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A father finds his two twin daughters having sex...
Last week Nikki and I had the most amazing night. We promised each other that we would keep our little fuck sessions to ourselves. I really didn’t want my wife to know I was cheating on her with our eighteen year old daughter... would that even be considered cheating?
My wife, Elaine, was still at the office. She worked for a publishing company and her boss always had her working late or going on business trips. Her and I both work for the same company actually. Our boss, Lillian, is one hot woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if my wife was fucking her when she stays late at the office.
Tonight I was left “babysitting”(they don’t like to call it that, they say it makes them feel like babies) Crissy and Anita. Jeane had some date with some guy who works for some place that does who knows what. Janie was again sleeping over a friend’s house and Nikki was at some frat party. Since our little fuck free for all, Nikki and I have fucked almost everyday.
“Daddy, Crissy and I are going to bed now... Night,” Anita said walking down the staircase in a pink teddy. The teddy was alittle small for her and I could see her matching pink panties clutching onto her hips. Her large tits stretched out the top. I could even see her nipples poking through it.
“Ok Anita, do you want me to come up there and kiss you two goodnight?” I asked knowing she would protest saying their not little kids anymore.
“No, um... we’re fine. Night daddy. See you tomorrow.” With that she hurriedly walked up the stairs not giving me enough time to stare at her big ass.
After a couple of minutes of watching TV it finally hit me. I had found a black double dildo under Anita’s bed last week that was drenched in pussy juices on both ends. How could I have forgotten that? My twin daughters were fucking each other... or so I assumed. It was way to early for those two to be heading to bed. It was only eight o’clock. I quickly jumped up from my chair and quietly walked up the stairs. As I got closer and closer to their room I could hear faint moaning sounds. The door was slightly cracked open. Open enough for me to see Crissy’s face lunged into Anita’s crotch. Anita let out a loud moan as Crissy lapped at her pussy lips.
“Shhh Anita, do you want daddy to hear us? You know he’ll go ballistic if he ever found out what we are doing.” Crissy explained to her panting sister who was sitting on the bed. Little beads of sweat covered Anita’s body. Her pink teddy was thrown in a corner along with Crissy’s blue night gown.
“Sorry... I know this may sound weird, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to fuck daddy?” Anita asked. I couldn’t believe this. Another one of my daughters wanted to fuck me.
“Fuck daddy? Hmmm....” Crissy said. “I bet he has a large cock. I wanna suck it.” Anita then took and shoved Crissy’s face back into her cunt.
“Stop talking and eat my pussy bitch!” Anita shouted. This was getting me hot. Without thinking my hand found its way into my pants and started stoking my hardening cock.
“Mmmm... yeah that’s it Crissy, lick my ripe pussy baby.” That only fueled the fire in my pants. I stroked harder. “Make me cum Crissy.” I could hear the slurping noises as Crissy continued to lick Anita’s pussy.
“Ok, now you do me.” Crissy said standing up. This was actually the first time I had ever seen Crissy’s and Anita’s pussies this close up. They looked very tight and it seemed like their pussies would clamp very hard onto my cock. They both had even shaved off all of their pubic hair.
“Aww, but I wanted to cum.” Anita whined.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get to cum, trust me.” I couldn’t really see much from standing behind the door, which was a major annoyance. I opened the door just alittle bit hoping they wouldn’t see me. Lucky for me, they didn’t. Crissy sat on the bed while Anita dropped to her knees between Crissy’s legs.
“I can smell your cunt Crissy.” Anita said rubbing her sister’s clit with her thumb.
“Stop smelling it and get to licking it... I wanna feel your tongue inside me.” With that Anita plunged into Crissy’s cunt making her moan. I could tell she wanted to scream out loud in pleasure. While licking her sister’s pussy, Anita inserted two of her fingers into her own snatch. This was something I had only seen in porno’s and now I was getting to watch it live, with my two daughters doing it. Incestuous thoughts started spreading into my head like wild fire.
“Oh yeah Anita, that’s the spot.” Crissy moaned. “Make me cum on your face you slut.”
“No, you wouldn’t let me cum, why should I let you?” Anita asked standing up still fingering herself.
“You little nymph.” Crissy said pointing to Anita’s fingers in her pussy. “You just have to have something in your pussy all the time don’t you?” Crissy hopped off the bed and grabbed the black double dildo.
“Since you wanna fuck daddy so much, we can just pretend this is his dick.” Crissy moved Anita’s fingers and shoved the dildo in her pussy. Anita screamed with pleasure, not caring if I heard it. Apparently neither did Crissy who started to fuck Anita with it.
Watching Anita getting fucked by the dildo had me at raging hard-on. I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last out here. Crissy pushed Anita down on the bed and she stuffed the other end of the dildo inside of her. My daughters were fucking each other. I was right the whole time. I continued to watch as the dildo began to disappear and then instantly reappear. Anita’s and Crissy’s pussies were bumping into each other with each thrust they gave. I could even see they clits rub up against one another as they grind on the dildo. Their pussy juices started to spill onto the black dildo as their pussies became wetter and wetter. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to unleash my hot creamy fury when all of a sudden Crissy moaned out.
“I know you’re there daddy, come on in and let me suck the cum outta you.” How did she know I was here? At that point I really didn’t care. I charged into the room and she immediately took to my cock like it was food and she had been starving for weeks. As Crissy sucked me off I noticed both of their DD tits were bouncing like crazy as they continued to fuck on the dildo.
“Yeah, suck daddy’s cock!” Anita shouted while bouncing on the dildo. Crissy took my entire seven inch dick into her mouth. That made me cum instantly. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and came onto her tits, which were still bouncing around from her fucking the dildo. As I stared at her now cum-drenched breasts, I started getting ideas to titty fuck them. While they continued their fucking I mounted onto Anita and positioned my cock between her tits. She grabbed them and pushed them close together, which buried my cock. My incestuous lust had taken over. I pounded into her tits like crazy. Anita opened her mouth and she sucked on the head of my cock while I fucked her tits.
“Oh shit! I’m cumming!” Crissy screamed.
“Mmm... me too!” Anita shouted. Both girls came right onto the dildo, I continued to fuck Anita’s tits.
“Yeah, fuck my sister’s big large tits daddy.” Crissy said crawling over to us. “I wanna see you shoot your hot cum all over her luscious breasts.” Crissy stared to wipe the cum off her tits with her fingers and then put them into her mouth sucking on them vigorously. I think my cock grew another inch just from watching that. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I sprayed my cum all over Anita’s face and into her mouth. Some had even shot into her dyed-red hair. I wasn’t surprised to see her swallow my cum, I mean I just watched her fuck her sister on a double-ended dildo. Crissy started to suck on Anita’s tits. While she did this I positioned myself behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. I think this must have taken her by surprise because once my cock entered her she screamed at the top of her lungs in immense pleasure. I wasted no time pounding into her tight pussy. I wanted to fill her up with my cum. Crissy was so busy moaning she forgot about Anita. Anita crawled under Crissy and started to lick on my shaft and balls as I fucked her sister. This only increased my hard pounding. I clutched onto Crissy’s hips, occasionally slapping her ass. I could hear my balls smack up against Crissy’s pussy and Anita’s face. I felt Crissy’s pussy tighten around my cock as she began to come.
“Oh Anita! You have to try daddy’s cock inside you!” She tried to slide off my dick but I wasn’t done with her yet. I wanted to fill her up with my own juices. Anita started to finger herself while she continued to lick on my balls.
“Ah! Daddy! Fuck my pussy! Yeah that’s it! Give it to me!”
“Ah fuck!” I shot stream after stream after stream into Crissy’s hot cunt. Anita quickly moved her sister out of the way and positioned herself to be fucked. Having my daughter present herself to me like that was too much. My cock amazingly was still hard.
I slammed my hard prick deep into her cunt hitting the back of her pussy each time. Being in the doggy style position made it easy for me to get very deep into her. While I fucked Anita, Crissy grabbed the dildo.
“I have an idea daddy!” Crissy said as she lubed up the dildo. Without telling me what she was about to do she stabbed the rubber cock into Anita’s ass. This drove Anita wild.
“I feel so full! Fuck me harder daddy! Crissy shove that rubber dick deeper in my ass!” Anita shouted.
“How does it feel to be fucked by your daddy baby?” I asked in half grunts.
“Oh! I’m gonna cum daddy! I’m gonna cum hard!” Anita’s pussy was tighter than Crissy’s so when her muscles started to tighten they really clenched onto my cock causing me to cum with her.
I unloaded a huge amount of cum into her pussy, causing some to drip out. Crissy swiftly moved under Anita leaving the dildo in her ass to catch my dripping cum. While Crissy lustily licked up my cum off her sister’s cunt I laid back on the bed and watched. Anita slowly pulled the dildo out of her and started to suck on it.
“You like watching me suck cock daddy?” Anita asked.
My cock was still hard. The girls noticed this and crawled over to me. They then took their DD tits and wrapped them around my cock. Both of them started to titty fuck me at the same time. This put me in incestuous paradise. Watching my cock go in and out of both of my daughters tits at the same time was mind boggling. Their nipples rubbed up against each other.
“Do you like fucking our titties daddy?” Crissy asked.
“Yes honey.” I answered in a trance type of voice. I was hypnotized by the sheer owe of my daughters sexual skill.
“I want you to cum all over our tits daddy.” Anita said squeezing her tits on my cock and bouncing them. “Will you do that for us?”
“Yes honey. Faster baby. I want you two to go faster and harder on my cock.” That was all they needed. They started to go insanely fast and Crissy even licked my cock’s head when it appeared. I didn’t last too long after that.
“I’m cumming!” Without letting me up the girls continued to thrash their huge tits on my cock. I exploded like a volcano shooting cum straight into the air and back down onto the girls’ tits. They still continued to fuck me with their tits causing more and more cum to blast out of me. I had blanketed their tits in cum when they finally finished tit fucking me. They pressed their tits against one another and rubbed the cum around like baby oil only using their breasts, no hands. Crissy grabbed a mouthful of cum off of Anita’s tits and dropped it into Anita’s mouth. Both girls ate all the cum off of their tits until they finally laid down beside me.
“I hope we can do this every night!” Anita exclaimed.
“Yeah! Daddy you make me so horny! I want a daily dose of your cock and cum!” Crissy said.
“We’ll see girls... we’ll see.” Although I knew we would. I looked down at the bed. It was covered in mine and the girls cum. “Guess we’ll have to change the sheets.”

To Be Continued.....

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2009-05-07 23:29:31
It was a great story, i was cumming so hard reading it had my pussy juice everywhere


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mmmm i want to fuck u too daddy mmmm......PAM


2007-01-20 08:22:18
that sounded fucking good MORE!


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Nothing's better than fucking your Dad...especially when he's hott. It seems all so natural. mmmm


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yum! I wish my dad would do this to me!

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