I had been living in a house with my brother for about a year when one day I noticed I had some new neighbors moving in. I noticed two very good-looking girls along with a guy moving in some furniture. They were both wearing very short shorts that had their ass-cheeks practically hanging out of them. One in particular got my attention because she also had some very nice perky big breasts.

Time went by and I would wash my car out in the driveway and I started to notice that everytime I was out there, they would also go outside on their porch to check me out. Another nieghbor that I knew had already befriended them and told me that one of them wanted to meet me. It wasnt the one that I had my eye on, it turned out that she was married-and she was a stripper! It was her younger sister who was 17 that wanted to meet me. She didnt have huge tits like her sis but she had a great ass. She was very short, about 5'1 or so and very petite-except for her ass. She was blonde and had a very pretty face. Anyway I ended up meeting her one afternoon-she told me that her name was Shawna and I told her that I was Brad and that I was 24. We talked for a little and then I invited her to a keg party that I was having that coming Friday at my house and she said that she would love to come.

During the week leading up to the party I imagined myself fucking her sweet, fat, teen ass every night that I went to bed. Finally Friday came and all my friends came over and we were having a great time. Although I noticed that Shawna never came and it was already 2 A.M. I didnt let it bother too much and kept on drinking. At about 4 A.M. a friend told me that there was a girl asking for me. I went outside to my porch and there she was standing in a short black skirt that displayed her nice legs. She said that she was coming from a friends party but left because she wanted to see me that night. I noticed that she already had had a few drinks. We were there talking for a while, when she said that she was tired. I told her she could go lay on my bed if she wanted to. She said ,cool as long as I went with her. At this point my heart was pounding and I could feel my cock starting to stiffen a little.

So we went to my room and we both layed on my bed fully-clothed. We talked for a little, although I dont remember what about exactly as I had been drinking for quite a while up to this point. I pretty much knew what she wanted at this time so I made my move. I reached over and started kissing her, exploring her mouth with my tongue. I quickly started getting a handful of that ass that I had been thinking about all week. I then reached under her skirt to get a feel of her pussy, when I noticed that she was completely shaved down there, which was a first for me. I felt around her pussy lips and could feel that she was extremely wet. I then inserted a finger and she let out a sigh. My cock was now fully erect and ready for action. I took off her skirt and panties and then took off her top and bra. I quickly got out of my clothes and went back to work. Her tits were not very big but she had some huge nipples. I kissed her more then went down to her nipples. I put a finger back in her pussy, this time pumping in and out in a steady rhythm. "Oh yeah, oh yeah" she started to moan out softly. She was now starting to stroke my cock as I was fingering her pussy. At this point I couldnt wait any longer, so I quickly mounted on top of her, ready to insert my 6.5 inch cock. I slowly inserted the head of my cock and then easily slid the rest of my cock in because of her extremely wet pussy. I couldnt help but to fuck her as hard as I could, I was so hot! She kept moaning "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, God yeah.' I was close to cumming but I didnt want to so I pulled out and told her to get on top. SO she got up and got on top of me. She grabbed my cock and I helped her insert it into her twat. This time it was her who was fucking me hard. She was on top pumping my cock viciously. I had my hands around her big fat ass just trying to hold on as she was pounding against my balls. "Oh God, Im cumming, Im cumming" she said, yelling now at this point. With that I let out my load cumming inside her pussy. Then she surprised me by licking my cock and then sucking all the cumm that was left on it. Seeing this sweet little girl licking my cum off my cock got me hard again quick. This time I told her to get on her all fours, cause I wanted to get her from behind. She quickly got in position ready for more cock. The sight of her nice fat ass almost made me cum right there. I withheld and inserted my cock in her pussy while getting a good hold of her ass. I quickly started pounding away and could see her ass cheeks start to make waves. Now she was yelling "Oh, fuck me, yea. come on, fuck me." I was in heaven and ready to cum any second, she then reached down around and started massaging my balls as I was fucking her hard-and with that I blew my load in her pussy.

Afterwards she told me that she had cum three times. We've since been meeting up from time to time, even though it turned out that she had a boyfriend.

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love that pussy when it's good and wet for a cock to fuck it nice and deep

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Justngo threw fucking


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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) i like role play and talkin bout taboo wit nawty lil gurls call or txt 360 689 4926 females only plz


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Let her come back in two week and say she missed her period


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