision, either they went to find another school, or they had found their ideal school. This was eight years ago, and since that time the amount of experiences grew, and grew; the number almost tripling every year.

As the page finally loaded up Kayden's eyes grew wide.

"Holy fuck," he whispered under his breath as he noticed the amount of results for Colton Grammar. Across the top of the screen it read, 'S-Experi' and underneath, 'Real experiences told by real students'.

Kayden read down the web page. 'Page 1 of 77', 'Showing results 1-20 of 1,525'. He swallowed the lump in his throat, a little croak escaping his lips. He couldn't help but stare at the number of results, over one-and-a-half-thousand experiences.

Each entry was time-stamped, as well as a view and comment counter. Kayden scrolled down the list, it appeared to be in date order from newest to oldest. He went back to the top of the list and read down the titles.

The top two got his attention, 'First day back' and 'First day ever'. He opened them into new tabs and switched to the first entry, 'First day back'.

First day back.

By Salsy

Sixth form is awesome! I must admit, there isn't as many people this year. Some have moved on, but the ones that stayed... umph! There are nine boys in my class and I think there are another nine in the other class.

I'm glad Marion is still here, despite the fun and games we're still here for an education. Last year he focused me, relaxed me when I was getting stressed about exams. God he is so good with his mouth.

Benjamin's been working out over the holidays again and now he looks buff as hell. He said he'll show me around his new set-up tomorrow. ;)

Anyway, first day back. As it is for everyone, normal lessons are fun. And now we have free periods... even more fun. But none of that compares to PE lessons. It's like the PE teachers don't even care anymore, they just let you get on with it when you get to our age. But that's what's good about it. Today we just went out and sunbathed on the field. All of us stripped down to our underwear. Marion and Thomas went one step further.

I think everyone is just settling back into the school environment before the real fun begins. Everyone looks so good. James had his bright, lime green pants on today and his sunglasses, looking like a film star; as usual. Charlie had his tight red boxers on, and that bulge is just... I'm getting hard just thinking of its size.

Aleks and Isac decided to make out a little, and then Aleks got on top of Isac and started grinding their cocks together. It was so hot. So I started jacking off. It wasn't hard to climax seeing as Aleks and Isac were going at it and everyone else was doing the same. Thomas even helped me out, after of course he had oiled himself up. I swear he is obsessed with making his body as slippery as possible. But it just increased the pleasure.

He sucked me off to finish and swallowed every, single, drop. I swear the heat of the sun on my naked body almost doubled the experience.

After we got back to the changing room we started to make plans. I'm not saying what, but it's going to be good. And if anyone stumbles in, you are more than welcome.

As always I'm looking forwards to Alfie's account of today, he always seems to be able to describe it almost as good as it felt at the time.

In other news, the new year 7s are in. And what a bunch of cuties they are. I'm sure we'll get to know them well enough sooner or later.

Oh, and we have swimming tomorrow. Looking forward to that for sure.

Kayden found himself to be shivering slightly, his cock erect and tight against the inside of his trousers.

This was going on at the school that he went to. At his school. The fact that the author of the piece had included people's names shocked Kayden slightly.

Surely they had been changed, surely they were fake names. But then again, that wouldn't change the fact that the event had happened.

He scrolled down to the bottom of the page. The article, if he could call it that, had only been read a few hundred times. But it had been liked over a hundred.

And it had seven comments.

Posted by Stretch at 16:02 pm.
Salsmeister! Course I'm posting it, just give me a bit of time these things take a while to write. :P

Posted by Salsy at 16:17 pm.
And when you do write it make sure you give me a huge cock. And remember to add in how Thomas swallowed every single drop. ;)

Posted by Stretch at 16:20 pm.
Will do mate. I'll just write it how it is, Tom deepthroating your monster. ;P

Posted by Subsar at 17:38 pm.
Lucky buggers. :/ We didn't even have PE today! Fucking sucks. Still had a good time in free period though, I think Callum said he was gonna upload it some time.

Posted by Goldenboy at 17:40 pm.
You guys are so lucky. We still have teachers taking all our lessons. :'( Can't wait for sixth form.

Posted by Nieser at 17:47 pm.
Hey Goldenboy, come see me tomorrow at lunch. Me and Salsy'll make it up to you.

Posted by Redlips at 18:14 pm.

Kayden looked at the clock, the comment had only been posted five minutes ago.

Hi everyone. I'm one of the new year 7s. Does everyone know everyone else on here?

Kayden's mouth almost fell open. He read the comment over and over, almost as if it would tell him who 'Redlips' was.

He thought through all the people in his class. But quickly realised that there were two more classes in his year. It could be someone that he didn't even know.

Just then a notice popped up on the bottom corner of the screen. It read: Refresh to see new comment/s. Kayden quickly refreshed the page.

Posted by Salsy at 18:20 pm.

Welcome Redlips, and all the new year 7s. I hope you had a good first day at Colton. It's a great school and you'll make lots of great friends. I'm one of the main posters on this site and as close as you get to an administrator.

The thing is, with this site, it's hard to stay anonymous since pretty much every user on here is from Colton. You'll work out soon enough who everyone is so I'll start off. My name is Jacob Salsgaard, Salsy for short. Year twelver and deputy head boy.

If you did want to stay anonymous, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. The only way is to not post on here and hope that no one else posts about you. But that means not doing anything at school, and I'm sure that's not why you joined the school.

Anyway, welcome again. Any problems online or in school, come see me and I'll do everything I can to help you out. ;)

Kayden took a deep breath. Then he opened up the school website, and clicked on the online email portal. Typing in his username and password that he had been given that day, he made his way into his inbox. He already had a few emails but nothing of importance. Opening up a new email, and then the address book he scrolled through the names. And there he was; Jacob Salsgaard. He was telling the truth.

Kayden took a few minutes, going through the list of the students; he guessed that there were at least three hundred, maybe four hundred students. Then, he sorted them by year groups and searched through his own year. He had only gotten first names during his first day, but now he had their full names, he went through the list, remembering ten names, and he already knew Joey from his last school, but he had already forgotten the rest.

He spent the next half an hour looking through the list of names. It was when he got to the fourth name of the year 12s that he hovered over the name; Benjamin Nieser. Kayden wondered why the name sounded familiar. He flicked back to Salsy's entry and looked through the comments. And there it was, the sixth comment was posted by Nieser.

Salsy's words rang through his head, if you did want to stay anonymous, I'm afraid that isn't going to happen. This guy wasn't even trying to hide. He had even invited a younger boy to join him at lunch. To do what? It didn't take much to have some idea.

From the list, that was the only person that had a name he could relate back to the users, for now.

Kayden blew out a big breath and stretched his hands behind his head. He was just about to close his laptop when he realised that he still hadn't opened up his other tab. He clicked on it.


First day ever

By Compass.

I'd heard the rumours but this was even better. Just thought I'd contribute by sharing my favourite part of the day.

Everyone was hot, everyone was sweating. I already had a boner from getting a massage-


-from one of the hottest boys in my class. I just want to lick all over his six-pack. And his package! I can't wait to see it!

Kayden swallowed, hard.

As I looked around, everyone was stripping down. Down to their skimpy boxers and a few were wearing pants. I can't remember seeing someone that wasn't sexy.

I sat up and noticed this one boy giving me the eye. I think his name was Casey. He had a flat chest and stomach. It was only when I looked down to his stomach that I realised that he was completely naked. His little cock was twitching and it looked like he was gently stroking it with the back of his forefinger. It was so small and tucked in between his thighs and his stomach, it was so cute. And then he reached out and put a hand on my knee.

I remember the touch making my dick move. Then he slid his hand up my thigh, grabbed the bottom of my boxers and gently began to pulled them down. I had to lift my bum off the bench, but he slowly managed to get them down to my ankles. It was now that I noticed that some people were watching me, most had their hands down their pants. A few even had taken them off. Their naked bodies made me shiver with pleasure.

Another group had migrated over to the doorway of the shower, and it was then that I heard the first yell. I think it was Michael. The thought of what might be going on in there filled my mind with fantasies. And that was the moment that Casey decided to swallow my cock. Literally swallow it. I don't know how he did it, his mouth was so small. So delicate.

Sucking, slurping away. Diving his head down so that his forehead pressed into my stomach. I almost came the feeling was so good.

And then he came back up, and started to lick the head of my cock. Over and over, running the full length of his coarse tongue over my sensitive head. Each time it made me shiver uncontrollably. I begged him to go back down. After a few more licks, he kissed the tip with his perfect lips. Kissed down my length, kissed my balls. And then swallowed them both at once. My knees buckled and I slipped to the floor, Casey following me down. He climbed over me and continued to suck, sending a massive tingling sensation up my entire body.

I screamed as a huge spike of pleasure shot through my cock. Casey withdrew. Then he wrapped his little pink lips over my pulsing cock and sucked. I couldn't help myself, it was like he wanted to suck my cock off. I had to scream and yell and curse, louder and louder. That's all I could hear, and half the curses weren't my own. Then, Casey gave one last suck. I bucked my hips into his face, my cock touching the back of his throat! My body started to shake, then the warmth, and the pleasure! Casey gripped my butt tightly, jamming my cock as far down his throat as he could, the tip of my cock now rubbing against the back of his throat.

And then I screamed as loud as I could, and I came so hard into Casey's mouth. As the jolts of cum shooting from my cock lessened and lessened, I felt a warmth spread over my crotch. I stretched my neck and looked down my body at Casey, his tiny mouth still spread over my cock, my cum leaking from his lips.

Finally he slipped his silky lips off my cock, the cum dribbling down his chin and dripping down his chest. He lent forwards and licked up the rest, his tongue running over my crotch made me shiver, made me moan. Then he planted a little kiss over my belly button and one on my twitching flaccid cock. I then noticed that his tiny cock was dripping its own thick, white substance. I sat up and found my thighs were plastered in Casey's cum.

I finally came to my senses, moans and groans surrounded me. Hands around cocks, stroking wildly. A string of cum splattered against my back. Before I knew it I had three guys knelt beside me, their tongues all over my body. Licking up and down my chest, kissing my cock, sucking up Casey's salty cum.

And then a moan slipped from my lips, and a tiny pair of lips pressed against mine. As my tongue entered his mouth I tasted the salty, sweetness of my own cum. Someone nipped at my cock. I pulled back. Casey's little face grew into a wide smile, I did the same. My thighs were soaked and sticky. The same with my back and my stomach, but I didn't care. Not at all.

"So?" Jarrett asked, "did you look it up?"

Kayden looked around the playground at the swarms of boys, young and old. He still couldn't believe it.

"Everyone? Every single one of them?"

Jarrett just nodded his head, "why else would you come here?" Then his mouth spread into a wide grin.

"What about the teachers?"

Jarrett shrugged, "I don't know, I don't think so. Someone asked an older guy and they said that the school still has to get grades to stay open. So they have to have proper teachers. So it's up to us." He pointed to the string-tie bag that Kayden clutched in his left hand, "is that your swimming kit then?"

"Yeah, where's yours?"

Jarrett thought, "let's just say that I'm wearing it right now."

Once more Kayden looked around and noticed a few of the boys from his class in a huddle. He motioned to them, then led Jarrett over to the crowd.

"Hey, what are you-"

As Kayden peered through the bodies he made out two small bodies on the hard floor. One, with a mop of light brown hair and a serious look, was knelt over the other's chest, trapping him. The boy on top spoke.

"Well come on then. Aren't you gonna try?"

It was then that Kayden realised that the boy who was on top had a huge bulge in his trousers and was teasing it in front of the other boy's face. "Don't you wanna lick it? Suck it? Suck my huge cock?"

The trapped boy let out a timid cry. Then he tipped his head up in an attempt to get his mouth closer to the bulge. "You think you're good enough for it, huh?"

The boy on top said, putting a finger on the trapped boy's forehead and pushing it back to the ground. "Cause you're not."

Then the boy on top shifted himself down the chest of his victim, unzipped his flies and took out his cock. He laid it on the chest of the boy. Kayden's mouth instantly dropped, it was the biggest cock he had ever seen. At least an inch bigger than Michael's.

The trapped boy, again, tried to lever his head up all the while staring down his body at the meaty length. His eyes were wide, and his mouth gaping. But he wasn't going anywhere.

"Hey!" came a voice from the crowd. Kayden was surprised at how loud the voice was, and then he realised how quiet the boys in the huddle had been. Every single person in the huddle turned to see who had shouted. It was Jarrett. Kayden felt his cheeks go red. "Let him go will you?"

The boy on top glared at Jarrett, "mind your own business Frenchy!"

"Hey, he's half-French, you douche." This insult came from Joey.

The boy on top looked from Jarrett to Joey and then back again, then he finally stood up, his cock still hanging from his trousers.

"I'm gonna make you regret that," the boy hissed, turned and walked off, "come on Scott, let's go." Another boy turned and made after the first, reaching over and tucking his friend's cock back into his trousers as he did so.

As the huddle disintegrated Jarrett helped the other boy to his feet.

"Thanks for speaking up," he said to Jarrett, showing his goofy teeth in a smile, "I'm Harry."

"I'm Jarrett, this is Kayden and Joey. Who was that then?" he asked.

Harry looked back over his shoulder and watched as the boy and his friend disappeared into the school, "that's Alex. He thinks he's better than everyone. I thought it was going to be fun here but Alex thinks he's too good to join in, or he teases people." Harry pointed to the spot where he had just been pinned down, "like there."

Joey said, "why did he choose to come here then?"

"Scott I guess. They're boyfriends. Don't know why, they don't suit each other. And, apparently Scott's a right slut. Suck any guy he can get a hold of." Harry leaned into the trio, "between you and me, I don't think Alex knows. And I've seen Scott give two guys blowjobs already."

"Sounds like Casey in our class," Joey chirped.

Kayden suddenly remembered what he had read the night before, "oh yeah, cause Casey sucked David off."

Jarrett rolled his eyes, "jeez, I said check it out not read every entry. You can't waste yourself at night, Kayden. You won't have anything left for school."

The thought made Kayden blush, he shook his head lightly, "come on, let's get inside."

The PE teacher stood at the front of the group and did the register; all twenty students were present.

Kayden turned to Jarrett, "so is there a pool here or...?"

As if to answer his question the teacher turned, and took a hold of a handle on the wall. And then pulled. The whole wall started to slide back.

Instantly there was the strong scent of chlorine and the sound of splashing water. Twenty-five metres of swimming pool came into view. Kayden's heart started to beat a little faster. The teacher then led them into the large room, the group made their way around the pool edge to three doorways. The teacher pointed to each of them in turn, "all right everyone, changing rooms are through there, lost-and-found is in there and that is the sixth form changing room in there." The teacher turned, "any questions?"

"What if we've forgotten our kit?" said a shy voice from the back of the group. It was Seth, again.

The teacher sighed, "Seth..." he pointed to the second door, "we don't call it lost-and-found for nothing."


Kayden put his kit bag down on his bench. He could feel the tension in the air this time.

"Hey, I want to show you mine first," he said. Unbuttoning his shirt he pulled it off.

"I wish I had a six pack like that."

Kayden laughed, "and I wish I had a body like yours."

Next he unzipped his trousers and pulled them down, stepping out of them to reveal his skimpy black boxers.

"Very nice," whispered Jarrett, reaching out a hand and placing it on Kayden's hip, "silky... oh, hello."

Kayden felt a thumb touch the tip of his already erect cock through the thin material. Then Jarrett placed a second hand on Kayden's other hip and dragged his boxers down his thighs. Kayden's cock was pulled down and then finally sprang up, free.

Jarrett was now on his knees in front of Kayden's erect cock. Kayden waited for the soft lips to wrap around his cock. But they didn't come.

"You said you were going to show me?" Jarrett said with a smirk across his face.

"You teaser!" Kayden yelled. Then reached for his trunks. Tight, white speedos. He raised his left leg to step into them in doing so he brushed his inner thigh against Jarrett's cheek. Pulling them up his thighs he just about managed to tuck his cock into the couple of inches of material. But there was still quite a bulge.

"Oh you do know how to impress," Jarrett whispered, lent forwards and planted a kiss on Kayden's bulge. Then Jarrett stood up and took a step back, but Kayden quickly made up the distance between them. He put a finger on Jarrett's chest.

"And you haven't even taken your shirt off yet." There was a flash of motion and Jarrett's shirt settled on the floor of the changing room. Kayden took in Jarrett's golden body and licked his lips. And then Jarrett pulled down his trousers. To reveal his tanned cock hanging between his legs.

Kayden gulped, "I... I thought you said you... that you had it on."

Jarrett took a little step forwards so that his cock pressed into Kayden's bulge, "oh I do. This is my nude outfit in its full. Like it?"

Kayden wrapped his little fingers around Jarrett's soft, warm cock. "God yeah."

"I thought you might, I chose it out especially for you," he said with a wink and brushed his lips against Kayden's. Kayden's eyes fluttered close, his lips pursed.

Then he took a breath and opened his eyes to find Jarrett's cock swinging in front of his face. Jarrett had climbed onto the bench and positioned himself perfectly. Kayden didn't miss a beat, his mouth swallowing Jarrett's soft cock whole. He felt Jarrett's hands running through his hair, pulling at it, gripping it tightly as Kayden slurped away at the growing cock. Kayden could feel Jarrett's member swelling in his mouth, filling it, pushing his lips wider and wider.

Jarrett started to moan, gently grinding his crotch into Kayden's mouth.

"Mmm... oh, Kayden. Mmmm... Uh!"

Kayden withdrew, leaving a string of pre-cum hanging from his mouth. Jarrett took hold of his cock and rubbed the tip against Kayden's lips. "Oh, looks like Kai and Michael are getting close."

Kayden quickly turned to find Michael and Kai stood angled into each other, with their backs to him. Kayden stood up on the bench next to Jarrett, slowly stroking his friend's cock.

As he looked over the top of the two boys he could just make out the bases of their penises, as they were both pushed in and out of Casey's stretched mouth.

"Fuck Casey!" Michael cried out, quickly increasing the pace, "Oh God, Kai. You're dick feels so good!"

"Mmm! Mhmmmm!" was all Casey could whimper as Michael and Kai both started to facefuck Casey's mouth, faster and faster, harder and harder until Casey started to cry out desperately for more.

"Fuck. Fuck! FUCK. FUUCK!" Kai screamed as he pounded into Casey's mouth. The sensation of rubbing against Casey's stretched lips and Michael's big cock was building, and building.

Michael started to grunt, louder and louder. Until he sounded like he had gone crazy. A few of the boys were now moaning in sync as they stroked their own cocks.

"Hgggnn! You close-e?" Michael just managed to say through gritted teeth, his eyes now screwed shut.

Kai's response was to grab Michael's bubble butt and squeeze it hard. Then with one final manic, grunting fuck and one animal shout they both ejaculated into Casey's tiny mouth.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" Michael squealed, his head lolling back.

Kai's body was shaking as he shot string after string into Casey's mouth.

Suddenly Casey pulled his head back and gagged, before bursting into a coughing fit spraying Michael and Kai's cum back onto their crotches. Casey managed to compose himself and swallow, some of the cum still dribbling over his bottom lip. He looked up at Michael and Kai and grinned.

"Fuck," he said, "I really wanted to mix-and-match. But you two cum like hoses." He wiped the back of his hand over his lips.

Michael looked down at his cum covered crotch, "anyone wanna lick it up?"

"Ooh! Oh! OOH! I do!" came an excited cry from across the changing room. One of the shortest of the class literally bounced across to Michael, his long haired flying all over the place; his name was Dexter.

"Come here boy. Come here then." Michael said, putting on a voice as if he was talking to a puppy.

Dexter bounded up to him and fell to his knees in front of Michael, lapping away at the cum. Another boy with blond hair who was dressed in long blue swimming shorts came and knelt in front of Kai. Soon both of them were licked clean.

It was at that moment when the teacher popped around the corner, "are you all ready? This way then."

Kayden decided to wait for everyone to go first.

He watched as Dexter bounced out the door in his tiny black swimming shorts.

Next was Aaron in his light blue and white striped shorts.

And then Casey in his tight, black and white shorts.

David wore red and blue striped trunks that cupped his bulge nicely.

Ellis hadn't bothered to change out of his black pants.

Enzo had a pair of ridiculously thin orange trunks that Kayden could clearly see the outline of his cock through.

Jason was the only one to be wearing long, loose shorts; his excuse being that a hand could get under them easier.

Joey was in his dark blue trunks, his bulge almost bursting the material.

John had taken to Ellis' idea and was still in his orange boxers.

Kai's red swimming trunks were at least three sizes too small for him and also had a massive hole in the back that exposed half of his left bum.

Liam's yellow trunks had the biggest bulge in them, but only because his cock stood straight out from his body. But that resulted in the waistband of the trunks being pulled away from his stomach.

Luis looked like he was wearing his younger brother's trunks. So much so that he couldn't fit one of his balls inside the trunks.

Michael had been wearing a pair of skin tight cycling shorts, but had taken one look at Jarrett standing completely naked and torn the shorts off.

Nathan and Luca had matching black swimming shorts, both pairs were in tatters. The waistband of one had been half ripped off, and the other pair had a big rip up the outer leg, from bottom to waistband.

Noah's black trunks were tiny, but then so was Noah. Kayden reckoned that the leg bands were mere centimetres wide.

Zac had also kept his black pants on.

And Seth had found the only thing that didn't keep slipping down in the lost-and-found cupboard. What could only be described as a long thin strip of transulcent black material, connected to a circle of string. The whole of his legs were exposed, you could drag your finger down his side, his waist, his hip and then down the side of his bum with only a thin piece of string stopping you. And the thin material that hid his cock and balls was too long meaning that it didn't cradle his cock. In fact, if you were at the side of Seth you could clearly see his little cock and balls, hanging there, soft and smooth.

And then there was Jarrett in his tanned naked beauty, his flat stomach, peaked nipples and erect cock. Kayden watched his bubble butt sway as he walked through to the swimming pool, making sure that he stayed only a step behind, but keeping his eyes on the firm, bouncing cheeks of Jarrett's bum.

Last out was Kayden in his tight, white trunks. Watching Jarrett's bubble butt had made him regain his erection and now his cock was painfully stretching the material to breaking point.


Next time the class have some fun in the water.

Also, I would like it if you could leave a comment about which character you want to go exploring in the next part.

Or indeed if there are any characters or year groups that you would like me to add in. I will say now that I do have a whole school's worth of boys ready to go, so it's up to you!

I left it with descriptions of the boys so, in the mean time, you can make up your own fantasies if you so desire. And if you do, don't be afraid to tell me what they are in the comments. I might just be persuaded to incorporate them in my own writing.

Until the next experience,




2017-02-25 12:33:38
By far the best-written story, however, the sexual content is a bit too busy for me.
I'm hoping to see Seth and Kayden hook up but in a private setting, may be away from school.

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2016-07-02 13:37:18
I am sorry. The story was very hard to follow. I guess you have to be English to understand it. Sexy premise though.


2016-02-15 23:47:46
I would love to do that, and that was the original plot line, but it was rejected; despite me changing it over five times to get it accepted. That is why I have posted the original part on Nifty.

However, I will try again to add a young teacher in, within the next few parts.

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2016-02-15 21:04:17
can you maybe worked in a young male teacher that just started working there and is confused but in the same time getting seduced by one of the caracters maybe kayden en jarett


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Part 3 has already been submitted and is waiting to be either accepted or rejected.

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