My Stepdad was a really horny guy; his appetite for sex was quite rampant it was one of the few qualities that I admired in him. When he tried to fuck my mother, it was a rare occasion when she’d allow his advances, she’d lost all her sexual desire, and would often refuse his advances. On the few occasions that he did have sexual intercourse, I could hear the sound of their bed being used; I know that all she wanted was for my Stepdad to shot his cum load inside her so she could get to sleep. Being a young and randy cum slut I used to creep on the landing and try to peep through their bedroom door and catch a glimpse of my Stepdad penetrating my mother, the sight of my Stepdad fucking my mother always made me feel really lustful. As a 16-year-old I used to fantasise that my Stepdad would fuck me. I use to feel sorry for my Stepdad he was as horny guy just like me but he’d no one who let him fuck them.

One night after my Stepdad’s had been out on a drinking spree he went directly to bed hoping to fuck my mother, but my mother wasn’t interested. I could hear him pleading with my mother, he said ‘I’m horny as hell woman, I’m in need some of your lovely pussy’, as normal she told him to go and play with himself.

After my mother’s rebuff my Stepdad went directly to the toilet, I’d been listening to my Stepdad’s pleading so I’d no time to rush back to me room met. My Stepdad caught me on the landing I gave him the impression that I’d been to the toilet. Because I usually wear a pair of skimpy girl’s nylon panties to bed my Stepdad noticed I was only dressed in panties with no place to hide I thought he’d be really annoyed but to my relief because he was drunk and lustful cock had not been satisfied. He whispered to me as he passed by “nice cock in your panties, you look fucking more attractive than your mother’s does in her bagging knickers”. I returned to me bed feeling excited my Stepdad had actually complemented me on my panties. In the early hours I wanted to use the bathroom I didn’t switching the light on I just crept quietly across the landing to bathroom. When I was startled by the sight of my Stepdad sitting on the toilet seat with his classic white underpants around his ankles and jerking himself off, I just stood there and looked at him he didn’t flinch he was to enraptured in masturbating himself to care that I was watching him.

I took the golden opportunity to give him a help hand, I knelt down in front of him, at this point he stopped jerking himself, which gave me the chance to play with his cock, my Stepdad gave no objection, but boy did his face lit up with delight when my mouth and tongue tantalised his dick. He surprised me when he asked me to masturbate him, which I did with great pleasure, but my lustful desire to suck his cock overtook me, I couldn’t resist the chance, so I took hold of his cock and placed it in my mouth and began caressing the tip of his cock with my tongue, his per cum juices tasted just like nectar.

My Stepdad massaged my head of hair with his hands, and whispered quietly “Please don’t stop” I couldn’t resist the opportunity and made sure I make the most of this opportunity even though the prospect my mother could have caught us. I eventually sucked his cock dry and savoured every drop of spunk I could squeeze. After swallowing the sperm juices I just smiled at my Stepdad stood up and quietly returned to my bedroom.

The next day my mother left the house early to travel to my Aunt who had been ill and needed looking after. I arose soon after she left, because my mother was not in the house, and I’d sucked my Stepdad cock the previous night, I became bold enough to wear a pair of frilly panties. When my Stepdad came into the Kitchen he was only wearing his white Calvin Klein classic briefs, his cock was protruding thought the front panel of his underpants. The sight of me in frilly knickers must have turned him on because he soon had a huge erection in his briefs. ‘You want to be careful’ my Stepdad commented ‘I know you’re a good cock sucker, with an panty covered ass like yours it will give me the impression you want to be fucked’. I was standing at the sink so I wiggled my panty ass behind inviting him to play. This trigged off my Stepdad and he proceeded towards me, he rubbed my ass, ‘boy did it feel really wonderful’. I noticed his cock had risen to a full erection, he gyrated his cock against my panty covered ass, I then implore him not to stop, then he yanked my knickers over my bottom took hold of his cock and began to rub it up and down the crack of my posterior, ‘I can tell you like cock oral and anal’ my Stepdad commented, I told him ‘I loved cock in any colour or size. My Stepdad guided his cock to enter my anus but it was to tight for entry, then quickly remembered a film called ‘Last tango in Paris’ starring Marlon Brando, when he raped a girl but first he grabbed hold of some butter and lubricated her cunt, my Stepdad did the same he cock was so hard he had no problem in ramming his erect cock inside me, I was in pain but my longing for his cock helped me cope with the discomfort. My Stepdad fucked me with no thought or consideration for my tight asshole

While my Stepdad fucked my ass he began making comments like ‘you horny fucking bitch’, ‘you fucking cock whore’, ‘you cock sucking bastard’, I answered by saying ‘Am I daddies little fuck toy, does daddy want to fuck my tight little fuckhole, eventually my Stepdad ejaculated inside me, but he was aware I hadn’t shot my cum so he did not with draw his cock from my spunk filled cunt, he jerked me off until I shot my load, we both were fucking tired and shagged out, while my Stepdad was pulling his underpants up he said ‘Don’t forget you’re my bed tonight, make sure you cunt is well oiled, because we’re going to fuck all night long’, I answered ‘Of course Daddy, your little sissy boy’s cunt will be ready and waiting’.

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wow am horny nw

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That makes me wanna have sex!!

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I love wearing panties also wish my stepmoms boyfriend would fuck me.

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You should make more about your step-dad like what happend that night?

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