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Dear Diary Part II

It has been two months since Marco and me have been dating, and I decided I should tell Mom. She took it much better than I thought she would, and said she would be pleased to meet him. Marco invited me and Mom over to his apartment for dinner so that they could meet. I told Mom that Marco lived in a really nice apartment, but when we got there, I could tell that she was very suprised.

When Marco answered the door, he shook Mom’s hand and said, Nice to meet you Mrs. Hayden. Mom quickly said. Oh, it’s Rossi, Hayden is Nicole’s fathers name, but you can call me Val. I swear sometimes I feel like Mom is ashamed that I am her daughter. I didn’t like the way Mom looked at Marco. She really gazed at him and held his hand for a long time. Marco said. Well Val, I can see where Nicki gets her good looks, you are a very beautiful woman. Mom smiled, squeezed his hand and said. You Marco, are absolutely stunning. As Marco showed Mom around the apartment I could totally tell that she was flirting with him. She was acting all fake and laughing way too hard at his little comments. That really made me mad.

Marco made a really nice dinner and it was very romantic. We sat out on his balcony and watched the sunset, and sat in front of his big picture window and gazed at the city lights. Him and Mom drank a lot of wine, and even though Mom told me to drink too, I decided not to. I would have felt funny drinking in front of Mom. Well as usual Mom drank too much and was getting pretty sloppy. Mom and Marco seemed to get along great, and this made me both happy and jealous. I know how Mom is, and would not put it past her to make a move on Marco.

The night finally ended. Marco was a perfect gentleman, and he ordered us a cab to take us home. Marco said that he would be perfectly happy to pick us up and drive us to my graduation ceremony the next day. Earlier in the week Mom said that she was too busy to attend my graduation, but she quickly accepted Marco’s offer. On the ride home she went on and on about Marco. How nice he is, how handsome he is, how rich he is. She told me I should feel very lucky to have a man like him. I hated the feelings I had inside, but I know that Mom would do anything to land a man, even if she had to steal him from her own daughter.

That night as I went to sleep I could hear Mom in her room. I could hear the buzzing of a vibrator, and I knew she was masturbating herself. I also assumed she was fantasizing about my boyfriend and that really made me mad, but then again, I guess it was better than having more strangers in her room using her.

The next morning Mom was up and showering before me, which was very unusual. She spent a long time in her room getting ready, and when she came out I was shocked. She was really decked out. Her hair and make up were perfect, she was wearing a tight black skirt that showed a lot of leg, and she must have been wearing a push up bra, because even though she doesn’t have very large breast, she was showing a lot of cleavage. I was pissed, because I knew what she was up to. She only dresses like this when she is going out to the clubs. I could tell that she was on the hunt, and the prey was my boyfriend. I do have to admit that when Mom wants to she can really look beautiful.

Marco showed up and looked very handsome in his suit. I think he could tell what was going on and he gave me a nice little reassuring kiss and held my hand tightly. That made me feel better. He was driving a very nice silver Mercedes. I had never seen this car before and asked him where his other car was. As he opened the back door for Mom he said that this is his other car. His Lotus is only a two seater. I guess I didn’t even think about that.

As I stood up onstage with my classmates I could see Mom and Marco sitting with all the other parents. Mom was always laughing and flirting with him. I even saw her pull her skirt up a little higher on her leg once. I could not wait for this ceremony to get over with so that I could get between them.

Well, the ceremony seemed to go on forever. Especially because I had to watch Mom putting her hand on Marco’s thigh and whispering in his ear. But it finally ended, and as I met up with them holding my diploma Marco gave me a big hug and kiss and said that he was so proud of me. Mom gave me a slight hug and said congratulations.

All of the other students went off to a big party that was being thrown for all the graduates, but since I never really hung out with any of them, I had no desire to go. As far as I was concerned high school was nothing but a bunch of fake kids trying to impress each other, and I couldn’t get out soon enough.

Marco asked if we had any plans, and of course Mom didn’t. She wasn’t even going to come until she found out Marco would be there. He offered to take us to his family’s home for a celebration. Before I could even think about it Mom said. That sounds great. He said it was about a three hour drive, but that it was beautiful and we would enjoy it.

We drove along the coast, and through some mountains before we entered a beautiful lush green valley. We passed some beautiful winery’s and huge mansions before pulling up to a huge entry with granite stones wrapped in ivy and the words “Melandrie Estates” above the iron gates. Marco rolled down his window and talked into a speaker “Hello Barry, it’s just me” and the gates opened. We drove down the immaculate tree lined path and noticed beautiful flower gardens, perfectly manicured lawns, duck ponds and beautiful waterfalls. I was totally shocked and as I looked back at Mom, all I saw was a blank stare of disbelief and her mouth wide open. Then we turned a corner and saw a huge mansion that could pass for a castle.

Marco pulled up in front and a man dressed in a tux was waiting to open his door. Good afternoon Mr. Melandrie, what a pleasant suprise. Marco jumped out of his seat and gave the man a big hug. Great to see you Barry. He laughed, and when are you going to stop calling me Mr!!!!! My name is Marco. I have told you a thousand times!! The man just laughed and returned the hug.

Oh my God, my boyfriend lives in an actual mansion. We got a tour of the place, and I could not believe how fancy it was. I have no idea how many bedrooms there are. They have maids, and butlers, chefs, groundskeepers, and even security guards. Marco introduced us to his step-mom. Her name is Charlotte. She is probably in her early 40’s, but she is absolutely gorgeous. Charlotte said that unfortunately Marco’s dad is away in Italy on business... as usual.

We got a grand tour of the whole place. It is truely unbelievable. I would have never guessed that Marco lived in a place like this. The chefs cooked us a wonderful meal. We were treated like royalty. I could not believe it. Marco invited us to stay the night, and offered to take us home the next day. Again before I could even say anything Mom said yes.

After dessert Marco showed us to our rooms. Mom and me both had our own rooms, and they were nicer than any room I have ever stayed in. I wanted so badly to stay with Marco tonight, but he said that it would not be right. He told me that he would call my room after everyone was asleep though.

Mom could not hide her excitement, and after everyone had gone to their rooms she came into my room and had a talk with me. She told me that I should do whatever it took to keep Marco happy, because if he ever married me then we would both be taken care of for the rest of our lives. She said that men like sex, and that even if Marco wanted sex five times a day I should give it to him. She said that she knew I was inexperienced with the boys, and that she was would teach me how to please a man. That thought disgusted me.

I was totally disgusted with Mom. First because all she was thinking about was herself, and second for wanting to teach me about sex. She must know that I see and hear all of the gross things she does. She never says no to a man and it hasn’t gotten her anything but used. But I saw an opportunity and I went for it. I told Mom that I would do everything I could to keep Marco happy if she promised to lay off the drinking, and stop having one night stands. Mom looked totally shocked that I said this, and sat stunned for a moment, but then she agreed to it.

Mom went to her room, and immediately my phone rang. I was so excited, because I knew it was Marco. He asked me to wait until Mom was asleep, and then sneek out and meet him in the flower garden. I waited the longest half hour of my life, but finally the light in Moms room went out. I quietly snuck down the hall and out the door to the flower garden. Marco was waiting for me.

We didn’t even talk, he just grabbed me and started kissing me. It was so romantic, there was a full moon out and everything. We sat on a stone bench, and he started taking my clothes off. He put his hand in my panties, and it did not take long until my vagina was soaking wet. Soon I was completely naked. It felt really weird being naked outdoors. Marco stood me up and pulled his pants down. His erection was huge. I still cannot believe the size of his penis. He turned me so that my back was to him and then told me to bend over. We have always done it with him on top of me so this was a little different. I felt funny bending over in front of him. I felt like I was being obedient are something. It didn’t feel very romantic. He grabbed my hips and I felt his penis touching my vagina. Slowely he started pushing it into me. It still hurts, but not nearly as bad as it used to. He said all kinds of nice things to me. Like I was beautiful, and that I had a beautiful ass. He started increasing the speed, and soon he was thrusting his penis in and out of me. After awhile he stopped and asked me if he could cum in my mouth. I was shocked. It sounded so nasty, but I know that is something guys like their girlfriends to do. I didn’t say anything, but I turned around and got down on my knees in front of him. He penis was still all wet from being in my vagina, and I tried to wipe most of it off with my hands. As I put it in my mouth I could still kind of taste my vagina. I didn’t like it. I could only get a little bit of his huge penis in my mouth. He stroked my hair as I bobbed up and down on his penis. I only did this once before, and I wasn’t sure if I was really doing it right. He put his hand down and started stroking his shaft while I sucked on the tip. He stroked faster and faster, and I knew that soon he was going to cum in my mouth. The thought of a mans cum in my mouth disgusted me. I was scared, and hoped that I would not throw up when he did it.

Finally his body tensed up, and he said that he was going to cum. I braced myself for it, and then his penis swelled and I felt a warm stream squirt into my mouth. It tasted yucky! Then another stream, and yet another. My mouth was really starting to fill up with his sperm, but he was still pulling on his penis, and he squirted another stream into my mouth. It was really gooey, and slimey and I wanted to spit, but his penis was still in my mouth, and he was still pulling on it. I could feel his cum oozying out between his penis and my lips, and it started to drip down my chin as I tried not to swallow. He squirted again, and he finally stopped stroking it. I could feel his penis shrinking in my mouth and then he pulled it out. I spit out the cum that was left in my mouth, and wiped my chin with my hand. He looked down at me and said that it felt good, but that I was going to have to learn to swallow his cum.

He pulled me up into his arms and gave me a big hug. I told him that I was sorry for not swallowing his cum. But he told me that it was okay, because I would have plenty more opportunities. That made me feel kinda weird, but maybe he just meant that we would be together for a long time. I got dressed, and went back to my room. I am getting to the point now where I am not as sore as I used to be after making love with him.

I snuck back to my room and immediatly brushed my teeth. I had to get the awful taste of his sperm out of my mouth. I looked at myself in the mirror. I took off my clothes and stared at my naked body. I am so tall and skinny, and my boobs are absolutely tiny. The only part of me that doesn’t look like a little girl is the pubic hair around my vagina. I felt depressed and ashamed of my tiny body. I had to remind myself that Marco thinks I am beautiful, and hearing his words in my head made me feel a little better. I put on the pajamas that the maid had given me, and went to bed. The bed was big and fluffy. It was the most comfortable bed I ever laid on, and I fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast out at a table by the pool in the flower garden. As we walked past the bench where I gave Marco a blow job I saw a dark spot on the walkway, and knew it was from his cum that I had spit out last night. He noticed me looking at it, and gave me a little smirk. We both kind of laughed, and Mom asked what we were laughing about. I just told her that it was nothing, she gave us a curious glance and we kept on walking.

We had a wonderful time, and when we got home Mom had another talk with me. She reminded me again to do whatever it took to keep Marco happy. She tried to tell me how to be good at sex, but I told her I didn’t want to hear it. She said that I needed to hear these things, but I told her that I couldn’t hear it from her. So she finally said okay, but she did say that no matter what it is he wants me to do, don’t ever say no to him. I promised Mom that I would do what I could, but that she too had a promise to live up also. She said she knew.
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