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My life 2

My Life2
On my thirteenth birthday my Mom & Dad gave me a birthday party. When I was getting ready I was standing in front of the mirror naked admiring my young body. The hair around my pussy was coming in a dark reddish brown. My tits had grown quite a bit the previous year and they were a cone shaped 32AB. I also noticed my areolas were a dark pink and my nipples were sticking out because I had just finished what I had learned that by removing the nozzle of the shower hose and letting the jet stream hit my pussy and clit I could have an orgasm and clean my pussy at the same time. That day I had cum twice. I stood there watching myself massage my tits and tweaking my nipples. I could feel my pussy starting to get a little wet so I stopped and got dress.

It was a wonderful party with all my friends from school and the neighborhood. Carl brought his sister with him and I got all excited when he whispered he had a special present for me. My Mom gave me two very nice dresses. I was surprised because they were quite short, about two inches above my knees. Dad gave me a cell- phone that only allowed about two hours on the card. He said that if I stayed within that time limit he would buy me a new card each month. Bobby gave me a thirty dollar gift certificate to Wall Mart; I don’t know where he got the money for it. Carl whispered his gift was his sister. I giggled and I swear my pussy gave a little squirt. Carl new I wanted to know what it was like to eat a pussy. Carl and Bobby tried to describe it because they had been eating mine for the last six months and it was wonderful. Bobby was good but when Carl did it he could make me cum so much I always had to make him stop or go crazy. He had the softest tongue and when he ran it up and down my pussy lips it felt like soft velvet. His tongue was longer than Bobby’s and he could reach up inside my vagina at least an inch further. He had a special touch.

About five thirty my Uncle came to the party with a brand new girls bicycle. I got so excited that I jumped into his harms wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. I gave him a big kiss on the mouth and as I straightened my arms I settled back looking at him I could feel my little pussy press against his crotch. He grabbed me by the ass so he could hold me. It may have been wishful thinking but I swear I felt him pump me up and down his crotch before easing me down to the floor. I felt like my pussy was on fire. As soon as I could get away I went into the bathroom and masturbated. My panties were so wet I decided to put them in the laundry bag and go without.

Just as I opened the door to leave, Carla, Carl’s sister stepped in and shut the door locking it. She said I’m here to give you part payment of Carl’s birthday present. She placed her arm around the back of my head and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue tickled the roof of my mouth and before I could catch my breath she placed her hand under my skirt and between my legs rubbing my pussy lips up and down. She inserted a finger into my slit and began to run it up and down rubbing my tiny clit. My legs became weak and I almost collapsed. My tight little pussy began to emit its juices as she rubbed and it took her only about four minutes to make me cum.

I began to feel her breasts through her sweater and they were much larger than mine. I lifted her sweater over her tit’s and discovered she had no bra on so I bent down and took one in my mouth and began to suck. She had huge nipples and as I sucked them they got even larger. We were almost in frenzy. She was shoving her two fingers in and out of my hole like a piston. She whispered “My my, what a wet cunt you have. Tomorrow I’m going to eat it until you can’t stand up.” My legs were getting weaker as I headed toward another orgasm.

By this time we were french kissing like crazy and shoving our tongues in and out of each others mouth. I reached under her dress and pulled her panties aside and inserted first one, then two and finally three fingers up her vagina. What a sight we must have been. Two girls finger fucking each other as if there would be no tomorrow. We both came at the same time. My legs finally gave out and I sat down on the toilet. I was gasping for breath. “Wow, shit Carla, I was out of it. I have never felt anything so hot and wonderful, not even with Carl and my brother.”

“Shit Holly, me too. I have never gotten that hot so fast and I’ve been around some.” I bent over and took her left tit into my mouth and I murmured, oh Carla you have such beautiful breast as I began to suck it the second time. She reached down between my legs and began to finger my pussy again. I spread my legs as wide as I could over that toilet seat and let her bring me to another climax. Just then someone started banging on the door” “Hey how long are you going to be, we have to pee.” We wiped our pussies and splashed cold water on our faces. When I opened the door two gals dashed in. I let Carla go back to the party first and then I went, but as I came into the room Carl gave me a big grin and winked.

My Uncle Paul was sitting on the couch talking to my mother. I noticed he had his hand in his lap and between his legs. I jumped onto his lap straddling his legs and pinning his hand between my legs. “Uncle Paul I wanted to thank you again for my bicycle. I could feel his hand against my panty less hot pussy lips. They kind of folded over his knuckle. He turned his hand over as if to pull his arm out from under me so I shoved my ass down hard on his hand. I looked over at my Mom and said “Oh Mom you have such a wonderful brother.” I scooted my ass down hard onto his open hand and I felt him insert his middle finger into my vagina. I bore down on his finger and I could feel him rub the inside of my vagina. He was rubbing a spot that was giving me all kinds of excitement. I had never had anyone rub me in that spot before. I could feel my eyes begin it roll up into the back of my head. My pussy was leaking cum all over his hand and I whispered, “Ohhhh Uncle Paulie, Oh yessss, I’m going to cummmmm. And my pussy let go a very big combination of water and cum all over his hand and pants. What an orgasm, bigger than anything I had ever experienced. My ass was quivering and it took me a couple of minutes to come down from it. He whispered for me to hand him today’s paper lying next to the couch. Then out loud he said Holly you are pressing on my bladder and I need to go to the bathroom. I jumped off his lap and he placed the paper over his wet spot and he got up quickly and went to the rest room. I looked over at Mom to see if she had noticed. Thank goodness she was talking to one of my friends and did not see what was going on. I could hear my Uncle using Moms hair dryer in the bathroom to dry his pants and I smiled.

Carl & Carla agreed to come to the house just after lunch the following day which was Saturday. At Dinner that night I couldn’t keep my eyes off Uncle Paul but he was trying very hard not to look at me. I learned that my Dad and Uncle were going to play golf that day and there T-time was 10:00am. Mom had a social engagement and would not be home until late afternoon. What a break, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. At bed time I gave Dad & Mom a hug and kiss as was our custom, but when I kissed my Uncle, who was going to stay over, I french kissed him. He placed his hands on my ass and pulled me close. I felt his cock begin to rise but before I could do anything about it he pushed me away and said “You better get to bed young lady.”

That night I was beside myself between what happened earlier and anticipating what tomorrow would bring, I almost creamed my panties. I couldn’t sleep I kept tossing and turning thinking about Uncle Paulie and Carla. Finally about one o’clock I got up and snuck into the living room where Uncle Paul was sleeping on the couch. He was lying on his back and the sheet had fallen to the floor. He was in his shorts and when I saw the size of his cock it took my breath away as it had slipped out between the slit in his shorts. He was enormous, at least seven and a half or maybe eight inches soft. I couldn’t imagine how big it must get when he was hard. Bobby’s dick grew from about two and a half inches to five and a half when hard and Carl’s three inch dick would grow to about six and a half when fully hard. I just new there was no way I could ever get my Uncles cock inside my tiny pussy, especially since it was so tight when Carl was in me.

I just stood there looking at his huge cock. My panties began to get wet as my pussy seemed to drool on its own. I began to massage my pussy rubbing my clit faster and harder letting out a low moan as I climaxed. My Uncle stirred and I froze. When he began to breathe normally I couldn’t stand it my pussy was so wet. I got on my knees and took that beautiful enormous dick into my mouth and began to suck slowly, moving up and down his shaft. I could only get about half of it into my mouth. It got so hard and I realized thank goodness it didn’t expand like Bobby’s and Carl’s dick. I guessed it to be a little over eight inches and about three inches across. I had sucked him for about thirty minutes when suddenly he put a hand behind my head and pushed me down until I started to choke, but at the same time he shot a huge amount of hot cum into my throat filling my mouth with his sticky seed. I coughed and choked as some of it spilled out of my mouth and I swallowed quite a bit. It seemed like he couldn’t or wouldn’t stop shooting his cum into my mouth, but of course it was only about a minute before he had emptied himself into my mouth.

I stood and flopped onto his chest and began kissing him all over his face and neck. I
whispered “Oh Uncle Paulie, I want you to fuck me so bad. He lifted me and placed my
cunt over his still hard cock and lowered me onto its head. My pussy was so wet that the head was able to just penetrate my pussy lips. I felt them begin to stretch and then stretch some more. It was beginning to hurt a little. He whispered “this is going to hurt a lot at first, but if you can endure it without screaming it will turn into pleasure. But if you make a noise I’ll have to send you back to your bed. Also we can never tell anyone and I mean anyone about this. I could go to jail for what I am about to do to you, do you understand?” Oh yes Paulie I understand, please, please fuck me I won’t let out a peep.

I felt him begin to pull me down on his cock and oh god it hurt as he slid about four inches into my vagina stretching it more than it had ever been stretched before. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. I said, “Wait, oh Paulie it really hurts I don’t think I can take any more. Please take it out.” He said just wait a bit the pain will go away. After awhile my pussy relaxed and the pain eased some what. I told him the pain seemed to be going away. He said ok Holly from here on in you do the pushing. I eased my tight stretched pussy down his shaft about an inch at a time. Finally I felt it hit back of my vagina and against my cervix. I began to ride up and down his shaft, slowly at first and then faster and faster until my legs were pumping my body up and down that wonderful shaft of my Uncle Paulie. I came twice in succession and I couldn’t stop. I was in a frenzy as my tight pussy fucked his cock We fucked like that for nearly a half hour and I don’t know how many times that cock made me cum. Suddenly he started to lift me off his cock, I whispered no, no I’m on the pill please cum inside me, let me feel your wonderful cum shoot into me.

He turned me onto my back and lifted my legs over my head and he began to fuck me hard and fast. He grabbed my ass and shoved his beautiful cock to the very depths of my hole and shot a load of cum deep within me. I could feel his hot seed squirting several large amounts of seamen into me making me cum twice more as I felt each spurt. We just laid there panting and I don’t remember ever sweating as much as I did. Finally I felt him begin to slide out of me and the feeling made me cum again. It was three fifteen when I went back to bed. I felt so at peace and as I drifted off to sleep thinking about Carla and the boys and what kind of a day it was going to be.
(continued) all rights reserved to the author.

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2012-08-07 16:21:21
I wish I waz Holly <3

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2012-08-07 16:20:31
That was the best story ever I LOVE U BABE

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2012-02-07 18:21:41
I’m going to some of these phrzses next time my wife and I find ourselves without any clothing on us, while laying down on the bed while both of us are under the covers and sheets.Reply by on July 6th, 2009 at Monday, July 6, 2009 @ 1:33 pm@martymankins, your delicacy in discussing your actions is greatly appreciated, so as not to offend my Victorian sensibilities.

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2008-08-09 23:10:59
All I can say is,"Wow, she really loves to fuck and suck and gets away with it. I was horny like that when I was eleven or twelve, but was always afraid to give in and afraid I would go to Hell if I did. Now I realize how much fun I missed and my pussy is so hot.


2008-02-07 23:47:57
One day my mom was lying on her bed sound asleep after masterbating and I climed up on the bed and slipped my cock into her pussy. I was 13 and horny as hell. I shot my load into her just as she woke up. We continued fucking for over 12 years. I gave her 4 children.

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