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Next thing I knew I woke to the wonderful feeling of Amy’s mouth once again on my morning erection. Sexy little 13 year old Amy sucking my cock as she does almost every weekday morning. I opened my eyes and all I could see was Amy’s bald slit above my face, so I raised up a little and stuck my tongue in-between her pink pussy lips and shoved my dick a little deeper into Amy’s mouth bumping the back of her throat, she moaned sending incredible vibrations thru my dick into my balls and stomach. I munch her twat harder grabbing onto her ass cheeks, sending shivers thru her body. After a few minutes of this she rose up off me taking my hard love muscle and guiding it into her steaming wet cunt, lower herself till I was fully embedded in her tightness and started rocking back and forth rubbing her clit against my pelvic bone.
She moaned “Awwwww ughhhhhhh goooood good ohhhhh”
“Damn Amy that looks so dirty but so good” a sweet young voice said.
I opened my eyes to see a gorgeous young woman standing there beside the bed, she was tall and slim almost thin, model like, by far the tallest of all the girls in the club, nice round breast, perky dark pink nipples with small auroras, oval shape and very lovely face, wide thin lips, sparkling blue eyes, and long blonde hair. She could easily be on the cover of Teen or Vogue Magazine however the way she was dressed or rather undressed the center of Playboy.
I said “I hope you’re Glenda”
“Yes I am nice to meet you don’t stop I’ll just watch for now”
“I wasn’t going to to stop do you want a closer look-see”
”Huh damn right you’re not ughhhhhh fuck its good” moaned Amy.
“Not right now thank you”

I reached up and began rubbing Amy’s tits and tweaking her hard erect nipples, while humping back into her tight wet snatch, her climax grew quickly as she moaned
“awwwwwwww……….. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
“Fuck it Amy…. that’s it….. fuck my dick…. make me cum”
“Yesss cum…. Cum cum in me fill my cunt uggggggggg”
“Damn that looks good fuck him Amy fuck Bill’s dick”
Amy started thrashing harder and her breathing quicken as her orgasm grew nearer and nearer. I could feel my nuts filling with their hot sperm, soon to explode inside Amy’s wet tight pussy, my seed rushing into her womb trying to fertilize an egg.
“Good…… ughhh……. fuck my dick Amyy you’re pussy…… so sso hot hot wet so tight wet…….. good”
“Huh… hun….. goo….. d gooooood “ Amy grunted.
She quicken her pace fucking me harder and faster, I shoved back into her harder and harder. Suddenly Amy’s tight pussy began spasming and squeezing my hard spike, so hard I thought it might break off inside her, as she twitched on top of me. Her hot cum erupted, washing over my dick and balls like a tidal wave of hot pussy juice. Her hot wet twat clamped down on me, as I shot off a torrent of hot sperm deep inside her convulsing super nova cunt, we both screamed
“Cumming I’m cummmmmming aggggggggggg yessssssssss fuck fuck meeeeeeeeeee”
“Cum cum n meeeeee ughhhhhhhhh cummmmmm oh godddd I’m cumming oh hh cum in me fill my pussy cummmm inn meeeee”
My balls emptied its hot load into her wet trembling cunt filling her to overflow as I shoved as much of my seed into her womb as possible, her spasming twat milked my dick for it white-hot liquid, sucking it up inside her, my little guys wiggling swimming into her uterus in search of an egg to invade.
She fell down upon my chest, her little girl tits lying on mine as her breathing returned to normal. She kissed me and whispered.
“I should be pregnant by now, you know, you’ve squirted enough cum in me.”
“Yeah but you never know when that morning sickness will start, tell you what I’ll pick up some early pregnancy test kits so you girls can check yourselves when you’re here and if you’ve been feeling a bit queasy in the mornings.”

“Now I see Glenda is here finally, but does she have enough time before school, I think not, especially if I going to pop her cherry properly”
“Oh don’t worry she’s spending the day with you, she’s skipping school today just so she can enjoy being with you”
“Oh yeah, won’t the school call if she’s out?”
“Nope they don’t do that unless you’ve missed a lot of days and she’s never misses any”
“And besides I work in the attendance office”
“Cool….. well Glenda looks like we’re going to have fun today and I get to bring you into womanhood and maybe even motherhood”
“You are going to be easy with me aren’t you…. you look BIG to me even though I just saw you inside Amy”
“Don’t worry Glen he’ll be gentle with you and you’re going to love it, wish I could stay and join in but….” Amy said as she finished dressing leaned over and licked my dick and balls clean.
”Bye Bill fuck you later” and out the door she went saying over her shoulder “eat you later Glenda” and she was gone.

I looked at this lovely virgin “ Lets grab a bite to eat or would you rather I take your cherry now”
“Hun oh breakfast would be fine, we have all day, do I need to dress”
“Oh no you look great to me as you are, besides I like to play with my dessert while I eat”
“Oh you’re funny, lets eat”
We both got up and into the kitchen to fix some eggs and bacon for me and toast and sausages for her and orange juice for us both. Back to the bedroom to eat, playing with each other all the while, stroking a tit, rubbing my dick, cupping her mound and ass, fondling my balls, nibbling on a ear and a nipple ever so often, sliding my finger along her slit tickling her clit. We were in such a state of arousal I don’t know what kept me from grabbing her and slamming my dick into her, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Finally breakfast was over and we both laid there kissing tenderly.

I reached up and began to massage her breast, pinching her erect nipples occasionally, my tongue met her in her mouth and she pushed it back into mine and moving it all around trying to touch every part of the insides of my mouth. I broke our kiss and moved down to her ears first, then down her neck nibbling and gently sucking as I went. Then down to her breast, running my tongue all around them before taking one into my mouth and biting softly and sucking on, as I ran my hand down to her mound and slowly ever so slowly began to rub, first the whole mound then her slit from top to bottom then finally her clit, as I kept sucking first one nipple then the other. Her breathing increased as she lightly groaned and her body began to tremble as her first male induced and her first orgasm of the day neared. I moved one of my finger to her opening and pushed just the tip in, keeping my thumb on her clit and stroked both as I nipped her nipple setting her off, her hips came off the bed and a low moaned escaped from her throat as I pinched her clit. She exploded, her sweet cum shot out of her pussy lips soaking my hand and ran down her ass as her body jerked and shook.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh its itsss sooo gooood awwwwwwwwwwww”
I kept fingering and sucking thru her climax, as she returned to earth, I raised up and kissed her sweetly then back down I went slowly first her tits then her navel and finally to the top of her slit. I flicked her clit then inserted my tongue into her groove and slid it up and down from her clit to her anus and back, I then opened her pink lips and stuck my tongue into her hot wet entrance as far as I could almost touching her hymen, I wiggled my tongue inside her as much as I could, while pinching her nipples first one then the other, while my other hand rubbed and pinched lightly on her clit, wasn’t long and she came again almost drowning me in sweet tangy little girl cum. It tasted so good I had to have more and I kept eating her virgin twat and she came and came and came. After she had her fifth orgasm I rose up over her kissed her sharing her cum with her as I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit coating it with her slick hot juice. Then I nestled the tip inside her cunt, kissed her deeply and sank into her hot flesh spreading her for the first time, damn was she tight. I bumped into her maidenhead; she made some weird sound into my mouth, her pussy tighten up on me stopping me as I just touched her prize. She held me for a time as I kissed her deeply and she began to relax, so I pulled back and shove my hard manhood into her ripping her virginity into the forgotten past, just as I pushed thru her cherry I stopped again for a moment as she tighten up again and screamed into my mouth, then I began moving back and forth slowly, but deeper and deeper as I went. She moaned.
“Ughhhhhhh ohhhhhhh yeeesssssssssssss it its so big its so damn gooood yesssss fuck ffuck me oh Bill fuck me fuck meeeeee.”
As I reached her bottom she shook, and a spasm ripped thru her like a shot and she came again. Her hot cum made it easier to stroke her tight hot pussy and I slowly began to pick up speed as I pumped her now non-virgin cunt. She began to hump back forcing my dick deeper into her as I pumped her.
“Glenda your your pussy is so hot so good so wet fuck so goood”
I huffed out as I pumped her tight wet hot snatch. Driving my cock deep into her, pumping her pussy, filling up my sacs with their hot creamy sperm to inject into her womb in hopes of impregnating her. Damn was she tight and hot but so fucking good. I could stay in her pussy for a week and still wouldn’t have enough. She kept humping back and I hammered her twat, then her cunt began spasming, gripping my cock as I shoved it in and out of her, she squealed and humped harder and her hot orgasmic juice coated my dick once again.
“Its ITSss so gooddd so goooooooooood I’m cummmmmmmmmmin”
“Cum baby cum on my dick cum your pussy so hot so wet cummmm”
I hammered her twat as she came; she twisted under me humping her cunt up into me, her pussy sucking on my dick pulling me deeper and deeper into her heated wet love canal. Finally I had to cum, couldn’t stop even if I wanted to and I came I did, bolt after bolt of my thick hot cream blew into her waiting womb, as I filled her tight wet pussy with my sperm, she felt the explosion of my baby making juice deep inside her.
”Oh YES cum in me cumin my pussy fuck meeee cummm inn mmeeee”
And that I did, filling her to overflow as some of my hot cum was forced back between her tight pussy walls and my hard driving cock out and down crack of her ass. She mumbled something as her cunt twitched and pulsed on my dick. We both sort of collapsed in one big mass of heaving flesh as our mutual orgasm slowly subsided.

Lying there in each other arms Glenda finally spoke
“God now I know why Amy comes by every day. That was so fucking good, how soon can we do it again?”
I laughed, kissed her and answered.
“Give me a few minutes and yes it was good, too damn good, I’m glad we have all day cause I need to fuck you again and again”
“What a beautiful dick you have, it fills me so good, can I touch it?”
“Touch it yes by all means, touch it, kiss it, play with it, suck it, fuck it, just don’t hurt it”
“Oh no never hurt it”
And with that she began rubbing it lightly, I showed her now to stroke it slowly, which she did very well at that I might add. She bent over and kissed the tip as she stroked it.
“That’s it kiss it and use your tongue up and down the shaft a little, take it in your mouth slid your lips up and down it, no teeth, use your tongue inside your mouth too, and don’t forget to lick just a little on my nuts”
And with that she released my harding cock and sucked it into her mouth fully.
“Oh God yes just like that and gently play with my balls some.”
She took in all that I told her and began giving me a super blowjob; my cock was fully erect and ready for action in the blink of an eye. Raising her head she asked
“Like this?”
“Yessss damn you’re good more suck less talk, please”
And she inhaled me, her nose rooted into my public hairs, as I slipped down her throat.
“Yes baby like that good so gooooooddd” I stammered.
I couldn’t help but start fucking her face, slowly but deeply, I wanted to grab her head and just fuck her sweet mouth hard till I came, but that wouldn’t get her pregnant, Damn It!
So I pulled her up and guided my hard prick back into her cum filled honey pot, she dropped her pelvic down to meet mine and ground it into me.
”Honey you fuck me this time, move around till you find the spot at excites you the most and go for it make me cum in you”
She found her spot quickly and began working herself to her next orgasm, while I played with her tits, her nipples and her ass cheeks switching around from one to the other. I rose up and licked her nipples as she fucked me every so nicely, her pussy was so hot and wet her juices flowed out her even though she wasn’t having an orgasm, I was soaked with her sweet sticky honey.
I took a nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it like a starving baby, while tweaking the other she groaned from her stomach as she picked up speed with her pumping, I felt her pussy spasm and then gripped me hard then released, over and over as she fucked me. She slammed down on me forcing me totally inside her as she climax a gut retching, nail pulling orgasm, her mouth open as to say something but nothing came out, then a moan, a deafen moan that would scare man or beast, if I didn’t know what it was, I would have left the house to wait for whatever was there to leave.
Her pussy began to pulsate on my dick almost biting at it, or rather like a toothless mouth gumming it as she humped me, driving me to a height I never knew and I came, god did I cum it felt like I pumped a couple gallons of my hot thick sperm into her wild twitching cunt. I was drained, most delightful drain, but drained. She collapsed on my chest trying to get her breathe back, her chest heaving into mine, her hard nipples poking holes in my skin, damn it felt good. I just held her tight as if trying to keep her from escaping, as we both shuddered and shook as we slowly came back down from the heavens.
I finally spoke” Baby are you Ok?”
“Huuunn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” was her only answer.

With my still erect penis inside her I began to move my hips sliding my dick in and out ever so slightly, she responded in kind grinding her pelvic against me.
“What what are you do doing…… oh God …… that feels so good”
And soon she was in full swing again riding my dick like someone on a runaway horse. I knew I would cum again, but not for a while so I laid back and enjoyed the ride. She came several more times then literality pasted out on top of me, I rolled her over and checked her. She was breathing thank God, she looked so sweet lying there with my cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy. I couldn’t help but slide my dick back into her cum fill twat and slowly fucked her as she slept, maybe it was wrong to fuck her when she was unconscious, but so is fucking a thirteen year old anyway. And I didn’t care I just wanted more of her wonderful pussy. But as I stroked her, her body began to hump back at me and after a few minutes her eyes opened with a smothery hungry look.
“Ohhh yesssss fuck me damn fuck me cum in my pussy fuck me you bastard fuck my cunt.”
And I began hammering her snatch driving my piston into her cylinder, her slick wet hot walls rubbing my steel, so damn good as I fucked her. Her pussy started heating up as her climax neared again, her walls gripped my dick dragging her lips up my shaft as I withdrew and back in again as I pounded back into her hot wet cunt. She began shaking again as she screamed
“OHHHHH Shit I’m cummmmmming Oh FUCK ME FUCK MY CUNT FUCK meeeeeee aughhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
I shoved in deep and just held myself in her as her pussy sucked and munched at my hardness. I don’t ever remembering a better fuck although all the girls were great, but this girl was so damn good so sexy so hot. After a time holding myself deep in her hot wet pool of our mixed cum, and her spasms eased off, I finally slipped out and laid down beside her pulling her to me kissing her mouth.
“Damn girl that was so fucking great.”
“You you’re you’r trying to kill me you bastard and God I love it and you.”
And with that we both took a short nap holding each other in our arms. I woke up and slipped my erect member into her still wet and hot pussy and she woke after my fourth stroke into her, I made sweet slow love to her ever so slow until we both came, her in an earth shaking orgasm and as she shook and humped I came in one hot jolt after another filling her pit once again, then we slipped back to slumber land with my dick still inside her cum filled cunt.

We woke shortly, I refilled her again with my hot sperm, then we both got up to made some lunch, we were starved, however in the middle of rustling up something to eat. I got hard again watching her tight ass swish around the kitchen with my cum slowly ebbing down her leg. Which she felt and stuck her hand down and wiped it off her thigh, turned towards me and licked it off her fingers, that was it, just too much, I grabbed her, set her little ass up on the kitchen counter and rammed my cock fully into her and began pounding her tight hole for all it was worth, determined to fill her cunt with my seed once more.
“Auggggg not so rough ohhhhhhhh god it feels good fuck me baby fuck mee”
I pulled her off the counter just a little so my balls wouldn’t smash up against it as I fucked her, plain and simple, I fucked her driving my dick in and out of her tight hot snatch, not caring if she was enjoying it or not. I had to cum in that pussy of hers’ and cum I did, after pounding her cunt for what seemed hours before I felt that warm glowing sensation of my balls filling with their baby making cream and I then shot off in her like a missile off the pad into space as I filled her quim with my sperm.
“Yesssss cumm I me Bill cum in my hot pussy fill me up CUMMMM”
She too was cumming, her hot juice mixed with mine deep inside her womb.
“I’m cumming cummmin in you damn your pussy hot cum cummmm”
I squirted and squirted my hot cream into her twat, my seed in search of an egg to invade, with one last shove inside deep her and held it there basking in her warmth, her sweet wet hot passage milking me of my life giving liquid. I was wrapped in eternal joy. Our loving mixture could not help but flood the counter top under her ass and drip down on the floor. I stayed in her till I soften up and slipped out, much to my regret. We kissed and I help her off the counter.
“Damn Bill you’re a sex craved madman aren’t you,” she giggled.
“You looked so good I couldn’t help myself”
“Excuse me I need to clean up” she was holding her mound to keep from flooding everything and off to the bathroom she went. I finished making our lunch.

After lunch we made love twice more times before school was out, each was just as wonderful as the last one, damn could she make and enjoy making love with me and I with her. In fact when Linda and Joanne came in from school we were just finishing up our second time since lunch. Linda stripped quickly and as I slid out of Glenda’s cum filled pussy, she dove in tongue first. As if trying to eat my cum out of her as if trying to keep her from conceiving.
Joanne laughtly popped off “Bitch” as she undressed.
She then bent down over me and took my cum coated cock completely into her warm wet mouth and sucked me clean. She slowly bobbed her head up and down taking my dick from tip to base in her hot mouth and throat, ever few strokes she would hold me completely inside her and swallow, causing her throat muscles to massage my cockhead and shaft, it was magnificent. So fucking good I had to pull her off me shortly to keep from cumming down her throat, which I think we both really wanted, but oral sex don’t impregnate. Damn I’ll be glad when Joanne becomes pregnant so I can enjoy her oral assault. She slid up and buried my throbbing dick into wet tight twat and started humping wildly, riding my cock, pumping it for its seed.
“Yesss its so good I’m fucking youuuu goooood cum cum inn meeeee ohhhhhhfffffff “
And she pumped and humped, rode me so fucking good, her body tingling with erotic pleasure driving herself closer and closer to her climax, she pumped harder bring her orgasm to it apex as she erupted with a massive wave of her hot sweet cum, bathing me with her juice, her body twitched and spasmed as her orgasm ripped thru her.
“Cum cummmm cummmmmin awwwwwuuuggggggg”
Her hot juice and spasming body ripped an orgasm from me as I filled her hot sucking quim with my spurting seed.
“Cummmin cummingggg in youuu awwwwww”
“Oh yesss fill my pussy with your cum uggggggg cum in in meeeee”
She fell down on my chest her hard nipples poking into mine as her cunt twitched and sucked on my cock, it was wonderful, so wonderful, but I was done.
Stick a fork in me I’m done. Our orgasms finally subsided and we fell apart letting the air rush back into our lungs as we clammed down.
Then sweet little Linda spoke; her lips covered with Glenda’s and my mixed love juices, licking it off.
“I’m next”
Was all I could moan.


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PLEASE! As a former certified AI. doner I must point out a few facts. When I was contacted for a donation cycle I was instructed to abstain for a minium of 48 hours. The standard cyle was tuesday donation, rest it wens. donate thurs. The point is max likely potant sperm count cyles a 72hr. rate. I know this as I was a repeat doner for 3yrs. positve results were rewarded!


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hury up i saave stroking for these stories they are awesome. i want to find out if they become pregnant

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