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I’ve never really been one known to have an interest in young teenage girls. I honestly believe they are too immature and they don’t seem to be able to comprehend reality too well.
I’ve never really been one known to have an interest in young teenage girls. I honestly believe they are too immature and they don’t seem to be able to comprehend reality too well. I like matured women, like my wife. She’s very beautiful. Full DD breasts that I just love to suck and lick on...
Lately though I’ve been a getting hard-on by looking at my daughters when they get out of the shower or when they are out in the pool. At first I just thought it was my penis acting normal as it should, but then it hit me, I’m attracted to my daughters. The thought of this scared me. I didn’t know what to do. So, I thought what the hell I might as well jack off to them. I mean what harm could that do? Its not like I was taking nude pictures of them or anything. I have five daughters. The youngest one, Janie, is thirteen. She hasn’t really grown into her body just yet, but I believe when she does she’ll have the guys walking around the school turned on for hours. Janie has long golden brown hair with brown eyes and size A tits. After Janie comes the two identical twins Crissy and Anita. Both are sixteen with huge asses and tits for their ages. Crissy dyed her hair green while Anita dyed hers blood red. Nikki, my eighteen-year old daughter is in college but she still lives with us, not that I’m complaining. She has size D tits and black long hair. And finally my twenty-one year old daughter, Jeane. She’s the really hot and sexy one of the bunch. I mean my other daughters are no where near as hot as she is. Now, earlier I said that this freaked me out, but over the last couple of months I’ve been getting use to it.
“Hey daddy, I’m going to Katie’s house tonight to sleepover. Mom said it was ok.” Janie said walking into the kitchen in a long white T-shirt and no bra. I could see her petit tits directly through her shirt. She started rummaging in the refrigerator for food. She pulled out her banana pudding and grabbed a spoon, only to drop it. “Whoops, I dropped my spoon.” She then bent over to pick it up exposing her sweet little ass in her cotton blue panties.
“Hey honey, I hope you’re gonna be ok this weekend with me gone on my business trip.” My wife said stalking into the kitchen. “Janie stop flashing your dad.” Janie then realized that she was indeed flashing me and quickly rose up, snatching her spoon off the floor and tossing it into the sink.
“Sorry daddy.” She apologized. “Well I better go get packed.” Janie dashed out of the kitchen leaving me with a raging boner and her pudding. My wife quickly took notice and walked over to me touching my crotch.
“Aww, my poor baby’s cock is rock hard... how sweet.” I don’t think she knew that I was hard from our daughter. “Would you like me to take care of this problem?”
“You know I do.” I said teasingly. She started to unbutton my pants when all of a sudden Crissy, Jeane, and Anita ran in. My wife quickly backed away and tried to act as if nothing was going on.
“Shit, I need to be at the airport in an hour. I gotta go. Don’t destroy the house too much while I’m gone. Love you!” she shouted to all of us as she darted out the back door and into her car.
“Hey daddy, Jeane is taking me and Crissy to go see The Omen. I heard its supposed to be really scary.” Anita said while stuffing her face with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
“So I have the house to myself tonight, there is a god!” I joked.
“Haha daddy, very funny.” Jeane said sarcastically, “I know you’ll miss us.” She stuck her tongue out at me and walked into the living room, her nice big ass moved swiftly with her. Crissy and Anita followed suit.
I got up from my chair at the kitchen table and walked into the living room as well. Jeane had turned the TV to one of her romance movie channels.
“So, when are you three leaving?” I asked.
“At about two. We’re gonna hang out at the mall for alittle while then catch the movie at seven. Then go out to eat and then home.” Crissy said with her eyes glued to the TV. She was wearing a very short skirt while laying on the carpet with her legs up in the air watching the TV. I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties. My eyes couldn’t stop staring at her tight (what I assumed to be) virgin pussy. I went upstairs to take a cold shower, I couldn’t jack off while they were here walking around the house. After my shower I decided to take a nap.

I awoke later that night at around six. It was already dark outside and I soon realized that no one was in the house but me. I went to check just to make sure though.
When I walked into Anita and Crissy’s room I noticed two pairs of panties on Anita’s bed. One was labeled with Crissy’s name on it. The other with Anita’s. They were also alittle wet and smelled kinda funky... like pussy actually. Had my two daughters been fucking each other? The thought of that sent blood rushing into my cock. As I started to walk out I tripped over a black double-ended dildo that was sticking out of from under the bed. I picked it up only to find that both ends were dripping wet. This just made my cock go wild. My two hot daughters fuck each other... or that’s what I assume. I couldn’t resist the temptation, I smelled both ends of the dildo... it smelled just like pussy... tight wet pussy that I wanted to bury my cock inside of.
I put the dildo back where I found it and went downstairs into the living room. In my cabinet I had a huge arsenal of porn that my wife and I look at before we have a fuck-fest (usually the girls are gone... usually). I popped in one of the DVDs and started rubbing my cock immediately. I dropped my boxers onto the floor so I was now completely nude. I had the volume of the TV up so loud I didn’t hear Nikki walk in.
“Daddy! What are you doing?!” Nikki shouted.
“Oh shit!” I yelled scrambling to grab my boxers, until I noticed she was wearing a schoolgirl uniform. The skirt was red with white stripes intersecting each other. Her shirt, which could barely hold in her large breasts, was white. She wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt was so tight on her I could see her nipples with no problem and by the looks of things she was liking what she saw, despite her tone of voice. “Nikki, what are you wearing?”
“Oh no, don’t try and change the subject daddy. You were jacking off and you was liking it too.” She pointed to my still rock hard dick. “I walked in and saw you playing with yourself so I went upstairs and slipped this on... you like?”
I was confused at the moment. I wanted to say ‘yeah. I wanna fuck you.’ But she was my daughter. That would be wrong and she knows it would be wrong... but why do I have this feeling that she wants me to fuck her.
“Come on daddy... come and feel my tits.” Entranced by her body I walked over to her. My cock rubbed up against her thigh as I ripped off her shirt and started to suck on her tits. She motioned for me to let her sit down so I did. Once she sat down I started back on her tits again. She grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I jumped up and grabbed my dick and started to stroke it frantically. A large splurge of hot sticky cum shot out my cock and onto Nikki’s tits. She noticed how much cum I was letting out so she put her mouth near my cock and caught cum in her mouth. When I finished cumming she sucked me dry. Her head bobbed back and forth on my cock. Then she started rubbing in the cum on her tits like it was lotion.
My cock was still hard even after all of that cum I let out. I pushed her down on the couch snatching her skirt off. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I think its a rule in my house not to wear panties or something. First I went down on her. I had to taste her sweet pussy. It was impossible for me not too. I sucked on her juicy clit making her moan loudly.
“Mmmm yeah... how does my pussy taste daddy? Does it taste good?” Her pussy was so pink.
“Yeah baby its delicious.” A few minutes later I grew tired of this and my cock was aching in anticipation. I lifted her ass into the air off the couch and shoved my seven inch dick into her pussy. I started off slow so I could feel her pussy grip onto my cock.
“How does it feel to be fucking your daughter?” When she asked that something in me clicked. I stared thrusting into her, going deeper with every thrust until I was in her as deep as I could possibly go. She started screaming. At first it was pain, probably because no where has ever fucked her this hard before, but then her screams became softer as they turned into load moans of pleasure. He green eyes were filled with lust as she looked at me. Her cum covered tits bounced up and down wildly.
“Oh yes! Fuck yeah!” Nikki moaned.
I quickly pulled out and turned her around on her knees. I slammed my cock into her pussy from behind. Gripping onto her ass cheeks I fucked her even faster and harder than before.
“Oh! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your daughter’s tight pussy!”
“Ah... your pussy is so tight around my cock!”
“I saved myself just for you daddy. Now fuck me harder!” I pounded into Nikki’s pussy like I was a mad man. I knew I was gonna cum soon but I didn’t know where I wanted it to go.
“I’m gonna cum baby! Where do you want it?”
“Cum inside me daddy! I wanna feel your hot juicy cum hit my pussy walls. Fill my pussy with your cum daddy!” I pounded harder into her.
“Oh daddy I’m cumming!”
“Oh shit! I’m cumming too!” I blasted my cum deep inside her, blanketing her cunt in cum. Her pussy squeezed tight on my cock as she came as well, pushing even more cum from my cock.
I pulled out with my penis covered in my own and her cum. Then to my amazement she started fingering herself. She pounded her fingers into herself and then started eating the cum that was inside her. She grabbed by cock and licked the cum off of it and then sucked me dry again.
“Mmmm I love the taste of your cum daddy.” She continued to suck me while fingering herself. Her moans vibrated by dick as she wrapped her mouth around it.
“Oh fumck! A’m gon’ cuhm ahgain dahdy! (Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum again daddy!)” Nikki screamed at the top of lungs while my cock was still in her mouth causing me to cum yet again. This time I came so much that my cum started to pour our of Nikki’s mouth. Cum was everywhere. Nikki swallowed the boat load of cum and fell down into my arms.
“Tonight was so great daddy.” With that she fell asleep.

To Be Continued .......


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Sorry, too predictable. You could see this on cumming (pun intended).


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smell those fucking wet panties.i like to shoot my load into the pantie gusset.

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I love when my daddy fucks his little slut =)

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