The hike was real. The story is what I imagined during the hike.
Nina is my sister in law. She had gotten a boob job and lost a lot of weight recently. When she was heavier she never tried to attract guys with her attitude or wardrobe. She was pretty much a loner and didn’t make friends well. But now that she has this hot body she has been getting a lot of looks from guys. They try and talk to her but she still sees herself as that fat ugly girl and basically ends up ignoring all guys advances so she won’t get hurt. I’ve noticed she just needs a guy to take her of balance and have their way with her, and then maybe she’ll come around.

Every time I see Nina now I can’t take my eyes off her tits. They are perfectly shaped and I always imagine holding and sucking them. I hear my wife and her sisters talking about her tits all the time. They go into the other room so I can’t see and look for scars or other imperfections.

We were having a family picnic at our house and just finished eating. Nina now feels the need to exercise after we eat to keep the weight off and I offered to hike a trail behind my house with her. We were exchanging small talk and I would try and catch a glimpse of her tits. I was watching them rise and fall with each step and wondered if her tits would get hard. Then I realized she saw me checking her out. I paused and deiced I should go for it. What do I have to loose.

“Can I see you tits”? I asked. She paused wondering if she heard me right. “Can I see how they came out? They seem really nice. I just want to see if they really are or not.”

“I can’t believe you are asking me that. I am your wife’s sister.” Nina wasn’t sure how to react. I saw her searching with her eyes for clues and then I could see her nipples hardening through her shirt.

“O come on. I just think you are a beautiful woman and I wanted to see how the surgery went.”

Nina looked around, “What if someone walks by?”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ve been out here all day and haven’t seen hardly anyone.”

“Ok fine… but don’t tell anyone. My sisters give me enough shit as it is about my tits and how guys are coming on to me.” She took one last look around and accepted were all alone. Then she reached down to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head revealing her black lacy bra. I could see the darkness of her nipples below and how they were pushing through the bra. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra and let it fall to the ground. She reached up to lift her breasts and let them fall again to feel comfortable.

Seeing Nina topless was amazing. Her tits were a perfect D. She was uncomfortable and was looking around. I stared at her tits and had to touch them. I walked forward and reached up, placing my hands above her nipples and glided them down, feeling her erect nipple run up my palms. I leaned in to suck her left breast.

“What are you doing? I thought you just wanted to look?”

“I want to see if they taste normal. Hold on.” She began to pull away and I reached around her back to hold her in place. I put her tit in my mouth and sucked and rolled my tongue over and gave a nibble. I worked her tit until she stopped trying to pull away. By then she was red and swollen. Then I moved to her other tit. She just stood there and moaned and started to run her hands through my hair.

“Let me take your picture. You look amazing and you should always remember how you look today.” I said. Nina stood there speechless but didn’t object. I took lots of pictures of her tits, putting her in poses with her tits dangling. Each time I posed her I would squeeze her breasts and she seemed not to mind. “Ok that was awesome. Now take off you pants.”

“Want you got to be kidding. No way.”

“Come on. We’ve done this much, lets finish taking the pictures. Lets to it right.” I said hoping she’d go for it.

“Ok. But no funny business.” She unzipped and pulled off her pants showing her pink thong. She willingly pulled that off to showing her hairy muff. I grabbed all her clothes and moved them by a tree behind me. She was completely naked and defenseless I felt like she was all mine and I could do what ever I wanted with her. I began taking pictures. At first the pictures were classy but then I had her spread her legs. I began running my hand across her cunt between the pics. She didn’t complain. If she let me go that far I wondered how far she would let me go. I kneeled down in between her legs, lowered my head and stared at her cunt. I examined the her slit until she got uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” she said.

“Nothing at all.” I lowered my face into her cunt and rolled my face side to side trying to open her pussy lips to my mouth.

“What are you doing?!?” she yelled and tried to back away. I reached around her back and forced my face into her cunt. I used my tongue and probed for her clit. “I’m your sister-in-law! You can’t do this.” I found her clit and began sucking on it, rolling it around with my tongue. “O god!” she cried out. Her fighting slowed and she started rocking her waist with my face, moaning the whole time. I worked her cunt with my tongue for about 10 minutes and she before she started to tense up and then I could taste her cum. Then she went limp and sighed.

I reached down, unbuckled my pants and reached down to pull my dick out.

“What are you doing?” Nina was still sitting there with her cum oozing and running down to her ass crack. Her tits point up to the sky and her face looking at me in between them.

“What? I made you cum, now you make me cum.” I pulled out my dick that was hard as a rock showing it to Nina. “Come on Nina, it’s only fair. You enjoyed it.” I stood up in front of her and she got on her knees. “This is crap you fucking pervert. I can’t believe you are making me do this. This wasn’t even my…” I got tired of her talking and put my cock in her mouth. I was watching my dick go into her face over and over. I started taking more pictures and she didn’t stop. She looked up and made eye contact. I reached down and grabbed the back of her head and started pumping. I saw her eyes bulge and she was mumbling, trying to say something. I could feel my load build. I thought of all the family dinners I have had with her when she wouldn’t stop talking and how I fantasized about sticking my dick in her mouth to shut her up. I was looking in her eyes as my balls were ready to explode and I started to cum. I wanted to see how she would react to my cum in her mouth and I kept pumping. It took a few seconds before I Nina reacted. I was filling up her mouth with each blow and cum was starting to ooze out of her mouth and down her chin. I could see her eyes grow wide and she tried to open her mouth wider for air, letting more cum and saliva ooze out and down to her tits. “Swallow it.” I want to be inside of you. I want to be in your stomach. Swallow me.” Nina’s eyes bulged again at what I said and she hesitated. I could see her swallow once, twice and then three times. She sucked on my dick hard one, two, then three times, pulling out a bit more cum directly from my balls and swallowed that too. “That’s a good girl.” I said and laid on the ground pulling her next to me.

We were silent for a long time. I had my arm around her and was stroking her nipple. I had been thinking of how I had taken her and she let me. I looked over at her and saw she was wearing my cum on her mouth and chest with pride. She must have liked being taken and I started to get hard again. I thought of how my cum was in her stomach, but that just made me want to give her more. “We should go.” She said. “They’ll be wondering what happened.”

“Sure.” I said but didn’t want it to end. As she was getting up, her back was to me and I could see line of her cunt and how wet it still was. I jumped behind her and pushed her forward putting her in the doggy style position. I aligned my dick to her cunt and could feel her wetness with the tip of my dick.”

“No. Don’t. Don’t fuck me. That’s too far. Oral is one thing but not that.”

And then I forced myself into her. I grabbed her by the waist and started pounding my dick into her. “No. Stop…. Please, stop” she said, but stopped complaining after awhile. I reached up to feel her breasts as I pumped her. “O god… I can’t believe you are fucking me… is this really happening? O god… this is so bad.”

“I am in your stomach and I want to be in your cunt. O god you feel fucking good Nina.” She was extremely wet and her juices were running down her leg.

“Just hurry up and cum already. Please.” She begged and I was pumping her and feeling her tits. I leaned forward and kissed her neck. She turned and we kissed passionately. I rolled under her keeping my dick in place and pumped her from below with my hands still on her tits. We found a slow rhythm and I could tell she was fucking me back. Seeing the look of lust and passion on her face was amazing. I reached over and took a few more pictures. Eventually I stopped moving and let her ride me. She used a slow hypnotic rhythm that prevented me from cumming.

*Ring* My phone went off and it was her mom calling. I thought to answer but instead gave to the phone to Nina. She didn’t want to take it but I insisted. “Uhhh… Hello?” she said, her voice was trembling. She tried to get up but I held her in place with my cock inside her. She gave me an evil look and thrust my dick deep inside her and she moaned aloud and I am sure her mom heard. She paused a moment. “O nothing mom, I am just having some stomach cramps.” I smiled and pumped her again. She looked at me and then she looked away regaining her composure. They started talking about the days plans. She looked as I always see her. She didn’t look like she was in the middle of sex, with my dick in her, she was having a normal conversation, like I wasn’t there. I watched her talk for a few minutes enjoying that my dick was still inside her and she had seemed to have forgotten. Then I started slowly pumping her from below and she tried to ignore me. I leaned up and sucked her tits. I started pumping her faster and I could hear her having trouble on the phone. She tried to slowly fuck me back, hoping if is was slow enough I would stop and she could talk. I smiled and grabbed her waist and got into a moderate rhythm and randomly pumped her hard making her moan loudly. “No nothing mom. It’s my stomach.” I pumped her hard again. “Uhhh…. O no I don’t need to see a doctor mom really. I really should go.” With that I was frantically fucking her trying to cum before the call ended. “No really mmmmoommmm.” Ninas cunt clamped around my dick and I could fell her explode on me. “Uhhhhhhhh…..” she yelled which sent me over the edge. I grabbed her waist hard and shot load after load into her. “O god… mom I have to go. Ok… love you too. Bye now.” Nina looked at me like I was the devil and I gave her a long passionate kiss.

As I started to get up I felt her juices and my cum on my flaccid dick. Nina was half way up when I said “Hold on. Your cunt juice is all over me. You gotta clean it off. No one can find out and there is no bathroom.” I stuck my limp dick in Nina’s face. She was silent for a second and then took all of me in side her mouth. She rolled my dick over and under her tongue. She sucked on it hard pulling blood into it. She sucked and licked the cum and cunt juice off my balls and looked up at me seeking approval.

“Can we go now?” she asked causing my dick to fall out of her mouth. I could tell she wouldn’t move until I answered. She just looked at me for permission to get up.

“Yeah… “ I watched her put her clothes back on, memorizing the moment as she covered her cunt and then her tits. “And by the way, your tits feel nice, but I may have to check again to be sure nothing has changed.”

She stopped and gave me a smile. We walked back to the others like nothing had happened.

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