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As I crossed the lawn into Betty’s yard, I couldn’t help but think what a prick of a husband she had. I have no clue why she was even with the fucking jerk off. A beautiful woman in her early 40’s, slightly above average height with shoulder length jet black hair and these amazingly beautiful deep sea green eyes that seemed to change colors depending on what she was wearing. She had a wonderful build, a womanly figure – not so thin you’d have to rattle the sheets to find her but not so plump you’d worry about missing and falling into a roll. Perfect, I’d describe her body – perfectly curvaceous.

I snapped back from my vision, as I could hear yelling and the sounds of glass breaking coming from within her house . . . Eric, her husband, was undoubtedly drunk again.

"Listen hear you fuckin’ whore," I heard him yelling, "maybe if you knew how to fucking cook, I wouldn’t have to treat you like a goddamn dog!"

I was walking up the stairs then, debating whether to just walk home, but the screen door flew open and Eric just looked at me, brushed by my shoulder on his departure, and just kept stepping. Fucking, fat asshole, I thought, still trying to figure out how the fat fuck landed Betty in the first place.

I entered the house to find Betty sitting on the ground with her legs half crossed, ebony hair in her face and eyes filled with tears. It was obvious, from the huge red mark across Betty’s face that he had hit her before I got there. Walking slowly toward her, I helped her up.

Betty said, embarrassed, "You kind of caught us at a bad time." Reaching down, she picked up a broken beer bottle and plate of food. I took it from her, walked over to the trashcan and pitched it in.

"You know, you don’t have to deal with that asshole," I said. "You can do a whole lot better Betty."

Still sobbing and breathing kind of rough, she gave the sad old line about how she knows but feels trapped with the kids and everything. "I know he’s cheating on me with his intern. I just can’t confront him about it. I’m too scared," she said.
I walked to the bathroom and had her follow me. I ripped off some toilet paper and began wiping up her runny mascara and the rest of her tears. "All better," I said, forcing a smile. It killed me to see Betty like this.

She took a deep breath, glanced in the mirror, and exhaled deeply. "Yeah, I feel somewhat better," she smiled faintly. "Well, I know he’s not coming back tonight and the children are off at my mother’s house for the weekend and I don’t want to be alone tonight. Would you mind going to see a movie with a lil old woman like me?" she asked with a laugh.

"Sure. I would love to keep you company."

She touched up her make up before we went out, jumping into her car and heading for the nearby Blockbuster. I thought a romantic comedy might cheer up, so I rented There’s Something About Mary. Back at her place, she made slamming Long Island Iced Teas and we sat down and watched the flick. By the time Ben Stiller got the girl, I was feeling loose from the teas.

After the movie, we sat around, drinking and making small talk. The potent tea seemed to be kicking in, because her face became flushed and she began to get really flirty. She confided about how Eric doesn’t want sex with her anymore. Then, she became sad and began to tear up, talking about all the hitting and mental abuse.
I slid over next to her and put my arm around her and said, "It’ll be okay. We’ll find away to get you out of it."

She wrapped her arms around my body and began to cry, saying that she felt lonely and worthless. I pulled back and lifted her chin with my hand. "Betty don’t let anyone make you feel worthless because you’re not. You’re a very beautiful woman and deserve a lot better then this jerk off."

After what felt like forever, I am sure it was just a few seconds, I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed back at first, slipping her tongue in my mouth, and I placed my hand on her cheek. She pulled away quickly.

"I’m sorry Jesse. I can’t do this. I went to school with your father and you’re young enough to be my son. It would just seem to strange."

I slowly nodded my head then hung it in embarrassment. I felt stupid, trying to make a move on desperate Betty. She had enough problems; she didn’t need to add an affair with me to the mix. "I think I should go," I said.

"No wait." She leaned forward and kissed me on the neck and cheek. Then, on my mouth again. "This has to stay between us Jesse do you understand? If I fuck up Eric can get everything – the home, kids, the car – everything."

"Don’t worry," I told her.

I stood up and took her by the hand, led her to her room. I turned her to face me and began kissing her softly on her neck and cheeks. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, kissing her all the while and looking deeply into those beautiful sea green eyes. I saw her womanly chest rising and falling with each slow deep breath she took

After her blouse fell from her, she wiggled out of the rest of her clothes. Soon, all she had on was a navy blue push-up bra and matching boy’s shorts. She looked so hot! I embraced her tightly and began passionately kissing her, moving her to the bed. I laid her down so her hips were almost off the bed. Watching her, I took off my shirt and threw it to the floor before running my hands up both her legs to her thighs and then around her waist. I started kissing her legs and slowly worked my way up to her thighs then pulled her boy-shorts down. She had a nicely trimmed pussy with a simple runway strip, the kind of hair-down-there styling I’d only seen in porno flicks.

I slowly kissed and sucked the outsides of her pussy lips, her beautiful labia, while massaging her inner lips with my middle finger, slowly working my finger in and out of warm wet pussy. She moaned her pleasure. Then I shoved my tongue deep inside her and began massaging her clit with my fingers. Deep gasps and slight moans continued from Betty as she ran her hands threw my hair and behind my neck forcing my face deeper into her soaked pussy. Desperate Betty was so much wetter than all the young pussy I’d been with.

As I probed my tongue in and out of her pussy, I felt her splayed hands on my neck and hair, pressing and forcing my face deeper into her delicious cunt. She adjusted her legs, moved them over my shoulders and wrapped herself tightly to me. So tight, it felt like she was never going to let me go. "Oh! Oh! I’m going to . . . oh . . .CUM!" I snaked two fingers deep inside her hot hole, jacking her off furiously, and began a more vigorous message of her clit. The orgasm she so desperately deserved had her moaning and crying out obscenities of pleasure. "Oh, FUCK! Oh, FUCK! Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Oh, yeah, FUCK!" I could feel her pussy contractions against the continuously moving fingers inside her and felt the squirt between them. Quickly, I pressed my mouth to her and took the juice flow into my mouth. She tasted so fucking delicious!

When she was spent, laying down, basking in the afterglow of the pleasure, I stood up and unbuttoned my belt and pants, discarding them in a corner of the room. I climbed into the bed next to her and immediately began kissing her on her shoulders and chest. She undid her bra and let her beautiful breasts pop out. I bent down and began sucking her breasts, softly licking around the areola and sucking her nipple gently, stopping every so often to lightly bite. After a few moments of that, she pushed me onto my back and started to kiss my chest, gradually working down my belly to my cock. She took the circumcised head of my hard cock in her mouth and began to suck it at a slow pace while jacking off my shaft. With her free hand, she began rubbing my ball. With each bob, she took more and more of me into her mouth, eventually deep throat my entire cock. Ten minutes of this amazing blow job and my balls began to tighten with my pending orgasm. I moaned, and she, apparently sensing that my orgasm was soon forthcoming, wet a finger and began massaging my asshole opening, stirring up heightened sensations. With her other hand, she began stoking the cum out of my organ, her open mouth moved just above my cock head to capture the cum. No more than three seconds before I was going to cum, I felt Betty’s finger slip ever so slightly into my ass.

"Oh, fuck, Betty!" I gasped as the first stream of cum shot from me, into her waiting mouth. The feel of her finger in my ass, heightening my orgasm, was unbelievably amazing, and, as I was drawing near to end of my climax, I felt her finger release from the tight shoot. And, she swallowed my cum, licking the residue clean from my cock, savoring every drop, smacking her lips appreciatively. It was so fucking hot.

Afterwards, we intimately shared a cigarette. Then, she began rubbing my cock again, getting it hard again. Then, Betty put her hand over my chest and swung her leg over my hip to straddle me. She lifted her hips off me for a moment then took my cock in her hand and pressed it against her pussy lips. I slid my head into her and Betty sat down, allowing me deep access into her hot hole. Desperate Betty felt fucking fantastic! I titled my head back and moaned slightly. She slowly started to bounce up and down, grinding her hips into my groin and digging her nails deep into my chest. I joined in the movement, thrusting my own hips back and forth, faster each time until I was practically lifting Betty while she slammed herself back down against me. Then, right as I was about to explode deep inside Betty’s warm, moist pussy, she turned around and began riding me with her ass facing me. I grabbed a hold of her hips, thrusting her again with my powerful strokes. From behind her, I could see Betty furiously messaging her own clit, and she soon started crying out her pleasure, swearing violently to religious figures once more. "Holy, FUCK! Yeah, I’m FUCKING CUMING! Yeah, I FUCKING LOVE TO CUM! Jesus!" I had never been with an older woman, one at their sexual prime, and watching Betty get off on my teenage cock was too much. The sight of her ass rocking, her profanity, and her hot hole was too much for me. I came again, inside her.

She moved off from me, only to return and snuggle against me, drifted quickly off to sleep. I stayed awake holding her, reveling in fucking an older woman until three o’clock in the morning. I didn’t want her redneck husband Eric to return home and find the 19-year-old neighbor boy in bed his wife. Although, I’d pay for him to see that smile on her sleeping face and know another cock had given it to her!

I never did get a second go at the milf’s pussy, because Desperate Betty left Eric shortly after our sexual escapade and moved away. Last I heard she had gone back to college. And, while it might just be a coincidence, I like to think that, perhaps, I fucked desperate Betty back to life!


Betty went back to college and became a elementary school teacher and shacked up with another teacher a very respectable man that treated her the way she needed to be treated i never fucked betty again but we did become very close friends and spent as much time as we could with each other...and loved to just hang out see movies or just simply go have coffee and talk...we often talked about making new memories and some fun old ones

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Change story ending to him bringing his buddies over and her telling them to fuck her as much as they can


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thas right fuccr keeo it goin


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Nice job, Jess. Proud of your rating.


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To the reader who suggested that the author use a spell-check function on the computer, it's 100 times better to use a dictionary and a Thesaurus. Spell-check would never know the difference between "their, there, and they're." The list goes on and on. There simply is no substitute for studying proper English and learning proper grammar, spelling and syntax, even if it bothers some of the horny readers who have the IQ of a turnip.


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