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This was the beginning of a long story i am writing. if you like it and want to read the rest you can go to my website at hope you enjoy it!
She watched his shape approach through the fog. Hidden in the shadows, she did not think he could see her. Her breath caught in her throat as she heard him growl. Next thing, she was against the brick wall behind her, his hand at her neck, holding her there. Her toes barely touched the ground.
And yet, she did not struggle. Her hands hung limply at her sides. She simply stared at him with her big, hazel eyes.
All she could see of him was his white teeth grinning at her from under the hood of his cloak
“I forgot how much you enjoy this.” You have no idea…
She said nothing, only licked her lip and let her eyes shut.
He chuckled and let her go. She fell to the ground, not daring to move without his order.
He nudged her with a boot. “Get up.”
She hurried to get to her feet and stood in front of him humbly.
He let out a low laugh. “You wore a coat. How modest.” That’s not why she had worn it, it was freezing. “Take it off.” She knew better than to object. Her hands shook as she fumbled with the buttons. Once done she let her coat fall to the ground. “There’s a good girl. Arms out.”
She held them away from her obediently, her body shivering in the cold.
It took all her willpower to not purr when he touched her. His leather-clad hand caressed her cheek. It slid down her neck and arm before returning to the side of her face. He did the same with the other hand.
She could feel his intense stare as his hands moved back into her hair before pulling her up to kiss her roughly. Her whimper was the only sound in the dark alley.
He pulled away and buried his face in her hair. “It has been too long, pet.” His breathing was heavy and his voice gruff. He pulled away from her and took her hand. “Come.” He started off and she knelt to pick up her coat. “You’re not putting it back on.” She nodded and draped it over her arm.
He led her through the alleyways to a door at the back of a big house. “Here we are.” He unlocked the door and pulled her inside. “Now, let’s see you.”
He lit a big lantern and she blinked in the sudden brightness. As her eyes adjusted, he took her coat and hung it on a hook by the door. He did not remove his own.
She stood still and awaited his assessment. He surprised her, which he did often, by not looking her over.
Instead, he looked at her face. Well, she thought he was… “You’re very quiet.”
She blushed and looked at her feet. “I’ve nothing to say, sir.”
“You’ve nothing you wish to ask me?” He, of course, was talking about her price.
She spoke before she could stop herself. “Only the wish that I might see your face.” He pulled his head back in surprise. She dropped to the floor. “Forgive me.”
“Get up.” He lifted her forcefully by her bicep, making her whimper.
Not letting go, he pulled her down the hall and to another door. He opened it and shoved her inside.
The lights in this room were dimmer than they had been in the hall. It looked almost… romantic.
“The light gives you courage.” He sat in a chair at the foot of a big bed. “Come here.” His tone was gentler and she walked towards him cautiously. It was never a good sign when he was too calm. “Tell me of your recent… endeavors. Anyone I know?”
Her eyes grew wide. He usually hated the thought that he shared her with others. She’d been punished many times for mentioning it. “Ah… um… Mr. D, sir?”
“Ah, yes, I heard his wife kicked him out of the bedroom.” He took her hand as he spoke and pulled her down to sit on his lap.
She smiled shyly and began removing her shoes. “No, sir, very much the opposite. He kicked her out. She’s quite… frumpy. And, well,” she laughed, “she couldn’t keep up with his appetite. Truth be told, I had a little trouble myself. Didn’t get home ‘til sunup.” She wondered if he knew she was lying… if he found out, well, she’d be in for it. Not that she really minded…
He simply chuckled. “He paid you well, I hope.”
“Oh, yes. I used it to get this dress.” Another lie… She had bought it to impress him, hoping to draw some small praise from him.
He only hummed appreciatively as he ran a finger along the neckline, slipping it mischievously into her cleavage.
“… Are you feeling okay, sir? You’re not usually so… welcoming.” She felt odd, talking to a shadow after so long.
“I think I want something different tonight.” He was silent a while as he continued to fiddle with her dress, his hand exploring lower. “Take it off.” She frowned but stood to remove her dress. He laughed and pulled her back down. “I meant… my cloak.” He seemed to find saying it difficult.
“Go on.”
With a shaky hand, she reached up and slowly pushed the black fabric back over his head. She was going to lose her shadow man…
She gasped. He was nothing she had been expecting. His eyes were a startling blue-grey. His short, black hair had a grey streak running through it that started above his right ear. The only reason she saw to wear the hood, other than to keep his identity a secret, was a scar that ran down his right cheek. She touched it gently and he flinched away. She muttered an apology. Well, he wasn’t old. He didn’t look it anyways. His body sure didn’t and she’d seen that plenty of times before.
She smiled at the last thought. “You’re more handsome than I would’ve imagined.” She slapped a hand over her mouth, turning scarlet.
He laughed, his white teeth perfect as always. “No need to worry pet.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Anyone else?”
“I don’t think you know any of the others…” She desperately hoped not.
“… Why do you do this? This line of work.”
She stood abruptly. “I… what are your tastes tonight? You said they changed.” He eyes flashed with anger and her stomach flip-flopped. “Or maybe not?”
He took a deep calming breath and tried again. “They call you ‘Kitty’ on the streets. I believe that’s because you have a tendency to purr. What’s your real name?”
That’s why you call me ‘pet’.” He stood and took a step towards her. She backed up quickly. “I-I don’t tell anyone my name, sir.”
“Not even me?” He pouted handsomely and she almost told him. Almost. He sighed. “How much would it cost me to make you mine?”
“… Pardon?”
“You know… for you to be mine and no one else’s. What would it cost?”
“Y-you don’t want me. There’s no one more tainted here than me.” Especially after you abandoned me. “I’m little more than dirt.”
“Again, why do you do this?” He would go in circles if he had to.
“No one else is going to bring the money home.” She decided then that she didn’t like this side of him, handsome as he was.
“You have no father?”
“None that I know of.” She sat on the floor and glared up at him.
“Damn it, what is your name?!”
She slapped his hand away when he reached for her. She stood and darted for the door.
He was faster and caught her by the hair. She screamed as he pulled her back to him. He yanked her head back so that she stared up at him. His nostrils flared in anger. “My name is Nathaniel. You can call me that now.”
She glared. “Let go of me.”
He dragged her to the bed. “I don’t think I will.” He tossed her onto the mattress, as if she weighed nothing, and pinned her down. “What if I torture it out of you?”
“You shall kill me first.”
“Hell, woman. You give me hell.”
She smiled coldly. “I know nothing of heaven, sir.”
His eyes lost their fire and he rolled off of her. He was quiet a while.“Go on then.” His voice held a touch of guilt.
She sat up and stared at his back. How long had she waited for him to call on her? Was she going to give it all up just for her name?
Of course not.
“It’s Autumn.”
“I know what bloody season it is,” he snapped, making her laugh. He slowly turned to stare at her. “That’s your name?”
“’Fraid so.”
“It’s lovely.” He stood and went back to his chair.
She slid off the bed and moved to stand behind him. She began to rub his shoulders. Her hands moved and started to untie his cloak.
She jumped back, scared, when he stood. All he did, however, was remove it himself and hang it up. Then he returned to his chair.
She resumed her massage. “I do like it when you call me ‘pet‘.”
He chuckled softly. “Hm. What else do you like?”
She felt her face grow warm at all the things that came to mind. “I like it when you order me around. And when you tie me down.” She rubbed her nose in his hair, inhaling his scent. “I love how rough you are with me.” She watched his pants tent slightly as she spoke. “Should I rub lower… Nathaniel?” She spoke in her trademark purr and nipped at his ear.
He moaned and nodded.
She moved to kneel in front of him on the floor. Her small fingers made quick work of the tie on his pants. His hard member sprang free and she grinned.
“I like your name, Nathaniel.” She wrapped her hand around his erection and began a slow up and down movement. “Nathaniel.” She whispered it seductively. She repeated his name again, drawing the last syllable into a moan. He squirmed under her touch.
She leaned forward and licked the tip of his erection, enjoying her power over him.
He moaned and his hips bucked up out of his chair. “Please, stop,” he panted, “I don’t want you to but…” She pulled away and he opened his eyes.
She smiled and stood. “I understand… what would you like to do then?”
“I’d like to return the favor. You won’t have to pay me of course.”
“I’m going to have to decline.”
“And why is that?”
“It’s not my job to take. And I’ve waited so long…” Tears burned in her eyes. “I don’t even know you. And yet…” He buried her face in her hands.
“I-I’m not married-”
“You cannot marry me. I would disgrace your name. I would disgrace the lowest of names.” No one wants me… She let out a small sob, it was all she would allow herself.
He redid the front of his pants. “You need to stop thinking so lowly of yourself.”
She glared at him. “You cannot marry me.”
“You have no father. No one will stop me.”
“You’ll be depriving this town of its favorite whore, there will be plenty of people to stop you.” Namely my mother...
“Will you be my mistress then? I can pay you well.” He held her by the shoulders.
“I don’t want your money!” She pulled away from him.
“What do I have to do?” She said nothing and turned away from him.
An idea blossomed in his head. He quietly moved and retrieved his cloak and put it on.
“Strip pet.” His voice was cold, demanding. “You will not forget tonight.” He watched, slightly surprised, as she shivered and obeyed. She sat on the cold floor and peeled off her stockings before standing again and unbuttoning her dress. She did not turn to face him. Her dress fell in a pool around her feet.
He walked up behind her an rested his hidden chin on her shoulder. His arms went around her middle and his gloved hands ran over her stomach. He stared down at her breasts. “I could eat these.” He moved his hands up to cup her breasts. She shivered as the ran his thumbs over the erect nipples. “Are you cold pet?” She bit her lip and shook her head.
He turned his head so that his lips touched her ear and took he lobe into his mouth. He bit it gently. “You are sweet pet…” He breathed in her scent. “Say something, my sweet, sweet pet.” He tasted her ear again.
“I-I put honey in my bath water. I didn’t realize that it would make me sweet.” Mother almost killed me when she found out…
“Hm.” He turned his attention back to her breasts. “Would these taste sweet too?”
“I don’t know.”
He stood up straight and one hand moved to pull her head back to look up at him. She saw his eyes glint in the darkness of his hood, making her knees buckle. He pinched her nipple, making her yelp and stand straight.
“Sorry sir.”
He grunted from the depths of his hood. “Go, sit in my chair.”
“… Sir?”
“Go.” He hissed and pushed her forward.
She stumbled slightly and sat in the chair.
He walked quickly around the room and extinguished all but two candles, one on either side of the bed.
She watched him curiously. “S-sir?”
“Silence.” He knelt in front of her. “Rules, pet; you will not make any noise and you will not move unless I tell you to.” She nodded. “You are my dessert, pet. And you’d better be satisfying. Close your eyes.”
She obeyed.
He leaned forward and kissed her. It was like kissing a statue. His kisses left her mouth and went down her neck. He continued down to her chest where he kissed between, under, and around the tender mounds of flesh. She whimpered at one point but he ignored it, not knowing its cause. He sucked a nipple into his mouth gently. She bit her lip and began to breath heavily through her nose. Again, he ignored it, moving his attention to her other breast.
When he was satisfied, he pulled away. “Look at me, pet.” She opened her eyes and he was surprised to see her eyes were more green than usual. “Are you alright?” She said nothing; she only stared at him, breathing raggedly. “It’s okay, you can talk now. Are you alright?”
“I’m fine sir.” He nodded and grabbed her foot. “Sir?”
He shook his cloaked head and proceeded to place her foot against her bottom. He did this with the other too so that her most private place was revealed.
“You are not to move. Do you understand?” She nodded, wide-eyed. “You can, however, make all the noise you want.”
“Yes sir.”
“Close your eyes pet.”
She did, if somewhat reluctantly.
He removed his gloved before running a finger down her slit. She whimpered.
“Was that bad?”
“No,” she whispered, “not at all.”
He continued with that simple movement. “I confess, I don’t know what to do.”
“I-if I may sir? I’ll only touch your hand.”
The thought of her touching herself excited him. He shook his head slightly. “You may.” He laid his hand in hers. She kept her eyes closed as she led his hand down.
She grabbed one finger and touched it to her clit. “See that? That’s the key to bringing any woman pleasure. Some are sensitive above and around it too.” From the moment she started in this business, she had been told to teach, not just lay there. She could never figure out why, if all those men loved were whores. She showed him other places where she was sensitive and let go of his hand.
“Thank you, pet.”
He touched the little nub gently and she moaned. Grinning boyishly, he began to rub it in gentle little circles. Her legs trembled as she tried not to move. He discovered that she was sensitive above and to the right to her clit.
After a while of exploring, he noticed that she did not moan as loudly, nor did her legs tremble. He sat back on his heels. He licked his lips subconsciously and then mentally kicked himself. He smiled slightly as he took her legs and draped them over his shoulders.
Her eyes flew open and she began to struggle. “No. No, no, no. You can’t- no.”
He turned his head slightly and bit into her luscious thigh. She yelped and ceased her moving. “I will do what I want, pet.”
“No…” she wailed softly.
“Relax, pet.” He kissed the insides of her thighs. Last, he laid a kiss on her clit. She jerked slightly, but did not make any noise. His tongue darted out to taste her and she inhaled sharply. “You truly are sweet, pet.” He continued to lap at her, his hands began to rub her thighs lightly. Still, she did not react. “Pet?” He pulled away slightly.
She spoke through clenched teeth. “You won’t break me down… Nathaniel. You can’t hide behind your cloak anymore.”
He growled and quickly undid his pants, freeing his throbbing erection. He raised himself up and thrust himself into her. She gasped in surprise as her knees touched her chest. He let her legs slip off his shoulders as he picked her up, off the chair. He carried her to the bed and climbed on top of it, still buried inside her. He laid her down gently.
“Can you take off the cloak… Autumn?” Her eyes widened but she quickly had it off of him. Without his permission, she quickly relieved him of his shirt.
After tossing it to the side, she laid back and stared up at him. “If only they were all as handsome as you. I would never have reason to complain.” She had the feeling that she would never see him again after this.
He surprised her by blushing. She pushed her hips up into his suggestively.
He grinned and pulled out of her almost all the way before thrusting back in. She let out a satisfied moan.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to him as he continued to move in and out of her.
“I-” she moaned, “I didn’t think you could get any more… exciting… but… your eyes…” she moaned appreciatively. Again, he blushed and buried his face in her hair. She kissed the side of his neck and nibbled on his ear while whispering his name over and over.
He, meanwhile, continued to thrust into her. He played with her breasts and kissed her all over her neck and shoulder.
When her moans became louder and she moved against him, he began to whisper in her ear, “Come, my pet, cum for me,” repeatedly. And she did. She cried out, his name turning into a moan. He followed her almost immediately, her name falling from his lips.
When she came to her senses, she realized that she was on top of something, and that something was breathing. She struggled to sit up, but strong arms pulled her back down.
“No, I have to go.” She tried to get up again but the arms only held her close.
“Do you have somewhere else to be?” He buried his nose in her hair.
“No…” She was used to being thrown out as soon as they were done with her. Especially by the man who now held her. No one wants me…
“Then what’s the hurry?” His hands gently massaged her back.
“I just shouldn’t stay.” No point in making this harder than it's already going to be. She tried to sit up again and he let her, but wouldn’t let her move off of him.
“Please stay.” His wonderful eyes pleaded with her.
Why is he making this so hard? “Why do you want me? I can’t give you a child. I’m useless.” Let me go…
He smiled. “You are what I need. No one else can handle me. And I don’t need a child, I’ve nothing to give them.” She knew he was lying.
She stared down at him. “You’re serious.” He wants me… “I can’t believe it.” Her eyes shone with tears. “You’re going to regret it.”
He pulled her back down as the first tear fell. “I doubt I will. Autumn… my new favorite season.”


2007-09-14 17:32:44
one of the best stories, I like it 9/10


2006-06-18 21:41:55
Please please continue


2006-06-18 07:48:45
very very good! i tried to read more of it at the address above, but it leads no where, darn it.

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