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part 4/5
Douglas opened his eyes, and he felt his two naked daughters' warm
bodies next to his. He heaved a sigh. It had been quite a day. Except
for eating, they had spent the whole day in bed. He rolled over and
looked at the clock. "Your Uncle Harry will be here soon," he said.

Crissy lifted her head and smiled. She rubbed her hand down over her
father's hard frame and found his cock. "He'd shit a brick if he found
us all in bed like this." She stroked her father's prick.

Douglas moaned. His kids were sex-crazy and he wondered how long he
would be able to handle all of their passion.

Tammy, awakened by their talk, cuddled closer to her father, her mouth
already licking at his chest while her hand joined Crissy's at his
cock. "Maybe he'll go away if nobody answers the door."

Douglas lay on his back, savoring the light caresses of his daughters'
hands and their warm urgent mouths. "Maybe it would be a good idea if
we did invite him to join us," he suggested. "You two little nymphos
are going to kill me."

Crissy giggled, slipped down under the covers and gobbled her father's
limp prick into her mouth. She sucked, lathered his cock with her spit.

"Baby," Douglas groaned. "God, don't you get enough?"

"Never," Crissy giggled, coming up from under the sheets. "Maybe I
should go down and entertain Uncle Harry."

Douglas grinned while he fondled Tammy's large creamy tits. "Harry
always has had a thing for you, Crissy. I think he'd love sticking his
cock in you."

"Ohhh, shit," Crissy sighed. She scrambled out of bed, her small tits
jiggling. "You two play. When I'm done getting Uncle Harry to fuck me,
I'll bring him up here for a party."

Tammy kicked the sheets off, exposing her naked body. She scrambled
into her father's arms. "Now, I've got you all to myself."

Douglas held her, the ache in groin returning. "Put on something real
sexy, Crissy. Blow his mind."

Crissy tingled. Her whole life had changed since yesterday morning. She
grabbed a pair of tight shorts and slipped them on. The cheeks of her
ass peeked out and the crotch dug erotically into the gash of her
pussy. "God. I'm creaming already."

Douglas, his hand cupping Tammy's wet pussy, watched as Crissy slipped
on a skimpy halter. "Your uncle will have an instant hard-on when he
sees you."

Crissy looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. Quickly,
she combed her hair, sweeping it into a long ponytail. "I hope Uncle
Harry likes 'em young, hot and willing."

"You described my brother perfectly," Douglas said, his cock throbbing
under Tammy's manipulating hands. "Tease him good and proper, baby."

"I will, Daddy." She glanced back over her shoulder and saw Tammy
feasting on her father's cock, her pussy directly over her father's
face. "Chew her up, Daddy."

Douglas groaned, pulled Tammy's pussy to his mouth and sucked.

Crissy left the bedroom. Her sister and father were too busy eating
each other to talk. She hurried downstairs to wait for her uncle, her
young body sizzling, eager to sample another cock.

Crissy was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. She almost
jumped out of her skin. "Oooooh, shit," she sighed, bouncing up from
the couch and hurrying to the door.

"Hi, honey," Harry said when Crissy opened the door. His breath caught
in his chest as he leered hotly at his young sexy niece. "Your father's
expecting me."

"Come on in, Uncle Harry," Crissy purred, tingling under his hot
glances. She went into his arms, rubbing her body against his, her lips
grazing wetly over his open mouth. "You haven't been around in weeks."

Harry's groin turned to cement and he held her for a moment, aware of
her soft young body pressed against his. He forced her out of his arms,
his face flushed, his cock growing rapidly in his pants.

Crissy took his hand, and she pulled him toward the couch. "You get
comfortable. I'll make you a drink."

Harry plopped on the couch and leered at his niece's ass as she
strolled over to the bar. "Whewww. I wonder how Doug manages to keep
his hands off her," he mumbled under his breath.

"Did you say something?" Crissy cooed.

"Nothin', honey." He stared at her ass as the soft creamy flesh of her
asscheeks peeked out from under the tight-fitting shorts. His cock had
stiffened into a raging hard-on. It happened every time he came over to
visit his brother, but today, his hot sexy little niece seemed to be
even sexier than ever.

Crissy felt his stare on her ass. She bent over, gave him a good view
as she picked up a piece of lint from the rug. She heard his breath
suck in, and it turned her on.

"Here's your drink, Uncle Harry," she said, walking toward him, her
small tits jiggling under the loose skimpy halter.

Harry devoured her with his eyes. "Where's your father?"

"He'll be home in a few hours. He said to wait, and for me to keep you
comfortable." She licked her lips and winked. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all, honey," Harry said, his voice raspy.

"I'm glad," Crissy mewled, cuddling up against him on the couch. "I
know I'm only a teenager, but maybe we can find some things to do while
we wait for Daddy."

Harry's cock ached in his pants. He felt the pressure of her tit
against his arm and the sweet scent of her perfume invaded his head.
The things he wanted to do, he knew for sure Douglas wouldn't like at
all. He took a large gulp of his drink.

"Can I have some?" Crissy asked, rubbing her tit against his arm.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" he said as Crissy took the
glass from his hand.

"I've been drunk before," she purred, gulping down the drink. "Mmmmm,
tastes good."

"You better be careful who you get drunk with," Harry said, watching
her go to the bar to make another drink. "Some boy might take advantage
of you."

"Oooooh, I don't like boys," Crissy said, bringing him a much stronger
drink. She stood in front of him. "I like men."

Harry's eyes focused on her crotch and the seam of her shorts cutting
into her pussy. He took the drink, then swallowed half of it. It was
going to be a long two hours.

Crissy glanced down at his crotch and saw the bulge. It turned her on,
knowing she could make a man hot. "Do you like young girls, Uncle
Harry?" She took his half empty glass and drained it.

Harry stared, his mouth drying up and the bulge in his pants growing
larger. "Every man likes young girls," Harry said, his voice husky, his
gaze riveted to Crissy's plump tits straining against her sexy halter.

"As young as me?" she purred, taking a deep breath, her nipples
swelling, outlined erotically against the pink material of her top.

"You're just a baby," Harry said, a lump growing in his throat.

She spun around, and swinging her ass, went back to the bar and made
another drink. "The boys don't think I'm a baby," she said, handing him
another drink. "They're always trying to get fresh with me."

"Do you let them?" he asked hoarsely, gulping thirstily on the fresh

"Never," she said, enjoying her teasing game. "I don't want some dumb
boy pawing at my tits." Her blue eyes brightened. "They're always
trying to stick their hands down my shorts and touch my pussy, too,"
she added breathlessly.

Harry's mind filled with an image of Crissy naked. "You can't blame
them," he said. "You're a very sexy girl."

She leaned over, planting a wet kiss on her uncle's mouth. "Thank you,
Uncle Harry."

Harry's eyes gazed into the top of her halter and saw the plump creamy
flesh of her tits. It took all of his willpower not to grab her and
haul her into his arms.

Crissy knew where he was looking and she stayed bent over, giving him a
real good look.

"Maybe I should go," Harry said, finding it difficult to keep his hands
off his young niece. "I'll come back when Doug's here."

"No," she pouted. She moved his arms and plopped on his lap. "Daddy
would never forgive me if I didn't keep you entertained while he was

The entertainment Harry had in mind, he was sure, Doug would never
approve of. He tried getting her off his lap, but she locked her arms
around his neck.

"Am I too young for you, Uncle Harry?" She brought her mouth to his ear
and flicked out her tongue.

"Jesus, Crissy," Harry moaned. She was squirming on his cock and the
pain filled his groin.

"Drinking all that whiskey made me high."

"Come on, honey," Harry rasped, the temptation to rape his hot sexy
niece growing stronger.

She rubbed against him and wiggled her ass. "I think your cock is
sticking me in the ass," she giggled. "I think you have a hard-on."

She grabbed his drink, stood up, and gulped it down. "Did I get you all
hot and bothered, Uncle Harry?"

Harry leered hungrily at his niece. His cock was throbbing and the
taste of her warm wet lips lingered in his mind.

"You didn't answer me," she teased. "Am I too young for you?"

"You're a baby," he said, his voice low, laced with desire for his sexy
blonde niece.

"Oooooh, Uncle Harry." She smoothed her hands over her tits, her hips
rocking gently from side to side. "I'll bet we could have a lot of fun
together before Daddy gets home."

"You better stop fucking around, honey," he warned. "I'm not some punk
kid you can tease."

"I don't wanna tease you," she said. "I want to make love to you, like
a woman."

He stared, watched her fondle her tits through her halter. "You're a
virgin, Crissy. Jesus Christ! I'm your uncle."

"I'm not a virgin," she said, licking her lips. In the next instant,
she whisked off her halter, bared her tits proudly, and enjoyed the
shocked expression of lust on her uncle's face.

"God, Crissy. I can't take much more of this." He ogled her tits. They
were beautiful, creamy, capped with pink rosy nipples.

"You like looking at them?" she asked breathlessly. She hefted them in
her hands. "Not as big as Tammy's, but nice enough, huh?"

The palms of Harry's hands were sweaty. He reached for his niece, his
lust raging like a fire in his balls. He spanned her creamy tits as she
stepped eagerly toward him. "Unnnn, Crissy!"

"Aaaaah!" she gasped, her knees buckling as she allowed her uncle to
fondle her tits. "Ooooh, Uncle Harry. You're making me cream."

Harry didn't believe what was happening. He was playing with his
brother's young teenaged daughter and he couldn't stop himself.
"Crissy," he groaned, his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of her
sweet succulent tits. "We gotta stop."

"Noooo, Uncle Harry. I don't wanna stop. It feels too good." She
stepped back out of his grasping hands. "You want me to take off my

Harry could do nothing but nod his head in agreement.

"Then you can prove it to yourself that I lost my cherry." She peeled
off her shorts, kicked them across the room, then displayed her young
naked body blatantly for her uncle's delight.

"Jesus, honey. You're gorgeous."

She stood close, legs spread, her breathing shallow. Her blue eyes
glowed with the passion that raged in her hot moist pussy. "Touch my
pussy, Uncle Harry. Stick in your finger."

"Unnn, Crissy." He brought his hands to his niece's lithe naked body.
He caressed her hips, her slim narrow waist, and her silky thighs. His
cock felt as if it were going to bust. "Crissy. We gotta stop."

"No, Uncle Harry," she cooed, knowing he was only talking. "Stick your
finger in my pussy." She wiggled her hips. "I'm all gooey inside."

Harry cupped the cheeks of her ass with one hand and slipped his other
hand between her legs. The sweet scent of her overheated pussy met his
nostrils as he stroked his finger through her wet sticky cunt gash.

"Inside!" she gasped. "Finger-fuck my pussy." She jerked, pulling his
head to her stomach. "Finger my pussy."

Harry jabbed a finger deep into Crissy's cunt. Nothing blocked his way.
"Damn," he muttered under his breath as her hot spongy cunt muscles
began to pulse and contract around his buried finger.

"Oooooh! I told you!" she cried. "Finger me. Do it fast and make me
cream. I'm ready to explode." Teasing her uncle, and knowing they would
end up fucking on the living room floor, had her crazy hot.

Harry jabbed his fingers in and out of her fuckhole. Warm squishy cunt-
cream coated his fingers. Her cushiony pussy muscles gripped tightly
around his fingers. He kneaded the cheeks of her ass, his head reeling.
"Goddamn, you're a hot little bitch."

"Yessss," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Hot for cock. Your cock,
Uncle Harry!" She jerked her hips, rotating them, and ground her cunt
down on her uncle's jabbing fingers.

"My asshole, too," she moaned, then realized what she had said.
"Finger-fuck my asshole, too."

Harry didn't believe it. His baby niece was creaming his fingers,
begging to have her asshole fingered. It blew his mind.

"Please, Uncle Harry. Finger my asshole while I cum."

Harry obliged his horny niece. He jabbed one finger into her asshole,
twisting it. At the same time, he jabbed another finger into her pussy.

"Ahhhh!" she wailed, jerking and thrashing on her uncle's stabbing
fingers. "Ooooh, I love it!"

An explosive climax ripped through her pussy. Her head jerked back,
snapping from side to side, her ponytail swishing across her crimson
face. Her knees buckled and she almost collapsed.

"I'm cumming, Uncle Harry. I'm creaming your fuckin' fingers." She
humped forward, driving his fingers into her pussy. Her ass rotated
frantically, her uncle's finger in her asshole, sending her squealing
into another mind-bending orgasm.

"Ooooh, I'm cumming. Oooooh, shit! I can't stand up." She fell against
her uncle, clawing her nails through his hair.

Harry kept her from falling. He fucked her pussy with his fingers, fed
her tight narrow shitter with another finger. The child's screams had
him crazy and he thought for sure he was going to cream his pants like
some damn kid. "Crissy," he groaned as hot frothy pussy-cum oozed from
her cunt and dribbled down his hand and wrist. "Sweet little Crissy."

Crissy grabbed him as her legs turned to rubber. She swayed, a high-
pitched scream rushing from her mouth. "I'm falling. Ooooh, Christ!"

With Crissy thrashing and twisting in his arms, Harry did his best to
keep her on her feet, but she was wiggling and twisting too much even
for him. "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

A shuddering spasm ripped through her cunt. Her back stiffened, then
her entire body went into spastic twitches and she seemed to melt to
the floor, Harry's fingers popping from her hot sizzling body.

Harry stared down at his young niece writhing on her back. He wanted to
tear off his clothes and rape her, but he controlled himself. She was
his brother's daughter and only a baby. His cock thought differently.
It throbbed for the heat of Crissy's pussy, making him groan in agony.

Crissy writhed lewdly on the rug, her glassy blue eyes staring up at
her uncle. She knew he was fighting the urge to fuck her. She also knew
he wouldn't be able to control his desire much longer. Knowing this
made her cream again, and she let out a low moaning rasp as another
orgasm caromed through her cunt.

"You're something, honey," Harry mouthed. Unconsciously, he rubbed his
cock through his pants.

"Let me do that, Uncle Harry," she whispered. "I love playing with
cocks." She pulled herself up, crawling over between his legs. "I love
sucking cocks, too."

Harry groaned and allowed his niece to attack his zipper. "Do whatever
you want, honey." He decided that if he were going to lose his battle
with his conscience, he might as well enjoy it.

Crissy pulled down his zipper and she fished inside his pants. Her hot
anxious fingers gripped the thick stem of his throbbing cock. She
pulled it out and stared wide-eyed at his long fat throbbing cock.
"Oooooh, Uncle Harry. It's gorgeous."

"Maybe too big for you," he said, figuring it was some kid who popped
her cherry.

"Oh, no," she sighed. "It's perfect." She held his cock in her hands
and looked up at his lust-crazed face. "It was a man who broke my
cherry, Uncle Harry." She licked her lips, smiled. "His cock was just
as big as yours."

"Christ!" Harry gasped, wondering what man had been lucky enough to get
between Crissy's beautiful legs and make her a woman. He stroked her
flushed face with his fingers. "Let me see how good you are with your
mouth, honey."

"I'm real good," she boasted. "I can take it all." She opened her
mouth, then closed it over the bloated head of her uncle's cock.

"Ahhhhh, Crissy," Harry groaned. The heat of her wet mouth shot down
through his prick shaft and churned the cum rumbling in his balls.
"Suck it, honey. Suck it all!" He no longer cared that she was his
brother's child. All that mattered was that the hot little bitch suck
him off.

With the head of his cock against the roof of her mouth, Crissy stroked
his fat veiny prick shaft with her hands. She sucked, getting a tasty
drop of cum in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his pisser and warm
drooling spit oozed from her mouth, drenching his cock shaft and her
stroking fingers.

Harry jerked his ass up from the couch, driving the head of his cock
into her throat. He groaned, his chest heaving as Crissy's teeth
clamped into his thick prick shaft. He dropped back, grunting as she
released her viselike grip. "Christ, Crissy, don't bite it off."

"Oooh, I won't bite it off," she giggled, popping her mouth off his
prick. "If I did that, you wouldn't be able to fuck me."

Harry moaned as he imagined himself between his niece's legs, ramming
home his cock. "Give it a good suck and I'll give you good fuck."


He reached down, placed the palms of his hands on her innocent face and
brought her mouth to his prick. "Stop talking and suck."

Crissy closed her lips around his prick. She sucked hard, drawing in
her cheeks. She used her tongue, whipping it across the underside of
his prick as she eased his meaty cock into her throat.

"Unnnn, Crissy!" He squirmed on the couch, his prick swelling inside
his niece's mouth. "Suck it, honey. Chew your uncle up real good."

Crissy gurgled, stifling a gag as the head of her uncle's prick
stretched her throat. She used her teeth, scraping them along his
sensitive prick shaft as she gobbled every hard inch of his cock into
her gullet.

Her mouth and throat stuffed with cockmeat, she slammed her face
forward, mashing her lips against his zipper. His hard thick cock
throbbed and she felt as if it had stabbed into her belly. Eyes bulging
and breathing hard through her nose, she kept his prick buried in her
throat, wallowing in the strength of his throbbing prick and the joy
she experienced in giving her uncle pleasure.

Harry looked down and groaned deep in his throat. She had gobbled his
entire cock into her mouth. It was unbelievable. He couldn't wait until
he fucked her pussy. He had found in his young niece a hot lustful
woman, and he intended to make the most of it before Douglas found out
and busted his head open.

Crissy gulped and eased back, her teeth dragging along the length of
his cock shaft. She gasped, spittle drooling from her clinging lips.
She stopped, only the head of his prick in her mouth.

She pulled off for a second. "Fuck my face!" she gasped, then plunged
her mouth back down over his cockhead.

Harry lunged up, driving his prick into her face. His cock fucked her
gullet, his groin whacking against her lips. He lunged up again,
slamming his prick over and over again into his niece's gobbling wet

Crissy savored each thrust of his cock, shuddering each time his prick
stretched and filled her throat. She used her tongue like a wet whip,
lashing it over his cock shaft as he plowed her face with hard
lightning fuck-stabs.

"Crissy," Harry growled, drilling her sucking mouth with his cock.
"Jesus ... Christ!" He jerked his ass off the couch and twisted his
hips. His cock skewered her throat. "Aghhh!"

Crissy sucked. Her uncle's prick was delicious. Her young mind swirled
with lust. She felt each fuck-stab, loving it when his zipper scraped
against her wet clinging lips. Gurgling, she felt his cock grow thicker
in her mouth and she knew it wouldn't be long before hot cum flooded
her throat.

"Unnn, Crissy," Harry groaned deep in his throat. He battled her
sucking mouth, not wanting to cream his niece's face. He didn't want it
to end in her mouth. Her pussy was where his cock belonged. He jerked
on the couch, holding the rumbling cum in his balls in check.

Crissy was out of her mind--first her father, now her uncle. She sucked
wildly, taking his long thick cock into her throat. Her head started to
bob up and down, matching her uncle's pace. She pulled at his pants,
clawing his hard groin with her nails.

Harry's balls began to rumble. His face twisted in agony. "Crissy," he
rasped. His back stiffened and his muscles tensed as he found it almost
impossible to stop his balls from erupting.

Crissy, sensing his reluctance to cream her face, pulled her mouth off
his cock. "Cum in my mouth, Uncle Harry. I'll suck you hard again so
you can fuck me." She licked her lips. "I love cum."

Harry nodded, knowing his little niece could do what she said. "Then
eat it, honey, and I'll give you every fuckin' drop I have."

"Ooooh, sounds good." Like a vulture, she brought her lips back to his
prick and gobbled it into her mouth. She took his prick to his balls,
his cock hair now tickling her nose. She felt his prick swell in her
throat and knew it wouldn't be long now. Swooning, she jerked her head
up and down, her sucking mouth churning the cum in her uncle's balls.

"Un ... un ... un!" Harry grunted, his ass humping up and down. He
fucked her face, his balls ready to burst.

With her mouth covering his prick, Crissy used her tongue and licked
his jabbing cock shaft. She sucked hard, her cheeks drawing in as she
urged the cum in his balls to erupt. Her teeth gnawed, her jaw working
rhythmically from side to side. She felt her uncle tense and she went

"I'm cumming," Harry roared, his voice filling the living room. He
slammed up into her mouth. "Aghhhh! I'm cumming!" His balls burst,
shooting a blast of thick white cum into his niece's tight wet throat.
It squirted deep. "Aghhh, Crissy!"

Crissy gulped the first thick wad. Her eyes bulged and she used her
mouth, meeting his upward thrusts, slamming her mouth down over the
length of his cock. She gulped, taking the steady squirting stream of
thick cum into her mouth and throat. It flooded her cheeks and she
gagged, but never stopped. She was hungry, needing it all to satisfy
her passion until he fucked her.

Harry fucked her throat, his hips jerking, his balls churning out cum
as fast as Crissy sucked it into her mouth. "Crissy!" he howled,
lunging up, his cock fucking deep into her throat. "Aghhh!" His balls
ached, the suction from his niece's mouth draining them.

Cum gushed from Crissy's clinging lips and her nose. It poured down her
throat and made her gag. Her nails raked the thick wrinkled skin of his
balls, making him roar like a lion.

She sucked maniacally, wanting every drop of her uncle's cum. Her head
bobbed up and down at a faster pace. She used her teeth, her tongue and
her lips. One deep suck filled her cheeks with a thick load.

Harry's slamming thrusts slowed as his balls emptied. He grunted, his
ass jerking, his prick still spurting, but with less force.

Crissy wouldn't stop. She grabbed the base of his prick shaft. It was
sticky with cum and spit. She jerked her fist up and down, her mouth
meeting her lips. Moaning, she sucked and jerked his cock until he
howled for her to stop.

Harry plunged up one last time, smashing his prick into her mouth. "No
more, Crissy." He dropped back to the couch, groaning, his prick still
trapped in his niece's mouth.

Crissy sucked the last few drops from his spent prick and she pulled
her mouth off. Cum dribbled from her lips and down her chin. A thin
stringy gob dropped to her nipple. "How did you like that, Uncle
Harry?" she panted as she licked her lips clean.

Harry rubbed his cock. "You're better than any woman I've ever had."

"I'm even better with a cock up my pussy."

"I'm counting on it, honey," he said. "I'm counting on it."

Chapter 7

Seething with lust, Crissy pulled her uncle down to the floor. Her
breathing was noisy and rapid, like a bitch in heat. She pulled at his
clothes, stripping him completely. Her hot glassy blue eyes devoured
her uncle's naked body. "I'm gonna get you hard again," she panted.

Harry ogled his lust-crazed naked niece. Her face was {rushed, eyes
bright, spit dribbling from the corners of her panting mouth. He rubbed
his limp sticky prick. "I'm sure you can."

Crissy straddled his thick hairy leg. She pressed her cunt down on his
thigh, soaking his skin with warm pussy-cream. "Oooooh, Uncle Harry.
I'm burning up inside."

Harry moaned. The heat of her cunt-cream seared through his thigh and
attacked his balls. The little sex maniac would have him hard in record
time. He was positive.

Gasping, Crissy glided her wet seeping cunt over her uncle's thigh and
down across his knee. She paused, ground her hips, and mangled her clit
against his knee. Her head snapped back as she screamed. "Ahhhhh!"

Harry jerked his knee and watched her face contort in bliss. He rubbed
his prick. It was beginning to grow. Just looking at the wild teenager
was enough to give any man a hard-on, no matter how many times he had
been fucked.

"It's getting hard," she moaned, delighted with the sexual power she
possessed. "God, it'll be stiff as hell any minute."

"I know," Harry grunted, jabbing his knee into her sopping-wet pussy.

"Oooooh, Uncle Harry!" she wailed, twisting her hips and mangling her
cunt against his knee. "Holy Christ!"

Crissy greased his shin and banged the cheeks of her ass against his
foot. With a glazed drunken expression on her flushed excited face, she
lifted her cunt. "Watch!" she gasped.

Harry groaned, his eyes fixed on his horny niece.

"Mmmmm," she hummed, trembling as she thought about what she was going
to do. In the next instant, she slammed her pussy down, driving her
uncle's foot into her cunt. "Aghhhh!"

"Jesus Christ, Crissy!" Harry growled.

Gasping, Crissy rotated her hips. Hot buttery pussy-cream coated his
toes and drooled down his foot. "It feels fantastic. Wiggle your toes."

Harry grunted and did what she wanted. "You hot little bitch."

"Oooooh, I'm creaming!" Her head snapped back, her blue eyes floating.
"I feel your fuckin' toes!"

Jerking and twisting, Crissy fucked herself on her uncle's foot. Tits
bouncing, her nipples ready to burst, she slammed her pussy up and
down, her uncle's toes jabbing deeper with each downward plunge.

A spasm ripped through her cunt. She shuddered and stiffened, then
toppled off her uncle's foot. "I'm so hot, Uncle Harry," she babbled as
she squirmed on the floor. "So fuckin' hot."

She reached for his cock. It was thick, yet still not rock-hard the way
she wanted it. Moaning like a bitch in heat, she pushed her hands
against her uncle's hips. "Roll over. I wanna eat your ass."

Harry rolled over willingly. It wasn't everyday that hot some nympho
wanted to chew on his ass. The fact that it was his teenaged niece made
it that much more exciting.

Drooling, her blue eyes flickering with the lust raging in her pussy,
Crissy crawled over her uncle. She attacked him like a wild tigress,
nipping her way down his back to the cheeks of his ass.

"Jesus, Crissy," he groaned, his cock mashed into the carpet. He jerked
his hips, twisted and groaned under her attacking mouth.

Crissy reached his ass and chewed. She crawled between his legs, gnawed
on his thighs, and licked the back of his thick-skinned ball-sac. She
coated his balls with warm spit, soaked his thighs, then whimpering,
she chewed hungrily on his asscheeks.

"Honey," he groaned, jerking under Crissy's hard snipping bites. "Easy,
for Christ's sake!"

Crissy was too involved and hot to hear her uncle's groans. She spread
the cheeks of his ass, slapped her tongue up through his crack and
soaked his wrinkled shitter with her spit. "Mmmmm, it looks so

"Honey ... suck it ... out!" He jerked his hips, smashing his ass
against her face.

"Unnnnnn," she moaned as her uncle smashed her face. She reached under,
grabbed his cock with both hands and squeezed.

"Aghhhh," Harry growled, his prick a prisoner of his niece's gripping
fingers. He thrashed on the floor, jabbing his thickening cock through
Crissy's hands. He slammed back, bucking his hips as Crissy's tongue
tormented his asshole.

Crissy chewed greedily on the soft flesh around his asshole, then
plunged her tongue into his shitter. She reamed his asshole, her
fingers mauling his cock. Her own body writhed, her tits scraping
against the carpet. Her clit, swollen with blood, scratched against the
nap of the rug.

She jammed her hips forward, mashing her clit into the rug and moaned,
her cries of lust lost in the flesh of her uncle's ass. She wormed her
tongue deep, slobbering spit into his shitter, and roughly played with
his prick.

Harry's cock stiffened into a rigid beam. He jerked back, whacking his
ass against his niece's face. "Honey," he groaned. "I'm ready! Christ!"

Panting and gasping for air, she pulled her face away from her uncle's
ass. She released his cock and scrambled up onto her haunches, waiting
like an insane animal for her uncle to roll over onto his back.

"Get on your back, Crissy," Harry said. "I'm goin' to fuck the shit out
of you."

Dazed, her head reeling, she laughed lewdly. "You'd have to fuck my
asshole if you want my shit." She stared at his prick stabbing the air.
"I need it in my pussy."

She scrambled over her uncle's body, straddling his hips. His cock
jutted up hard and inviting. She squiggled her hips, rubbing his hard-
on against her belly. "Oooooh, I think I'm crazy, Uncle Harry."

"I know you are," he rumbled, his voice deep, coated with lust. "Stick
it the fuck in."

Lewd animal sounds escaped her drooling mouth. Crissy leered hotly at
her uncle. She released his prick, jerked her hips, then slammed down,
pressing his cock against his groin. The puffy lips of her overheated
pussy wrapped around his cock shaft and warm sudsy pussy-cream flowed
out, drenching him in its sticky heat.

"Oooooh, it's throbbing. I feel it." She glided her cunt back and forth
over his prick, soaking it in pussy-cream. She lowered her head,
watched her tits jiggle and saw Harry's cockhead peek out as she jerked
her hips back.

"Unnnnn." She moved forward and felt his cock slide through her cunt
gash. "Oooooh, I'm ready for it!" she squealed. "Ready to be fucked!"

So was Harry. His niece had turned his balls into hot coals. His prick,
engorged with blood, ached to be buried up inside her teenaged pussy.
"Me, too, Crissy. Climb on and fuck yourself to death."

Trembling, her tits shaking, her mouth open, her eyes wide and glassy,
Crissy lifted her pussy from her uncle's cock. His prick twitched and
stabbed the air. "Oooooh, here I come!"

Harry stiffened, his body rigid as he waited for his niece to plunge
herself down onto his cock.

Crissy slammed down, impaling herself on his prick. "Ahhhhh!" Her head
snapped back and her face turned beet-red. "It's in me! Oooooh, Christ
in heaven! It's in me!"

Harry groaned. Her hot pussy muscles surrounded his prick, clutching
and pulsing against his cock shaft. Warm cream oozed out, flowing over
his cum-stuffed balls. "Crissy!" He jerked up, then dropped back, his
cock buried to the hilt.

Crissy twisted and screamed as she fucked herself blind on her uncle's
prick. Swaying, she leaned back, balancing herself on stiff arms as she
rotated her hips. "It's gonna rip through my belly!" she cried out.
"Oooooh, God. I'm going crazy!"

With Crissy wriggling her hips, Harry felt as if his cock were going to
break inside her pussy. He lunged up, jabbing his cock hard into her
cunt. Her screams drove him on and he lunged up again, drilling his
bent prick into the cushiony walls of her oozing cunt. She was

"Crissy," he groaned, slicing up into her pussy. "Gimme your tits." He
jabbed up again, stabbing her fuck hole.

Crissy struggled, brought herself up and ground her cunt down on his
cock. She jutted out her tits and leered at her uncle. "Pull 'em.
Squeeze 'em. Make 'em hurt." She lifted up, then slammed down, a lewd
expression on her face as she made her uncle grunt.

If she wanted it rough, Harry wanted to please her. He grabbed her tits
in his big hands and twisted the soft flesh until Crissy screamed in
pain. "Enough?" he rasped.

"Noooo!" she screeched. "More!" She slammed down on his prick again,
jerking her hips and tugging on his cock shaft with the greedy muscles
of her cunt.

Harry mauled her tits and humped up with his hips, his cock piercing
her spongy wet pussy. He yanked on her tits and felt her nipples burn
into his palms. His cock was throbbing, the steamy juice of her cunt
greasing his prick shaft, oozing out and coating his balls.

Crissy went wild on her uncle's cock. She leaned forward, mangling her
clit against his hard groin. "Oooooh, shit!" she squealed.

"You're rippin' my fuckin' tits off!" She slammed down, making her
uncle groan.

Harry released her tits, and he kneaded her quivering body until his
big hands spanned her wiggling hips. He jerked her back and forth, his
cock gliding in and out of her wet pulsing cunt. "Cream, honey. Cream
my fuckin' prick."

"Yessss, Uncle Harry!" she wailed, swinging her tits back and forth.
She dangled her small fleshy tits over his mouth and twisted her hips.
"Bite! Bite off my fuckin' nipples."

Harry lifted his head, latched his teeth sadistically onto one swollen
nipple and chewed. Crissy screamed. He lifted his ass from the rug,
fucking his cock into her cunt. Crissy howled.

"Yeahhhhh!" she cried out, the pain from Harry's chewing teeth fanning
the flames of passion raging in her cock-stuffed pussy. "I love it.
Oooooh, holy Jesus! I love it!"

Harry turned Crissy's creamy tits to a glistening red. Teeth marks
blotched her flesh. He sucked one nipple, chewing the tip, his hands
mauling her jiggling hips. His cock felt as if it were going to burst.
"Crissy," he groaned. "Cream!"

Crissy was bouncing crazily on her uncle's cock. Each fuck-stab felt as
if he were ripping into her belly. She jerked her shoulders and
screamed as Harry's teeth sunk into her sensitive nipple.

Harry grabbed his niece, held her lithe trembling body and rolled her
over onto her back. Grinning, he stared down at her face. "Now, you're
gonna cum, you crazy little bitch."

"Fuck me," she whimpered. "Fuck me." She lunged up and ground her clit
against his groin. "Make me cum all over your cock."

Harry eased his cock from her pussy, then jabbed forward, the head of
his prick spearing the hot scalding depths of her pussy. He did it
again, watching his niece writhe in ecstasy beneath him. "How's that,
Crissy?" he rasped, his voice ragged.

"Unnnn, more!" She clawed his shoulders and chest, her hips grinding
her clit against his groin. "Fuck me!"

Harry slammed her back onto the carpet. Crissy's screams followed each
vicious jab. Lust ate away at his brain and he fucked her young body
blindly, carrying them both to the peak.

"Harder! Harder!" she shrieked, battling her uncle, meeting his thrusts
with upward humps. "Oooooh, Uncle Harry!"

Crissy twisted and squirmed, her ass scraping against the nap of the
rug. She caught his rhythm, fucking herself insanely on his skewering
prick. Her small tits, still red and sore, jiggled with each gasping
breath she took. "I'm almost there!"

Harry obliged his niece's shrieking cries. He fucked into her pussy,
his cock a battering ram, slamming her twisting hot sizzling body back
onto the rug. "Crissy," he grunted. "Sweet ... Crissy!"

His cock swelled, ready to burst. It throbbed, the blood surging
through his prick shaft at the boiling point. His balls rumbled, ached
with the heavy load of cum that churned inside. "Cum!"

Twisting and squirming her hips, she clawed her uncle's arms. For a
second, she seemed to freeze, then went into her orgasm. "I'm cumming!
I'm creamin' ... Uncle Harry!"

Her climax ripped through her cunt as she slammed up against her
uncle's pounding groin. Cum gushed from the pulsing walls of her
exploding pussy, bathing Harry's hard throbbing cock. "I'm cumming!
Oooooh, keep fuckin' me!"

Harry rode the fury of his teenaged niece's orgasm. He fucked her, his
cock keeping her in a wild state of screaming bliss. The hot cum of her
pussy and the pulsing muscles that attacked his stabbing cock shaft
brought him to the edge. His balls erupted.

"I'm cumming," he roared, his deep ragged voice filling the room. "I'm
cumming!" Hot white cum spewed from his pisser, splattering the steamy
depths of Crissy's climaxing cunt. He jabbed, grinding her into the
carpet as another hot spraying stream of cum shot from his cock and
flooded his niece's fuck hole.

They slammed against each other, their pounding bodies slapping noisily
together each time Crissy lunged up and Harry slammed her back. Harry's
deep grunts blended with Crissy's wailing screams. His cum squirted
into her cunt, mixing with the gushing cum from her pulsing pussy

"Oooooh, I'm still cumming!" Crissy cried. The hot sticky mixture of
their cum gushed from her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Harry drove her twisting body back onto the floor. His cock sliced
through the oozing goo, fucking deep, his balls still churning out more
of his white thick jizz.

"Ooooh, I feel your cum!" she screamed. "I'm so full!" She went insane.
Her young lithe body wrenched and twisted beneath her uncle's powerful
frame. She clung to him with her arms, wrapped her legs around his
jabbing hips, and pounded his back with her heels.

"Keep making me cream!" She jerked up, slamming her young body against
his hard frame. Her hips bucked and rolled while her cunt exploded
again. "I'm still cumming!"

Harry's balls rumbled, his grunts turning to gasps as the child beneath
him tried to drain his body. His hips lunged forward and his arms gave
out. He crushed her beneath him, his cock fucking violently in and out
of her cunt. "Crissy! Crissy!"

Crissy threw herself against his pounding body. Another jolt of passion
caromed through her pussy. She stiffened and trembled, her entire body
feeling as if it were going to break. Her mouth opened, but nothing
came out except garbled gasps of joy. "Aghhh!"

Harry groaned, his prick and balls empty. His hot sexy niece had
drained him completely. He rolled off, his chest heaving as he sucked
air into his lungs.

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," she purred. She squeezed her thighs together and
felt the cum squish inside her pussy.

"We better get dressed," Harry said. He sat up, reaching for his
clothes. "Your father will be home soon."

Crissy giggled. "We have plenty of time." She scrambled to her feet,
spread her legs and offered her uncle her hand. "Come on up to my
bedroom. I got a surprise for you."

"Better make it quick," Harry said, getting to his feet. "Your father
will bust my head open if he catches us."

Crissy took his hand, and she led him to the stairs. "I think you're
going to like my surprise."

Harry nodded, his gaze glued to her small wiggling ass as they climbed
the stairs. "Just make it quick, honey."

Crissy threw open the door to the bedroom, then led her uncle inside.
"Say hello to Daddy, Uncle Harry." She giggled and stepped aside.

"Holy Christ!" Harry groaned. He stood dead in his tracks, staring at
his brother, who lay on the bed between Tammy's parted thighs.

Tammy waved, her face flushed and her tits jiggling. "Hi, Uncle Harry,"
she cooed, her hips squirming as her father licked his tongue up
through her pussy.

Douglas pulled his head out from between Tammy's long parted legs. He
leered at his brother, a wide lewd grin on his juice-stained face.
"Glad you could join us, Harry. These two hot little nymphos are too
much for just one man."

Harry groaned, his head reeling as he plopped into a chair. "I always
wondered if you were making it with your kids."

"We just started last night," Crissy giggled, dropping into her uncle's
lap. She rubbed her bare ass against his limp prick. "Let's watch. When
Daddy's done, you can fuck Tammy."

"Mmmmm, I'd love that," Tammy purred, her tongue flicking out over her

Douglas stroked his fingers through Tammy's wet pussy. Hot cream coated
his fingers. "How did you like making it with Crissy?" Douglas asked.

Harry fondled Crissy's small plump tits. "She's fantastic." He dropped
his hand between her thighs. "I sure would have liked bustin' her

Douglas grinned. "No more cherries in this house. I took care of them
last night."

"Ooooh, Daddy," Tammy moaned. "Lick me off while I look at Uncle
Harry." She squirmed on the bed. "You wanna watch me cum, Uncle Harry?"

"I sure do, Tammy," he said, ogling the teenager's large tits. "Then
I'll fuck you."

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," Tammy crooned. She humped up, her pussy pulsing
against her father's jabbing fingers. "Eat me, Daddy."

"Eat her, Doug," Harry groaned. "Prime her pussy for my cock."

Crissy squirmed on her uncle's lap and rubbed her tits against his
chest, her mouth showering his face with kisses. "Eat her, Daddy, then
I'll suck you off."

Douglas pulled his fingers from his daughter's cunt. "I'll make the
little nympho scream her fuckin' head off." "Yes, Daddy. Make me
crazy!" Tammy writhed on her back, her pussy dripping, overheated and
pulsing for her father's tongue.

Douglas forgot about Harry and Crissy. He turned around and stared at
Tammy's cunt. "Now where was I?"

"You had your mouth on my cunt and your tongue in my fuck hole," Tammy

"Ummmm, I remember now." He dropped his head back between Tammy's
juice-stained thighs. The sweet succulent scent of her pussy attacked
his nostrils. "Nice tender cuntmeat."

"Ooooh, stop teasing me, Daddy," Tammy moaned. "Eat me!" Her green eyes
flashed, leering at her uncle. "I'm so hot for your cock, Uncle Harry."

Douglas plunged his tongue into his daughter's pussy, sucking the puffy
folds into his mouth and chewed. Warm sudsy pussycream flowed over his
face and into his mouth. He chewed harder, making his daughter wail
with pleasure.

"I'm creaming, Daddy!" Tammy wailed, her eyes fixed on her uncle. "I'm
creaming!" She humped, her tits jiggling, her ass squiggling on the
bed. "Ooooh, Daddy! You're chewing me up!"

Douglas' tongue flashed up through Tammy's wet seeping cunt gash. A
glistening flow of pussy-cream drenched his tongue, his face, and
dribbled down his neck. He swirled the buttery ooze around Tammy's
swollen cuntlips, then sucked deep. She was delicious. It wasn't every
man who had two young girls to fuck and suck.

Orgasms skimmed through Tammy's pussy. The inside of her cunt
contracted, gripping an imaginary cock. She rotated her hips and ground
her cunt into her father's mouth. "Ooooh, Daddy! I'm cumming all over
your face."

Douglas whipped his tongue over her clit, then sucked it into his
mouth. As he chewed, Tammy's squeals of pleasure grew louder. Holding
her clit with his teeth, he lashed the tip with his tongue.

Tammy was out of her skull. Having an audience drove her wild. "I'm
creaming!" she screamed. "Watch me!"

Douglas slipped his hands under Tammy's jiggling ass. He mauled her
flesh and chomped on her pussy. Cum flowed over his face, into his
mouth. He chewed harder, his head shaking from side to side, her clit
trapped between his teeth.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Tammy's big creamy tits were flopping. She grabbed
them, squeezed, then screamed as her father's teeth sunk into her
pulsing blood-engorged clit. "Aghhhh! Don't stop now, Daddy!"

Saliva drooled from her panting mouth. Her green eyes stared at Crissy
and her uncle. Her hips twisted, her ass humped, and she clawed the
sheet with her nails. "Oooooh, don't ever stop, Daddy!"

Douglas gnawed roughly on her clit. The taste of his daughter's pussy
was fantastic. He sucked her clit, plunged his tongue into her fuck
hole and felt her muscles try to capture him. He dug his blunt fingers
into the cheeks of her ass, found her crack and shoved one finger in.

"Aghhhhh, Daddy!" Humping wildly, Tammy bucked her hips, mashing her
cunt into her father's mouth as she jerked back and twisted on his ass-
stabbing finger. "I'm cumming, Daddy! Oooooh, I'm so fuckin' hot!"

She arched her back and shuddered. "Ahhh!" Another spasm racked her
young overheated body. She lifted her ass, jerked, then crashed back to
the bed. "Now, Uncle Harry."

Douglas pulled his cum-stained face away from his daughter's pussy.
"She's all yours, Harry. Fuck her to death."

Crissy leaped off her uncle's lap, and Harry hurried to the bed, his
cock stiff, throbbing for the hot red-haired cunt of his niece.

Douglas sat in the chair, allowing Crissy to lick his face clean.

Ten minutes later, Tammy and her uncle screamed as their bodies
exploded in orgasm. Douglas' voice joined in the chorus as Crissy's
gobbling mouth sucked his cum from his balls.

The two men spent the day in bed, sharing and enjoying Crissy and her
sister, Tammy.

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2010-08-29 17:40:45
wow...a hot story. Both my sister and me used to ride with our uncle Tom. He would park the car and feel us both up. We were about 6 or 7 years old. we let him feel our cunts a lot it tickled.
one day he let us play with his big cock in the car..and jerk it off.

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2008-10-23 23:53:44
introducing the uncle just made what was a believable story to one that just makes me say oh hell no never would happen


2008-05-28 21:33:56
Fucking Uncle Harry once in awhile is ok but keep most of the fucking betwee daughters and father.


2006-07-05 19:21:59
Thank you for a wonderful hot read,


2006-06-30 15:53:17
I had an uncle who would try and touch my tits and pussy all the time but he never had the courage to try and fuck me reading this I wish he had

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