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I want to thank anyone, if there is anyone, who has stuck by Dillon through the first four, long and boring chapters.
The Photographer 5
“Mikhail called, Dillon,” Masha said. Dillon closed the office door behind him, and approached his desk where Masha was sitting at his computer. It was nearly eight a.m. and she had a full day planned for them. “Apparently, he has convinced Reina to come to do a photo shoot today. I am going to call the girls we have schedule today and postpone their appointments until next week.”
Dillon looked at his young assistant. She looked cute as a little ladybug, as she always did. She managed his studio and photo shoots with remarkable ease. Organization had never been Dillon’s strength, and he welcomed Masha’s help. He was uncertain whether Mikhail was paying her to manage his studio six days a week, or whether the fourteen-year-old had taken on the responsibility herself, to fill her life and learn a trade. Either way, her contribution to developing material for the child/teen porno web-site was significant.
Dillon considered the news she had given him. Dillon and Reina had met several nights ago at the teen-whore house in downtown Kiev, and Dillon suspected that encounter had changed the young, expensive hooker’s mind. She had initial spurned any suggestions that she partake in a photo shoot. Dillon was elated with this news. He looked forward with eagerness to shooting the young beauty with his camera, as she undressed, slowly exposing those exquisite hips she so seductively swung about. He looked forward to her baring those lovely breasts, as Dillon recalled that delicious glimpse of her cleavage that evening they spoke in the house of ill-repute.
“She can be quite a handful Dillon,” Masha pointed out. “I suggest we get her in and out of here as soon as possible.” She stood from behind his desk, and approached their bulletin board, and began to reshuffle the pictures of the models that hung from it, re-adjusting their week’s schedule about. “She can be overbearing. I suspect she has already developed a preconceived notion of how her shoot will go. I think she may resist any of your input.”
Dillon considered what young Masha said. He needed to be prepared for that, and not allow Reina to control his creativity. He needed a plan of his own. He quickly began to form one.
“Masha, what would you think if we....” Dillon began.

Dillon and Masha were ready when Mikhail and Reina arrived, by limousine, to the studio. Dillon welcomed them both, as Masha stood by quietly. Soon, Reina asked for a tour, and Masha began to show her around. Mikhail pulled Dillon aside and asked about Ana.
“Is she ok, Dillon?” he asked. “I miss her and worry about her.” Dillon assured the gangster that she was fine, asleep in his bed, healthy and resting only an hour ago. Mikhail changed the subject.
“About this shoot today Dillon,” Mikhail said. “I assured Reina you would do something special for her, expand your format, perhaps.” Dillon assured he was planning to do to such a thing...expand his format. Mikhail caught the glint in Dillon’s eye, as the photographer spoke. “Oh?” Mikhail asked. Dillon explained the plan he had create just for Reina. He pointed out the small handcuffs and ropes attached to the small bedposts in the bedroom set, cleverly hidden by Masha. As Dillon further explained his plan, a smile slowly spread across the gangster’s face, though it was a cautious one. Mikhail had become a regional crime lord more for his conservative method of maintaining a peaceful order, a status quo, rather than daring and cavalier methods of violence and terror. Mikhail cultivated contacts in power, corrupted those in control of his country. He kept a low profile, sharing his wealth and keeping his business underground, in order and out of trouble. Still, he was a man who admired young teen girls. He had a fetish for them. He found himself looking forward to this photographer’s results from this shoot. He would endorse it, and prepare for the worse. This young hooker, Reina, slept with a half-dozen powerful men in Kiev. He would plan on phone calls being made, expect the ripples of Dillon’s plan to spread far. Mikhail face took on a grim determination.
“Be only as ruthless as necessary, Dillon, this will cause me problems, but nothing I can’t handle. Do your best today, and please, let me know when you are done. Please have Masha bring home any materials that you can get prepared before you end the day,” Mikhail ordered. Dillon promised to comply, and thanked Mikhail. Dillon spoke of Ana again.
“Ana phoned Tanya last night and spoke with her about returning to highschool.” Dillon informed Mikhail. Tanya was Dillon married lover. Tanya also was helping design the web site, which would be launched this very day! His lover had done a marvelous job, creating a site that they hoped would become very popular. This news brightened Mikhail’s grim look. He smiled and clapped Dillon on the shoulders. He told Dillon he looked forward to seeing his young Ana tonight.
“We celebrate tonight, Dillon don’t forget, the launch of our web site, at the night club. I have invited many guests.” Mikhail told him. “Please make sure you show up, Tanya will be there, unfortunately with her weasel husband.” Dillon assured him he wouldn’t miss it. Soon, Mikhail was leaving the office, he had a busy day. The limousine would be back in an hour, and would wait there for young Reina until she was done with her shoot. Soon, Masha and Reina joined Dillon near the bedroom set, as he touched up some details. They all took a seat and discussed what each had in mind for the shoot.
“It will be an innocent shoot, Dillon,” Reina said. “Classy.” Dillon led Reina to the computer, and they began to look through many of the photo shoots Dillon had completed and stored electronically. She seemed please with his ability to capture the innocense of the young teens he had photographed. She commented in his ability to make many of the girls look very pretty and sexy, who were really....
“Not very pretty or sexy,” Reina commented. “Very well done, Dillon, I think we can work together well.” Dillon informed Reina of his plans to expand on his normal format, for her, during his shoot.
“I will not be video-taped having sex with you, Dillon,” She stated crossing her arms and pointing her little nose in the air. Dillon held her eye contact.
“I have asked Masha to tape our photo shoot. We can edit it together.” Dillon said. ‘We’ meaning Masha and Dillon, though he didn’t say that to the young beauty. “I would like to interview you on tape, too, prior to our shoot, so your fans can get to know you, so you can express yourself. We have not done that with the other, lessor models, Reina.” Reina seemed warm to this idea.
Dillon and Masha discussed Reina’s makeup and hair. They were perfect, they decided. Reina’s long black hair was tied back with a pretty green ribbon. Her dark brown eyes looked large and round, her naturally dark skin looked beautiful. Her few pieces of jewelry was expensive and fashionable. She was striking, Masha and Dillon agreed.
“Thank you,” Reina said, the conceited girl managed to even blush. Dillon led Reina and Masha outside, the latter carrying Dillon’s video camera, into the beautiful summer morning. He led them to a small park near the center of the office complex. Dillon asked Reina to have a seat at a small wooden table, which sat in the shade of a large old tree. He joined her as Masha started filming. Dillon soon was interviewing the girl. She was quite an actress, Dillon saw, as she convincingly acted innocent, cuddly and cute. The cold-hearted bitch managed to appear to be a sweet fifteen-year-old interested in flowers, puppies and kittens, orphans, Shakespear, classical music and dance. She spoke three language fluently, including French and English, with her native Russian. Jane Austin was her favorite author. Pride and Prejudice her favorite book. Ms. Elizabeth Bennet her favorite literary character.
“I plan to attend a fashion college in Paris, and spend my free time helping orphans, the poor, and the displaced,” She lied with a shy, sweet smile, her hands crossed, resting on the table, fingers intwined. “I plan to become a model, join forces with Green Peace and help save our environment, perhaps lending them my celebrity status if I am so fortunate.” After nearly an hour of that bull-shit, Dillon led the girls back inside, where Masha led Reina to the large bathroom to change and touch-up her hair and make-up. Soon, Dillon was photographing the young beauty. She excited him nearly beyond control.
Her modeling skills were natural, as she played to the photographer and his camera with innocense, but ignoring their presence as she slowly, seductively disrobed. Dillon used film freely and Masha quietly taped the shoot. Reina ignored the bright lights as she exposed her body, fresh and young to the duo with their camera’s, swinging her luscious hips with the sound of the soft music Dillon had playing in the studio.
She had full breasts, swelling with their youth. Taking a photo of Reina’s curvy back, Dillon saw the edges of her round tits prominently exposed from her sides, as he took a photo. Dillon was tempted to run his hand up her side, along her ribs, to feel the sudden firm swell of her breasts. When she turned to face Dillon, her small round areola’s were a deep brown, capped with small pointed nipples. Her torso tapered to a slender waist, her ribs prominent, as she raised her arms to her to swing her hair, her belly tight and soft. Her hips flared, round and full, delicately thin, femininely strong. Her legs were fit and muscled, shapely and covered by thousands of tiny colorless hair, nearly invisible to the camera, and the naked eye.
Dillon was captivated when she slowly removed her thong underwear, black and lacy. She exposed herself, allowing Dillon and Masha to record her nakedness on film. Her pubic hair, thickly grown-in, was shaved into a small triangle, her pussy shaved bald. Shyly, she covered herself, as Dillon captured some innocense. Slowly exposing herself, Dillon captured her sexiness. He was rigidly hard now, and looking forward to the radical plan he had devised. Soon to be launched. Dillon decided now, to coax her to become more exotically revealing. She refused him, balking at his encouragement that she pose more openly.
“I will keep this shoot as innocent as possible, Dillon, please restrain your hopes,” She said with a sneer Masha managed to record. “I will not overly expose myself during this shoot.” Oh well, Dillon thought, promising to make her pay for refusing him. She continued to model for them, until Dillon grew board with this, wanting more from the young beauty. Masha sensed this, and stopped filming, to change her tape, and insert a fresh cassette.
Dillon parked his conscience, it would only hinder him now, and fortified his will. He would have to break her will, with his, to succeed. As Reina lay in the bed, innocently posed, Dillon lowered his camera and took in her beauty. He longed to feel her skin, feel her move under his hands, feel her warmth, feel her fine young body. First he had to break her, smash her defenses and squash her resolve. He had to dominate this dominating young bitch. When Masha returned, he gave her a little wink. Masha expelled a deep breath, blowing a strand of her blond hair away from her face, and lifted her camera to her eye. Ready when you are, Sir, she seemed to say. Destroy her, smash her, wreak havoc with her, boss! Dillon set his camera down on the vanity next to the bed and looked down at the young, incredibly expensive whore, and took in her beauty one more time.
He dropped his pants, exposing himself to her. She hardly seemed caught off guard. She laughed at him.
“Really Dillon, I expected better from you,” she said smugly, lying naked on his bed raising herself off her elbow, sitting on the edge of the bed, taking him in. “This is neither the time or place for this.” She laughed coldly at him. “And I am much to costly for you anyway. That is, even if I did decide to take you on as a client, which...” she said, her gaze falling to his large, erect cock. “ hardly likely.”
“She usually fucks pencil-dicked weasel’s, Dillon,” Masha said frigidly, filming the awkward scene. Thankful for Masha’s moral support, Dillon approached the bed.
“Fuck you, bitch!” Reina screamed at Masha, briefly exposing her smoldering emotions. She returned her gaze to Dillon, as he approached and stood in front of her, her eyes scorching him. He cock slapped her, right across her face. She gasped loudly, momentarily stunned by his barbaric action. “You don’t know who you’re fucking with, Dillon,” she said cruelly, holding a hand to her cheek. He gave her a back-handed cock slap, across her other cheek.
“We can do this the easy way, Reina...or,” Dillon said. Reina chose the hard way, immediately launching her offensive. Her eyes flashed rage, as she rose and swung wildly at Dillon, who easily caught the young teen’s arm. She launched another punch, lower, straight for the photographer’s balls. He intercepted that shot too, and Masha, lowering her camera, quickly had the hollering Reina hand-cuffed.
“You little BITCH!” She screamed at Masha, throwing a wild two-hand swing which caught Masha on the shoulder and threw her to the floor, with a little scream. As Reina looked down at her handy work, Dillon slapped her brutally across the face, knocking the cunt off the bed, to the floor, where she landed on her side, her shoulder leaning against the bed. Reina wasn’t done. Quickly, in a flash, she stuck again, kicking out at Dillon’s leg, her heel smashing into him just below his knee in a flash of pain.
“Mother fucker,” She yelled at him as he wobbled, finding his aching leg with his hand. “Free me NOW!” She began to stand, pushing off the bed with her cuffed hands, rising from the floor. Dillon battered her again, knocking her sprawling back. Dillon quickly turned to Masha, offering the little blond a hand and helping her from the floor. As she reached for her camera, Dillon shook his head at her. He nodded at his director’s chair. Have a seat, his expression told Masha, don’t film this.
“And wait,” Dillon said, turning his impatient gaze on Reina, who was struggling to stand again. He reached down and grabbed her firmly on her arm and yanking her up forcefully. Raising his hand again, Dillon watched as Reina cowered, wincing. He felt a stab of pain shoot through his heart, as her large brown eyes looked up at him, pleadingly. He stopped, and stared at her. He wondered how he had allowed himself to go so far with his plan. Then he saw a flash in her eyes. She seemed to express a small victory with that flash, and Dillon knew. She was trying to fool him, with her act, with her fear. She was good, he thought to himself, commending her silently, and throwing her backward onto the bed roughly. Reina’s pleading eyes immediately changed, as she landed on the bed.
“Son of a bitch!” She hollered at him, enraged. “I will personally castrate you! Oh Dillon you have no idea what kind of hell you have started. No one fucks with me. No ONE!” Spittle flew from her mouth, her cheek red from his slap. Dillon approached her, dodging another kick and knelt on the bed, as Reina scooted back and away from him, into the corner. “Keep your fucking hands off me! And keep that fucking monster cock out of my face!” Dillon evaded another wild kick, as she grunted, finding the corner raising her cuffed hands over her head. Dillon watched her full breasts swing in motion, appreciating her fine young body, forgetting the pain in his leg below his knee. He glared at her, sneering.
“This is going to be a pleasure, fucking you Reina. I’m going to make this painful for you,” He promised, catching her ankle as she swung another wild kick at him. He needed to discourage her attacks, and twisted her leg violently. She yelped, contorting her body, turning it to relieve the pressure he was putting her leg. “Dillon!” Her eyes quickly grew large, as she tried to gain his mercy with their pleading, with their innocense. Dillon didn’t fall for it, twisting her leg more until the young hooked flipped over onto her tummy, squealing in pain. Dillon quickly moved to her back, sitting on her and grabbing hold of her cuffed hands.
“NO Dillon! NO!” She hollered. As Dillon tied her cuffed hands to the bed board, she hollered. “I’ll kill you in your sleep, you perverted bastard! I’ll cut your throat! You cowardly freak! I’ll kill you with my own hands, you ball-less mother-fucker!” With Reina’s arms restrained, captured on the bed, Dillon turned to Masha. She picked up her camera, and resumed filming. Reina saw it. “I’ll fucking kill you too! You little bitch, you better help me now!” Reina threatened.
Dillon pulled his shirt over his head, and kicked off his sandals. He placed his hands on the young, restrained teen. She trembled at his touch, and shook with her rage. He needed diplomacy now, to make the most of his plan, he needed to convince her to cooperate, to assist him in his filming. He leaned forward and spoke quietly in her ear. He pointed out her predicament. He pointed out his control. He reminded her of his business, and of hers, what he did, and what he wanted from her. And he told her again, we can do this the easy way...
“Or the hard way, Reina,” He spoke quietly into her ear. Reina, who had calmed slightly, perhaps soothed a bit by his low voice, words spoken rationally into her ear, took a deep breath and thought it over.
“I’m going to kill you Dillon,” she said. He spoke into her ear again, not today, Reina. “I don’t fuck cocks that big, Dillon.” she claimed. Today you will, suck it up, and do your best, this will be filmed, he reminded her. You have two choices now Reina. Hard and humiliating, or easy and perhaps, enjoyable. “I will not enjoy it for a second,” she said, coldly, considering her options. Dillon let his hand begin to roam her body. He stroked her thighs. He told her she was not being practical. He stoked her tight little pussy now, and spread her lips apart. He ran a finger up the crack of her ass, and up her spine.
“Oh...” Reina moaned. “Please, Dillon.” He ran his hand along her soft shoulder, gathering her hair, and pulling it aside softly. He let his hand travel to her side, feeling her ribs through her skin, and reached under her, and fondled her hanging breast, and pinched her nipple until it grew hard between his fingers. He told her he didn’t like rough sex, he had never had an unwilling partner. He massaged her breast. “Dillon...” He spoke quietly into her ear, telling her she was extremely sexy, and that he wanted her badly. As he lay beside the restrained teen, fondling her fine, tight breast, he whispered into her ear. “Mm...” she groaned. He let his other hand begin to stroke her back, and approach her ass, caressing her. “Oh...” Her legs spread almost imperceptibly when he dragged a finger down the crack of her ass toward her pussy. “You’re too big, Dillon.” He fingered her pussy, and whispered into her ear. He would get her ready, and use lubricant, too. He would be as gentle as she allowed him to be. He inserted a finger between her pussy lips, surprised to find a wetness inside of her. “Oh...” He reached for her other hanging breast, finding it capped by a hard nipple. Dillon spoke into her ear quietly, told her he was open to discussion, if she had any ideas...
“I will not,” Reina said, “Take you into my mouth, Dillon. Oh...” Dillon found her pussy very tight, and wondering how long it would take to fit himself into her. He found her clit sensitive, her breasts very firm in their fulness. “Dillon...I don’t want her to watch, please...”
He whispered soothingly into her ear, Masha was a pro...discreet and practiced. Reina should try to forget she was being filmed, he spoke to her, trailing his wet finger around her swelling pussy lips. “Oh...” He lightly touched her breasts with his finger tips, and kissed her on the neck. “Dillon...oh” He tickled her little clit, teasing it, and lightly pinching her erect nipple. “Ok...Dillon...ok...” Dillon untied and uncuffed his little whore.
As she rubbed her little wrists he moved between her legs, spreading them, and taking her in with his eyes, pleased with himself, and with her beauty. He was wary of her, for sure, but his heart was free from the tight grip that had enveloped it during the struggle. He lowered his head toward her round ass, and licked her on a thigh. Goose bumps sprouted on her back, and on her ass, and legs, he saw. Her hips rose an inch up toward him, expecting him. He ran his tongue around the crease between her thighs, his nose close to her small pink asshole. She tasted wonderful, fresh, and wet.
She moaned. She wiggled her wide delicate hips, and spread her legs for him. Her feet rose toward the ceiling, her legs bending at the knees. Dillon tongue trailed wetness along her firm pussy lips, probing her, pleasing her. Her bald pussy became slick. Her moans became clearly audible, as the thought of Masha filming fell from her mind. Her hips began to buck, as he flicked her clit with his tongue. He looked up and saw her hands wandering around the bed, searching, grabbing at the sheets. As he placed his hands on her firm, strong young ass, spreading her cheeks slightly, gently. He let his nose press slightly against her pink butt bud as he licked her up and down her pussy.
“That’s good...yes...nice,” She moaned. Dillon tickled her with the tip of his soft tongue for long minutes, and then began to trail kisses up the crack of her ass...and licked her little butthole.
“No!” Reina cried, spinning over quickly on the bed. Wary, Dillon rose to his knees. “Don’t do that Dillon, not there,” she demanded. Dillon nodded. Reina’s hands rose to her breasts, caressing them softly. Dillon watched her touching herself, with just her finger tips, and finding himself recalling the actions of the two girls, Ana and Elena, he had witnessed just three nights ago. They had touched that way. As his eyes drifted over the most beautiful young teen he had ever seen, he recalled how Elena had pleased Ana with light touches and kisses. He looked into Reina’s eyes, finding a little challenge in them still.
Dillon placed an arm under each of Reina’s knees, and crawled forward, toward her, taking her legs up with him. He rested on his elbows next to her, her legs wrapped in his strong arms, and watched her fondle her breasts. He looked into her eyes, and expressed his delight as he rested his chin on her belly button. As she lightly touched her breasts, her eyes slowly closed, as Dillon sensed Masha lower the lights around the bedroom set, darkness falling outside the bed, finding him and Reina in a soft spotlight. With Reina’s eyes closed, as he rested on her belly, watching the young teen, He saw Masha quickly reach out and measure the light falling over the bed. She examined her instrument, and nodded at Dillon, winking at him, making him proud. Soon, Dillon heard his and Masha’s favorite music start to over the speakers in the bedroom set. The soft erotic sounds of the twelve string guitar pleasing him. He kissed Reina’s little tummy.
“Oh...” Her breasts rose impressively, seeming impervious to the pull of gravity, in there firm youth, as she stoked them, pinching her nipples. Dillon trailed his tongue around her soft belly in small circles, relaxing his hold on her legs and holding on to her sides, fingers tickling her ribs. As his tongue drew wet trails over her, Dillon found a sensitive spot. He noted it, and soon found several others as he continued to explore her body with his mouth, patiently and slowly as his hands traveled down her sides, past her waist and then, lightly, dangling his hands, touching her with his finger tips, up and under her soft thighs.
“Oh Dillon...”
Building a data-bank of sensitive spots on his young and increasingly willing teen, he began to return to those spots, re-locating them with little touches, tickles, kisses and licks. She arched her back and moaned as he sucked on one, then massaged and tickled another. Her arms rose, her hands leaving her breasts, as he trailed kisses past her arm pits, and down the underside of her sensitive upper arm. He felt her other arm fall over his shoulders as she moaned and called his name, leading and encouraging his search for her sensitivity. “Oh, yes...good...nice...very, oh!” She began to twitch, and soon rolled onto her side, allowing Dillon to search the other, to expand his exploration down and along her back, as she curled up her legs, and moaned. Dillon teased and pleased her, tickled and probed her, fascinated and lost in her beauty. He recalled kissing toward her neck, finding a sensitive ear lobe, an open throat. He didn’t recall how they started to kiss, though, he found her arm around him, pulling at him, her lips pressed against his as her tongue explored his mouth, as she lay curled up on her side, her head turned eagerly toward him. Her other hand began to stroke his face, as she kissed him strongly. When she broke her kiss, and leaned to one side, he rolled her over onto her tummy and stroked the soft dark skin of her back. Her arm rose, hand gathering her hair, and pulled it aside, offering herself to him, raising him slightly with a thrust of her hips, before lowering again, as he leaned forward to kiss her shoulders, evoking a moan from the young beauty. Her arms spread, her hands searched for purchase on the sheets, and she struggled to control herself with busy hands. Failing, she tucked her hands under her shoulders, finding and entwining her fingers in on of Dillon’s hand. “Oh...”
Dillon lightly slid his cock along the crack of her ass as he trailed kissed over Reina. She spread her legs for him, but he kept his cock from nearing her pussy, as he kissed and probed her back, finding spots on her torso that begged to be pleased and touched, paid attention to. Dillon had her squirming beneath him as he pleased her, as he neared her waist. Above her ass, he found two small dimples on her back, where the muscles of her spine tapered, where the muscles of her firm ass started. He kissed one, touched another lightly, and Reina’s hips rose quickly, as she moaned in pleasure, sucking a finger into her mouth. “Mmmm....”
He placed his hands on her ass, and spread her cheeks once again, kissing further down. As his trailed his kissed along her crack, nearing her asshole, she thrust toward Dillon. He circled around her little hole, and trailed along one of her thighs briefly stopping to inhale her scent, and licking her lightly on her clit. Her swaying body froze, shook, and tremmored, as she yelled his name and came instantly. “Fuck yes, Dillon!” Her hips were soon bucking wildly, as he struggled to keep his tongue in contact with her pussy. “Weeee....” He felt her rise and fall, and saw her little hand appear from beneath her, under her pussy as she began to stroke herself feverishly. Dillon lifted his head up and away from her, as Masha closed in to film this development. Reina continued to moan and groan, enjoying a long orgasm as she fingered her twat. “Ohhhhh....yes!”
Dillon reached down, beside and under his bed, finding his small tube of lubricant, rubbing some on his cock as Reina fiddled madly with her soaked pussy, sucking another finger into her mouth, hunching her shoulders and thrusting her hips up and down, lost in pleasure. “Fuck yes!...Dillon...I’m so FUCKING hot...Dillon..!” Masha and Dillon watched her closely, as she began to calm, impressed with her passion. This wasn’t the cold-blooded bitch they had expected, they shared in a glance. Holding the camera firmly on her shoulder, Masha’s free hand drifted over her own body as she filmed the now slowly writhing teen. Reina whined, wanting to be touched again.
“Come here, Dillon,” She called to him. “I want you to whisper in my ear some more.” Dillon climbed on her, lying down on her back, holding her shoulders firmly in his hands, breathing softly, warmly on her neck.
“That was hot, baby,” he said soothingly into her ear. “I didn’t expect you to get this...excited.” She shook beneath him in a little shake. She spoke to him quietly, oddly shy.
“I got very turned on Dillon,” She admitted. “I got even more turned on by your hands, your mouth, your touches.” Dillon pondered what she had told him. He considered her words, their implications. He deliberated over what he knew of the girl, what he had learned, what she had just told him. A plausible cause-and-effect scenario, her admission...perhaps... “it was so exciting, I never get that...”
As she lay face down beneath him, Dillon found both of her hands. Pulling them away from her and holding them out, and down, firm to the bed. He leaned down, his mouth close to her ear, and quietly, but firmly, spoke to her.
“Shut up, bitch.” Dillon said, reinforcing her grip on her arms, pressing down on her with his body. “I don’t care how you feel,” Dillon whispered. Reina whined lightly. Dillon bit her ear lobe lightly, and whispered to her again. “Whining won’t help you.” he told her. Her hips tossed lightly under him. She sighed heavily.
If Dillon had deduced correctly, this icy-blooded, thoughtless, selfish hottie, who enjoyed stomping on those in her way as if they were little bugs, was enjoying being dominated. Sure, Dillon had applied a little tenderness, which had obviously aided his efforts, but if what he heard her say was at all accurate, she had been turned on before he had applied his newly learned skills on her. He quickly and quietly thanks Elena and Ana, for their lesbian show the other night had showed him something previously unknown to Dillon, concerning women. He whispered in her ear again.
“Nothing you say is going to save you from being fucked, Reina,” he told her. “I’ll be having my way with you.” Her fingers wrapped tightly around his hands.
“No, Dillon, please...” she whined.
“Yes,” Dillon insisted.
“Please Dillon,” she tried, her nails digging lightly into him, her hips thrusting upward, legs spreading wide.
“I’ll be enjoying you now, Reina.” Dillon stated, adjusting himself, laying the head of his steel-hard cock at her opening.
“Please no, Dillon...please....” Dillon gently thrust the head of his cock past her wet pussy lips, entering her. “No! Please, let me go...” Dillon pushed up, raising off of his hot hooker, as her hips bucked under him, driving herself deeper onto his hardness. “Stop, please Dillon!...Pullout now, Dillon, please...” She said meekly as her hips rose to engulf more of him. Her hands squeezed his tightly. “Oh god!” She screamed loudly, her butt cheeks clinching tightly, her pussy grasping at him powerfully. “Oh fuck me!” With powerful thrusts of her hips, she took half of Dillon’s hardness in her, and was soon bouncing up and down off the bed, sliding on his cock. “Mmmm...” She struggled to free her arms. Dillon held her firmly. “Ohhh....your cock is so thick!” She cried. “Feels sooo good!” She moaned, struggling to free herself, struggling to turn, struggling to get more of his hard cock.
The instincts he had been following screamed at him now. Free her! Dillon obeyed, freeing her arms. Reina immediately gathered her arms, and used them to rise off the bed. Dillon warily rose to his knees, pulling is cock almost out of her excited, teen-tight pussy. Masha quickly hopped on the bed behind Dillon, filming over his shoulder, correctly guessing Reina’s next move.
Reina drove herself backward hard onto Dillon’s cock, impaling herself deeply on it. Her fingers dug into the bed spread and she began to buck wildly on his cock, thrusting herself forward and backward, rising her hips up and down, as Dillon’s cock probed her tight pussy from many angles, from deep and shallow depths.
“Oh fuck me!” she screamed, her little hand rising to her nipple, pinching it. “Give me that cock, you fucker!” she yelled, impaling herself on his cock, all the way, enveloping him completely.
“Oh God! Oh fuck! Oh God!,” She yelled painfully. “God that monster is ripping me in half,” she warned, thrusting her hips powerfully. “Dillon stop!” She begged, as her pussy grasped his cock tightly. “Don’t move! Right there! Yes, just like that!....OH! Don’t move a fucking inch you bastard!” she screamed, cumming loudly, her body bucking hard. “FUCK, fuck, fuck, fuck me!” She hollered loudly. “Oh god YESSsssss! I’m cumming oh I’m cumming, oh I’m....” Reina fell forward, sliding off his cock, onto the bed. “Mmmm....” Dillon followed, pressing his body down on hers, and feeling Masha hop off the bed, and drove back into the whore, when his cock found her opening.
“I’ll be enjoying you for quite a while, Reina,” he whispered into her ear, finding her hands, and pinning them to the bed.
“No Dillon, please, stop, I have asked you, Oh...please Dillon, please.” Her spreading legs countered her verbal requests, as Dillon accepted the open invitation to jack-hammer her expensive, tight, eager pussy. Dillon took advantage of the springy bed, and soon had Reina bouncing up and down, beneath him, as his cock stretched her pussy unmercifully. When he freed her hands from his, they wrapped around his wrists. Her hands were sweaty, as they began to slide up and down his arms, as she bounced beneath him. “Oh you are fucking me so fucking fucking hard!” she cried. “Fuck me harder, you fucker!” Dillon began to time the thrusting of her hips, time the bouncing of the bed, and soon was thrusting even deeper into the bitch, his cock and more burying itself into her. “Ug, Ug, UG,!” she cried. “Ouch oh my god, fuck!” Soon she was caught in another orgasm, losing control of her body as her mind swam in overpowering waves of pleasure. Dillon’s lap was covered in her wetness.
“You’re pain means nothing to me, bitch,” he whispered to the wildly wiggling whore. Dillon rose on his arms, and looked down at the out-of-control teen underneath him. She was so beautiful, covered in a fine film of sweat, writhing beneath him. He pulled out of her, while she was still lost, and rough spunly her over onto her back. She cried out.
“Shut up,” Dillon said, grabbing under her knees and pushing them back toward her, until they rested under her arms. He took her in with his eyes, her beauty astounding. Her eyes accused him lustily of abandoning her, during her need. Her spread legs invited him back. Her wet, bald pussy, with it’s swollen lips, beckoned to him. Her breasts heaved, as she struggled to feed her oxygen starved blood. He drove back into her, as her eyes flashed relief from him filling her. He hung his head above her, as her head struggled to reach his, her lips and eyes begging...Kiss ME!
He mashed her lips with his, as her arms, and then legs wrapped around him in a death squeeze. She groaned as he penetrated deeply into her.
“Nobody has ever....ever fucked me like this, you fucking bastard, with a cock like THAT!” she spoke huskily to him. Hungrily. Desperately. His cock buried completely in the tight teen, he began to grind at her with his pubic bone, hard and gyrating. He looked down at her face. Her mouth fell open, her lower lip quivering. He slammed in and out of her bruisingly hard, and ground down on her again. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, her little tongue wagging deep in her little mouth. He watched her firm tits jiggle on her chest, nipples pointing at him. He pinned her useless arms down and hammered her faster and faster, as her eyes rolled all the way back into her head, her little feet bouncing next to his shoulders, toes curling and uncurling. She was his.
For as long as his well-exercised-fuck muscles allowed, he drove in and out of Reina, admiring her, loving the way she felt under him. He watched sweat drip from his body onto her’s. He watched as some drops of sweat gathered on her tummy, meeting and merging, trickling down her soft tummy until it pooled into her little belly button. He knew she had never been fucked like this, so hard, as she lay lost in pleasure or pain beneath him. For several long minutes he hammered at her and grew fatigued. He looked over at Masha. She saw him. She pointed at her little bottom and mouthed clearly mouth the word, ‘Anal.’ Dillon nodded his head. He held up a finger to Masha, and rolled his eyes breathing heavily. She understood.
Dillon stopped pounding into his priceless little whore. He lay down on her gently, and watched her. Her body, which had remained calm under him while he pounded into her, now began to quake with small shivers. Underneath him, he felt her begin to shake, with his cock half-buried in her. Her breathing was uneven and wretched, at best, as she began to moan. Her little wrist struggled, still in his grasp. Dillon released them, as her eyes opened and found him. Her hands drifted to her neck, her little fingers stroking her skin. They traveled to her chin, and throat, as she moaned, her body shifting under him. Her fingers traveled to the tips of her shoulders, as Dillon tiredly pushed himself up off of her. Her eyes followed him, staring into his, as her hands found her breast, nipples and touched herself lightly all over, her tummy, ribs, pubes, sides and nipples.
“Mmm...” she said in a satisfied whisper. “Fill me,” she asked, kindly, as Dillon slid back into her fully. She moaned, biting her lower lip. Dillon kissed her nose, and eyes, feeling her hands wandering between their bodies, as she turned them up to feel his tight chest and stomach. “Mmm,” she groaned, regaining parts of her lost senses. “Mmm....strong American stallion.” she said, roaming her sweaty little hands over his shoulders and chest, her legs finding a spot around his waist, her heals falling on the small of his back, as she gently squeezed him farther into her.
“You are having too much fun, bitch,” Dillon told her quietly. “I grew tired pleasing myself on you. I want you to mount me now.” He watched her closely. She took in an audible breath as she heard him. Her hand brushed across her chest, above her slick breasts, as her eyes stared into his, consenting to him. As Dillon began to roll off of her, her arms and legs tightened their grip on him, his cock still buried deep in her. Dillon rolled over on his back, carrying her easily with him, pulling her lightly atop him, as she cooed in pleasure and smiled at his strength. She twitched lightly, as his cock brushed something sensitive deep in her, and she held a little hand over her tummy, gasping.
“Oh Dillon...” She looked beautiful, shiny and wet. She looked lustful and hungry. She began to ride his cock, grinding on him backward then forward. She placed her hands on his tummy, and leaned some weight on her arms, as she adjusted her knees next to his waist, so she rubbed on him just right. Settled, she began to please herself on his cock again, grinding into him hard.
“You fill me so well, Dillon. You feel very good, deep in me like this,” Soon her grinding had it’s desired effect on her clit, as her pace increased feverishly. “Oh Dillon, I keep coming and coming, Dillon, oh Dillon, yesss...” Her hands pulled painfully at the small hairs on his stomach and chest as her orgasm began to peak. Dillon watched her moving on him, fixated. His hands found her full firm breast, wet with sweat and sprouting goose bums from his touch. “Ohh....” she moaned, her orgasm receding. Dillon raised his knees behind her, and with his hands on her breasts, gently forced her back, until she rested against his raised legs. As she sat on him, dizzy and gasping, he began to lower his hips, pulling out of her slightly, and began probing her pussy for little buttons of sensitivity, little switches to her pleasure. As she moaned and moaned, he found one, and poked it, probed it, prodded it. “Oh yes...right there....oh yes...” Dillon found several spots like that, some deep in her, some rather shallow in her. Some in the front, of her pussy, some buried deep and hard to reach in the back. She came and came, expending energy convulsing and twitching, breathing hard and tiring of non-stop orgasms, as Dillon conserved his strength, marshaled it and stored it. He would need it to hold the struggling beauty down when he began to assault her ass, he predicted. Soon she was rocking on him, bouncing up and down on his now resting body, pleasing herself, and screaming loudly.
“Damn, Damn, oh shit, again...oh Fuck me, this cock is great!” She groped at her tits as she bounced up and down riding him. “Weee....fuck yes! I LOVE giant fat cocks. I love having your big fat cock buried in my teen pussy. Do you like my tight teen pussy?” Quickly, suddenly, Dillon spread his legs wide, as the young teen fell backwards, eyes wide, falling back onto the bed as Dillon raised his legs and dropped them, trapping her arms beneath them on them bed. Sitting up quickly, he shoved her knees backward with his broad shoulders, fast before she could recover and use leverage against him. In a flash, he was above her, as she lay trapped beneath him, looking at him, her eyes filled with troubled curiosity, her feet resting beside her ears. He looked over at Masha.
“Lube me, Masha,” Dillon ordered. Looking back down at Reina, he saw her eyes grow wide with understanding, he saw her swallow. He felt her tense as Masha’s little hand slopped lube onto his raging hard cock. “Guess what time it is, bitch.”
“No...not my ass, Dillon, please, not in the ass.” She pleaded as she began her futile struggle. She was wet and slippery, but firmly held to the bed, with little and no leverage. As Masha left him to grab her camera and get into a good position, Reina pleaded more. “Your too big, I’ve never had a cock in my ass, please.” Dillon ignored her, recalling her coldness toward others. He reminded himself of her disdain for others, her treatment of his friends, the names she had called him, and how she had treated Mikhail. He vividly recalled Reina knocking his little Masha roughly to the floor. Slowly, he was able to position the head of his slippery cock, over her ass.
Reina began to wiggle her hips before he could thrust into her, evading him.
“No Dillon, don’t” She said, her voice full of concern. Dillon dropped his full weight on her, yet her little asshole still barely managed to evade his penetration. “Dillon...” He almost had her... “Dillon...” She squirmed away. He found her ass again, pushing. “Dillon, don’t. Please.” He just missed, slipping to the side, quickly repositioning himself. “Dillon, please Dillon.” He found her and thrust with force.
“Ahhhh!” She hollered, her body tensing and struggling strongly beneath him. “Dillon..” He thrust farther into her incredibly tight ass, buried half way in her. She gasped, and gasped. He stopped thrusting and pulled his cock out slightly and whispered in her ear.
“Don’t fight it, relax yourself.”
“It will hurt less, I will wait for you to relax.
“Use your head Reina, take this opportunity to relax yourself.” She shook her head a little, searching his eyes for mercy, finding none. “Your tight ass feels nice, Reina, wonderful.”
“You are hurting me Dillon, please pull your cock out of my ass.” Dillon shook his head, giving her a soft look, willing her to relax and accept him. “Oh Dillon, why?” Her legs, which had been gripping him tightly, relaxed a bit. Dillon looked at her with encouragement. “Why my ass, Dillon, why?” Her little arms relaxed. She took two long shaky breaths, as their sweaty bodies pressed together. He kissed her on the nose, as she took a third, more relaxed breath. “I have a cock in my ass, oh my god, in my ass.” He bit her lower lip playfully, and trailed kisses down the side of her face, holding her firmly, to her neck, and covered her throat in sucking kissed. “Relaxing’s so big in me.” Her hands found his shoulders, rubbing his muscles. “Mm...” she said, not so painfully as he sucked on her neck, below her ear. He bit her earlobe lightly, and then found her waiting mouth, keeping his cock still in her twitching ass. Slowly, her kisses became warmer, filling with a bit of the passion they had earlier.
“Go slow,” she said into his mouth. He heard her, and gave her a squeeze with his arms.
“Please, Masha, not so close,” Reina asked. “Please...” Dillon waved her off the bed, where she had been filming his penetration closely. She stood well back from the bed, as Reina’s lips rose to meet Dillon’s. She breathed heavily out into his mouth, and drew a deep breath in through her nose. Dillon pulled out of her until just his head rested in her tormented strained young teen ass. Reina grunted painfully. Dillon remained still for several minutes, as she further relaxed under his kisses and her ass grew accustomed to his girth.
“Fuck it,” she said softly. Dillon rose on his arms slightly, kissing her again, as he slid an inch into her. And then back out. And then back in. Reina took deep breaths as her arms tightened around his neck, her legs around his waist. Gradually, he began to penetrate her ass more deeply, as she groaned in pain and discomfort, her ass still struggling against him. He reminded her to relax, accept me. “You are so beautiful, lying under me like this, taking me into your ass.” he said.
“Oh, Dillon, oh Dillon,” she moaned, biting her lower lip, pulling her knees back toward herself slightly, allowing him to go deeper. He slid further into her. “Oh Dillon,” she said with a little pain and discomfort, again, as he thrust gently deeper into her ass. “Oh god, Dillon..oh god, oh god.” Slowly he withdrew, and sank back into her. “Oh Dillon,” She moaned as he felt her sphincter relax, her hands roamed his back. He sank into her further and further as she moaned with less pain and discomfort. He recognized the tone of her voice, the feel of her soft muscles, the movement of her body. Dillon knew she had accepted him into her asshole. Nearly all of him too. He thrust into her, until his balls rested against her. Reina let out an impossibly long breath, and her stomach sank under him, her muscles relaxed completely, as his cock lay buried all the way in her virgin ass.
“Fuck yes,” She said. “Dillon it hurts me....Dillon it feels a little good in full, I am so full...” He remained still, buried in her as she spoke to him, her body beginning to move under him, her ass beginning to loosen around his girth. Her hand found his curly hair, her fingers running through it. Her other hand found his chest, stroking it, as she spoke quietly, making comments about having a giant cock in her ass.
“It feels makes me cramp...oh it’s nice...oh the pain...” Dillon began to suck on her neck and throat again, as she stroked his hair, felt his strong sweaty chest. He felt her ankles and heels rest on his back, her legs fall farther apart. “Yes, feels kinda good to have a big cock in my ass.” Slowly Dillon began to withdraw from her. “Oh shit...” Slowly he pulled further out of her. “Oh god,” she moaned, her head rolling from one side, and then spinning to the other side. As he pulled out further, her legs gripped him tightly again.
“Baby,” Dillon said. “Relax, Reina, stay relaxed.” Dillon slowly thrust back into her. Her legs spread, accepting him. Slowly, he began to thrust in and out of her ass. Gently. She moaned, more pleasantly, with considerably less pain and discomfort. Her sphincter all but surrendering to him. Her ass grew warm, wet, and inviting, massaging his cock with twitching, confused muscles.
“Mmmm,” she groaned. “Oh mmmm....” She stuck a finger in her mouth, and rolling her head side to side, began to suck on it. “God yes, Dillon, fuck my ass, Dillon fuck me to death.” she cried, suddenly moaning loudly and legs falling completely open. Slowly he rose from her, her beautiful brown eyes had closed to slits, her dark skin was slick with sweat from his body, her nipples impossibly hard from her excitement. She reached both hands around his neck, holding him, keeping him from moving too far from her. As he pulled out of her again, she opened her eyes, her mouth, and pulled him strongly toward him to kiss her. He did, finding her lips inviting, and thankful, hungry, and lust filled. She growled into his mouth, and bit him on the lip hard. “Fuck me!” she said, holding is face in her hands. “Fuck that tight teen ass of mine, Dillon, take it, it is yours.” Her hips began to thrust up, her tight ass taking in his fat cock.
“I have a big cock in me!” She yelled. “You have your cock buried in my ass!” She looked at him with accusing eyes, her hips thrusting up and down, impaling herself on his cock. “Why? Why? Why fuck my ass, Dillon?” She arched her back, her legs falling from him. Her heels dug into the bed beside him. Her legs spread wide, her back arched, she rose, head held up reaching to kiss him. Only her shoulders and feet touched the bed, as she thrust up and down on his cock, straining to find his lips with her mouth. “Why Fuck my ass, Dillon? Why fuck my tight teen ass like an animal, Dillon? Did you think I liked it in my ass, Dillon?” She was fucking going crazy under him, straining to get all of his cock into her ass. “I don’t Dillon. I don’t want your cock in my ass,” she lied, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself up, so only her feet touched the bed under him now, in her mad desire to get impaled on his cock. “Fuck my ass with that fat cock!” Dillon held still, as the teen struggled under him to get more cock in her ass.
She let go, and dropped quickly to the bed below him. He felt her press a foot to his hip, and a hand to his shoulder, and push. Hard. She pushed him over on the bed, making it seem easy, as she scrambled over him, climbing him and mounting him. Her eager frantic hands sought his cock, has her feet struggled for balance on either side of him. She stuffed the head of his cock into her ass with a growl, and wiggled, setting his pole straight in her asshole. “Fuck yes! Good hard cock!”
She impaled herself on him, “Ugg...ack!” she hollered, twitching, her body unaccustomed to having it’s bowel’s penetrated. “Fuck.” She placed her hands on his stomach to steady herself. She wiggled slightly. She moved one hand, and placed it behind her on Dillon’s leg. She pinched him, pulling in his leg-hair. She began to move her hips in a circle, around and around, as she sat on him, stuffed with cock. “Oh my...” she cried as if she had just now discovered pleasure. “Yes oh fuck.” Her voice growing high-pitched, girly. “Ew...oh...ew..oh...ew...ew..ohhhh....” She loved having her ass stuffed full of cock.
“I’m coming, don’t you fucking move...OH! inch...Oh!” He watched her panting body, found her lust filled eyes, as she found his. “On my!” she said, with slight embarrassment. She held his gaze, biting her lower lip, her body gyrating atop of him, losing all control. “This is different!” She cried. “Much different!” She squealed, pleased with the cock in her ass. “Damn! This is good, hold still baby, Damn! Fucking cock in me, fucking my ass, Fucking big....” She hollered, and lost all control. Dillon supported her up with his hands, as she shook as if possessed. “Glrrr...mlrrr...grrr...mmmm” She began to yank hairs our of Dillon’s stomach, chest and leg...legs now. “Arrr...phhhh....nngggg. OHHHHHH! FUCK! YES!”
Dillon watched her. Her lips snarled and twitched, rabid foaming. Her neck muscles strained, breasts heaved up and down, like firm melons. Her stomached sucked way in, then pushed out until she looked very pregnant, back and forth, as her shitter ground down on his cock, she came more powerfully than she had in the last hour he had spent fucking her. Then Dillon caught her as she slumped toward him, limp, sweaty, spent. Masha spoke.
“Damn, girl,” she said quietly. “Dillon I’m almost out of tape.” Reina told her to get more.
“Get more, I’ll wait,” she said finding Dillon’s face with a blindly searching hand. “I’ll rest here.” She purred. She stuck a finger into Dillon’s receptive mouth. It dawned on Dillon that she assumed control again. She had given Masha a direct order. She had ordered Dillon to remain still, accept her finger into his mouth, demanded a rest. He thought it mattered little though. She lay resting for a moment on his chest, letting him suck on her finger, rubbing his pectoral muscles, drawing circles on him, in his sweat.
“I’ve never come so hard before,” she admitted. “As I have today.” Dillon suggested maybe she just liked being in front of the camera. “Yeah, that’s it,” she said sarcastically. Maybe you just like big cock, Dillon asked. “Maybe,” she said with a little wonder in her voice. Dillon expressed his belief she liked being controlled, commanded, held without power. “Ha! Hardly, stupid American man.” Maybe, Dillon suggested, you should have a cock stuffed in your ass more often. Reina made no comment, but rose away from him, propping herself up on her shaky arms. Over him, she looked down on him, and scooted forward a bit, sliding off his cock slightly. He looked at her breasts hanging now over his face, as Reina smiled down at him. Dillon massaged them, as Reina watched him, he took one in his open mouth. She moaned, lowering herself onto him, and wrapping her arms around his head, moaning as he took as much of her firm tit into his mouth as he could, sucking and swallowing.
“Mmmm....You ready, Masha?” Reina asked. Masha was ready, she said. With her breast in his mouth, Dillon pulled his legs up, curling, and stuffing his long cock back into Reina’s stretched but tight ass, wet and warm. “Mmmm....” she groaned. “I bet you want me to ride that big cock of yours, don’t you, stupid American man?” Dillon did. He wanted that. “Suck me,” she commanded, sliding back further on his cock. Slowly, groaning, she began to slide forward and back along his stomach and chest riding his cock, while Dillon sucked mightily on her tits, hanging over his face, as she held his head, using it, with her arms to pull her self forward, before sliding back on his cock.
“You like my tight teen ass? Do you like having my virgin tight ass sliding along your strong cock, you very, very stupid American man?” She asked. Groaning, Dillon felt her belly pushing down on his. “Mmm..big cock, tight ass...fat my tight ass...Mmmm, bite my nipple, stupid, stupid American, bite me, mmmm hurt me, more again, hurt me, pain me...mmm...” She rocked back and forth, causing Dillon wonderful pleasure with her tight ass. He loved having her young tit in his mouth, as her gobbled and bit her nipple.
“BITE...MY..Nipple..hard. Bite my nipple, HARD!” She screamed when he did, her ass managing to feel tighter around his cock. “Fuck my ass, HARD!” She screamed at Dillon. “Ream me out!” She began to pull painfully on his hair, as he chomped painfully on his nipple. “I want you to REAM MY ASS!” She reached behind her, and grabbed his balls, painfully hard. Dillon reacted immediately, suspecting this move when he felt her hand relax and let go of his hair, leave his head. He threw her off, and spun her over as she yelped, his cock falling from her ass, leaving her empty. She looked at him, hurt, neglected.
“Kneel.” Dillon commanded, rising to his knees. “Bend over.” Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Masha approaching the bed. She hopped up on it gracefully, as Dillon slapped the pretty whore’s ass, hard, punishing her, teaching her. She will learn. Her asshole gaped open before him, the whore prostrate in front of him, he allowed Masha a moment to adjust, and film her tormented gaping asshole as it twitched, and began to close, sealing. Dillon spit into his hand, rubbed it on the head of his slick cock.
“Fuck my ass, stupid American.” Reina said, laying her head and shoulders on the bed, swinging her raised ass side to side, sending Dillon into a frenzy. “Take it, Dillon, stuff me full again. I want your cock in my ass. Fill me...AHHHH!” she hollered as he slammed into her.
“Ouch! Dillon!,” she screamed. “It hurts more this way.” She grunted, rising on her arms as he slammed into her. She began to wiggle, and crawl. Away from him and nearly off his cock, she scrambled away. Walking on his knees, Dillon smiled, following his fleeing, pained whore. Reina began to circle around the bed, Dillon following, keeping his cock wedged in her ass. “Stop it! It Hurts like this,” she demanded, scooting around Masha, who was couldn’t help letting out a little snicker as she filmed the scene as it circled below her. Dillon grew impatient after Reina led him on a chase, for one full circle around his camera-girl, and grabbed a handful of Reina’s long black wet hair. He yanked on it, recalling the days he had spent horse back riding in California, fondly.
“Whoa girl,” Dillon commanded.
“Ouuwweee!” She squealed, but ceasing him attempts to flee from his cock. Dillon yanked her hair again, pulling her back on to his cock, burying it in her. “Grumfffff.” she commented. She endured Dillon, somehow, as he reamed her little virgin ass relentlessly. And began to appreciate, slowly, the large amount of energy he was expending on her.
“Mmmm.....drilling me out...mmm...” She noted, as her tits swung freely under her. Her arms gave out, and she fell forward onto the bed, planting her face in the ruffled blanket, wiggling her ass. Dillon became very excited, when she reached her hands back, placed them on her expensive butt and spread her ass cheeks. Wide. “Drill it, Dillon, ream it,” she said, her head twisting on the bed to look back and up at him, taking her. “You’ve destroyed it, ruined it, it’s no good to me now, so Fuck It!” She pushed her ass cheeks together, hard, tightly trapping Dillons cock. He loved that! She saw that love in his face. She cooed as he began to pump large globs of sperm into her. She gasped in surprise, feeling his cock swell, and begin to pump sperm into her ass, another first for her.
“Oh baby, oh Dillon....” He came hard, from deep in his scrotum. He came long, his balls growing pained. He came and came, as Reina was filled with his come. “Good lord, Dillon,” she said. “How long can you possible keep coming?” she asked, smiling up at him, spreading her cheeks open for him. “Oh Dillon, I it fills me up!” It was over, Dillon was spent. His cock remained hard and rigid in her ass, as she moaned and smiled, biting her lower lip and wiggling her cock and sperm filled ass delightedly. Masha had a thought, and she shared it.
“Pull out Dillon, stand aside,” She said. Plop! His cock came out of Reina’s tight ass, leaving a large open hole, her hands still spreading her cheeks wide. Come dribbled out of her ass, Dillon saw, to his delight. As Reina rose, lowering her ass, a small river of come began to flow from her red, swollen sphincter. She grunted, expelling more, and more. Dillon glanced down at his balls, feeling proud and then watching as more come poured out of the analized beauty. It dripped out of her ass, and down to her pussy. It flowed between the crack of her wet lips, pooling below her on the bed.
“Are we done?” Reina asked. “Have you humiliated me enough, yet?” she asked, allowing her ass cheeks to close, her sphincter to seal again. Dillon grunted. They were done. Reina fell onto her side, curling into a tight ball. Dillon grabbed his camera, and his rolls of film and stalked off to his darkroom, where he remained for two or three minutes, hating himself, but fondly recalling vivid, fresh memories. When he returned to the bedroom set, Masha sat close to the curled up whore, wiping her face with a wet towel, speaking to her soothingly.
“That was amazing Reina.” Masha told her sweetly, quietly. “You were wonderful. I have never imagined anything like that. That was the best I have ever filmed.” Reina looked up at little Masha, as the camera-girl began to wipe the whore’s pained ass. “You will be very sore. Why don’t I get a small bag of ice for you?” When Reina nodded, Masha hopped off the bed, quickly returning with a baggy of crushed ice. She gently placed it between Reina’s ass cheeks.
“It’s cold, Masha,” she said. “Thank you dear. I appreciate it.” Masha giggled kindly, and curled up next to Reina, pulling some of the sweat-soaked hair out of her face.
“You just lie here and rest as long as you need.” Masha said, kissing Reina on the forehead. Reina moaned.
“He really is a very good lover,” Reina commented, looking into Masha’s eyes. “But I still think I will cut his throat, as he sleeps, in his bed, at his home.” Masha gasped at her. “It will be a shame, really, he has such a marvelous cock.”
An hour later, Reina left, to ride home in her limo. She walked gingerly from the studio, on shaky legs, looking rather mad. Yet, somewhat pleased. Dillon and Masha went right to work editing. Dillon explained what he wanted. Masha understood, and quickly began to make several copies of the tapes. She sat next to Dillon then, and watched her master work at his editing, as he explained.
“We will make a thirty second trailer, first.” Dillon said. “Capturing some of the girl’s contrast. Highlighting some irony. Exposing her two-faces.” Dillon quickly edited out four of her quotes from her boring interview. And then, zooming through the tape, to the lusty sex scene, Dillon selected four scenes, quickly editing them out, too. Slowly, he began to piece his thirty second trailer together, Masha giggling at his side, very impressed. She looked up at Dillon, with great admiration.
“You are so creative, Dillon,” She said. “Such an artist, a devious artist.”

To be continued...yes, with the 30 second trailer fully explained.

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