Our Family and My Sisters Friends 5

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If you don't like sex stories with VERY YOUNG GIRLS don't read it. It'll be a waste of your time. This is story marked as YOUNG and it has a lot in it. It's STUPID how people read a story like this and then complain about its contents. I see it all the time.
The story is pretty long but I tried to keep it interesting throughout. I put spacers (*********) in between each encounter. So if you reach a boring part, just skip ahead.
I do like feedback; like I said before - I'm not a professional writer so I'm sorry if it's not perfect. I did read through it a few times and I hope I got out most of the dumb mistakes. I'm VERY sorry if I didn't.
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Our Family And My Sisters Friends 5

Recap: My name's ANDY, I’m a male, 17 about 6’ blond hair, blue eyes. I work out and I like to run so I’m good shape. I’ve been told numerous times, I’m what women like to call a “Hunk”. I don’t think I’m that good looking, but I always appreciate the compliments. My Mom’s (her names SHERRY) pretty short about 5’4", she’s also in great shape. Her DD breasts look kind of large on her because she’s such a small woman She's 37. My 2 younger sisters, one’s SAMANTHA (We usually call her SAM for short) she’s 12, and the other’s TAMMY she’s 14. Both are also in good shape about average height and are developing nicely for their age. Then there’s Sam’s Friend APRIL she’s 11 and Tammy’s Friend MEAGAN who’s 14. Both also look damn hot. There's also April's mom SUE she's 40 She's a larger woman with breast about 4 sizes larger than moms, she's about 5'9" tall and April's Sister FALECIA (LIZ for short) she's 9 and my friend STEVE he's 17. Those are just some of the names and ages

It was really unbelievable how sexually active these little girls were. It was like a damn was broken and they were flooded with sexual energy. It felt like they had super charged pussies, the way they got so loud when they came. I didn't even know girls that young could even have orgasms. I sure know now. Whatever the reason, they sure loved having sex, at least with me they did. We lived in an area that was mostly single moms, and from what I've seen, single horny moms at that.

These are the people from stories 1 - 5. They all won't appear in this story but it shows all the ages in case you missed it before.

ANDY - 17 / SHERRY (mom) - 37 / SAM (sister) - 12 / TAMMY (sister) - 14 / That's my family. MEAGAN (Tammy's friend) - 14 / APRIL (Sam's friend) - 11 / SUE (April's mom) - 40 / LIZ (April's sister) - 9 / TIFF (April's sister) - 5 / Kim (mom's fiend) - 37 / Crystal (Kim's daughter) - 14 / ANGIE (Kim's daughter) - 11 / SARA (mom's friend) - 40 / RACHAEL (Tammy's friend) - 14 / STEVE (Andy's friend) - 17 / JO (Steve's sister) - 11
Missy (Tammy's friend) - 14


Sam and Tammy were standing there kissing. I watched as their lips were locked against each other. It was obvious they were sucking each other's tongue. Sam had moved her hands up underneath Tammy's shirt and started rubbing her tits. At the same time Tammy had was rubbing Sam's hot ass. They started kissing each other harder (They were both wearing shorts and a T-shirt, panties but no bra. I always loved seeing the fabric stretch against their nipples.) As their hands moved exploring each other. Both girls were moaning into each other kissing even deeper, their mouths locked together, Tammy hands were both under Sam's shirt now rubbing Sam's perky nipples. She moved one of her hands back down to Sam's ass, only this time she moved under the waste band of the shorts and panties, down between the crack of her ass. Sam responded by grabbing the waistband of her sister shorts and panties and started to slide them off.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed they were about 3 ft in front of me. They both now undressed each other, breaking from the kiss just long enough to get their tops off. They were rubbing each other again pressing their young naked bodies together. Mom was on her knees in front me, totally nude. She had her awesome tits wrapped around my shaft, and sucked on the head every time it appeared through the top. I had asked the girls for a show and they sure were giving me one.

They moved over to the bed and Sam sat next to me as she guided her older sister's head to her hot pussy. Tammy didn't need any encouragement; she loved making her sister cum. She buried her face right in Sam's pussy letting her tongue snake out, as he locked her lips, knowing just where Sam could feel it the most Tammy didn't waste any time. The pressure was too much for me; feeling mom's mouth and the soft flesh of her tits around my shaft, and watching my sisters go at each other drove me over the edge. My mom sensing I was about to cum, moved her breasts so they covered my entire shaft. I exploded; I kept pumping as I coated the inside of mom's tit's, it was good size load to.

Sam 's voice was getting louder now as her body was quickly building up to for her own explosion. She grabbed Tammy's head with both hands and arched her back. I could see her nipples swell as she reached her peak; her head was thrashing from side to side as she said Tammy's name over and over. Then her body went stiff, as she screamed out "OH MY GOD, TAMMY, UNNNNNHHHHHHHH" Tammy looked up and smiled, she said "damn Sam you taste good, and thought you were trying to suffocate me the way you held on so tight" Sam just looked at her and smiled.

Mom got up and laid down on the bed, her tits were covered in cum. Sam and Tammy got on either side of her and cleaned mom up, with their tongues. They would take turns going between her tits, then moved up to her nipples. Mom was moaning how good it felt, she had her hands on their heads as she pulled them into her breasts even more. I got hard watching them and moved into position. Mom felt me moving and opened her legs. As soon as I got the head of my cock just inside, I slammed forward, burying it in one motion. The girls had finished cleaning mom up; they had licked every bit cum that was there.

Tammy moved over to Sam and laid down pulling Sam into her as she did so. She guided Sam's head right between her legs. Sam went right at her, licking and sucking like she was possessed, she knew where Tammy's best spots were and it was obvious she was getting them. Meanwhile I was pounding into mom harder and harder. I loved watching her tits bounce around as I drove in and out. She started cumming; I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock. Her voice got louder and louder as she yelled out "OH YES, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING, FUCK ME HARDER OH GOD I'M CUMMMMMING". I picked up he pace, driving in and out faster. I'd pull my cock out almost all the way then slam forward. As her pussy started throbbing, I could feel my own orgasm building up.

Tammy was next to me screaming now from Sam's attentions. Sam had 3 fingers in Tammy's pussy and 3 in her ass, while still using her mouth. It looked like Tammy was going through a series of orgasms. I couldn't hold back, watching my sisters together and seeing my mom so excited was more than I could handle. Her pussy felt so good, I yelled out I was cumming. Mom had her tits in her hands as rubbed and pinched her own nipples. She screamed out "OH GOD YES, I'M CUMMING AGAIN ANDY, CUM WITH ME, OH FUCK, YES," Her pussy exploded around my shaft as pumped load after load deep inside her. Tammy was having a huge orgasm; her body was shaking and she yelled out over and over. I couldn't even tell what she was saying anymore. I rolled off of mom, and Sam moved so she was laying on me. We fell asleep like that, damn I had a good life, and just kept getting better and better. We fell asleep next to each other; lucky mom had such a huge bed.


It was Saturday and I was just waking up, damn what a night. Suddenly I realized I felt something else, and it felt wonderful. I opened my eyes to Liz's 9yo face looking up at me with my cock buried deep in her throat. She had gotten me rock hard. She slowly moved her head up and down the length of my shaft, making sure to take in as much as she could. She kept going till her nose was against me; it was amazing how she actually got the whole thing in. When she came up she said "April and I have been practicing, mom showed us what we needed to do. Now I need something else." She then moved up and straddled me, lifted her mini-skirt (no underwear) and guided my cock to her hot little pussy. She got the head in and slowly started moving up and down.

I watched as bit by bit my shaft disappeared into her tight hole. She was already excited, and started moaning as she moved up and down faster and faster. She let go of her skirt and removed her top. Her hands went right to her little nipples and started twisting and pinching what she had. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode. When her orgasm hit her, she didn't stop; her face showed nothing but pure ecstasy. Then another hit her even harder and she suddenly clamped her pussy down as she screamed out she was cumming again. I thrust up at the same time and let loose, giving her everything I had. We bucked against each other as I felt myself being drained. So far she had the tightest little pussy I've had, which really is saying a lot. As our orgasms subsided, she leaned down and kissed me hard, letting her tongue meet with mine. I reached down and stroked her beautiful ass as we kissed. She really had learned a lot and was just getting better.


I looked at the clock; it was a little after 9a not to bad. Liz said "Sam and April are down stairs with your friend Steve. Sam told me I could come and get you up. She was going to, but I begged her to let me." Liz got up and said, "I'll meet you downstairs." I got up took a nice hot shower, got dressed and went to the living room. Steve was there waiting, we had a work-out scheduled this morning. He had a huge smile on his face, and said "What a way to start the day." I just grinned back and said "Your not kidding my friend." We had a great workout and Steve was gone by 12p. The girls had some stuff they wanted to do and I had some errands I need to run.

About an hour later I was in the hardware store, when I ran into Sara (moms friend). She was flat chested but an awesome ass. She looked damn hot, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, and even though she didn't have much for breasts her nipples were big enough. I loved how they stretched the fabric of her tight shirt. We chatted awhile and she asked me if I could come over and fix her closet, the hanger rod had fallen and she couldn't fix it herself. So I agreed and followed her hot ass down to where she lived.


We just barely got inside the door when she turned around mashing her body into mine as she kissed me hard. My hands went right down to her ass as I pulled her in closer to me. She managed to get her hands in between us and started undoing my pants. She had on a pair of those stretchy pants; I just peeled off of her. We made our way to the sofa, by now we were both naked. She didn't waste any time; she jumped right on me burying me to the hilt in one motion. She then started riding me like a woman possessed. Her moans got louder and louder as she slid up and down my shaft. When her orgasm hit, she screamed out, but didn't stop. I could feel her pussy tighten, as she rode out her orgasm. She kept going, as another one hit then another.

Her body kept moving as she screamed out "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH, OH, OH, FUCK, YES, YES, AHHHHHHHHHH." I felt my own getting closer, then she suddenly moved up, grabbed my cock repositioned herself, then sat back down burying my cock in her tight ass. It was well lubed from her gushing so much, so slid right in. Now she was pinching her nipple with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. Then she got even louder screaming "OH FUCK, I LOVE THE FEEL OF YOUR COCK IN MY ASS, I'M GOING TO CUM, FUCK ME, FUCK ME DAMN IT, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!" Her pussy actually exploded as her juices squirted out across my body. That’s when I came, erupting deep in her ass over and over. She fell on top of me her body still convulsing and my deflating cock in her ass. Damn she was a hot fuck; I loved feeling her tight ass. She whispered, "I needed that so bad, thank you Andy. I can't believe how horny you made me; you really did fix me up. I always cum hardest with a cock in my ass, and it's not very often I cum so hard I actually explode like that that." She let me take a shower then I got dressed and she kissed me goodbye telling me I need to CUM over more often.


A few hours later I finally got my errands done, and was heading home. When Jo came up to me, I was curious what Steve's little sister wanted. She said "Do you mind if walk with you if your going home? I'm going over to see Sam and April." I of course didn't mind at all, I took note she was wearing a pair of shorts that was very tight and a tank top. Her 11yo breasts her straining against the fabric, I guessed the outfit was 2 sizes too small. She did look damn sexy though. I told her, I'm supposed to meet her brother back at my house. She said "I know, I just got off the phone with Sam, and she told me he was already there." She reminded me of Sara, with her small breast and her beautiful ass. No wonder Steve said he wanted to fuck her.


Tammy greeted us at the door, in just a robe. She moved to me as the door closed and kissed me, while at the same time moving my hand right to her bare breast under her robe. Her tits had been developing nicely and felt real nice. Jo just stood there, not sure what to do, Tammy helped her out. She let her robe fall to the floor and revealing her naked body. Then she moved into Jo, kissing her hotly on the lips. Tammy's hands went down and she grabbed Jo's ass. Jo responded by kissing her back just as hotly. Running her hands up down Tammy's bare body. It was obvious the girls had been working on Jo, big time. I know Steve wanted to pound her as much as I did and it looks like we'll get the chance. I got out of my clothes quickly and set them aside.

Breaking away from the kiss, Tammy led us into her room. Steve was already there, with April and Sam sucking his cock. Tammy said make room, it's Jo's turn. Steve had his eyes closed, but they flew open as soon as he heard his sister's name. April and Sam back off, and Jo went right over took there place without a word. Sam and April help Jo out of her clothes, while Tammy turned to me and locked lips. She grabbed my cock, which was hard as a rock by now and started stroking it. I laid down on the floor and Tammy got right on top of me guiding my shaft to her sweet pussy.

I felt a wave of pleasure as I entered her tight space. Next to me April was behind Jo sucking on her pussy while Sam was licking and sucking Jo's tits. Jo was moaning around Steve's cock as she pumped it in and out of her mouth, by now he was shoving almost the entire length down her 11yo throat. Tammy was moaning loud herself, she was quickly approaching orgasm, as was I. Tammy was bouncing up and down moving so my shaft was just to the tip before sliding back down. Every time she came down she yelled out. She was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was screaming now "OH MY GOD YES, I'M GOING TO CUM, OH MY FICKING GOD, I'M CUMMING." I let loose inside her, coating her insides with my cum. Her orgasm hit its peak and her body went into convulsions.

I opened my eyes and looked over at Steve. His sister was fucking the hell out of him. She had straddled him and was riding him like Tammy had just done to me. They were on the bed; we had just got down on the floor. Between us and Steve, Sam and April were in a 69 going at each other. They were both cumming at the same time, mashing their pussy's into the other's face. I heard Jo scream out "I'M CUMMING AGAIN, OH MY GOD STEVE I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING INSIDE ME, OH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." He had her ass in hands as he drove deep inside her. As their orgasms subside she let herself fall forward on Steve's chest, then kissed him.

We all laid there for a few minutes, then girls got up. They moved so they were all on the floor now. Jo leaned back with her legs spread wide, then Tammy did the same opposite her. April got between Jo's legs, and Sam got between her sister's legs. Sam placed her entire mouth over Tammy's dripping pussy, and I could hear her as her tongue moved all around, she was sucking the cum right out. April was doing the same to Jo. Both Jo and Tammy were getting excited again. Steve and I watched were both getting hard again watching the girls. I got up behind April and plunged my cock deep inside her. Jo was now grabbing April by the head and was holding her face against her pussy. April let out a squeal of delight when she felt my cock bury itself inside her. I could hear Sam's muffled moans now behind me as Steve did the same thing to her. Tammy was getting louder and louder, Sam really knew the best way to bring her sister off.

I lost track of them as I felt April's pussy tighten around my shaft as her orgasm hit her. Jo was now bucking up into April's face as she came hard. She quickly got up and traded places with April. Now I had a view of Jo's perfect little ass, which I really wanted to fuck. I chose to wait on that and entered her tight pussy. As I slowly entered her, she moved her hips back and buried me to the hilt. Not wanting to hold back I pounded in and out of her, pulling my cock almost all the way then slammed forward. It didn't take long for to reach her climax; she was really revved up. I could feel her actually getting tighter. I slowed down a little and decided to try something else.

I looked at April and hold onto her head and don't let go. April just smiled at me, through glazed eyes. She had just cum and building up to another one. I wet my pinky finger and placed it against her little rear hole. I slowly entered her ass bit by bit. Then I started fucking her, moving it in and out, I could tell she wasn't sure how to react. Jo had stopped moving her hips to my oncoming thrusts but she wasn't pulling away either. I removed my pinky, then bent down, (I could hear a pop as my cock slid out of her pussy) and placed my mouth against her rear hole.

Her whole backside was already wet from her cumming so much. (It reminded me again of Sara and how well lubed her ass had already been.) I let my tongue slide in and out once; suddenly her whole body went stiff. I wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not, but figured what the hell. I went at her ass like I was possessed, moving my tongue in and out faster and faster. Her body sure what to do, she pressed her ass harder against my face. Her muffled moans suddenly turned into muffled screams. April was not letting go. I felt Jo's body start to shake, she going through a series of orgasms. I was only at it for a few minutes, but it was all it needed.

I went this far so I made another decision, got up and moved so my cock was against her little hole now. I didn’t want to hurt her so I entered her slowly. I had to hold my rock hard cock as pushed against her. With a little effort I got just the a little past the head inside her and held it there. I could hear a muffled scream again only it was different. She was definitely in pain. I held my self there for a few seconds and pushed in a little more. I waited for about 20 seconds, then very slowly pulled almost all the way then pushed in again. I did this for several minutes, letting each stroke go just a little deeper. It didn't take long for the pain to stop and pleasure took its place. I had about half my cock in her tight ass; I figured that was enough. So I started fucking her with just half. Making sure it didn't go any further.

I looked at April just as she screamed out from another orgasm, only this time she passed out. I wasn't sure if Jo was going to pull away or not, now that April wasn't holding onto her anymore. She took me surprise though, she held her body still for about a minute, then just as I pushing forward, she forced herself back as hard as she could. My cock was buried to the hilt now, I held it there but she had other plans. She moved forward so it almost out, then slammed back again. I started meeting her backward thrusts with my forward thrusts. It didn't take long before I felt my orgasm. She was actually cumming also, and when she felt me explode it drove her orgasm to new heights. Her pussy actually exploded, squirting all over the floor. Then she passed out, I slowly pulled out, I was really spent. Steve, Sam and Tammy were all laying on the floor watching us. All 3 of them were just staring in awe.


Steve finally spoke up, "Holy shit, I didn't know anyone else could cum like that. I've had sex with my Aunt Sara a few times and she told me her pussy actually has been known to explode from a powerful orgasm. I've made her cum hard a few times, but actually haven't seen it yet. She doesn't have much for breasts, but has a beautiful ass. I'm hoping she'll let me fuck her ass sometime." I knew then it was definitely the same Sara I'd been with, I had never realized she was related to Steve. No wonder Jo reminded me of Sara so much.

We were all pretty spent for awhile, Jo needed to go home and rest. She said her ass felt really sore, but she couldn't believe how good it had felt when I was in her. Tammy said, "I have to go meet a friend that was coming over for the week from out of town. She's a good friend that I haven't seen in few years. She goes to some kind if all girls school and hasn't been around other boys. She also wrote to me in a letter, she had some really good friends she hung around with. My friend's name is Missy and she was also 14. She said something really weird happened and she couldn’t wait to tell me about it." So Tammy left to go meet mom so they could meet her friend at the train station. I never really knew Missy that well, but they had been the best of friends before we had moved away.

The rest of us got cleaned up and went our separate ways. We really were pretty spent, but I knew in a few hours, I'd be ready to go again. Damn what a life, maybe I'll go over to April's later on. I loved Sue's huge tits, but April and Liz were just as fun with their hot little bodies. April had told me, her and Liz had been working on something for me, but wouldn't tell me what. I could also call up Rachael, her little black body was incredible. It mesmerized me to see my white skin against her black skin. I had a lot of choices, and thanks to my mom and sisters my choices are growing every week.


FLASHBACK (Andy's Mom, Before Andy got into it)

It's hard to believe I'm already 37, no man around just my son and 2 daughters. I've been getting so frustrated lately, I haven't had great sex in awhile. The men I've recently been with have been ok but not great, BUT the women I've had, have been a little better. It’s so difficult to bring someone home with my kids always there. I sure miss the orgies I used to go to, now that was a lot of fun. I remember when I was 18, there was a 12yo girl at one, that made me cum so hard I almost passed out. It's hard to believe my kids are already at that age. I bet Sam could really; damn what am I thinking. I needed to get my mind off of this.

Cleaning, that’s it, that usually keeps my mind off of things. I'll start with the bedrooms; mines already clean so I'll do Sam's next. It's not to bad, surprising for once. She some clothes on the floor, I'll just get them and, hey what's that between the mattress. I pulled it out, it's a large brown envelope. I look inside, there's a bunch of pictures, so I dump them all over the bed. There's a bunch of her sister Tammy, and she nude in every one. It looks like she was posing in all kinds of positions. Then there was some of Andy, these look like they're taken without his knowledge. From the closet, around the door when he's getting in and coming out of the shower. There were even several of him masturbating, Ooohhhhhh he has a nice cock and well-formed body. The next set kind of shocked me, it was Tammy between Sam's legs going down on her. Someone else, other than Sam or Tammy took the picture. When I saw Meagan and April in a few of the other pictures also nude and in different sexual positions with each other. I kept on looking , I couldn't believe how many pictures there were.

I finally got down to the last bunch, which really stunned me. They were all of me, I was in various states of nakedness. A bunch of just my breasts, which were larger than I thought they were, or at least looked that way. She even had several of masturbating, using one my toys on myself. I never thought for a second they would hide and take pictures of me, but there they were. I was really horny now and let my hands slide into my pants, underneath my panties and started stroking my overly wet pussy, I needed some relief. I was about to go to my room when I looked up and saw Sam staring at me from the door. I was so wrapped up in the pictures I hadn't heard her come in. I didn't know what to do, it was obvious what I was doing.


Sam just walked over to me stripped down and said "MOM, PLEASE let me help you, I really want to so bad. Feel how I am." Se took my hand and guided it to her 12yo pussy, when my fingers touched her I couldn't believe how wet she was. Without a word, I got undressed and laid down on the bed with my legs apart. She got between my legs and went right for my pussy. She knew just where to put her tongue, and drove me over the edge in only a couple of minutes. Her fingers were now inside me as her tongue kept going. I felt someone's mouth on one of my nipples, and hands on my breasts. That's when I realized I had shut my eyes, when I opened them I saw Tammy. She was caressing my tits and sucking on one of my nipples. She was also naked as her sister. Another orgasm hit me, and I screamed out. "OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD. " I was cumming harder then I had the first time. Sam got up and lowered her pussy to my face, while Tammy took her place between my legs.

I grabbed my daughter's ass and pulled her into my mouth even more as I worked my tongue. Within seconds she was cumming, grinding her hips into my mouth as moaned over and over. When I moved my tongue from her pussy to her ass she went wild. I kept going back and forth while she came over and over. Each orgasm that hit was powerful, she would sit straight up while her body went into convulsions. Her whole pussy was super sensitive.
Tammy was driving me crazy , she had inserted 2 fingers in my ass and 3 in my pussy. My body thrashed around while I held onto Sam making sure not to lose sight of my targets. Sam moved off of me and laid down as body still convulsed from the orgasms that had gripped her. I had Tammy take Sam's place, I figured it was her turn now. She down so she was facing my feet, and as I went at her, she reached down and started rubbing my breasts and nipples. I loved having my tits played with, my nipples are sensitive, they always had been even when I was there age.

It wasn't only about a minute, before Tammy was grinding her hips down moaning louder and louder. Her hands never left my breasts, and I could feel my own excitement growing. I made Tammy cum 4 times, the last one hit her so hard she almost fell off the bed from thrashing around so much. Sam was fingering me now, she had 4 fingers inside me, while her thumb rubbed my clit. I was already excited, so I came fast and hard, lifting my but off the bed driving her fingers in a little deeper.


I got my clothes went and took a nice shower, then got dressed again and called the girls in to talk. They both came in dressed again. I said, "How long has this been going on for, I know you know what I mean." Tammy said "We both slept with a different boy a few months ago. It wasn't really that fun. They did their thing and that was it. I wondered what the big deal about sex was. Sam and I got curious after talking awhile and started to explore each other. Now that was fun, we got each other to cum several times. Then we each brought a friend in on it and convinced them to try it. April and Meagan liked it as much as we did. We want to try it again with boys, especially Andy. We've watched him in his bedroom while we hid, and we think about him when we're using something on each other. "

I thought for awhile, this was really something I needed to, and after the experience I'd just had with the 2 of them I know I wanted more. A few weeks went by, after many encounters with my daughters and a few with their friends. I got one of my bigger dildos out, and taught them how to give a proper blowjob and even how to swallow, they learned quickly. We were finally ready so, we picked a night, I told girls what to wear and where to sit to get Andy's attention. If he were interested it would be obvious. So the night came and that's the start of the first Story.


Andy (Present)

I decided to go over to April's house that night. I knocked on the door and her mom answered. She said "WOW, I was about to call you. I have to go out tonight and hoping you were free to watch the kids." Of course I said yes, then she said "I'm in a hurry, it was a last minute call, I would've had to leave before you got here." Then she pulled me into her and kissed me deeply. My hands went right under her shirt to her tits like magnets. We were like that for about a couple of minutes. She finally broke away saying she had to get finished getting ready but I was welcome to wait in the living room. I was a little disappointed, I really wanted to get her tits out where I could suck on them. That'll have to wait till next time. Their youngest was already in asleep so she should be fine.

April and Liz came out to sit in the living room, both were wearing nothing but little panties. Their mom came out kissed them goodbye winked at me and told me not to have them up to late. I was sitting in the middle of the couch, with the girls in chairs on either side. April was wearing white thong panties, and her sister was wearing red ones. I could make out the line of their pussy through the material. It wasn't long before they joined me on the couch, and helped me out of my clothes. They look so sexy, it was hard to believe how young they were.


Liz kissed me first while April went down on me, then Liz went to help April and was there for a few minutes, when April came up and kissed me. I had reached my hands down so I could stroke their asses at the same time. I leaned back on the couch and closed my eyes. Feeling April's tongue against mine, then Liz's, it really felt like a dream. Liz moved up and lowered herself to me. I moved both my hands to her ass and pulled her into me as my tongue flicked out. April moved and straddled me, placing my cock at her entrance of her pussy, then sitting down in one motion. I had Liz's legs next to me ear, but I could still barely make out her moans. She must have been really excited her voice sounded different. Liz started moaning louder and louder, her hips were grinding into me. I could feel every inch of April's pussy, she was supper tight this evening. Liz reached her orgasm screaming out "OH GOD, YES, I'M CUMMING, OHHHHHHHHH." I was close to cumming myself, I could hear April's excitement growing louder.

I was starting to wonder if I was in her ass when suddenly Liz, moved from my face and April sat down. It didn't register what had just happened, and I went I dove right into April's pussy. Enjoying her taste like I had done with Liz. It didn't take April long, that's when my on orgasm hit. I drove up into Liz as I came hard, I couldn't get over how incredibly tight she felt, it was amazing. April hit her peek, shouting out louder than her sister had. Liz was cumming to, I could feel her pussy grip my cock as I was flooding her. April got up and sat next to me, Liz was right next to me also, and I could feel her pussy still spasming around my shaft.

IT HIT ME, when Liz and April switched places the feeling on my cock never stopped. Even now I could still feel her twitching and I looked down. It was Tiffany the 5-year-old, I was speechless, I had never thought of her in a sexual way. Tiff was laying back on me now, little moans still escaping from her lips. Liz just smiled at me, April said "I told you we had something special for you., Liz and I have been helping Tiff explore. She just wants more and more as we go along." Liz bent down and kissed Tiff full on the lips. April took Tiff to her bedroom, so she could sleep. Liz and I went Sue's bedroom and Liz got out Sue's toys. She put a strap-on on, the one that had dildo that also went inside the person wearing it, like a double ender.

April came in the room just as Liz was securing the strap. April got on her knees and took the dildo into her mouth. She took it in deeper and deeper till her nose against her sister. Then Liz laid down, and April climbed on inserting the tip into her pussy. She started moving up and down, letting it go deeper and deeper inside her. Both her and Liz started moaning as April moved faster and faster. I got behind April and grabbed her ass; she stopped as I let my tongue enter her rear hole. Her moaning got louder as my tongue moved faster by now I was hard again and I moved up behind her inserting the tip in her tight ass. I pushed forward letting her take more, her moans of ecstasy were very clear "UH, OH, UNHHHHHHH, YES FUCK ME, HARDER, OH MY GOD YESSSSS." Liz started moving in unison with me.

We both pulled out, then slammed in as April screamed with each thrust "AHHHHH!!!!!!! --- AHHHHH!!!!!!! --- AHHHHH!!!!!!! --- AHHHHH!!!!!!! --- AHHHHH!!!!!!!" Liz and I came at the same time, she held onto April as her body bucked up against her. When April felt me flooding her ass her own orgasm hit. Her body started flailing around, as she came, then she passed out. I felt my shrinking cock slide out of her ass, as moved over on the bed. April laid there in a dream like state; I watched her body shake from the after shock of her orgasm.


I helped Liz out of her strap, she said "It started out as a game for Tiff, she had to take this in her mouth (she showed me the dildo) and see how far she could get it in. After a few weeks, she was able to get it all in her mouth and hold it there. Then we used it on her, inserting just the tip and letting her take as much as she could. After she saw what I could she forced herself to take even more, she got about half of it in. We just kept going from there.
I put the girls to bed, April was still moaning about how good it felt. When their mom arrived, I went home, feeling pretty spent from the day. I slept well that night. I woke up took a shower, changed into my shorts and went to the kitchen. Tammy was there with her friend Missy, I had forgotten she was coming over. They both looked at me then giggled, I looked back at them wondering what they were thinking. Missy was beautiful, she was wearing a blue tank top and very tight shorts. Even though they were sitting I still had a good view of her. Tammy said "Hey Andy wait till you see this", she leaned in and kissed Missy passionately. Missy kissed back with just as much force.

I stood there in awe, as they kissed for several minutes. They finally broke apart and Tammy said "Missy and her friends have been experimenting with all kinds of stuff sexually." Missy said "I have 9 other friends back home, of different ages. Were all girls, it started as a general sleep over and went from there. Anyway I love sex, and Tammy told me all about you, I'm looking forward to some time together with you Andy" I just smiled, knowing I have something to look forward to.


I was in my room when Missy came in, she said "I think it's time I got to know you better." She came over to me and kissed me deeply, then said "Tammy told me everything, and last night she made me cum pretty hard. I couldn't believe how easy she came when I went down on her. Right now I want something hard from you. We undressed each other; I loved the feel of her naked body against me. She kissed me again, letting her tongue mix with mine. I reached down grabbing her ass and pulling her into me. We made it over to the bed, never letting our lips part once. I laid down, pulling her on top of me. I could feel her excitement growing as her hands explored my body.

She positioned her hips and pushed her weight down. Without any help, my cock slid right in, as I hit bottom she let a loud moan. "uhhhhhhhh." She sat there moving her hips around, then she stated riding me. I could already tell I wasn't going to last long. Her moans got louder and louder. "oh, oh, oh, oh my god yes, oh oH, OH YES, OH GOD I'M CUMMING ANDY. OH FUCK, OH AWWWWWWWWW." I her pussy tighten around my cock, just as I was cumming. I let loose deep inside her. Shooting over and over again, as we came together. She leaned down and locked lips with me as the last of her orgasm coursed through her body. We laid there panting and heaving, she said "Damn Andy, Tammy said you were great to fuck, I actually almost black out I came so hard. Thank you, I really needed that"


She got off the bed, turned around placing my cock in her mouth she sucked and licked it for several seconds. Then said, "I wanted to clean up after myself" quickly got dressed and left the room. I just laid on my bed for several minutes, thinking it was going to be an interesting week.


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