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A Rapist at 14 5

I was really into my science class and after talking to my teacher I decided I’d like a career in forensic science. I wanted to learn how they use this science to tract down criminals. I checked on several colleges that specialized in this field and found there was an especially good one in the mid-west but was rather expensive. They had a fair football team so I went to our football coach and asked him if I rejoined the team did he think I could get a scholarship to that school. The coach said if I played as well for the next two years as I did before I quit the team and didn’t get hurt he could almost guarantee me a scholarship. He told me I was the best sophomore defensive end he had ever coached. With my present size and speed, I was now 6’3” and 215lbs, he thought maybe we had a chance to win this years conference because all the team from last year was back and they had taken 2nd place in the conference. All the team lacked last year was a good pass rusher and a tight end. As I left his office I heard him yell Yessssssss, yessssssss and I smiled.

I really buckled down and got straight “A’s” for the next two years. I took class’s that were needed to qualify for that college. I played tight end and defensive end winning all conference player of the year my senior year and best defensive end both years. I also won 2nd team as a tight end. I caught 33 passes, nine for touchdowns and had 22 sacks and 29 hurrying the passer in the two years.

In those two years I never had an urge to rape anyone. I told mom I couldn’t fuck her as much because I needed my strength for football. I was real surprised she never complained and she came to almost all my home games. I usually fucked her either the night after the game was over or the next day. Once in awhile I threw in and extra. As for Sara I still fucked her at least twice a week usually late at night or after Mom went to work in the morning. The feeling of my cock sliding into Sara's tight little pussy still excited me. She was still tighter than Mom’s Ass and seemed to be able to have multiple orgasms each time we fucked. I had found just where her “G” spot was and she frequently had one of those tremendous orgasms that would take her several minuets to come down off of. She would really squirt during those times.

I received a full Scholarship to the college of my choice. It was a great coeducational college in a medium size metropolitan area in the Midwest. I moved into small single apartment close to the college as the scholarship allowed for off campus living.. I took a part time job working weekends as a waiter. Football was in full swing and I was doing quite well. The papers were heaping praise on my play and I was really enjoying my forensic classes.

Then it happened. I was in a restaurant down town one Saturday night after work, when I overheard a young women talking to her mother. She was crying and she said, “No man will ever want me momma. Who would want an ugly cripple? If it wasn’t for that vibrator you got me I would go insane. I’ll never know what it is to have a man or have a baby.” “There, there, honey, give it some time. I’m sure there is a nice young man who will love you for you,” said her Mom. “I’m almost thirty years old and in a college town there are not that many older men available” she said. When the women got up and turned to leave I had to admit she was rather homely. You could tell the way she walked that she had either broken her back or was born deformed. She did have a nice set of tits though, maybe a “C” cup. Her left side ass was quite nice but the right side was flat and lower than the other. She had to kind of swing her right leg out a little to walk and it gave her a funny hitch. I don’t know why I got that urge. I hadn’t had it for two years. I got up and followed them out like a magnet. The mother dropped her daughter off at a little house in the lower end of town. I soon learned after watching the house at night that she lived there by herself. She worked at a thrift shop in town and had lunch with her mother every Wednesday. Her mother would pick her up early on Sunday and she would spent the whole day at her mothers.In two weeks of watching she was at home every night. She went to the movies on Saturday and got her hair done every other Saturday.

The third Sunday I dressed like a repair man and when I new she had left to visit her mother I went to her house. I entered the back yard and noticed that it was surrounded by a lot of trees making the back yard almost invisible to neighbors. I checked the back door and it was locked. All the windows were locked also. The small window next to the door had the kind of latch that could be opened with a thin knife blade. I slid my knife in and undid the lock. I opened the window and leaning in I could just reach the back door latch lock. I undid the door and went in. I looked around and found that the she kept a very neat house. I checked for squeaky floors. In her bedroom I found where she kept the vibrator she had talked about. It was a pink one about six inches long. I used a wash cloth to wipe my finger prints off the vibrator, drawer, and window as well as the back door. I closed the window but did not latch it. I opened and closed it several times to make sure it opened easily and didn’t make any noise. I locked the back door and left.

The following Saturday I got my mask, tape, and surgical gloves dressing in a pair of dark sweats. I had bought myself a used bike at a garage sale and used that for transportation. I waited until just after midnight and rode over to her house. I put the bike on the side of the house and went to the back porch and opened the window. Reaching over I undid the lock. I closed the window when I was inside and locked it. I took a small pin flashlight from my pocket because it was really dark inside. I moved to her bedroom and looked in. She was lying on her side with the covers tucked under her chin. I took my knife and cut a piece of tap and quickly put it over her mouth and straddled her pinning her arms at her side. I whispered not to struggle or I would cut her throat and showed her the knife. I made her roll onto her stomach and put her hands at her side. I unrolled a large piece of tape and bound her arms to her side.

She was wearing a flannel night gown so I pulled it above her waist and pulled down her panties. She tied to kick me so I told her not to try that again. I said I’m going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do so instead of fighting it, lay back and enjoy it. She tried to squeeze her legs together but she was no match for me. I spread her legs and started to eat her pussy but she had a bad smell. I thought “if I’m going to give her the fuck of her life, one she would never forget I needed to make love to her not just fuck her.” I lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom. It was than that I noticed how badly her spine was deformed. I tucked her night gown up between her arms and stood her in the tub. I took the shower hose and when I got the head off I shoved it up her vagina after making sure it was warm water. I said, “Lady you should keep your love hole in better shape. You never know when you are going to get it eaten. I cleaned her ass hole as well just in case I decided to fuck her there.

I dried her off and took her back to her bed. I noticed that when I parted her legs she made no resistance. I spread her leg and got between them and spread her very large vulva lips surrounded by black hair. Her pubic hair went clear up almost to her belly button. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and when I took my tongue and tickled her clit, which was very small she would jerk her ass into the air each time. I tried to suck on that little clit but couldn’t hold it in my mouth because it was so small. I inserted my tongue as deep into her as I could reach. I kept licking and sucking that tight hole until I inserted my middle finger and began to shove it in and out of her pussy and at the same time taking turns between using my tongue and my thumb to massage her clit. She was pretty dry at first but as I worked that pussy until it began to lubricate and she soon had a climax.

I reached up with my other hand and began to massage and rub her tits. I had been right; she really had a nice set of very firm breasts with small nipples and pink areolas. She was now really moaning as she got closer to another climax. She was so tight I new she was a virgin even though she had lost her hymen to a vibrator. I moved up her body and inserted her right breast into my mouth, gently massaging the nipple with my tongue. She let out a low moan and pushed her breast hard into my mouth. I inserted my dick into the entrance of her pussy. I could barely get the tip in. I withdrew and continued to finger fuck her until she came again opening her hole a little more. I was then able to get two fingers in and I fucked her with them until she came the third time. When she did she jammed her pussy into my fingers so hard that they went clear to the third knuckle.

I whispered in my gruff practiced voice, “Do you like what I’m doing?” She nodded her head yes. “If I were to remove the tape would you promise not to scream?” She nodded her head with an enthusiastic yes. I removed the tape and she said, “You have made me feel more alive in the last few minutes than I have my whole life. You are giving me what I never dreamed would ever be possible.” I don’t know why you would say that you have a great set of tits and a pussy to die for if you keep it clean. She giggled and said “I’ll keep it clean and perfumed if you will come back.” Leave a key under something near the back door. I won’t make any promises and it might be quite awhile but if you really want me too maybe I will. Oh yes, please come back. I'll never tell anyone about you and you can fuck me every day if you want too.

I reinserted my dick into her entrance and this time I was able to get the head all the way in. I began to move in and out of her with just two inches of me inside her tight cunt. She soon began to thrust up at me with her pelvic bone so I buried my cock deep into her hot tight pussy. I began to move in and out of her very slowly and at the same time I continued sucking and massaging her nipple with my tongue. She was now moaning and thrusting her pelvic up at me with every slow down stroke. MMMMMMM,
Ohhhhhhh, OHHHHH she moaned. She threw her pelvis hard up into me and I felt it shudder and shake against me as she had another orgasm. I continued to fuck her slow and easy for the next half hour causing her to cum three more times. Each time she would moan “ohhh yes, ohhhh christ yes, mmmm, ohhhhh, OOOOH YES. I’m, I’m, THAT’S IT, I’M CUMMMMMMING” and she would thrust her hip up into me as she came. I increased my speed when I felt that urge grow in my balls. I started to with draw so that I wouldn’t get her pregnant. She whispered, “Please, please don’t take it out I want you to cum inside and give me the one thing I want most, a baby.” I could not hold back any longer and I drove my cock deep into the inner walls of her pussy and shot a load of sperm deep inside her. I had a lot of cum stored up and I just kept spurting. Six or seven loads. I finally fell on top of her exhausted and we were both panting like crazy.

We laid there for about another half hour before either could move. I still had my cock inside her as well as her tit in my mouth. I asked her if she ever had had a fantasy about having sex. “Oh yes, besides wondering what it would feel like to be fucked, I wondered what it would be like to have my pussy eaten and you sure did that. I also fantasized about sucking a cock and swallowing some mans cum. Or what would it taste like to eat another woman’s pussy.” Well I can accommodate you on part of your fantasy. I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned my dick. I took a wash cloth and cleaned her pussy. I told her that when My cock entered her mouth she should imagine it was a rainbow ice sickle and she should try to suck the juice out without disturbing the ice. That when she felt the head touch her throat not to panic. She was to ignore the choking feeling and to breathe threw her nose or hold her breath and I would with draw so she could breathe. She nodded yes. I straddled her chest and inserted my cock into her mouth slowly pushing in until the head touched her throat. She started to gag and I withdrew a little telling her to relax and to breathe threw her nose. I again forced my cock into her throat an inch or so and held it there and then pulled back. I repeated the motion over and over until she became use to having a cock in her throat. When she started to her run her tongue back and fourth along the inside of my shaft I new she was ready. I began to fuck her throat reaching ever deeper until the entire seven plus inches was being devoured by her throat. It took about fifteen minutes and then I shot my load straight down her throat into her stomach. She swallowed it all and when I withdrew after draining every ounce of cum into her throat she said “WOW, That was something.” I told her she was a natural and any guy would kill to have her do that to him. “Really! Hmmm” she said. Yes really I said.

We talked for several hours as she unloaded all her fears and hopes to me. I ate her pussy again sending her into multiple orgasms before fucking her. We fell asleep after I fucked her for the fourth time. I suddenly woke up hearing some one knocking and ringing the door bell. Still half asleep I jumped up and placed the tape over her mouth before she had an opportunity to do anything. I started to run for the back door when I heard the key in the front door and then open. Hello, hello Marian?
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15 years later: He in the new elected county sheriff due to being local football hero and and acheivement on the new domestic violence/sexcrimes unit of local PD. Wife Marian had 3 more children and sis lives with them with her 2. And they all lived happily ever after

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