Kirsten visits for a long weekend while I am studying abroad, and sharing the same bed leads to other things
It was my second month of a year abroad in Spain when my friend Kirsten visited me for a long weekend. She was doing a semester in France and had never been to Italy, so she decided to come over and visit me during the end of October. Kirsten was a very cute blond. Long legs, medium size but perky tits, and shoulder length blond hair that she usually wore in a pony tail. We had been friends ever since high-school, and I had always been attracted to her. At a few parties we had made-out briefly, but things never went any farther, and when we both went off to different colleges my attention moved on to other girls. Still, I was mildly optimistic that something exciting could happen this visit, I mean, we would be sleeping in the same bed because there wasn’t an extra one, and we would be getting drunk at night. That is always a good combo.

She flew in Friday morning, and when the taxi dropped her off at my apartment she looked just as good as ever. She had a great bronze tan still left from the summer, and she was wearing a short skirt that showed off her legs. When she bent over to put her bags down in my room, I snuck a look at her beautiful ass and a glimpse of the black panties she was wearing underneath. I wanted to just go over right then and ram my dick into her from behind, and when she turned back around I think I saw her glance down at the erection that was pulling my shorts taut. We went out to a bar that night with a few of my buddies from the abroad program, and we all got drunk off of the combination of the wine from dinner and then the beers at the Irish-style pub. Kirsten and I hit the street around 2am, and stumbled home laughing and bumping into each other the whole way. I put my arm around her to keep her steady when she almost fell a few times, and I couldn’t help but cup my hand slightly around the outside of her tit. She in turn snuggled up tight to me and said that she was so glad we were such good friends.

We got back to my room, and I made a joke about how I usually sleep naked. It wasn’t true, but I was trying to subtly test the waters and see how she would react. She laughed and said that she normally did too, but that it was probably best if we both controlled ourselves this weekend. So far, it seemed like I was getting mixed messages. She clearly liked me, but it was hard to tell if she just wanted to be friends. But I had all weekend to figure it out. I slipped off my shirt and just kept on a pair of mesh shorts when I got into bed. She came back from the bathroom and I watched from the bed as she faced away from me and slipped off her shirt and then bra, then she replaced the shirt. Then she slid out of her skirt and I got a straight on view of her sweet round ass. I wanted to grab it and squeeze. She turned her head coyly and saw me staring, then she said with a laugh, “What, haven’t you ever seen a girl changing before.” Of course, I responded, but never one with such a great ass. She blushed and turned away, but I saw her hesitate when she looked down at the pair of sweatpants she had laid out to wear – then she just shrugged and slipped into bed with just those black panties on. Maybe I was getting to her.

I passed out pretty quickly as I normally do when I’m trashed, but I woke up again around 4am. I glanced at the clock, and then remembered that Kirsten was in the same bed. I was sleeping right next to a beautiful, drunk and passed out girl. I couldn’t resist. I slowly turned to the side she was on and whispered her name. No response. She was on her side with her back to me, so I moved over gently until my dick was softly pressing up against her ass. I reached my arm over her and softly cupped one of her tits. She seemed to instinctively push back against me, and all of a sudden her ass was ground up against me and I could smell her hair as my face was right next to her neck. I squeezed harder and she started to breath a bit heavier. I did this for a few minutes, just enjoying her tits and rubbing my dick up and down her butt. Then I slid my hand down to her panties and poked a finger under the lacy material. I felt the soft fur of her pussy, and smiled when I noticed that the she had shaved everything except for a short racing stripe. I followed that stripe down until I felt the moistness of her pussy, and caught up in the moment I just slipped a finger inside. She moaned and ground her ass back into me. I was feeling crazy so I slipped my shorts off and gently turned her onto her back. I straddled her chest and poker the tip of my penis at her gorgeous red lips. A bit of precum left a slimy trail on her face. But when I pushed a little harder her mouth opened up a bit and my dick went right in. Kirsten proceeded to suckle like a little baby on my dick, and I just let her go on and on. She sucked for about five minutes before it felt like I couldn’t take any more, just watching her head bob ever so slightly and her cheeks go hollow as she sucked me off. I began to breath heavy and thrust a little bit and then I just shot my load right down her throat. She gagged and choked a bit but kept on sucking. Cum dribbled out of her mouth and her lips became frothy with the white stuff. I let her keep going until I was hanging limp in her mouth, then I used my dick to push some of the escaped cum back into her mouth.

I was feeling on top of the world, I had just been sucked off by a gorgeous girl I had always liked, and she had no idea what had happened. She had been passed out the whole time, and still seemed to be so. I contemplated what I could do next. I was feeling reckless and wanted to do something I had never done before. So I twisted my hips to one side and quickly snapped them back to center, my 7inch dick came flying towards her face and I gave her a good cock slap. But to my horror, her eyes fluttered and opened, and then as she came awake she realized what she was seeing. She was looking up at me straddling her chest with my dick hanging limp about 3 inches in front of her face. She gasped with shock. I froze, and had no idea what to do. Then a brilliant thought came to me, or at least it seemed like the only idea that had any chance of getting me off the hook. I went into my best zombie impression and stared straight ahead. I was going to pretend this was all a sleep-walking mishap. I got mechanically out of bed and walked towards the door, but on purpose I missed by about 2 feet and walked straight into the wall. I took a step back and did it again. Then I straightened out and walked to the bathroom. I never glanced back, but I was hoping that perhaps she would buy it. When I got back to the room, it was still pitch black. I intentionally walked right into the bed and stumbled. Kirsten called at me softly, “Hey, are you ok?” I didn’t reply. I made it around to my side of the bed, got in, turned on my side away from her, and stayed quiet. She called at me a few more times, each time her voice getting a little louder. “Hey, are you awake? Can you hear me?” I didn’t say anything and tried to make my breathing normal. After a minute or two she went quiet and I thought that maybe I was off the hook. I decided to play it safe and went to sleep. Some time later I awoke because her hand was slowly making its away across my still naked hip. She reached across me and found my dick and gently started to tug on it. I was shocked and surprised, I thought I had blown it just a little while earlier. But clearly she had the same thoughts that I did. So I just lay there and enjoyed it, curious as to what she would do next. I quickly got hard as she stroked me, and soon she was working her hand down to my balls and squeezing and pulling on them. It felt great. Her delicate hand was soft and strong. I let out a moan and rolled onto my back. I cracked my eyes open a bit to see what she would do next.

Once I was on my back with my eyes open a bit, I could see that she had taken off her bra and was rubbing one tit while she jerked me off. I really just wanted an excuse to wake up to catch her in the act, so I waited until she started tugging on my balls a bit harder and then I let out a quick startled breath as if she had hurt me. She stopped suddenly, but I fluttered my eyes open and we both looked right into each other’s eyes. I grinned, and she hesitated, but then she smiled too. Soon her hand was back at work rubbing up and down on my rock hard cock. I loved the handjob, but I wanted more. I leaned up and kissed her, then pulled her down on top of me. I reached down her back and grabbed two handfuls of her firm ass. She pushed her hips into mine and pushed her lips hard against mine as well. I gently slipped out from underneath her and climbed onto her back. Now, my dick was lined up on her panties, and I reached a hand around and slipped it down her front. I found the hot moistness of her pussy and eased two fingers in. She moaned loudly and so I proceeded to slide her panties off. There in front of me was such a fine piece of ass that I wanted to just ram my dick in right then. So I basically did. She raised up on her knees and looked back at me and then said, “Do it, fuck me doggy style, that’s what I really love.” So I grabbed her at the hips and she reached back to guide my cock into her tight pussy. I thrust in without delay and she exhaled quickly as I penetrated her. Soon however I was simply ramming into her as hard as I could, just trying to bury my cock deep inside her. The bed shook and creaked as we banged away, and her moans grew louder and louder as she came closer to climax. By this time we were both a sweaty mess in the late summer heat, and my hands ran over her glistening body from her hips up to under her tits and back. I bent over trying to keep as much contact with her as possible, I just wanted to be in her as far as possible. I held both her titties in my hands as I kissed the side of her neck and tasted the salty moisture of her sweat. My balls my loud slapping noises as they swung back and forth up into her. She yelled at that point, and called out to me to fuck her even harder. I tried to make my thrusts as deep as possible, and it felt like I was almost about to slip my balls into her as well as my dick rammed up against the end of her cunt. Then she yelled with pleasure as her body shook over and over again with climax. Her pussy contracted so hard that I couldn’t take it any more and I squeezed her tits as hard as I could as I too orgasmed. I shot my load deep inside her and we trembled against each other as the climaxes faded. Soon we were just a sweaty pile in the bed, my limp dick still inside her. Then she slowly got out of bed and stood up. I could see my cum slowly leaking out of her pussy and she reached down with a finger to scoop up some of it. She put it to her lips, and gave a sexy lick. “That is the best cum I have tasted in an hour,” she said, “I wish you could’ve come in my mouth again.” “So you knew what I was doing that first time, huh?” I asked. “Of course, you think I wouldn’t wake up with a big dick like yours ramming down my throat?” She laughed. I smiled and reached out and arm to hook her back into the bed by her waist. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, sweeping my tongue around inside her mouth I tasted a bit of my own cum. She pushed it into my mouth with her tongue and then when I let it sit on the tip of my tongue she took it back into her mouth and sucked it all down her throat greedily. Then she snuggled up to me and I turned her around so that her ass was lodged up against my dick. I reached an arm over her and grabbed a tit, and with a satisfied sigh she fell asleep and I soon followed.

In the morning when I woke up she was out of the bed, but I could hear the shower running through the thin walls that separated my room from the bathroom. I eased out of bed and walked naked down the hall to the bathroom. Like all of the doors in the apartment the bathroom didn’t lock, so I quietly turned the knob and pushed the door open. The room was filled with warm steam, and as I approached the shower tub I saw that Kirsten was pressed up against the wall with the nozzle in her right hand. She had her back arched and her eyes squeezed shut, and with the stream of water from the nozzle she was massaging her pussy. Her body contracted rhythmically as she sped up and slowed down her masturbation, and soft moans escaped her lips every few seconds. My dick instantly sprang to life and I stroked it a few times in anticipation. Then I quietly stepped into the tub and quickly grabbed her arm holding the nozzle. I pulled it away from her cunt and with my other hand aimed my dick right into her hot and wet pussy. This took only a brief second, and her eyes flew open in surprise. And she almost started to push me away before she realized it was me. But then, her face turned sad and she said softly, “We shouldn’t have done that last night, I don’t want to mess up our friendship.” I just grunted as I moved my cock in and out of her. But she reached her hands up to my chest and tried to push me away from her. “I’m serious” she said, “I don’t want you to do this.” But I was too caught up in animal lust, and the harder she pushed against me the harder I wanted to fuck her. Her eyes turned a little panicky as she realized she was having no effect on me, and she started to slap my chest and push as hard as I could. I responded by jamming her up against the wall as hard as I could and burying myself as deep in her as I could. “You want this you little whore” I told her, “and I have wanted to fuck you for so long that I cant stop now.” She opened her mouth to yell but I reached up a hand and slapped her with a bit of force. She turned her face to one side and her cheek was red. She continued to struggle, but all her wriggling only turned me on more, as her hips struggled against mine and her long tan legs writhed and clenched me. I reached down and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her feet off the ground. She had no choice but to wrap her legs around me tight so that she wouldn’t fall, and I pushed her even harder up against the wall to keep her in place. I thrust into her harder and harder and she started to moan again. Her legs were squeezing me hard and I gripped her perfect butt cheeks fiercely. As I held them tight I stretched my right hand out and explored her crack. With her cheeks pulled so far apart by my squeezing, her little asshole was exposed to the world. I couldn’t see it, but I found it with my finger and started to finger her asshole. Her neck tightened up and she arched her back pressing her tits into me. “Fuck!” she yelled, “I don’t want to be doing this but I don’t want to stop either!” We slowly slid down the wall until we were lying horizontal in the tub, and I gripped the sides of the tub as I rose off her so that I could get a good angle to piston my dick into her. Her perky chest glistened with water as the shower cascaded onto her, and her face was smiling in sheer ecstasy. Her red lips puckered her mouth into a tight O, and her blond hair was spread out all around. But still I wanted to fuck her doggy style again, so I flipped her over and pushed her so that her top half was over the edge of her tub and her ass was raised up on the edge. I scooted up behind her and stuck my dick back into her pussy. Then I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back so that her neck and shoulders arched. I slapped her ass hard and gave her hair a tug, enjoying the overwhelming power I had over her at that point. And that sweet ass was all mine. Without missing a beat I pulled my dick out of her and slipped it into her asshole. I gave her a brief pause to get used to the sensation, and she gasped with surprise. But I didn’t wait long before I again began my thrusting into and out of her little pink hole. It was an amazing feeling, so tight and grippy – and I loved the fact that I had given her no say in the matter. She began to protest because she was uncomfortable, but I reached my arm out and clamped a hand over her mouth as I pulled her head back further. I wanted this to go on forever, but my balls were aching with the need to cum. I pulled out of Kirsten and grasping her hips flipped her over again. I pulled her body back into the tub and move up over her chest to straddle her. I took a handful of her hair again and pulled her head up so that it was only inches from my cock. With one hand I playfully slapped her back and forth with my dick, and I explored her face with my cock, moving it around her lips and eyes, trailing precum everywhere. Then I positioned my balls over her mouth, but she clamped her mouth shut tight. So I gave her hair a yank and she opened up. I dropped my nutsack into her waiting mouth and told her to start sucking on them. Her lips closed over my sack, and my balls disappeared into a warm and wet heaven. Her cheeks sucked in as she really went to work on my balls, and my dick was pointing straight up the pretty bridge of her nose. I began to jerk off over her as she sucked on my nuts, but I really wanted to cum in her mouth again. So I reluctantly pulled my sack out of her gorgeous moist mouth and shoved my dick into it instead. I rammed back hard until I could go no further and her nose was buried in my pubes. She was gagging hard but I didn’t care, it felt great as she gurgled and choked on my dick. I held her head up against my pubes hard with a hand on the back of her head, and I dug my fingers deep into her wet blond hair. I eased up a bit and told her to suck me off with gusto otherwise I would make her start deepthroating me again. She sucked and sucked and my balls were dropped on her chin. As I neared climax I once again grabbed her hair and pulled her all the way into me as I shoved my dick into her mouth as far as I could. My balls exploded and I felt hot cum shoot deep down into the back of her throat. She gagged and gargled but I kept on shooting, forcing her to swallow all of it. I kept my pulsating dick inside of her mouth until it was fully limp, and only then did I let go of her hair and pull myself out.

Kirsten lay in the tub exhausted, cum trickling out of the sides of her mouth. Her legs were splayed apart, and her sweet pussy was wide open. If I had had any cum left in my balls at that point I would have loved to fuck her right then, but I too was spent. I reached down and picked her up out of the tub, reaching an arm under her back and one under her knees. Her nice tits hung limp and bounced as I carried her back to the room, and she looked up into my eyes with both shock and wonder at what I had just done to her. I understood completely if she was furious at me, but I hadn’t been able to stop myself. Now I would just have to mend fences. But I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself again, and she was still staying with me for two more days. I had a lot of things left in my mind that I wanted to do to her, and I made a vow to myself that whenever I even so much as worked up a boner I would try and take her no matter the circumstances. I laid her down on the bed and rested her head on the pillow. Even though I had no particular reason for doing so, I faced the foot of the bed and straddled her face, letting my balls sag onto her face. I told her to open up one last time and I just dropped my sack right into her waiting mouth. She was very obedient by now. With my balls resting in her warm tight mouth I lay down on her and my head ended up right between her legs. I could feel the warmth emanating from her pussy, and I rubbed my face in her soft racing stripe. I gave her hot cunt a few laps with my tongue and then just tried to fall asleep breathing in the sweet aroma of her pussy. My face buried in her cunt and my balls buried in her mouth, it was the best position I had ever fallen asleep in.

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amazing story! write another please!

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Tht was hot.... if only I could find a guy to be rough with me like that.. Most guys I date are softies...


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very hot story...please write another similar one!!


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