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had always wanted a gang bang now i get one
it was about 2 weeks after comign back from iraq, i had had sex with many guys and owmen in those two weeks but i graved more, i needed more i wanted want all teh poron star women had 5 or more men all fuckign just them. i wanted to be that woman. so aroudn 8 pm on friday night i went down to a local gay bar to see what i coudl find for fun. i walked into the bar and every eye was on me i am 5'7" 140lbs thin musculare and a nice ass, i had on a tight tshirt and blue jeans, i sat at the bar and ordered a drink and slowly looked around the room. there were 15 men i the bar andevery man ther was eyeing me up and down. about an hour passed then a tall man with short darl hair a littel puddy in the missle but otherwise very good loking walked up tot the bar and sat down next to me. "so how are u tongiht" he asked, "i'm good", so whats u lookign for tongiht" "nothing inparticlare", nothign in articulare" ask asked, i leaned into him righ tup to his ear, well what i woudl like is to strip naked right now start suckign youre cock whiel bent over this bar stoll whiel i let ervy other guy in this bar fuck me till they cant fuck no more. i leaned bck and took a sip of my drink. he looked at me in disbelif. he ten leaned in to my ear, as he did this i slide my hand up his leg to his bulgign cock that was straing againt te thin dokkers he had on."well i dont know about the others but i wil ask te bar tender if he minds" i kissed him full on the lips and said i'll ask, withthat i leaned oevr the bar and waved at eh bartender. he was a bit over wieght but not too bad he said es what can i do for u. " well " i said " i woud liek to strip naked bend ove rthis stool give this man a blow job and et every one here fuck my ass right now" he kinda stammered nd got red in the face" are u serius" he asked yes i am i said. well we cant do it in teh bar but i have a privet bar i the backi can close up early and we cango back there. i said ok. i tehn stoop up and said. " any one who woudl liek to fuck me and cum in my mouth and cum in the back and do soo" with that said i grabed the gus hand and walked to the back i stripped naked and proced to swollow his huge cock about 1 min later i felt a hot tounge and fingers in my ass it want long befor the first cock sankinto my ass. he lasted very short time he puled out moved to my face and shoot is load all over my face. i ddint een stop sucking the cock ashe cum. i puled of fthe cok jsut as the second cock sid into my ass and said well if anyone had a camcorder go ahead and turn it on. i found out later that there were three camcorders running. one after anouter they took turns fuckign my ass as i sckedthis poor mans cock after about 3 hours every man had cum atleast twice on my face ther were now 15 naked men standing around me as i sucked a cock with limp cocks. i then stood up and asked teh man if he was ready to fuck me.e saideyes i thenstraddel his cock and let it sink deep into me, he was by far teh biggest of teh bunch. i rood him sloly for a few min tehn turned aroudn and bent over so my hands were on teh foor and let him just pound my ass. now i never put a condom on him but al the otheres did. so as he fucke dme harder and harder he he scream i' goign to cum, cum in me i said and as i said it he did it felt lieka gallon of cumin my ass but it was great. but bent oevr my in exshustion and said it was the best he had ever had. as did all the other guys. i sat there oteh floor with cum leakin gout my ass and drippng off my face and sucked every gu off once more tehn tehy al left. i then went to the bathroom nd cleaned up. i thne felt 3 fingers slid p my still bare ass i moaned in leaser. i was the guy who sat next to me at teh bar, he was rock hard. i want u agin right now. i turned around and kissed him hard he picked my up and shoved his cock deep into me he fucked my like that then we moved to the floorhe once agian cum deep inmy ass he said he loved me i kisse dhim back nad lay ter as he got up and cleaned up. i gave im my number as he left. wow that wasa night the bartender said. he handed me an envolpe it hadseveral thousnad dollersin it. i know next friday there will be double this many u cum bac next friday i'l double the mney, and dont worry i'll keep it quiet. i said sure thin i think i might liek this. ithenwalked up to teh bar tender gave hima big kiss and let him finger my ass i asked him if he wanted more and his only reply was bending me over and shovign his cock in me it was s hort fuck but nice he puled out and cum in my mouth. i swolloed a=it thanked him and got dressed. he said next time i'll have a bed here and u can fuck al night the bar will stay open as u fuck. i said ok. withthat i left the bar cum still dribblign out my ass and cum in my mouth all giddy thinking about next friday and 30 cock in me .

so finaly friday came, i was so excited i was giddy as a school girl. i had been seening my man, his name is mike ever night since teh pervius friday.he was soo good. as i left his place, i went to his place after work to get ready for teh nights fun, his cock felt soo good in me and it got me really reved up for that night. he promised to be there later that night so i was over joyed as i walked to the bar. i got there at 7pm a little early but i knew it was gogn to be a long night and dint want to leave any buddy out. i walked in and was a bit dissapointed when i saw only 10 men in there i figgure oh well its still early. i walked up to the bar and waved and the bartender he smiled waved back and stoled don to me, "is evertign all set for tonight: i asked yup u ready oh yeah i am. i walked through a heavey oak door into teh small room in the back. it was dimmly lit and had a king size bed in teh middle with couches aroudn teh outside with wicker baskets filed with cindoms. i knew the barteder was right behind me so i turned and droped to my knees and swolwed his exsposed cock, he cam very quickly and then said u ready i giggled stiped quickly and jumped up on bed with my ass facing the door. it was a few moments beofr i felt the first cock push into my ass, it was small and cam only a minuet after he went in the second man was no better, damn two cocks and no cum this sucks not a good start to he night, but i started to cean them up and then i flet a much bigger cock sink in to me uumm this feels much better i thoguht, both me left quickly after i finished cleanignthere cocks off and anouther big cock tok there place. these two big men took turns fucking my ass then my mout for over an hour befor both cum ing alll over my face. as i cleaned then up and a nouther took there place i noticed that there were atleast 20 men sittign naked and hard waititng fo rthere turn inmy ass. as the night went on i got horneyer and horneyer i staled one man and told anouther to enter my ass at teh same time as the two men both fucked my ass a thir slid his cock in my mouth all three men tok urn inmy ass and mouth over and over again till one by one they puled out and covered my face in cum. the rest of teh night ent b liek that to cocks in my ass one in my mouh it was soo blissfull, that i lost count as to how many times i let two cocks inmy ass atthe same time. finaly the last man puled out and cum inmy mouth i swoloed it egrlyand miled the rest from his cock. i lay on the bed with my legs spread wide and my ass still haev open enjoyign the feelign of teh night, i was still so horny and was wanteing more, just then a hot tounge entered my ass i let out a gasp of pleaser and pulled the hed into my ass , soon my lover mike's head appered from between my legs and slowly slid his full 10" into me, we fucked for over and our befor he emptey his cum into my ass. we kissed he gut up and left i was still in lalla land when i heard soem feet scuffel in teh doorway, it was six younge calage boys kinda nervus and not knowign what to do. i sat up and said get undressed and get those young cocks over her so i can suck the cum form you and let you fuck my ass al night. they needed no other invtatation, the fucked my liek rabbits eachone only stayign in my ass or mouth for 5 min then switching it felt god but i was getign anouyed, i grabed one and made him lyedown i sat on his cock back wards so alls he could see was my back i motioned for one of his freinds to cum to me he did and i pushed his cock into my ass with his buddies the other took the hint a third cam and filled my mouth and again they onl spent 5 min in me at a time except the one under me i let him stay where he was. after about 2 hours of this they srated to cum one by one they woudl pul out and cover my face with cum. soon only the oung man under me was left i puled off him and swolloed his whole cock slowly suckign the cum form his balls and when he cam his cum was soo much e puled out of my moutha dn coverd my face with the rest i cleaned him off and sent him out with is budies. i lay there for a few min and teh bartender cam in he said there were the last the bar had closed 4 hours ago but ehy had been waititng since midnight to fuck me that he couldnt throw them out till the fucked me. i thanked him and asked if he wanted any too, he said yes and proceded to fuck my ass for 45 min till he too pulled otu and covered my face in cum. he cleaned up and left em be. it took me abotu 30 min to clean up but when i did i felt great. i washead out the dor and the bartender yelled 45, what i replyed 45 men were here tonigth. wow thank you . he waved and i walked out walking back to mike apartment where i knew he was waitign for me naked and hard for more of my ass and mouth

end of story one i'll have more soon

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2008-10-20 00:22:53
Two paragraphs? Not so hot.


2008-02-13 01:26:16
how do we connect


2008-02-13 01:22:42
yeah but still hot


2006-12-30 01:47:40
um dyslexia?


2006-06-25 16:28:46
Bad story line

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