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Emmy is a troubled teenage girl with a rocky past and a hypersexual relationship with men.
DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by any of the tags, please do not read further. This story contains sensitive themes which may be triggering to certain individuals.

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This is a work of FICTION. It does not reflect or imitate any real life individuals or real life events. Any similarities to any individual is purely coincidental.

There are three previous chapters to this story, which you can find on my profile page by clicking my name at the top. Obviously there will be details and story developments that you will be unaware of or confused about if you have not read them. There will be more chapters.

It has been a long time since I've written anything. For those of you who have enjoyed this story and have been waiting for more, I sincerely apologize and I thank you for your patience. My desire to continue with this story was depleted for a long time due to personal and professional obligations, writer's block, and general disinterest. I am disinterested no longer. I am back with the fourth chapter which I hope you will enjoy.

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"Fuck me, daddy!" She squeals in her soft voice. "Fuck me, fuck meee..." Her voice trembles as she begins to orgasm.

"Mmm, you fuckin' like that you little whore?" The man hisses aggressively into her ear. "Aargh... Fuckin' take it!" He groans as he tightens the grip on the back of her neck. The sound of his balls slapping up and down, crashing against her flesh, and the sound of the bed creaking from his intense thrusting fill the room. "Who's your daddy?" His breathy voice manages to utter as he groans and pants.

"You are... You are, daddy..." Emmy moans softly, her voice shaking from the sensation moving through her petite teenage body. The man below her is Brian Howard, the father of her best friend Kelly. His arms wrap around her supple body as he pumps into her hard and fast. She buries her face into his chest as he kisses her roughly on her forehead while gripping the back of her neck. She moans louder.

"Shh, baby." His voice whispers into her ear. "Uhhh..." He groans out in pleasure as he thrusts furiously up into her tight bald pussy. Emmy moans softly under her breath as they both breathe harder. "Aahhh... Aahhh!" He groans louder, feeling the cum begin to shoot up his throbbing cock. He holds her down firmly onto his chest, one arm going down to grab her ass and press it against his erupting cock. "Oh, baby... Oh, baby..." His eyes roll back as he slowly pumps into the best friend of his daughter. His cock continues shooting a huge load inside of her.

"Oh, daddy..." She purrs on his chest, the pleasure having overtaken her mind and body. She plants several gentle kisses on his chest, and he kisses her on the forehead while slowly stroking her soft hair. His wet cock flops out of her tight pussy as she gets off him and lays by his side, gazing up at him lovingly as he holds her close. "That was so good." She smiles gleefully.

"Yeah, it was..." Brian reciprocates her satisfied smile. "You're so hot, baby. I've been wanting to do that for so long."

"Me too." Emmy smiles further before nuzzling her face against his chest.

His arm squeezes her firmly before letting go. "We should clean up and get going." He says down to her before planting another kiss on her pretty head.

A few minutes later they are both dressed and about to leave. "Listen, if there's anything you didn't like about it you should tell me... I'm sorry if I got a little rough." He says while turning around to face her in front of the door.

"No, it was fine. I loved it." Emmy smiles up at him, having greatly enjoyed being pounded by her best friend's middle-aged father.

"Okay, cool... Just want to make sure." He feels a sense of relief. "No one can ever know we did this, I hope you understand why."

"I know." She nods up at him. "It's our secret."

"Awesome." He grins. "Come here, baby." He wraps his arms around her and hugs her sensually. "You're so amazing." Brian smirks down to her.

"I loved pleasing you..." Emmy replies softly as she gazes back.

They leave the hotel room like nothing happened. Brian is paranoid about being caught with her or raising any suspicion so he insisted they go to a hotel across town for an afternoon. Since she surprised him that night over a week ago with a blowjob he's been losing his mind with anxiety and excitement over it. Emmy ditched class this afternoon and he took off work just to have sex with her for the first time.

Since their heart-to-heart discussion a few weeks ago Emmy and her father Ray have kept in touch and have been slowly mending their fragmented and turbulent relationship. Emmy's resentment toward her father for abandoning her has lessened and she has begun to rediscover the affection she once had for him as a little girl; although she will perhaps always remain apprehensive about letting him back into her life completely. Tonight, however, she and her younger brother Danny are spending the evening with their recently returned father for old times' sake.

"Remember that time at the beach I freaked out about that jellyfish on my foot and fell over?" Ray asks nostalgically to his two children as they sit at Ray's kitchen table, playing a board game shortly after dinner.

"Yeah, that was funny." Danny laughs. Ray smiles as he makes a move on the board.

"God... I'm surprised you even remember that." Emmy responds. "You were only like five."

"I remember things from when I was five." Her little brother says.

"You collected a lot of sea shells that day for your collection, right Em?" Ray asks as he looks up to face his daughter.

"Umm... Yeah." Emmy replies nonchalantly as she texts her friend.

"Do you still do that?" Ray inquires while making another move in the game.

"No." Emmy answers as she looks up from her phone to make a move on the board.

"Oh... You had a pretty good collection." Ray says while noticing how glued she is to her phone. "You're addicted to that thing, Em. Give it a rest." He says with slight contempt.

Emmy sighs, "fine," as she puts it on the table.

"People really are obsessed with their phones these days, huh?" Ray says casually. "Guess I missed out on that."

Emmy sits with her knees bent. "You missed out on a lot of things." She says somewhat despondently as she rests her chin on her forearm which is on the top of her knees.

A moment of silence passes. "Yeah... I suppose you're right." Ray looks down, a fleeting thought of guilt overcoming him. "Crap... It's almost nine. I hate to cut this short but I better drive you back home."

"Aww..." Danny protests.

"I know, I know... But your mother wants you back by nine. Sorry big guy." Ray says.

"Can you drop me off at a friend's house? It's not far from mom's." Emmy inquires, having received an invitation through text to a house party.

Ray gets up. "Sure, sweetie. Let's go."

"Just give me a minute or two." Emmy says as she gets up and begins the walk to her father's bathroom with her purse. She dolls herself up.

In Ray's car they arrive at Danny's destination. "See ya, dad." He says while leaving the car.

"See ya later, buddy." Rays says as his son leaves. "So, uhh, what do ya think of my new place?" He asks Emmy as she touches up her face in the overhead mirror. Ray catches a side glance of her as he drives, remarking in his mind about how much of a woman she looks like now. And a very attractive one at that.

"It's... Nice." Emmy replies in a disinterested tone as she focuses on the mirror.

"It's only temporary until I find a better one." Ray retorts, knowing his new place isn't much. "I was lucky to find a two bedroom on such short notice. So I have a spare room in case, you know, if you or Danny ever want to stay the night or something. Would you do that, stay the night?" He asks somewhat apprehensively, not wanting to push it with her.

"Umm... Maybe." Emmy answers while closing the mirror and staring outside the window.

"Well, you're always welcome." He takes a right turn down another street. "I got my old job back."

"Mhm." Emmy mumbles.

"Just saying that if you ever need any money or anything..." Ray continues. "So, uhh, how are things at Chris's place?" He inquires, feeling uncomfortable about asking as he resents that she seems to like his former brother-in-law more.

"It's... All right." Emmy answers, hating the tension she feels whenever either one of them comes up in conversation when speaking with the other.

"You can't stay there forever is all. It's nice of him to let you stay there for a little while but soon you'll have to go home to your mother." Ray stops before adding himself to that ultimatum.

"Dad..." Emmy starts in an agitated tone.

"I know, I know... Sorry." Ray cuts her off, not wanting to have an uncomfortable conversation. "This it?" He asks as he drives slowly down the residential street.

"Yep, that's it." Emmy looks out the window.

"Listen, be careful and don't get into any trouble or anything, all right?" Ray requests, wanting to tell her to not drink and fool around with guys.

Emmy sighs and rolls her eyes a little as she collects her purse. "Mhm." She responds insincerely.

"Wait, here's some money in case you need it." Ray blurts out as he takes out his wallet. He hands her some cash.

"Dad... It's fine, keep it." She looks back to him.

"No, take it. Please just take it, in case you need it for anything or if you guys go out." Ray insists.

"Thanks." Emmy smiles slightly to him. "Bye." She opens the door and gets out.

"Bye, sweetie." Ray says loudly as she slams the passenger door. He watches her walk to the house, feeling a bit anxious, and hoping she doesn't hang out with a bad crowd or put herself in risky situations. He drives off, sighing in exasperation. He hates that she's as attractive as she is, that she's the object of desire for every straight guy out there. Ray missed out on that adjustment period between a father and daughter. His little girl went straight from an innocent angel to a sexy troubled teen. On the drive home he wonders how long she'll shut him out for.

Emmy stands there among the other teens, chatting and drinking alcohol while loud music plays. In the corner of her eye she notices the new arrival, bringing the total number of teens in the house to just over a dozen. She does a double take and her heart sinks when she realizes who it is. It's Tyler. She wishes she had never messed around with him. Emmy turns her back to him, hoping he doesn't notice her. She hears his arrogant voice through the music and decides to leave the room. "I'm going out for some fresh air." She says to her friend Kelly. Having downed the rest of her liquor, she hastily makes it out to the patio and folds her arms.

"Hey slut." A familiar voice is heard from Emmy's behind, soon followed by a hard slap on her ass. She flinches and gasps, startled. "I'd recognize that ass anywhere." She quickly turns to her right to see Tyler, the jock who has been using her for a few months and who she's been unable to resist.

"Ugh! Fuck off, asshole." Emmy exclaims angrily before punching him in the arm.

"Mmm... I like it when you fight back." He retorts menacingly as he strokes her hair a little, moving it behind her shoulder. "You look as sexy as ever." He grins while looking her up-and-down. Emmy is in one of her most standard outfits, tight leather jacket, tight jeans, and boots. "I love the way you dress, baby..." He says in a breathy tone as his hand goes down her lower back. Her black leather jacket is very form-fitting. It's fairly thin, studded around the lapel, collar, and shoulder, a shiny zipper zipped up to her mid-chest, similar shiny silver zippers on the pockets and cuffs, along with a jacket belt tied tightly around her thin waist. Her firm, perky, round C-cup breasts can be seen nicely through the leather. Her long thin legs are covered tightly by low-rising faded blue jeans with a white designer pattern on the back pockets. A black belt with studs squeezes her thin waist, making her petite bubble butt pop. A light pink lace thong rises just above the belt on her backside, partially covering her tramp stamp tattoo. Black leather boots cover her feet and calves, fitting tightly with three inch heels and a thin zipper running up the sides. "And I love your pretty head even more..." He says softly while gripping the back of her neck and tugging a little on her soft, voluminous dark brunette hair with a subtle dark red tint; it's done up in a layered style with side swept bangs and flows down her back. He leers into her deep brown eyes lustfully. She wears the usual black eyeliner and black eye shadow, and the usual faint pink lip gloss. "Come on, baby, don't be mad." He grins as he places his right index finger and thumb on her chin, feeling her smooth alabaster skin. He tilts her head up and leans in to kiss her, but she jerks her head away. He chuckles.

"Fuck you..." Emmy says softly while looking away, arms folded under her bosom. "You're a piece of shit."

"Come on." Tyler indignantly objects. "That was just a prank, we were fuckin' around."

"No!" She snaps as she turns to face him. "You've fucked with me for the last time. Go away and never speak to me again." Emmy angrily turns away from him.

"Emmy... I'm sorry." Tyler begins sincerely. "I know I've been an asshole with you. But you know why I keep coming back to you. It's because I love you." He steps closer to her as her backside faces him. He places his hands on her shoulders, the leather shines in the moonlight. "I broke up with her. I couldn't stop thinking about you..." Tyler speaks softly into her ear as she pouts. "I'm so sorry for treating you like shit. I'll admit it, I did use you. But I feel really bad about it and I want to start treating you right."

Emmy turns around. "What you did to me was really fucked up." She says softly up to him, remembering all that he's done to her and how he's toyed with her emotions. "You really hurt me." Her lip quivers.

"Baby... I'm so sorry." Tyler pleads as sincerely as he can. "I promise you things will be different." His hands go up to her face, cupping it up to him. "My heart breaks when I think about how I've treated you. I never realized until now that I had such an amazing girl in front of me this whole time."

Emmy is surprised at how sincere and emotional he's being. "Promise?" She asks innocently up into his eyes, thinking maybe he really has changed.

"Promise." He assures, smiling down at her. Tyler leans down to kiss her softly on the lips, their eyes closed. "Emmy... I know I fucked up and did some bad things. I hope you'll let me try again... Because I love you." He stares into her eyes, his hands on each side of her neck.

"Do you really mean it?" Emmy softly asks, her eyes welling up a little, her heart thumping.

"I love you, Emmy." Tyler says once again into her eyes.

"I love you too." Emmy reciprocates, smiling widely as he smiles back. He puts his arms around her and holds her lovingly. She moans softly into his chest.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Tyler says as he grabs her wrist gently. He leads her to his car.

"Where are we going?" Emmy asks curiously, smiling as she happily lets him lead her by her wrist.

"Where we can be alone." He says as he turns to face her in front of his nice car. They passionately make out for a moment before entering.

The car drives slowly up a dirt road and approaches a lakeside home. "This is my folks' summer house." Tyler says as he parks the car. "But it's ours tonight." He smiles as he turns to face Emmy. "Come on." He says as he takes her hand after she exits the passenger side. He leads her to the opposite side of the home, facing the still lake. They stand on the small dock.

"It's beautiful." Emmy says softly as she gazes at the reflection of the full moon on the water.

"Not as beautiful as you." Tyler says quietly as he holds her from behind and kisses her neck. She tilts her head into his and gently sighs. For a few moments they stay there in silence, he slowly moves her side-to-side as he holds her closely. "Come on, let's get inside before the downpour." He suggests as he feels a few rain drops on his hand.

They walk inside the house and he guides her to the main room. "Sup, bro." A young man says just after raising his head from the table, a snorting sound coming out of him. "This her?"

Emmy looks across the room as she stands there, observing the two young guys sitting around a table. "I thought you said we were going to be alone?" She asks softly up to Tyler with fretful eyes.

Tyler walks past her, ignoring her question. He grins at his two friends. "This is the one." A devious smile forms on his cocky face. He turns around to face Emmy. She looks at him with a concerned expression on her pretty face. "This is the dumb slut that I have wrapped around my finger." He chuckles sadistically, the other two imitate his laughter.

"You fucking asshole..." Emmy's voice cracks a little.

"That's why you love me, baby." He grins as he approaches her.

"Stay the fuck away from me." She speaks lowly, her heart breaking.

"Aw, what's a matter baby?" Tyler puts on a mocking voice. "You didn't think I really loved you, did you?" He chuckles. "You stupid whore." The snide cackles from the other two on the couch can be heard. Emmy backs away further, beginning to exit the door frame. "We just want to have some fun. Come have some fun with us, baby." Tyler encroaches further, his devilish smile widening. Emmy shakes her head, a frightened expression on her face as she looks up at him. Tyler lunges at her. She shrieks as he grabs her arm with one hand and then whips her into his body, grabbing the back of her hair with his other hand. He forces her back into the room, dragging her as she squirms and yelps helplessly. He presses her against a wall. "You know you can't resist me, baby." He says in a hushed tone into her ear as she squirms. "We're not going to hurt you." He strokes her head as his much larger body surrounds her. His hand goes down to pinch her cheeks. "I own this pussy." He says between his teeth as he leers into her eyes. "Don't I?" She nods slightly through his grip, her helpless and scared eyes looking back into his lustful gaze. She whimpers. His other hand goes down to her crotch area, pressing against her pussy over her tight jeans. "Are you going to be a good girl for us?" He asks in a baby-like voice, going back to stroking her hair with the back of his right hand. Emmy nods submissively, her body betraying her once more as she feels her pussy tingle.

Something suddenly comes over her and she feels a surge of anger. "See? Told you I own this stupid slut." Tyler turns his head to say to the two guys on the couch. Booming thunder can be heard as it begins to downpour. Just as soon as the word slut comes out of his mouth, his crotch is soon met with Emmy's knee. He keels over in writhing pain. Her heart thumps faster and she makes a run for the door. The two guys on the couch laugh in excitement and surprise. "Fuckin' stupid bitch..." Tyler angrily says as he gets up off his knee. He grunts angrily as he watches her run. He pursues her in haste, feeling a strong desire to punish her. She screams as the sounds of her high heel boots fill the hardwood hall, knowing he's not far behind.

"Nooo!" Emmy shrieks loudly as she feels him get closer. She opens the door but it's quickly slammed back shut by Tyler.

"Fuckin' bitch!" He angrily growls as he grabs her from behind.

"Let me go!" She yelps in her high pitched voice. He picks her up from behind, his arms wrapped around her petite waist. He carries her down the hall as she kicks and screams, squirming in his firm clutches. She's brought back to the room. He lets her go but still holds onto her arm. The other two guys look on as she flails, trying to escape. Tyler manages to grab her wrists and keep her arms still. "You embarrass me in front of my friends, cunt?" He hisses aggressively down at her as he squeezes her wrists, causing her to wince in pain. He shoves her harshly into the wall. She whimpers loudly, her mind and heart racing.

"Please!" She yelps desperately, cowering against the wall as he raises his hand. She shields herself with her arms. Tyler aggresively grabs her hands and holds them down.

"Stupid whore." He says with clenched teeth before slapping her across the face. His friends watch the scene, grinning. She has flashbacks of Keith.

Emmy's face stings from his swift slap. "I'll tell everyone you raped me." She says meekly.

"What?" Tyler asks indignantly. "You sucked my dick the first night we met. You wanted it. You wanted everything, slut."

"You took videos of me. You can get in a lot of trouble for that." Her voice trembles as she shakes nervously.

Tyler smirks. "What videos? You mean the ones that we erased?" He chuckles arrogantly. "Not before showing them off, though." He snickers back to his two friends. They laugh, having seen the videos of Tyler and Derek using her like a fuck toy. Tyler stares at her for a moment and feels a flash of rage. He belts her in the face again with the back of his right hand. She yelps back into the wall. Before she can recover, his hands wrap around her throat, gripping her thin neck. "Do you know who I am, bitch?" Tyler hisses angrily. "Huh?" He applies more pressure to her throat as she struggles to breathe. "Do you know how powerful my family is?" He leers into her eyes intensely. "Nobody threatens me. Ever!" He begins to lift her up off her feet, wringing her neck against the wall. She kicks and squirms frantically.

"Come on, man. Stop. That's enough." One of the other guys gets up and quickly rushes over to them. Tyler lets go, his face red. Emmy drops to her knees, coughing and catching her breath. Tyler's friend looks relieved, worried that it was being taken too far.

Tyler takes a deep breath before picking Emmy up back to her feet. "You better say thank you to Kyle, because he just saved you." Tyler says as he leads her to the couch. "How do you want her to thank you, Kyle?" Tyler asks.

"She can come sit on my lap." Kyle says as he sits back down on the couch. He gazes up at Emmy, loving how she looks.

"Well get to it, bitch." Tyler orders Emmy. She stumbles to the couch and sits on his lap.

"That's my cousin Kyle." Tyler says as he sits down with them. Kyle happily holds Emmy by her leg, feeling her arm around him. Kyle is a year older than his cousin Tyler. He's a frat boy at the same college Tyler plans to attend after graduation. He's tall and slightly chubby. "And that's his friend Jerrell." Tyler says before taking a swig out of one of the many bottles of liquor on the table. "Say hi, bitch." He leers over to Emmy as Kyle lustfully stares at her tight petite body.

"Hi..." Emmy says meekly.

"Sup." Jerrell responds, snickering a little after what he just witnessed. He's a black football player at the same college, of average height and athletic build.

"Here," Tyler passes Emmy a bottle, "drink up." She hesitates. "I didn't ask." He sternly reiterates. She does as she's told and takes a mouthful. Her neck aches and part of her face has a subtle red tint from the slapping.

"Yeah." Kyle nods approvingly as she drinks. "Let's finally get this party started. I think she's learned her lesson." He grins up at her, biting his lip a little as he feels his cock move in his pants from her tight ass sitting on it.

"Right on. You really fucked her up, T." Jerrell chuckles to himself before drinking.

"Told you I own this bitch." Tyler says confidently as he leans into the table and lowers his head. He does a bump of cocaine. "Ah..." He sighs as he raises his head back up. "That's good shit." Kyle continues to be fixated on Emmy. "Feel free to touch her anywhere, bro." Tyler tells him. Kyle's hands move all around Emmy's tight, supple teen body. She smiles at him nervously, feeling his large hands grope her body. Tyler looks on approvingly. Jerrell does a line of coke.

"Pass that bitch on down here, yo." Jerrell says. Kyle pushes her off and Tyler grabs her legs, passing her down to the other side of the couch. Jerrell bites his lip as she gets situated on his lap. "Sexy ass bitch." He says under his breath as he rubs her leg. Emmy half-heartedly smiles, thinking in her mind that she has no choice and hoping that they won't be too rough.

"First, you're gonna suck us all off. Then later on we're going to gangbang you." Tyler says as he passes her one of the bottles. She reluctantly drinks, her hand shaking a little. "Relax... We got just the cure." He chuckles and begins to put a tiny bit of cocaine on a switchblade, then snorts it up his nose. "Want some?" He asks politely as he faces her. She shakes her head as Jerrell continues rubbing her leg. "Come on." Tyler pleads. Emmy shakes her head again. He puts a little bit on the switchblade again and holds it up to her face. "Do it." He demands sternly. She hesitates but then does it, snorting it through one nostril. "Now the other." He says after putting a little bit more on. She does the other nostril. Kyle and Jerrell smile while watching her, both of them getting more erect and turned on. "That's my girl." Tyler smiles before downing some more alcohol. Emmy feels the sensation. "Good, huh?" He smirks.

"Yeah..." She says quietly, a slight burning sensation filling her throat.

"You can do more if you want." Tyler says. She gets off Jerrell's lap and sits between he and Tyler, thinking she might as well. Maybe it will help. Tyler grins widely as he leans into the table and cuts up two short, thin lines for her. Emmy leans in, her heart thumping. Jerrell looks down her backside, turned on by her slutty tramp stamp. She does the lines.

"Woo!" Kyle happily exclaims.

"Gonna turn you into a slutty coke whore." Tyler cackles as he strokes the back of her head, down to her neck. Emmy really feels the sensation this time. She coughs and the guys laugh. "Like it?"

"Yeah." Emmy smiles. "Can I do more?"

"Not yet." Tyler replies. "First you're gonna suck our cocks." He says as he relaxes into the couch and begins unbuckling his jeans. Emmy gets down on her knees in front of him. The submissive, hypersexual part of her can't help but be turned on. She follows his orders. "Good girl." He grins at her as she takes off his jeans.

"Hell yeah." Kyle grins as he begins to take off his pants.

"Dirty bitch..." Jerrell says under his breath. He, too, takes off his jeans.

Emmy lowers her head and begins taking Tyler's semi-erect penis in her welcoming mouth. Like so many cocks before, she expertly pleases him with her slutty mouth. Tyler lets out a hard sigh as he watches her work his stiffening cock. Emmy moans softly as her eyes gaze up at him submissively. Her pretty lips wrap firmly around his cock, slowing moving up and down along the shaft. She can't help but be turned on as she bobs her head up and down. Her soft left hand gently grips the base, her right hand rests on his thigh. No teeth, perfect suction, rhythmic pace, eye contact, her mouth salivating over his cock. The effects of the cocaine making her more enthusiastic and uninhibited. She moans softly as she feels his hard cock fill her mouth, pressing against her tongue. Emmy goes down further, taking more of his cock. Tyler groans under his breath as he feels the tip of his now throbbing cock poke the back of her throat. "Yeah... Take it." Tyler aggressively says as he stares at her pretty head bobbing up and down. "Take it." His hand begins to guide her up and down, gripping her hair a little.

"Bitch gives good head." Jerrell says as he slowly strokes his dick. Kyle watches quietly, transfixed on the action as he also strokes.

"Suck off Jerrell now." Tyler demands as he lets go of her hair.

Emmy rises up, panting a little as his cock pops out of her mouth. She crawls to her right. "Ahh..." Jerrell shuts his eyes as he feels Emmy put her mouth on his half-hard cock. It doesn't take long before his cock is fully erect. She eagerly glides up and down his shaft with her wet mouth, moaning softly in the process. She whimpers on the jock's cock as she feels it fill her mouth and throat. Her hand jerks his cock in unison with her mouth. "Yeah take that dick, bitch." Jerrell says as he watches his black cock disappear in her mouth. It's a bit bigger than Tyler's slightly-above-average piece. All three guys are glued to the action. The slurping noises get louder as Emmy eagerly worships his cock. Her submissive eyes look up at him as she sucks him off. Jerrell's large hand pushes her down on his cock and he begins to thrust up into her throat, pumping her face slowly. "Mmm... You like that, slut?" He groans. She whimpers helplessly as his cock plunges her mouth and throat.

"Don't forget about Kyle. He stopped me from choking you out after all." Tyler chuckles as he watches Emmy take Jerrell's black dick. Jerrell lets go of her. Pre-cum drips from Emmy's lip as his wet black cock glistens from her saliva and his pre-cum.

Kyle sits up in anticipation, his cock rock hard. He watches Emmy crawl over to him. His heart beats with excitement. "Aahhh..." He exhales slowly as his eyes roll back for a moment after he feels his cock enter Emmy's mouth. Her eyes look up at him as she makes eager slurping noises. His cock is just about average, but decently thick. She takes him in her mouth faster and faster. Her pussy is now wet, so turned on by all of this. She moans softly over his cock. Her soft right hand goes down to cup his balls and slowly rub them as she begins to deep throat his cock. Her hair bounces around as she quickly bobs her head up and down. Kyle breathes harder, feeling like he might cum.

"Stop." Tyler interrupts as his head rises from the table, having done another line of coke. "I have an idea." He stands up as Emmy takes her mouth off Kyle's throbbing wet cock. "You want more coke, slut?" Tyler says as he carefully organizes a small line of coke on top of his erect cock. "Come get it." She crawls over to him dutifully, kneeling before him as he stands dominantly over her. Her eyes gaze up at him, then go down to his cock. Her nose snorts up the line from his cock with the rolled up dollar bill and then she immediately begins to blow him again. "Let's surround this slut." Tyler says as he watches her worship his cock. Jerrell and Kyle stand up and form a circle with Tyler. Emmy slurps on Tyler's throbbing cock, staring up at him as he smirks down at her. Kyle gropes her from behind, feeling her tits. He nearly drools. Emmy whimpers and moans softly as she eagerly takes Tyler's cock down her throat while feeling her firm, perky tits get ravaged.

"Come here, bitch." Jerrell demands aggressively as he leers down at her, sticking his cock in her view. Tyler steps back a bit. Emmy rotates on her knees and immediately starts sucking off Jerrell. Kyle moves her hair back and pushes her head down on Jerrell's throbbing black cock, making her gag. "Yeah..." Jerrell smiles. "Suck these balls, bitch." Jerrell takes his cock from her mouth and jacks it upwards over her. Her mouth goes down to eagerly suck his large black balls. Her eyes gaze up at him as she tugs each testicle with her pink wet lips. She makes love to his sack. "Good bitch." Jerrell says as he enjoys the feeling. Then he slaps his wet cock on Emmy's pretty face.

"My turn." Kyle interjects, standing beside Jerrell. Emmy rotates once more and begins taking Kyle in her wet mouth, pre-cum dripping from her lips. Her head moves back and forth, slurping on his throbbing cock. She cups his balls as she works the head, gazing up at him as she moans softly. Then she deep throats, taking it all down her throat, her nose pressed against his pubis. Jerrell bends over to feel her tight ass and grope her tits from behind, admiring her tight petite body as he strokes slowly. Kyle breathes harder, groaning under his breath as Emmy services him. Tyler watches intently, so turned on by what they're doing to her.

"Got some more nose candy for you, slut." Jerrell chuckles a bit as he stands behind her. Kyle's cock pops out of her mouth, a trail of pre-cum falling to the floor. She turns around and is greeted by Jerrell's hard black dick with a small line of coke on top. She does the line, the white-on-black contrast disappearing. She takes his cock once more, sucking up the coke residue. Her mind is euphoric and the coke makes her feel even more hypersexual. Her head bobs on his stiff cock, looking up at him submissively as she moans softly.

"Here, slut." Tyler interrupts with a bottle of booze. "Let's get that mouth wetter." He hands it to her. Jerrell's cock exits her mouth. She downs some alcohol, panting a bit. Tyler takes Jerrell's place and grabs Emmy's head. "Time to fuck this pretty face." Tyler says aggressively before he plunges into her mouth with his throbbing cock. "Urgh... Take it, slut." He growls as he pumps quickly into her mouth and down her throat. Emmy kneels there helplessly, feeling his grip on her hair tighten as his cock penetrates her throat. His balls slap against her chin. Loud, wet suction noises fill the room as Jerrell and Kyle jerk off while watching. As tight as her jeans and jacket are, it's not as tight as the grip around Emmy's throat that Tyler soon applies when he bends his knees and his right hand reaches down to grip her throat. His left hand grips her hair on the top of her head, grabbing a handful to make sure her hair doesn't get in the way. His cock continues thrusting into her face as he grips her neck. Emmy's eyes well up as she looks up at him, his sadistic gaze back down at her making her wet. His throbbing cock slams in-and-out of her mouth and throat as he groans above her dominantly. The tip of his cock stabs the back of her throat over and over, her mouth and throat becoming increasingly sore. Tyler lets out a resounding exhale as he stops and pulls out of her mouth. "Dumb bitch." He pants. Emmy coughs and gasps for air. Tyler steps away.

Jerrell and Kyle step in front of her. Jerrell grabs her head and guides it toward his cock. "Suck this cock, baby." He says under his breath. She does as told and gets to work, eagerly slurping up and down his cock. Her free hand reaches to the side and jerks Kyle's cock. A moment later Tyler steps to Jerrell's side and grabs Emmy's hand and places it on his cock. Now she jerks off two cocks while sucking Jerrell. "Yeah..." Jerrell says in a breathy, horny tone. Emmy expertly jerks off Kyle and Tyler while maintaining rhythm with Jerrell. "This slut should be a porn star." Jerrell utters as he looks down at the great job she's doing. They chuckle a little.

Kyle steps closer, gripping his cock close to Emmy's face. She rotates and switches to his cock, looking up at him submissively. She doesn't skip a beat. She moans softly while slurping up and down on his cock. "Oh my fuck..." Kyle sighs as he bends his knees and strokes the back of her head as she sucks his throbbing cock. "I can't hold it anymore." His voice trembles a bit.

"Let's cover her whore face." Tyler suggests.

"I'll go after him." Jerrell says as he strokes his cock while watching the action.

Kyle grabs Emmy's head and tilts her face upwards. He strokes furiously over her face. "Aahhh..." The cum in his balls builds and builds. "Ugghhh..." He groans as his knees shake a bit. His cock begins to explode on her face, squirting ropes of hot cum across her face. "Fuck." He pants. Emmy sucks his cock slowly. "God damn." Kyle steps away.

Jerrell steps in immediately and jacks his cock over her face. "Lick them balls, bitch." He orders as he lifts his cock upward. She moves her mouth along his sack, sucking each testicle as he jacks over her face. "You want this nut, slut?" He asks aggressively as their eyes meet. She whimpers softly. "Urghhh... Take this nut, bitch." He grabs her head and tilts it up to him and points his cock over her face. "Aaahhh!" He groans loudly as his glistening black cock begins to shoot a huge load on her face. A thick, creamy load spurts out onto her face. "Oh fuck." He hangs his head in ecstasy. She gives his cock one last suck, before kissing the tip at the end while gazing up at him. "Aahh..." He moans as his sensitive cock gets sucked slowly one more time.

"Grand finale, slut." Tyler says as his cock enters Emmy's view. "You're always going to be my personal fuck toy, huh?" He asks in a hurried way as he jacks his cock over her cum-covered face. She whimpers submissively in agreement, looking up at him. He grins. "You're nothing but a worthless cum dumpster." He growls down at her before beginning to erupt on her face. She feels another huge load of warm cum land on her face. Tyler smiles down at her as he pants. "Good whore." He sighs. "We're not done with you yet. We're gonna fuck your brains out later, whether you like it or not. Gonna plug all of your little holes." He grins devilishly. Kyle and Jerrell grin as well. "Get upstairs and clean yourself up. We'll do some more coke when you get down. You're gonna need it for what we're going to do with you." Tyler says sadistically. Emmy gulps nervously as cum drips from her face. Her pussy throbs but her heart is filled with fear. She grabs her bag and heads upstairs to the bathroom.

Emmy stares into the mirror, wiping the jizz off her face with tissues. She's never felt so used. She's never felt dirtier. Even all those times with Keith, she's never been used quite like this. The shame begins to wash over her as she replays what happened in her mind. She can barely stand the sight of herself in the mirror as she laments on the promise she made to herself. Even if she was forced into doing what she did, she feels guilty. Combined with the intoxication and coke high, her mind whirls with emotion. Thinking about being gangbanged by them gives her a rush of anxiety. Emmy begins to frantically search for her phone in her bag, desperately wanting to be saved from this situation. In her list of contacts she stops at Chris, with 'Dad' right below. She hesitates for a moment, being indecisive on who to call. She bites her lip, staring at the door. Part of her wants to be a total slut and get used by them further. The right decision is made and she begins to call her uncle Chris, trusting him more than her dad.

"Emmy?" Chris answers.

"Hi. I hope I didn't wake you up or anything." Emmy responds calmly.

"Uh, no. No, it's fine. What's up?"

"I'm sorry." Emmy begins to tear up. "I'm so sorry." Her voice cracks a little as she tries to keep it together.

"Emmy, what's goin' on?" Chris asks in a concerned tone.

"I'm scared." She sniffs. "I need you, uncle Chris." Emmy she says helplessly in an innocent manner.

"What happened?" Chris inquires further as he looks very concerned, getting off his sofa. "Emmy, are you in danger?"

"I don't know." She replies. "I'm... At a friend's house and it's just me and three guys here and they're scaring me." Her mind races while trying to articulate the urgency of the situation without saying what happened so far.

"Are you hurt? Did they do anything to you?" Chris asks sternly.

"Umm... No, no." Emmy answers. "But they said they want me to have sex with them..." She continues, not quite wanting Chris to know the whole story out of awkwardness and shame. It was hard enough telling him about Keith. "They said they're going to make me do it." She sniffs.

Chris' blood runs cold with adrenaline. "Where are you?" He asks while collecting his keys, wallet, badge, and gun.

"I don't know exactly. In a house by the lake. Like, twenty minutes from our neighborhood I think."

"I know that area. Is there any way you can find the exact address?" His mind races.

"Umm... I don't know." Emmy says as her finger tip is between her teeth.

"Uh, GPS. Do you have GPS on your phone?" Chris suggests.

"I'm not sure." Emmy says as she tries to remember ever downloading a GPS application onto her smartphone. "I think I do."

"Where are you now?"

"I'm in the upstairs bathroom." Emmy answers.

"What are they doing?" Chris asks, wanting to know everything about what's going on.

"They're downstairs drinking."

"Listen, I'm going to leave now. Are you OK until I get there? Tell me if anything else is wrong, Emmy. Tell me if they've hurt you or you think they're going to hurt you any time soon." His heart beats hard in his chest, feeling powerless because he can't be there for her right now.

"Yeah... I'll be OK. Nothing else is wrong. I can hold them off." Emmy lies, knowing she can't.

"Text me the address when you get it, OK?" Chris tells her. "As soon as you get it."

"I will."

"Emmy, it's going to be OK. I'll be there as quick as possible. Sit tight, stay in the bathroom if you can." Adrenaline pumps through him as he slips one arm into his jacket.

"OK... Thank you." Emmy says graciously.

"Everything is going to be OK, baby. I'm coming." Chris finishes putting on his jacket.

A loud tapping is heard on the door of the bathroom. "What's taking you so long?" Tyler asks loudly.

Emmy drops the call, putting her phone in her bag. "I'm still getting ready." She says, her voice shaking a little as she grabs her lip gloss with her shaking hand. Chris heard the knocking and the booming male voice shortly before Emmy hung up. He rushes out to his car, focused and determined.

The bathroom door opens. "Who were you talking to?" Tyler asks curiously, hearing her faint voice as he walked up the stairs.

"No one." Emmy says casually, trying not to shake or make him suspicious.

A moment of silence passes as Tyler watches her put on her lip gloss. "Hurry up." He demands. Just then a loud crack of thunder rains down from the sky, causing Emmy to jump and whimper. She's very anxious. "Wow, maybe we let you have too much coke." Tyler chuckles.

"I'll be down in a minute." Emmy faces up to him with a crooked smile.

He steps behind her and feels her perky, firm chest from behind while his lips get near her neck. "We're going to fuck you so good and hard, baby." He whispers into her ear before kissing her neck sensually and sniffing her hair.

"Mmm..." She lets out a forced moan, smiling into the mirror. "Can't wait."

Tyler grips her throat from behind with his left hand, his right hand going down to her pussy. "Such a good little slut." He whispers against her head as he roughly cups her tight denim-covered slit. Emmy whimpers up at him helplessly. He lets go of the hold around her throat, she gasps for air. "I love abusing you and seeing that scared look on your face." He grins deviously into the mirror while now holding her from behind just like he did when they had their fake sentimental moment by the lake not too long ago. He plants a kiss on the top of her head and then slaps her ass. He shuts the door and goes back downstairs.

Emmy faces the mirror, doing some deep breathing to calm herself down. She gets her phone back out and uses the GPS to track her location; then she quickly texts it to Chris. Taking a few more deep breaths, she finishes her makeup, mentally gathers herself, then heads back downstairs. She hopes she can stall them until Chris arrives.

Chris takes liberties with the speed limit as he focuses intently on the road, now knowing where Emmy is after receiving her text. The pouring rain rapidly falls down upon his car, the windshield wipers moving as quick as the thoughts in his mind. He grips the steering wheel with anger. He thinks about what he'll do to them if they've raped her.

"There she is." Tyler smiles as Emmy enters the room. "I almost didn't recognize you without my cum on your face." He snickers. The other two chuckle. Kyle licks his chops while staring at her. "Come here." He orders as he motions to his lap. Emmy sits on his lap, thinking about keeping it together until Chris arrives. And that can't be soon enough. Tyler hands her a glass of liquor. Emmy hesitates for a moment. He stares at her. She takes it and drinks it, hoping they didn't spike it with anything that would make her pass out. Tyler grins. Rap music plays in the background.

The next few minutes passes as Emmy bides her time, sitting on Tyler's lap on the chair across from the couch that the other two sit on. The two young jocks and the frat boy joke around and continue drinking. Emmy can only think of getting out of here, hoping Chris will show up any minute now. "What's wrong with you? Why are you so quiet?" Tyler asks in a suspicious tone as she stares off in the distance, his hand on her ass.

"She's thinking about tasting my dick again." Kyle grins in a joking manner. Jerrell chuckles slightly.

"Yeah, she did give good head, though. Shit." Jerrell says.

"Nothing." Emmy says quietly to Tyler, forcing a half-hearted smile.

"Maybe we need to get this bitch some more nose candy, bruh." Jerrell suggests.

"Not just yet." Tyler says as he continues to look into Emmy's eyes, wondering what's going on in her mind. He remembers hearing her voice in the bathroom. His suspicions grow stronger. "Come here. Follow me." Tyler says as he motions for Emmy to get off his lap.

"Dude, don't have her all to yourself. We gotta get this train running soon." Kyle smiles widely as he stares at Emmy.

"Hell yeah." Jerrell agrees, slapping Kyle's palm with his own, both of them excited to run a train on her.

Emmy follows Tyler into the hall, far enough away from the other two. He stops, then grabs her shoulders, pinning her against the wall. "Who were you talking to earlier?" He interrogates.

"No one, I was just talking to myself. I do that sometimes." Emmy says as casually as she can as she tilts her head up at him, trying not to show how nervous and anxious she is. Her heart thumps in her chest as Tyler leers into her eyes for a moment. Then his hand rises, her face flinches as she thinks he's going to hit her. It goes to the side of her head and he strokes her hair slowly.

"Relax." He smiles. Emmy forces a smile back at him. "I'm not going to hurt you." He says quietly as the back of his hand caresses her cheek. "You know that was all just a game in there, right? Just showing off for them, like when you were with me and Derek." Tyler begins, feeling a little worried about Emmy telling anyone about this night. "I didn't mean anything I did or said. You know how I get..." He says audaciously, knowing what he did to her not too long ago.

Emmy pouts up at him, not falling for his games this time, but willing to play along until Chris arrives. "You scared me. You really hurt me." Her sad eyes look up to him as she speaks softly.

"I'm sorry. I really am." Tyler tries to sound sincere. "Besides, I know you liked it." He smirks as he continues stroking her hair slowly, their faces and bodies inching closer. Emmy forces a slight smirk back. "That's my girl." Tyler says before going in to kiss her briefly. Emmy kisses back. "I just want what happened here tonight to stay between us." He says quietly into her ear before kissing her neck. Emmy places her hand on his chest and moans softly. His right hand rests on her hips and his left feels her perky chest. "I love you so much." His breathy voice whispers in-between kissing her neck.

"I love you too." Emmy moans softly back, though not meaning it. But neither does he. They begin to make out passionately, moaning into each other sensually. Tyler grips the back of her head slightly as they kiss.

"Let's go back in there." He says as he pulls away and grabs her wrist.

Emmy hesitates. "How about just me and you fuck?" She pleads desperately. "Please?" She cocks her head submissively, her helpless eyes gazing up at him.

"You don't want to fuck them?" Tyler responds as he turns to face her. He begins to feel a slight change of heart.

"No." Emmy shakes her head. "Just you. Please." She begs softly. Emmy hopes that if she has to have sex, then it's just with him.

Tyler thinks about it for a moment, really wanting to gangbang her but also not wanting to push it too far in case she squeals to anyone. "Come on." He says sternly, pulling her to him and pushing her along with him by her lower back. They return to the room.

"Tell them what you told me." Tyler says as he turns to Emmy.

"What?" She looks to him doe-eyed.

"Go on." He demands.

"Umm..." Emmy begins apprehensively. Jerrell and Kyle look up at her. "I told him that I only want to have sex with him." She blurts out.

Jerrell and Kyle chuckle. "Then how is my cousin getting into our frat?" Kyle says in the midst of chuckling. Emmy looks to Tyler, worried. He looks back sternly.

"If we don't run a train on you then he doesn't get in. It's called initiation." Kyle smugly informs her. "And I think the train has arrived." He says excitedly as he begins to get up, his eyes transfixed on her petite, tight body.

Tyler grabs her from behind harshly. "You're our fuckin' property." He says angrily into her ear as he holds her firmly.

"No!" Emmy screams as she kicks wildly in his clutches. Tyler takes her to the couch and slams her on it. Jerrell holds her shoulders, Kyle holds her boots, Tyler deflects her flailing hands and grips her wrists. She whimpers and squirms in desperation. "Nooo!" She screams as they grab at her.

"Let's get this bitch naked." Kyle says as he yanks at her boots.

"Shut the fuck up!" Tyler aggressively yells into her face as he covers her mouth. Her eyes bulge back at him, terrified. Just then a loud rapping is heard on the front door. They don't hear it but Emmy does as her eyes look to her side in the direction of the door. The three guys begin to get horned up as they grope her, undoing her belt buckle and zipping her boots and jacket down. Then another loud bang at the door. The three guys freeze and cease their groping. "Keep her quiet." Tyler orders as he goes to the door. Jerrell covers her mouth as she resists.

Tyler approaches the door curiously, looking through the side panel and seeing a distorted figure from the rain. He begins to turn the knob. He's forcefully pushed back as the door is kicked open. "Police! Don't move!" Chris shouts loudly as he draws his gun, not knowing who these guys are or if they've got weapons. He enters the house quickly. Tyler's back is against the wall, shocked and frightened. "Hands up!" Chris demands aggressively. Tyler begins to open his mouth as his hands go up. "Shut up! Where's Emmy?" He asks, his gun at half-mass. "Where's my niece?!" He reiterates louder, his booming voice echoing.

"Here." Tyler says meekly as his hands shake. He slowly walks toward the room where Emmy is in. Chris follows.

"Hands up! Now!" Chris demands as he points his gun at Jerrell and Kyle, who have been frozen in place since the commotion, having let go of Emmy. "On the ground with your hands behind your head. All of you." Chris orders them. "Now!" He shouts loudly as they hesitate. They do as they're told. Tyler shuts his eyes, knowing they're fucked.

Emmy is curled up on the couch, feeling ravaged after their attack. She's shaking. "Uncle Chris..." Her voice trembles as her eyes tear up.

"Baby... Come here." Chris says softly. "Get behind me." Emmy gathers herself and walks behind Chris, feeling a huge sense of relief. "Did they..." Chris begins as he turns to her.

"No." She quietly shakes her head.

"Just stay here as I take care of this." Chris says, leaving Emmy in the door frame. "Trying to rape my niece, huh?" He kicks Tyler in the ribs.

"Ahh!" Tyler bellows.

"We didn't do anything!" Kyle pleads.

"Doesn't look like it." Chris looks around the room, noticing the alcohol and cocaine on the table. He steps back to face Emmy. "What do you want done here? I can have all of them in jail." He says quietly to her.

"I just want to go home." She gently sobs with her arms folded.

"OK." Chris nods, putting his free hand on her shoulder and rubbing it for a moment. "Go wait in the car." Emmy leaves, getting one last look at Tyler as he looks up at her from the ground.

"My family is powerful..." Tyler begins. "My dad is Richard Aldenberg, the real estate developer. That guy there is my cousin. His dad is the politician Aldenberg." He says, using his family name as he usually does when he wants to get his way or weasel out of something.

"I don't give a shit. You tried to rape my niece." Chris retorts sternly, knowing the Aldenberg family. He knows they can get their boys out of anything. "All of you take out your wallets, I want to see some ID's." They do as they're told and Chris collects them. "Don't move." He begins to go through them.

"Are you even a real cop, man? Where's your backup? Your uniform?" Asks Kyle nervously.

Chris flashes his badge to them. "Off-duty." He says while continuing to look at their ID's. "All of you can be in big trouble." He starts. "The alcohol, the drugs, the attempted rape. Maybe I'll call for that backup after all and have you boys thrown in jail."

"She was willing." Blurts out Tyler.

Chris' eyes bulge out. "Get up." He demands. Almost as soon as Tyler gets up he furiously shoves him to the wall and presses his sturdy forearm against his neck. Tyler fearfully looks back at him. "I'll fucking end you." He says aggressively as a vein bulges in his forehead and his face turns red from rage, a psychotic stare beaming from his eyes into the terrified high school senior.

"Look, man. We didn't do anything." Tyler pleads desperately as his voice shakes and his heart thumps faster.

Chris sticks his gun in Tyler's mouth. The young man's eyes bulge in shock, tears starting to flow. "How does it feel?" Chris hisses through clenched teeth. "Huh?!" His faces bulges. Tyler whimpers helplessly in a panic. Jerrell and Kyle look on from the ground, in shock and fear. Chris jams the gun down his mouth and throat. He looks down, noticing a liquid running down Tyler's legs. "You pissing yourself you fucking pussy?" His face rises back up to meet the young jock's, saying in a disgusted manner. "On your knees." Chris demands. Tyler slowly sinks to his knees helplessly. He pulls the gun out from his mouth and steps back. Tyler breaks down in tears on the floor. Chris snickers and shakes his head. "I'm not taking any of you in." He begins as he holsters his gun. "Throw away the booze and coke. Flush it." He strongly orders them. "And if any of you ever speak to or come near my niece again, I'll fucking kill you." He seethes and then makes sure they see him take their identification cards. "I will." Tyler sobs on the ground, drenched in his own urine. Jerrell and Kyle are frozen on the ground. Chris begins to walk away, then stops. He turns around and boots Tyler in the ribs again, he cries out in pain. Then he takes out his gun and points it at Kyle and Jerrell who were attempting to get up from the ground. They freeze in fear. "I know who all of you are." He says coldly into their eyes before holstering his gun again. He exits the house and joins Emmy in the car. Chris decides it's not worth it to turn them in, considering their family connections and especially after the misconduct he displayed. And because he doesn't want to drag Emmy into a legal battle. He hopes that he scared them enough.

"What did you do to them?" Emmy curiously asks her uncle as she turns to him.

Chris turns the ignition and takes a deep breath as the rain pelts the vehicle. "I put the fear of God into them." He replies while looking straight ahead. Emmy looks at him, finally feeling safe and secure.

It's the next day, a Saturday. Emmy and Chris didn't speak much on the ride home from his niece's ordeal. He had told her to just go to bed, that they'll speak more about it the next day. They did, however, share a tender moment as they got home when she hugged him and thanked him for rescuing her. "Emmy, can I come in?" Chris gently knocks on the door to her room.

"Yeah..." Emmy says softly as she lays on her bed, reading a textbook.

"Oh, you're studying." Chris says as he enters. "I won't bother you." He says as he begins to turn around, glad that her nose is in a book.

"No, it's OK." Emmy retorts as she puts down the book. She rarely studies on a weekend but she's been starting to take school more seriously. She sits up on the bed. Her room is nearly identical to her old one at her mother's place; a pink, black, and purple color scheme with some of her old furniture, posters, and other trinkets. Along with her furry pink comforter. Chris has been very generous with letting her take over his spare room.

"I want to talk about last night." Chris begins as he approaches her and sits beside her on the bed. "How did it start, how did you even end up there? What's your relationship with that kid?"

Emmy looks down uncomfortably, wrinkling her nose a little. "He was a friend. I liked him. He said it would just be the two of us there..." She continues to look down. She gulps nervously. "Then... I saw his friends there. He grabbed me and told me they were going to do what they wanted." Her voice speaks softly.

"What did they do?" Chris asks, his heart sinking.

"Nothing." Emmy is quick to reply. "Well, they almost did." She lies, not wanting to tell him about taking three loads on the face from them. And enjoying it.

A brief moment of uncomfortable silence passes. "What about the drugs and booze? Did you have any?" He inquires curiously, trying not to turn this into a police interrogation.

"Um..." Emmy begins.

"Emmy..." Chris says in a disappointed tone.

"They made me." She blurts out while looking up.

"The coke, too?" Chris says as his left thumb and index finger rest on his eyebrows as he shakes his head.

"Yeah..." Emmy admits, feeling guilty.

"That's dangerous, Em."

"I know."

"You're not going to do it again, are you?" He asks.

"I won't. I promise." She says hastily up at him.

"You better not. Don't get mixed up in that shit." Chris says back into her eyes. "And I know you drink regularly." He shakes his head again, sighing. Emmy remains silent, looking down uncomfortably. "Well," Chris gets up, "it's over. They're not going to bother you again." He moves closer to the door. "I don't know, Em." He turns to her. "I don't know what to do with you." She looks up at him with sullen eyes. He folds his arms. "You keep putting yourself in these situations. I just wish you would stop being such a..." He stops himself from saying slut.

"A what?" Her voice says in an enraged tone up at him, her eyebrows furled.

"Nothing." Chris exclaims as he unfolds his arms.

"It wasn't my fault!" She indignantly yells up to him, her eyes beginning to tear up.

"I know, sweetie. I'm sorry, forget I said anything." He feels bad about what he inferred. He has no experience with children, especially teenage girls. His honest, brash way of talking isn't the best approach when dealing with sensitive and troubled teenage nieces.

She groans in frustration. "Urgh... I can't believe you blame me." She begins to sob.

Chris' face turns sympathetic. He feels guilty. "Baby... I don't blame you. I just wish you'd stop acting out. I know that you're, uh, a certain way from all that's happened to you..." He says sincerely as he approaches her. His hand reaches to rub her shoulder.

She jerks away from him. "Go away! None of this is my fault! Fuck you!" Emmy yells angrily with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry..." Chris says as he tries again to rub her shoulder.

"You're not my dad." Emmy says coldly, in a more calmer tone as she moves further away from him.

"I know..." Chris exhales. "You're not going out tonight. For once." He says in a more authoritarian tone, beginning to feel frustrated with her. He hopes to instill some discipline in her.

"I'll do what I want." Emmy says indignantly as she holds onto her pillow on her lap. "I'll leave if you want me to." She says softly and then sniffs while resting her chin on the pillow.

"You're staying in tonight. I told your mom that Danny could come over and stay the night. You're going to look after him because I have to work until midnight." Chris says as he begins to leave. He shuts the door. Emmy slams her fist on her bed defiantly. She feels betrayed at what he insinuated, or maybe she's bothered by the truth.

For the remainder of the afternoon Emmy ruminates on her argument with Chris and the events of the night before. She begins to think about the possibility of running away. She doesn't feel welcome with Chris anymore. She can't stand to live with her mother again. And still doesn't forgive her dad, plus it would be too awkward. She wishes she had the money to do what she wanted. She could get a job but it wouldn't be enough. Emmy thinks for a long time about running away and supporting herself. She gets hung up on the question of money, which she needs. An idea comes to her as she browses the internet, finding an article talking about sex workers. The topic interests her and she spends time learning about the sex industry and reading the experiences of many different women. One woman said she was having lots of sex but not getting paid for it. The sex worker argues that there's nothing wrong with continuing to have lots of sex - only now you're getting paid for it. She talks about how she has a nice lifestyle with her profession, which is safe and controlled. Emmy begins to think about that lifestyle for her. If she likes having sex and knows there's lots of guys who would paid really good money to fuck her, then why not? She daydreams about it, feeling a bit of adrenaline as she thinks about what it would be like. It scares her but she thinks it might be the fastest, easiest way to get out of here. She thinks about it seriously, but ultimately remains undecided. Her deep thinking is interrupted suddenly by a knock on her door.

"Can I come in? Please?" Chris says in a friendly way, desiring to patch things up with Emmy before he leaves.

Emmy groans under her breath. "Yes." She says as Chris begins to open the door anyways.

"Listen, I'm sorry." He says earnestly. "I, uh, I'm not used to talking to teenage girls." He smirks a little. "I didn't mean what I said. I know it's not your fault. You know my mouth always gets me in trouble." He says bashfully, seeking forgiveness.

Emmy smiles at him. "It's OK. I forgive you." She says softly.

"I just want you to be OK, that's all. I worry about you."

Emmy gets up and approaches him with a hug, wrapping her arms around his torso and resting her head against his chest. Chris is pleasantly surprised, then wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "I love you." Emmy says softly in a very loving and innocent tone.

"I love you too, sweetie." Chris says back, feeling his heart flutter as he feels the love for his niece. He squeezes her and kisses her on the head. "Don't leave, OK? I like having you around." He smiles down to her as he gently tugs the back of her neck, making her tilt her head up to face him.

"I'm not." She smiles back. He squeezes her once again, holding her head against his chest. The tender moment lasts maybe a bit longer than it should. She moans softly, feeling the comfort of his loving embrace. She's not used to having these loving, tender moments from older father figures.

"I should get going..." Chris says to break the silence. "Your mom will be dropping off Danny around six, OK?" He steps away from her, his hands on her shoulders.

Emmy nods. "Be safe, OK?" She pouts slightly up at him with a concerned expression on her delicate face. She leans up to kiss him on the cheek, though it's somewhat awkward.

"I will." Chris replies, surprised by her kiss. It's been awhile since she did that.

"So, uh, how was your weekend?" Ray asks as he drives Emmy to school.

"It was... Fine." Emmy replies somewhat uncomfortably. It's the Monday after her distressful weekend where she was forced to give blowjobs to Tyler and his friends, and was almost raped by them.

"Did you do anything? Go out with friends?" Ray inquires curiously, just wanting to know more about her and her life considering he missed out on so much. "Danny told me he stayed over with you and Chris on Saturday night." He tries not to say in too somber of a tone. He feels a bit of jealousy over his kids seeming to enjoy being with their uncle, the brother of his ex-wife; the man he's been at odds with for quite some time.

"Um, no I just stayed in and studied for the most part." Emmy lies, looking down at her phone.

"I figured that since we had such a good time together the other night, we could, you know, do it again this weekend. Maybe you guys could stay at my place for the night. Danny said he would do it, how about you?" He asks awkwardly, hoping for her to agree.

"Um... Sure..." Emmy answers, feeling put on the spot.

Ray smiles gleefully. "Well all right, then. I can't wait. Maybe we'll go see a movie or something." He says as he pulls up to Emmy's high school.

Emmy turns to give him a half-hearted smile then opens the car door. "Bye!" She says as she gets out.

"See ya later." He says, a slightly solemn look appearing on his face. He resents the fact that his teenage daughter is so attractive. Ray watches from afar in his vehicle as Emmy approaches some of her friends in front of the school. He sees a lot of the boys turning their heads to look at her. He sees some obvious flirtatious behavior. After a heavy sigh, he finally drives off.

Indeed Emmy is quite attractive, today especially. After her eventful weekend where she underwent a brief episode of mental turmoil, she decided to treat herself with somewhat of a makeover. Uncle Chris was kind enough to give her the money to get her hair done and to buy a new outfit. Her hair is now black with some pink highlights near the front, running down her chest. It's thick and layered, running straight down to the middle of her back. The bangs are side swept over the left side of her face. Voluminous, soft, and shiny, it definitely would entice any man to run his hands through as he kisses her. A pink hairband rests over her hair, just above her side swept bangs, with a white bow sticking out to the right side. Her new black hair contrasts well with her alabaster skin. The usual black eyeliner and eye shadow is formed on perfectly around her big, round, deep brown eyes; with long curled eyelashes and perfectly plucked eyebrows. Her nice lips are coated with a light pink, going well with her pink highlights and hairband. In fact, pink is the motif of her outfit today. On what will probably be the last warm day before the fall weather really begins, Emmy decided to show some skin. Her long, thin legs are barely covered by tight booty shorts, which barely cover her petite, tight ass. It also displays her thigh gap nicely. A pink plaid pattern is the design, and a skinny, leather white belt loops through the waist to snugly make her tight butt pop. White furry boots cover her feet and most of her calves. A small and tight dress vest overlaps her white undershirt; it matches her tight booty shorts with a light pink plaid pattern. It's tight and very form-fitting. Three small buttons hold it together. It exposes her perky chest, only covered by her white undershirt. Her flat, petite tummy is exposed by the small vest and just as small white undershirt. The lower back tattoo can be seen also. Her arms are also exposed. She's wearing a pink padded push-up bra, which makes her already perky and firm C-cup bust appear bigger. Her close-together perky tits bulge through the tight white undershirt, cupped together by her tight dress vest. You can faintly see her pink bra underneath. A thin, white choker necklace goes around her neck, a hollowed out silver heart being the centerpiece in the middle. Pink mostly dominates her appearance, but it's accented by the blackness of her hair, and the whiteness of her skin and accessories. Emmy looks cute but also incredibly sexy. It's no wonder her father couldn't help but notice the attention she attracted when she exited his car.

The bell rings and Emmy is soon walking down the halls to her first class. She walks by Derek, Tyler's friend who aided him in manipulating her weeks ago. Almost as soon as he notices her, he jerks his head away. Though Emmy is unaware of this now, Tyler told him what her cop uncle did and they've all decided to leave Emmy alone for good. She ignores him, just wanting to leave those memories behind. She does feel a bit of awkwardness as she walks through the halls, wondering if word has got around about she and Tyler and everything that happened over the weekend. But she's confident that Chris scared them enough into not telling anyone. Besides, she's long gotten used to getting knowing looks from her peers. She does have the reputation of being one of the school sluts, for better or for worse.

Soon enough it's the final class of the day and once again Emmy is in Mr. Butler's room, enduring his staring from his desk. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her ever since she blew him under his desk. The arrangement they made, that he would pass her, is final so Emmy has moved on but Mr. Butler has not. Whenever she's in his class he glances at her any chance he gets, often trying to suppress his erection while sitting behind his desk. And today is especially torturous for him. He looks at Emmy through the corner of his eye as she sits there with her back straight, her perky chest sticking out, her legs crossed in a feminine position, with the end of her pen slowly being held between her perfect teeth. He stares into his computer while he subtly rubs his bulge under his desk, being unable to resist. Emmy is well aware of his staring and infatuation, feeling a little comfortable. She takes a deep breath while stretching her arms up over her head, arching backwards, her firm chest sticking out further. It not only catches Mr. Butler's eye but also the eye of the teenage boys in the class, particular the nerdy kid sitting next to her who is currently writing a paper for Emmy in another class. Mr. Butler continues to rub and pinch his bulge under his desk.

The bell rings and Emmy gets up with her leather purse over her shoulder, beginning to exit the room. Mr. Butler stares at her tight, perky ass and decides he can't take it anymore. He has to try again. "Emmy, wait!" He says in desperation. The nerdy kid who sits next to Emmy is the last to leave as Mr. Butler grabs Emmy's attention. The kid, who has a massive crush on Emmy, finds it odd but leaves casually nonetheless.

"Yeah?" Emmy responds in a slightly agitated tone as she turns around.

"Listen, uh, we need to talk." Mr. Butler says with a dry, nervous mouth. He goes ahead of her and shuts his door. Emmy folds her arms in displeasure, rolling her eyes. "Have you thought about it at all?" He inquires, trying to sound as cool and graceful as possible.

"About what?" She replies up to him, noticing his slightly heavy breathing.

"About, you know... My offer." He shoots a nervous smile down to her, feeling the horny adrenaline pumping through him.

"Um," Emmy stammers a bit, "we made a deal."

"I know, I know." Mr. Butler begins, his mind clouded by how aroused he is by her. "I thought that maybe we could have some more fun." He looks into her eyes. "You're so fucking sexy, I can't stop thinking about you." He blurts out. Mr. Butler is not the kind of guy to be smooth with women. He's a stocky geek who has never even come close to being with a girl like Emmy.

"No." Emmy says simply. "I did what I had to do."

"But... I thought you liked it." Mr. Butler says with a disappointed expression.

"I'm gonna go now. Bye." Emmy unfolds her arms and turns around to leave.

"Wait!" Mr. Butler blurts out. Emmy stops, rolling her eyes once again. "I know what you did with those two guys in the storage area downstairs, remember?" He decides he can't let this go, he needs to have her at any cost. "Wouldn't want that getting out, or what we did in my classroom." He says in desperation, trying to sound confident but failing.

"Are you serious?" Emmy turns to face him, smirking a little. "You mean, letting one of your students blow you so she can get a good grade? Sounds like it would hurt you a lot more than it would hurt me." She retorts, not falling for his games. If he was more of an alpha male type, a more dominant guy she's actually attracted to, then she wouldn't speak this way to him.

Mr. Butler gulps nervously, his mouth dry as a desert. "Forget I said that." He pleads. "I'm sorry." Some sense begins to enter his head. "I'm not going to keep bothering you." He sighs. "It's just that you're so amazing, Emmy. That was the greatest feeling I ever felt in my life. You're so beautiful and sexy."

Emmy stands there, thinking as he speaks. Just before he continues with his desperate diatribe, she interrupts him. "Stop." A moment of silence passes as she continues to think, Mr. Butler looking at her curiously. "What if..." She begins. "What if you pay me?" She suggests up to him. The prostitution idea from two days ago crosses her mind and she decides on a whim to go with it.

"Like, pay you... For sex?"

"Mhm." Emmy nods. "I'll let you fuck me if you pay me." Now she's the one who begins to feel the adrenaline. She seems to have rationalized it in her mind. Why not get paid for the sex you have, especially if guys like him desperately want to fuck her?

"Uh..." Mr. Butler stammers for a moment. "How much?"

"I don't know." Emmy replies. "Make an offer."

"How about... Three hundred?"

Emmy reacts with repulsion and disgust. "Seriously?" She retorts indignantly, feeling offended.

"Uh, well... It's only a preliminary number..." Mr. Butler says meekly, duly noting her reaction. "How much do you want?"

Emmy takes a moment, feeling a bit uncomfortable placing a price on her body. "Eight hundred." She blurts out.

Mr. Butler's mouth is agape. "I don't have that kind of money." He chuckles nervously. "I'm a teacher."

Emmy contemplates. "Well... How about six hundred?" She suggests. "For one blowjob and one fuck."

Mr. Butler thinks about it. "So, I get to cum twice?" He inquires somewhat anxiously.

"Yeah." Emmy folds her arms, pushing her perky tits further together, almost bursting out of her tight top.

"Done." Mr. Butler can't resist. "I'll have to make a trip to an ATM..."

"So... When do you want to do this?" Emmy asks curiously.

"Right now." Mr. Butler blurts out, feeling a bit annoyed that he's going to spend so much. "Blow me here and then I'll drive us to my house. And it better be good." He says in a slightly agitated tone.

"OK." Emmy nods agreeably, feeling a bit nervous.

"I want to do it all. I want to make out with you, touch you all over. I want you to suck my dick and suck it good. And I want to ravage your body when we get to my place." He says in a worked up tone, feeling the confidence and aggression build in him. He wants to take out all his resentment out on her. She's every hot girl in school who wouldn't give him the time of day and still won't. "And you better be into it." He says as he walks to the door to lock it shut.

Emmy stands there, shutting her eyes while taking a deep breath. She's a bit apprehensive but forces herself to shut off her mind. Mr. Butler returns to her, staring at her like she's a piece of meat and he's a starved carnivore. "Come here." He says under his breath as he approaches her. He awkwardly puts his hands on her hips. She leans into him and puts her arms around his chubby neck. He lowers his head to kiss her. His kissing is somewhat sloppy. Emmy kisses back passionately, moaning softly. They lock lips as his hands feel her all over her back and tight ass. She feels his heavy breathing. His left hand goes up to tug the back of her hair. He really enjoys himself, taking it all in. He backs her up against the wall, his right hand now on her perky chest, happily groping her. He breathes hard, enjoying her smell and her touch. Emmy purrs submissively as she feels him feel her all over. His mouth goes down to eagerly kiss her cleavage, his hands going down her flat tummy and down to her ass and thighs. He rises to bury his head in her shoulder, feeling her soft hair against his face. His right hand goes in-between her thighs and up to her pussy. He rubs it over her tight booty shorts. Emmy moans against the wall quietly, bucking her hips into his hand. He grabs her head once more and kisses her hard. "Get on your knees." He demands as he pants from being so worked up.

Emmy gets down to her knees, her hands running down Mr. Butler's chest and torso along the way. She immediately begins running her lips along the outline of his bulge, feeling the material of his khakis on her lips. He lets out a relieved exhale as he feels her mouth on his bulge. "Here." He says down to her quietly as his hands enter her view, unzipping his pants. He pulls out his cock with his large tight ball sack snugly sticking out as well. It's already leaking pre-cum. Emmy leans into it, feeling his throbbing cock enter her mouth. She's really turned on, even though she doesn't like him. Her eyes look up at him as she moans softly, slowly working his cock with her teen mouth. He gazes down intently, feeling so aroused at the sight and feel. "Ahh... Fuck, you're so good." He says under his breath as Emmy sucks his cock. She slurps up and down eagerly, increasing the pace with perfect suction and no teeth. She's quite an expert by now. Her right hand cups his balls, delicately tugging on them as she passionately sucks his cock. Her eyes look up at him submissively once more. "Mmm... Take my cock you sexy little whore." He groans as he begins to stroke the back of her head, guiding her up and down on his cock. Her saliva and his pre-cum mix to make his cock wet as her lips glide up and down on his throbbing average cock. Her hands hold onto his pockets as she begins to deepthroat his cock. She pulls herself into his cock, taking it all in her mouth. Her nose presses against his pants. She comes up slowly, his cock popping out of her pink lips. He can feel her breath on his cock. She licks the underside of the tip, looking up at him. She licks up and down the sides and then plants an open mouth kiss on the tip before deep throating again. She effortlessly takes his cock over and over, faster and faster. "Stop." He breathes heavily over, feeling like he's about to cum. She does as she's told. "You're so fuckin' hot." He says quietly as he breathes hard, the sensation pulsating from his cock. He strokes her hair slowly, bending his knees a little and looking down at her. He slowly rubs his cock around her lips and face. "Suck my balls. Make love to them." He orders as he grabs his cock upward. Emmy lowers her head to lick and suck his heavy sack, gently kissing each one and delicately tugging on each one with her lips. She moans softly. "Put your hands behind your back." He demands. Her hands go behind her back and she looks up at him submissively, her back arched slightly and her busty chest sticking out. He shoves his cock back in her mouth and forcefully moves her head into it with his hand. He fucks her face. Then he grabs her head with both hands and holds it in place as he pumps her mouth. He goes faster and faster, Emmy feeling his cock assault her mouth. The wet plunging sounds getting louder. "Urrr..." He groans above her, feeling the cum build in his balls. He pulls out and jacks over her face. "Open your mouth, look up at me." He says while breathing heavily. She tilts her head up, arching back further with her hands still behind. "Uh... Uhhh..." He groans under his breath as his cock begins to erupt into her mouth. As his cock begins to shoot a huge thick load she rubs his balls gently and slowly with her soft right hand. "Oh... Oh..." His voice trembles as his cock finishes dropping the huge load into her mouth. The sensation is unreal. His face is completely flushed. She continues looking up at him with her deep, smoky eyes. "Oh my God..." He whispers as she swallows and then begins to slowly suck his cock clean. She moans softly, feeling very turned on by the situation. She kisses the tip while looking up at him.

Just as he calms down and begins to put his limp cock back into his pants, someone tries to open the door. His heart jumps. Emmy gets up off her knees. Mr. Butler stammers nervously for a brief moment, then hurriedly goes to the door and takes a deep breath before opening it. "Uh, I'm sorry. I forgot a book. I was wondering if I could get it?" The nerdy student from before says awkwardly, being confused that the door was locked.

"Oh, sure. Of course." Mr. Butler tries to sound casual and relaxed but inside he's a nervous wreck.

The kid goes in and hastily gets his book from his desk, noticing Emmy standing near Mr. Butler's desk. Her back is turned away from him as she wipes away a drop of cum from her lip. The kid stops for a moment, wanting to say something to Emmy, his crush, but fails to conjure up the words as he usually does.

"See ya tomorrow, Mr. B." The kid says as he walks toward the door.

"See ya, Jason." Mr. Butler nods casually, hoping his student doesn't suspect anything. He lets out a deep breath when he and Emmy are alone again. "Close one." He looks to Emmy as she turns around and looks back. "Listen, uh, so we're going to my house next." He says as he approaches her, an awkward vibe in the room now. "Just, um... Meet me across the street from the school, near the stop sign. I'll be there in around ten minutes."

"OK." Emmy nods quietly. She exits the classroom, walking down the barren hallway with her arms folded as she thinks about what just happened, and about what she's going to be doing with Mr. Butler at his house. She asks herself if it's even safe to be going to his house, if she should even be allowing him to fuck her for money. But then she also thinks about having enough money to get away from everything.

"Hey Emmy." A somewhat meek voice interrupts her train of thought as she passes the school library.

She stops abruptly, turning to face whoever said her name. "Oh, hey." She says as she realizes it's Jason, her classmate who saw her in Mr. Butler's class just a moment ago. "What are you still doing here?" She asks.

"Uh, just returning something to the library and hanging out." He says, almost stammering. "I-I'm almost done your paper." He blurts out in his typical stiff tone of voice. He's the somewhat weird nerdy kid with poor social skills.

"Thank you for that, by the way." Emmy says as she continues walking, with Jason walking alongside her. He has a massive crush on her but never has the courage to talk to her like this, or finds a good opportunity considering she's usually with cooler, better looking guys or other hot girls.

"No problem." His voice cracks a little. He fidgets as he walks. "So, was Mr. Butler tutoring you again?" He asks, trying to find any reason to keep talking to her.

"Oh, um... Yeah." She responds.

A moment of silence passes as he struggles to think of something to say, his mind racing desperately. "You know, I could tutor you. We have a lot of classes together and I do pretty well." He blurts out awkwardly, almost immediately regretting saying anything. He also downplays that he's probably the smartest kid in the school.

"Uh..." Emmy looks down awkwardly as they continue walking, hating having to reject him. "It's not really necessary. Thanks, though." She says in as nice a way possible.

"Oh, uh, sure." He says, feeling the crushing disappointment in his mind. "D-do you walk home?" He asks as they approach the front area of the school.

"Um, sometimes." Emmy answers, wanting him to go away.

"Well, I'm walking home today. You live around Washburn street, right? Maybe we could, uh, walk home together because I'll also be going in the same direction." His voice shakes a little. Jason falls apart when talking to pretty girls, especially Emmy.

"Uh... Actually I'm getting picked up today. Maybe some other time." Emmy stops, giving a courteous smile. She feels a bit uncomfortable that he seems to know where she lives, at least where she used to live. He stands there in front of the doors with her, an awkward silence filling the air as Emmy stares out the doors with her arms folded.

"Well, um, all right. See ya tomorrow." Jason says.

"Bye." She gives another courteous smile, feeling a little bad for him. He leaves and Emmy waits until he's out of sight before leaving herself.

She crosses the street and waits impatiently near the stop sign. A minute later Mr. Butler drives up in his car. Emmy enters, noticing his hat and sun glasses. They drive off, both of them feeling a bit anxious about everything. Mr. Butler looks over at her, his mind in disbelief that he has her in his car, on the way to driving home to fuck her. It's a fantasy come true. The car comes to a stop as someone crosses the street. "Fuck." Mr. Butler says under his breath as he takes a look at the young man crossing. It's Jason. He looks down, hoping his student doesn't see him. Jason looks in the car's direction for any other cars in the lane beside it, and does a double-take as he notices Emmy in the passenger's seat. Mr. Butler panics, not wanting anyone to see them together. He grabs the back of Emmy's head and jerks her head down to his lap.

"What are you doing?!" Emmy protests as she feels his firm grip on the back of her neck, forcing her head down to his lap. Jason sees what just happened, slowing down as he focuses on the car.

"It's Jason." He answers sternly. As Jason finishes walking across the street, he looks back and wonders what's going on in that car. He could have sworn he just saw Emmy. As the street clears, Mr. Butler floors it. Emmy rises, an angry expression on her face. "Sorry." He says sincerely.

"Ow." She says angrily as she fixes her hair.

"No one can see us." He takes a deep breath. "I'm risking everything."

"He asked me about what I was doing in your room."

"He did? What did you say?" He asks, the thought of anyone getting suspicious of him making him feel sick with anxiety.

"I said you were tutoring me." Emmy replies.

"I don't think he noticed us." Mr. Butler assures himself. He sighs, taking his mind off the possibility of getting caught with one of his students. He knows he's risking it. Emmy looks over to him, biting her lower lip a little. Having her head aggressively shoved down to his crotch really turned her on. She lowers her head to his crotch. Mr. Butler gasps a little as he notices. He takes his right hand off the wheel to grip and stroke her soft, thick hair as she moans softly while kissing his crotch. He tries to concentrate on the road but he can't help but get really turned on by what she's doing. Emmy feels his cock harden in his pants. It didn't take long for him to recharge. He continues stroking her hair and pushing her head against his crotch, feeling his growing boner push against her face. "Stop." He blurts out as he breathes harder, feeling like he might be too distracted. Emmy sits up right, smirking at him. She begins to touch herself over her booty shorts, rubbing her pussy while squirming in her seat and moaning softly. Mr. Butler can only think about how much of an amazing little slut she is. "I'll be back in a second." He says as he gets out, having arrived at the ATM so he can get the cash to pay Emmy.

"Wait." Mr. Butler says to her as he parks in his driveway. He looks around, paranoid that any of his neighbors might see one of his students enter his home. "Come on." He says abruptly. He hastily exits and quickly heads for his front door, letting Emmy in first. He sighs and takes a deep breath once he enters. He looks at Emmy standing there, a fleeting moment of guilt crossing his mind as he realizes that he has one of his female students in his home and that he's paying her money for sex. It's a brief feeling as his mind is overtaken by how attracted he is to her. He hasn't had sex in quite some time. He looks her up and down, almost in a trance. He can't believe that one of his fantasies is coming true, and has come true twice already when she sucked his dick in his classroom.

"So..." Emmy says a bit uncomfortably to break the silence. She stands there as he leers at her. Being in his home makes her feel nervous.

"Uh, so, yeah. This is my house." Mr. Butler says bashfully before setting his things down near the door. Emmy looks up at him with a temperate smile, folding her arms. She feels a bit of guilt herself. "Can, uh, can I get you something to drink?" He inquires casually, unsure of how to progress from here.

"Do you have any alcohol?" She asks.

"Umm... Sure, yeah." He didn't expect her to want alcohol and his first instinct is to deny her because she's under the drinking age. He walks past her to the kitchen area, she follows suit. He opens his cabinet. "All I have is this cheap wine and a bottle of bourbon."

"Bourbon." She answers immediately. He pours her a glass and hands it to her. "Thanks." She gives him another half-hearted smile. She consumes the small glass quickly. She winces at the strength of the alcohol.

"So..." He begins, thinking that she probably wanted it to help with having sex with him. "Want to come up to my room, or..."

"Sure." She blurts out, wanting to get it over with. Without saying anything he leads her upstairs to his bedroom, both of them a bit anxious. They enter and he turns to her, his heart rate increasing as he stares at her tight, petite body.

"Come here." He says vigorously before approaching her. He wraps his arms around her, holding her head against his chest. "I've wanted to do this for so long." His voice nearly shakes from how excited he is. "You're so fucking hot. You drive me crazy." He says quietly as his right hand strokes her thick, soft hair and his left runs down her back. He brushes his face against her hair, taking it all in. He breathes her scent in. She leans into him, her hands reaching up to wrap around his neck. She moans softly, the alcohol kicking in as she feels more uninhibited. He's intoxicated by something else and that's the feel and smell of the student he's been obsessed with. She feels his breathing increase as his chest puffs in and out and he breathes heavily on her shoulder. He fervently strokes her hair, passionately having his way. His hand reaches down to grab her tight, firm ass. His other hand lightly grips the back of her neck, tugging so that she tilts her face up to him. He leans in to kiss, but she winces and jerks her head away as much as she can in his clutches. His grip on her neck tightens and he aggressively forces her to kiss him. She moans a bit helplessly into his mouth. He's not normally a guy she would be attracted to but being his play thing is turning her on anyways. He passionately kisses her, unleashing his long-held urges. The fire in his loins begins to rage. He jerks his head away and aggressively turns her around. She loves being manhandled. His hands grab her hips and pulls her ass toward his crotch. They go up her torso, eagerly feeling every inch of her smooth alabaster skin until they arrive at her perky chest. He buries his face in the side of her neck, kissing as he breathes harder and as he feels her firm young breasts between his fingers. She moans softly, feeling him paw at her tits from behind. His right hand goes down to her crotch and rubs her pussy over her booty shorts. She bites her lip from the sensation, squirming a little as she grinds her ass against him. Her head arches back to rest on his chest. She moans softly as he continues to cup her crotch with his hand. He stops and then holds her from behind with his arms wrapped around her petite body. "Get undressed." He says quietly into her ear.

Emmy unbuttons her small, tight vest and slips it off, then bends over to take off her furry boots. Mr. Butler watches intently as he does the same and takes off his shirt. Emmy shimmies off her tight booty shorts and he catches a glimpse of her petite, firm bubble butt popping out of them. Her tight undershirt comes off next and then she begins to take off her underwear, a light pink push-up bra and similarly colored lace panties. He puts his glasses on his nightstand and then sits on his bed, gazing at her naked body in a trance. "Straddle my lap." He says quietly, gulping as she approaches. "Fuck, you're so hot." He says in a breathy tone as she straddles his lap, her genitals aligned with his. Her knees bent, resting on each side of his thighs, and her arms wrapping around his neck for support. His arms move her closer to his body, wrapping around her small back. He looks up at her, almost drooling. His hands rest on each side of her torso as his face leans in to her chest. He kisses, licks and sucks on each of her round breasts eagerly. He loses himself in them, so perky, firm, round and surprisingly large for her petite frame. He sucks on each pink nipple, eagerly admiring her subtle areola. She moans softly, feeling her pussy tingle a little bit. She dry humps him slowly, grinding herself against his bulge. "You like having your pussy licked?" He asks somewhat awkwardly up to her. She nods. "Good, because I have to taste you." His voice shakes in anticipation, so unbelievably turned on by her. "Lay down."

Emmy gets off him and then lays down on his bed. His stocky body is soon on top of her. He slowly kisses her chest, going lower and lower down her body until he faces her teenage pussy. He rubs the outside slowly with his fingers, admiring how delicious it looks. It's small, pink, and freshly hairless considering she waxed it recently. To him, and to most men, it's the perfect slit. He goes down on her, licking from side-to-side slowly as he spreads her open with his fingers. His other hand rubs her clit slowly in a circular movement. His tongue eagerly and slowly licks into her pussy. She squirms a little on the bed, moaning softly. He gets a bit more aggressive and sucks on her pussy, moaning a bit as he eagerly eats her out. His head jerks up and down, then goes further up to kiss and lick her clit. He stops and raises his head, sticking two fingers in her. "Are you ready?" He asks, his rock hard cock pressing against his underwear. She moans softly, nodding down to him as he continues to finger her. It's not the best she's had but it's not the worst either.

Mr. Butler stands up and hastily takes off his pants and underwear. He gets on the bed, hungrily gazing at her petite body that he's lusted so much for. He kneels in front of her, slowly stroking his average cock as she opens her legs just enough for him. He leans down, lining up his cock to her pussy. He rubs the tip along the outside in a slow circular motion. "Where can I cum?" He asks.

"You can cum inside me if you want. I'm on the pill." She responds quietly as she feels him tease her with his cock.

He breathes harder as he begins to slip his cock inside, feeling her tight pussy envelop his hard cock. "Oh my fucking..." His eyes roll back as his cock pushes open her tight teenage pussy. He fully mounts her, hovering over her pretty face. His right hand goes to the back of her neck as he begins to hump into her. She feels his breath. His left hand goes underneath her. He awkwardly pumps into her over and over, loving every second of it. "You're so fucking tight..." He groans in a breathy tone as he picks up the pace. The bed squeaks along with his humping. She moans softly. He thrusts harder and faster into her, the bed rocking accordingly. He grunts above her. Emmy closes her eyes. "You wanna get on top?" He asks while panting, slowing down and trying not to cum.

"OK." Emmy replies, only sort of enjoying his awkward humping. He rises to an upright position and pulls out slowly, taking a deep breath in the process. He lays down. She straddles him, her knees apart. She holds his cock and looks down as she slowly lowers herself onto him. He groans as he feels her tight pussy wrap around his cock again. She moans softly as she begins to rhythmically move her hips on his cock. Her right hand rests on his stomach and her left hand reaches behind to rest on his thigh for balance. She arches back, fucking herself on his cock faster and harder. She moans louder, bucking her hips back and forth on his throbbing cock. Both hands now rest on his stomach as she begins to bounce on his cock. His hands eagerly grab her bouncing tits.

"Come here... Get down on my chest." He motions, barely uttering as he pants. Emmy collapses down onto him. He wraps his arms around her and bends his knees, getting a more powerful position. He slowly pumps into her. He strokes her hair with his right hand, their faces close. Again she jerks away a little as he goes into kiss her and once more he has to grip the back of her neck to keep her in place. He lets go and his hands go down her backside to grip her tight butt cheeks. He pumps up into her faster and harder, his balls slapping up and down. She moans into his chest helplessly. He groans louder, feeling the cum begin to build in his loins. His right hand goes to the back of her neck again, pressing her against his chest, and his left presses her ass down on his cock. "Urrgghh... Fuck." He groans loudly as he begins to slowly pump his cum into her tight pussy. He holds her tightly against him, his cock pulsating inside her. "Oh my God..." He pants in euphoria. His cock shoots the load of his life into his student. The thick white jism slides down his cock as he continues to slowly pump into her. His breathing calms down as the mind-blowing orgasm ceases. "That was worth every penny." He says into her ear as he gently strokes her hair. He plants several kisses on the side of her head, still holding her firmly against his chest.

A few minutes later they're downstairs again, having cleaned themselves up. In her mind, Emmy cannot decide if she enjoyed that or not. "Here." Mr. Butler says as he hands her an envelope of cash. "That was great."

She takes it, opening it to see the cash. She looks down, feeling a bit ashamed and used. "Thanks." She forces a fake smile as she puts it into her purse, then staring down uncomfortably.

"Would you do it again?" Mr. Butler asks. "If I paid you the same amount I mean."

"Umm... I don't know." Emmy answers in a despondent manner, feeling the shame wash over her. Mr. Butler drives her home, dropping her off a block away from her house.

Later that night, Emmy lies awake in her bed. She reflects upon what happened and how she feels about it. She could barely look Chris in the eye when she got home. She thinks about her adoring brother ever finding out and she feels even more guilty. Soon enough her hand finds its way down to her pussy. She moans softly, shutting her eyes as she slowly plays with herself. It turns her on. She replays what happened, how she got used for cash. She squirms and fidgets under the covers, moaning and whimpering softly. She thinks about her past sexual history, with Keith, with Tyler, with all the men that have enjoyed using her. She bites her lip and tenses up, starting to orgasm. She pants and moans heavily. After calming down, she begins to think that she could be making serious cash for what she does. She remembers the article written by a sex-positive escort, about the benefits of using what you have to make money, about having agency over your body and choosing to benefit from having sex. She ponders the idea, feeling anxious about it. A light flickers in her dirty head and she opens up her laptop. She goes to that popular website for escorts and begins making an ad. She attaches one of the many dirty pictures she has of herself. A moment of hesitation takes over as she stares at the 'submit' option. She shuts her eyes, breathes in, and submits the ad.


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