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The final mind blowing part
Crissy tingled with excitement as she stood in the shower, the hot
water beating against her tits. She lathered her pussy and ass with
sweet-smelling soap. "Ooooh, shit!" she gasped, the rough washcloth
rubbing against her sensitive clit.

She soaped her tits, sighing as her nipples swelled and ached for her
father's mouth. Leaning back against the tiled shower stall, she rinsed
her tits. Spasms rippled through her hot young body as she rinsed her
cunt and ass.

By the time she had stepped out of the shower and dried herself, she
was sizzling hot, her pussy frothy with juice. She padded into the
bedroom and looked at her naked body in the mirror.

Five days ago she had thought no man would want a child. She had
learned differently. Her father and uncle were crazy about her body and
couldn't get enough of it. "Mmmm," she purred. "Today, I'll have them
all to myself."

"Ooooh, God," she sighed. It was what she had wanted since recruiting
her uncle into the sex games with her father and sister. Tammy, she
knew, would be gone all day and her father and uncle were downstairs
waiting. It blew her mind.

She fluffed her blonde hair, then slipped a pair of black-lace
crotchless panties on. The lace tickled her exposed clit, sending goose
bumps up and down her spine. She slipped on the matching bra, the front
cut out so that her pink nipples could peek out erotically. She had
bought the sexy things yesterday, knowing she would have her father and
uncle to herself today.

To keep her surprise a secret, she pulled a robe on and left the
bedroom, tying the sash tightly around her slim waist as she hurried
down the stairs for an afternoon of fantastic sex.

Douglas was at the bar, sipping beer. Harry was on the couch, a drink
in his hand. Both turned to face Crissy as she strolled into the living

"What took you so long?" Doug asked, leering hotly at his young

"Yeah, honey," Harry said. "You getting yourself off in the shower?"

Crissy giggled, shivering under the ogling gazes of her father and
uncle. "I was washing my pussy and asshole," she said with a wink. She
joined her father at the bar, poured herself a stiff drink, then gulped
down half of it.

"Don't get drunk, baby," Douglas said. "It dulls the senses." He leaned
over and kissed his little daughter on the mouth.

Crissy sucked his tongue, then pulled away. "Just a little buzz," she
giggled. "It makes fuckin' around more fun."

"You hiding anything under that robe?" Harry asked, his hand on his

"A surprise," she cooed, finishing her drink. She rubbed her father's
crotch. "Mmmm, you're hard already."

"I get hard every time you come into the room," Doug said. He finished
his beer and joined Harry on the couch.

"You hard, too, Uncle Harry?" Crissy purred. She stood in the center of
the living room, both men giving her their undivided attention.

"Hard as a rock, honey," he said. "You can check anytime you want."

"I will," she giggled. "Soon." Crissy swooned. Today was going to be
the best day of her life.

She parted her robe, giving the two horny men a peek at what was
underneath. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was on fire.

Doug gulped back the lump in his throat, his eyes fixed on his luscious
daughter as the robe opened completely. "Crissy. God, you're gorgeous."

Crissy licked her lips and slipped the robe off her shoulders. It
melted to the floor and she shuddered as tiny orgasms rippled through
her cunt.

"Damn," Harry groaned. "You're better than any woman, Crissy." His eyes
bugged out as he leered at his young sexy niece.

Crissy paraded around the room, modeling for her father and uncle.
"There's no crotch," she said, parting her legs. "You can fuck me with
my panties on if you want."

"My cock feels like a rock," Harry said, his eyes devouring his niece.

"Mine, too," Doug said, enjoying the sight of his beautiful daughter.

"I'm creaming," Crissy moaned. "God, the way you two are looking at me,
I can't help but cream."

She walked over to them. "Rip off my bra, Daddy." She took a deep
breath and waited.

Douglas grabbed the flimsy material and yanked. It came away in his
hand, baring her plump creamy tits. "Baby," he rasped.

She shook her tits and rubbed them against her father's hand. "Play
with 'em," she moaned, enjoying the attention of both men. "Pinch 'em."

Her father pinched her nipple. He grabbed her creamy flesh, pawing her
as his cock throbbed in his pants.

"You, too, Uncle Harry." She trembled as her uncle mauled her other
tit. It was great not having to share her father and uncle with Tammy.

She wiggled her hips, her blonde hair swishing across her face. "Make
me hot!" she gasped, tingling under the pawing hands of her father and
uncle. "Make me cream."

Harry kneaded one plump tit, his cock aching. "Come on, honey. Let's
get down to some action."

"Yeah, baby," Douglas said. He grabbed her panties in a fit of passion,
tearing them from her hot little body. The sight of her blonde-haired
pussy made his balls rumble.

"Ooooh, Daddy," she giggled, stepping back out of their pawing hands.
"Look what you've done." She turned around, jiggling the cheeks of her

Harry reached out, mauling her ass, his finger teasing at the crack of
her asshole. "I'm gonna fuck your ass today, Crissy."

Crissy gasped and shoved back, allowing her uncle's finger to invade
the tight narrow canal of her shitter. "Oooooh, I know! I know!"

She moved away and faced them. "Take off your clothes," she squealed.

Quickly, both men stripped, their long thick cocks stabbing out from
their hairy groins.

Crissy gasped, feasting her eyes on their cocks. Today, they both
belonged to her and she intended to savor every minute of it. She was
in her glory.

"I'm gonna suck you both off," she said, her blue eyes glowing with
passion. Crissy dropped to her knees, and she crawled to her father and
uncle. She straightened up, grabbed both pricks, one in each hand, and
stroked them. "Ooooh, so much cockmeat for me to eat."

Harry groaned as he felt her hot breath on the head of his bloated
cock. "Suck it, Crissy. Get it nice and hard for your asshole."

"Me, too," Douglas groaned, his hips jerking his prick through his
daughter's fist.

Crissy brought her mouth to her uncle's cock, closed her lips around
his bloated prick head and sucked. A thick drop of precum oozed into
her mouth and she smeared it over her lips and the head of her uncle's
prick. "You're seeping, Uncle Harry," she cooed, after taking her mouth
off his prick.

She brought her mouth back to her uncle's prick, then sucked deep,
enjoying his groans of pleasure. She squeezed her father's prick,
jerking his cockshaft with long sensuous strokes.

Douglas looked down at his daughter as she sucked his brother's prick.
It seemed like only yesterday that she was an innocent baby. Now she
was more of a woman than anyone he had ever known. "My turn," he
rasped. "Don't forget me."

Crissy popped her mouth off her uncle's prick. "I could never forget
you, Daddy." She tugged on both pricks, then squiggled over to her
father's cock and soaked it with her tongue. "Mmmm, delicious."

Douglas jerked, driving his prick into her mouth, his cockhead spearing
her throat.

Crissy sunk her teeth into his cockshaft. She pulled back, dragging her
teeth along his prick. "Get on the floor. It'll be easier for me."

Douglas dropped to the floor on his back, his prick stabbing the air.
"Come and get it, baby."

Crissy crawled over between his legs. She looked back at her uncle.
"Play with my pussy and ass," she purred, "while I suck Daddy."

"Whatever you want, honey. It's your party." Harry got down on the
floor, fondled his niece's ass and slim hips. He smoothed his hands
over her back and watched as she lowered her head to his brother's

Crissy gobbled the head of her father's cock into her mouth. One deep
noisy suck brought his bell-shaped cockhead into her throat. She didn't
stop. Gobbling voraciously, she took his prick to the root, stopping
only when her lips were mashed against the hair of his groin.

"Ahhh, baby," Douglas groaned. He lunged up, stabbing his prick into
her gullet. Each jab mashed his daughter's lips onto his groin.

Crissy scratched her nails like a cat over her father's hairy stomach.
She gulped on his lunging prick, breathing hard through her nose each
time he pierced her throat. She used her teeth and gnawed on his
drilling cockshaft.

Harry dipped his hands between Crissy's thighs, stroking his fingers
along the wet puffy gash of her pussy. Warm sticky cunt-cream flowed
over his hand. "She's soaked, Doug," he groaned. "A fuckin' furnace
ready to be fucked."

Crissy popped her mouth off her father's prick. "Not yet, Uncle Harry.
Finger me first. Make me crazy!" She tilted her head and gobbled on the
length of her father's prick.

Harry jabbed three fingers into his niece's cunt, then twisted his
fingers, the blunt tips gouging at the spongy walls of her fuckhole.

"Ahhhh!" Crissy gasped, her head snapping back. "Keep fingering me! My
asshole, too!"

Harry grinned and shook his head in amazement as he watched her writhe
under his jabbing fingers. "You got a great daughter, Doug." He jabbed
the sopping walls of her cunt, his prick aching to be in her ass.

Crissy was in heaven. "Ooooh, Daddy. Uncle Harry is making me crazy!"
She wiggled her hips and jammed back. "Tell him to finger my ass! Get
it ready for your cock, Uncle Harry!"

Doug reached down, grabbed her thick blonde hair and forced his prick
into her mouth. "Eat it, baby. Make me harder." He lunged up, fucking
her throat. Groaning, he collapsed back on the floor, twitching as her
teeth gnawed away at his throbbing cockshaft.

Crissy sucked, gnawed and whipped her tongue over and around his
cockshaft. She was in bliss as she enjoyed both her father and uncle.

Working her ass in tight jerky circles, she ground back at her uncle's
plunging fingers. She feasted on her father's prick, eager for her
uncle to ream her ass and prime it for his cock.

Harry jabbed a finger into Crissy's tight asshole. He twisted his
finger, gouging at the dry walls of her narrow shitter. He raked both
his niece's fuckholes, watching her hips jerk and twist as his cock
throbbed to take the place of his fingers.

Doug humped up, blindly fucking his prick in and out of his daughter's
throat. "Baby," he groaned. "Chew me! Aghhh!"

Crissy lost her mind. She sucked, sinking her teeth into her father's
cockshaft, shoved back and massaged her uncle's buried fingers with her
pussy and asshole muscles. Gasping moans gurgled deep in her throat.
Spittle dribbled from her mouth, down her father's prickshaft as she
bobbed her head rapidly up and down.

Harry pulled his fingers from her body and watched as she went into
spasms. Grinning lewdly, he took his juice-stained fingers and rammed
them into her ass, stretching her shitter wide, preparing it for his
long thick cock.

With three fingers stuffed in her ass, Crissy snapped her head away
from her father's cock. "Ayieeee!" she squealed. She stared at her
father, her face red with passion, her blue eyes glassy and dilated.
"He's fingering my asshole, Daddy!"

"Chew me, baby. Get me ready for your pussy."

"I'll prime her, Doug," Harry groaned. With his fingers still buried in
Crissy's asshole, he aimed his throbbing cock at her pussy. "Here,
Crissy, feed on this awhile." He jabbed, stabbing his prick in to the
root with one fast lunge.

Crissy almost collapsed. She dropped her head, swallowing her father's
prick into her mouth. She chewed, pulled back and gasped for air.
"Ooooh, Daddy. He's fuckin' me! He's fuckin' me!" She swooned, her blue
eyes glazed.

Harry ripped into her pussy, cunt juice greasing his prickshaft. It
flowed over his jabbing cock, bathing it, greasing it for her asshole.
"I think she's ready," he grunted, fucking his prick in and out of her
cunthole, his fingers plunging into her ass.

"I am ready!" Crissy gasped. "Ready for both your cocks." Dazed,
passion bubbling in her veins, she jerked forward, forcing her uncle's
cock and fingers to pop out of her cunt and asshole. "A double fuck!"
she cried. "Ooooh, God!"

Crissy began to shake. She stared first at her father's spit-soaked
prick, then at her uncle's cream-coated cock. She straddled her father,
then plunged down, burying his cock to the root. "Ahhhh!" Her cunt
contracted, gripping her father's prick. "Ooooh, Daddy! Daddy!"

Douglas grabbed his daughter's plump tits and squeezed. He pulled her
forward, his cock throbbing inside her steamy pussy. "Now, baby. It's
time you really learned what it's like to be a woman."

Crissy's eyes popped. Her mouth dropped open. "Yessss!" she wailed.
"Ooooh, yesss!"

Harry crawled behind his niece, his prick swinging, coated in the soupy
froth of her pussy. He grabbed her jerking hips and saw the base of his
brother's cock, the rest buried up inside her pussy. Warm cream oozed
out from her clinging cuntlips, down over Doug's balls.

"Hurry, Uncle Harry!" she sobbed drunkenly. She wriggled her ass, the
frantic action grinding her clit against her father's hard groin.

"Ooooh, Daddy! Make him hurry!" She rolled her hips from side to side,
twisting her clit against his groin. "Make him hurry!"

"Stop jerkin' your fuckin' ass," Harry groaned, his prick throbbing,
his cockhead seeping.

"Ooooh, Uncle Harry," she moaned. "I can't stop. Daddy's cock feels too
good!" She humped on her father's cock, her cunt muscles twitching
around his buried hard-on.

Harry pawed her hips, gripping them tightly in his hands, holding her
steady for a second. He jabbed, the head of his cock slicing through
the tight wrinkled crack of her asshole. He stabbed again, burying half
his cock in her shitter.

"Aghhhh!" Crissy jerked like a wildcat. "All of it! Every fuckin'
inch!" She shoved back, trying to capture his prick.

Harry slammed in again. The juicy cream of Crissy's pussy had done the
trick. His entire cock ripped into her asshole, his groin now flush
with her creamy asscheeks. He eased back, then drove forward again, his
cock fucking easily through the tight ring of her ass.

Crissy leered at her father's face. "Ooooh, Daddy! He's so deep! Ooooh,
it feels so good." She was drunk with passion, reeling under the double
pleasure of having both her uncle's and father's cocks buried up inside
her scalding body. "Oooooh! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Doug mauled her tits, his cock throbbing up inside her pussy. "We're
gonna cream you, baby."

"I know, Daddy!" she gasped. "I know!" She was delirious. Spit drooled
from her mouth. "I love it!" It was fantastic and she couldn't wait
until their hot cum flooded her body.

Harry's head was spinning. His cock was buried to the hilt, the muscles
of her ass clutching his prickshaft like a hot vise. He parted her
creamy asscheeks and leered at his buried prick and the tight muscle of
her asshole wrapped around his cockshaft. He jerked back and felt her
muscles tug greedily to keep him buried.

"Put it back!" Crissy wailed hysterically. She worked her hips in a
flurry of frenzied circles. "Rip open my ass!"

Harry glanced down at his brother and nodded. He lunged forward,
driving his cock deep into her ass. At the same time, Douglas slammed
up, ramming his prick deep into her pussy. The two vicious jabs almost
split the screaming teenager in two. They fucked her violently, her
screams of joy filling the living room.

Crissy snapped her head from side to side, her blonde hair whipping
across her crimson face. "Ooooh, Daddy! Uncle Harry!" She absorbed
their hard punishing jabs, thrived on them, battled back, squeezing
every ounce of pleasure from her first double fuck. "Faster, Daddy!
Harder, Uncle Harry! Fuck me! Oooooh, God, I'm goin' crazy!"

Harry ravaged his niece's asshole with hard stabbing thrusts. His
balls, crammed with cum, slapped painfully against her quivering body.
He growled, his face twisting into a mask of sheer lust. He gritted his
teeth, his lips drawing back, giving his face a maniacal look. Harder
and harder, he plunged his prick in and out of her tight gripping
shitter, grunting with each powerful fuck-stab.

Douglas lunged up, slamming his prick into her hot pulsing pussy. With
his brother's prick jabbing her asshole, it made his daughter's pussy
that much tighter. His ass lifted off the floor as he groaned, then
thudded back as Crissy ground her clit against his groin. "Baby. Sweet
... Crissy!" He drilled his prick into her pussy as hot sudsy cream
greased his cockshaft and soaked his balls.

Crissy twisted and churned, bucking like a crazed animal between them.
She saw the passion in her father's face, then turned her head and saw
the same lust in her uncle's eyes. "Oooooh, God!" she cried, knowing
she was turning them both into madmen bent on ripping her apart.
"Ooooh, God in heaven!"

"Harder! Harder!" she screamed as they fucked her with fast demanding
thrusts. She went wild, her body jerking frantically under the
devastating attack. "Oooooh, Christ! I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind!"

At the mercy of their stabbing cocks, Crissy found their rhythm, caught
the demanding pace and climbed screaming to the peak. "Ooooh, I'm
getting close! So damn fuckin' close!"

Douglas fucked his prick into her pussy, slamming in and out of her
gripping cunthole, his ass whacking into the carpet each time she
slammed back down on his cock. He held her tits, twisted them and made
her scream. He watched her face contort with lust. It swelled his cock,
rumbled the cum in his balls.

Harry thrust forward, driving Crissy against Douglas' lunging body,
mashing her clit on his groin. Each jab brought him closer to emptying
his balls. "Soon, my hot little bitch!" he roared, his prick engorged
with blood and throbbing in the narrow hole of her shitter. "Soon!"

Crissy was swooning. She felt the pressure of her climax mount in her
cunt. She felt each fuck-stab of their cocks. She felt them swell
inside her holes, stretching her beyond anything she had ever dreamed
of. It was going to happen and it blew her mind. "Oooooh, cream me!
Cream me!"

She stared at her father as his hands kneaded her tits. "Uncle Harry's
gonna cum, Daddy! He's ready to cream my ass!"

Harry let out a deep roar. His balls rumbled, then exploded. The hot
cum churning in his balls shot through his bloated cockshaft. It
squirted from his pisser like a hot geyser, flooding the narrow canal
of Crissy's shitter. "I'm cumming! Aghhhh, Crissy!"

"He's creaming me, Daddy! He's creaming my asshole!" Her virgin asshole
gulped at Harry's squirting cock. "He's squirting me, Daddy! Ahhhh ...
a ... hot ... enema!"

She bucked under her uncle's spurting cock, using her muscles to milk
his plowing prick. "More! More!" she screamed greedily. "Drown me!"

Harry was out of his skull. He pounded his niece with hard blind fuck-
stabs. His balls rumbled, then erupted again, spewing thick stringy
wads of jizz into her asshole. "Crissy!" he bellowed, his cum greasing
her shitter for faster speed. "I'm creaming!"

Harry lashed at her twisting body, his balls sore as they whacked her
ass. He went faster, his cum keeping her asshole slippery. He held her
hips and fucked, his prick constantly squirting her ass as he grunted.

Crissy crashed forward, her clit a mangled mass of raw meat. She
twisted and ground her clit against her father's groin. Spasms racked
her body. "Cum, Daddy! Cream my pussy!"

She worked her ass in quick frenzied jerks, keeping her uncle's cock
buried and squirting hot cum into her asshole. She used her cunt
muscles to make her father cream her pussy. Hot contractions swept
through her cunt and she felt her father's body stiffen and knew he was
ready. She was, too.

"Daddy! Daddy!" An orgasm erupted deep in her cunt. "I'm cumming!
Creaming!" She bucked as her orgasm caromed through her cock-stuffed
cunthole. "Cum! Cum!"

Douglas saw the lust twist his daughter's face. He felt the fury of her
climaxing cunt against his fucking prick. He glanced at his brother
fucking her ass and enjoyed the shuddering spasms that shook his

Douglas lunged up. His cock exploded. Hot cum spewed from his pisser.
Thick globs flooded her cunt. "I'm cumming, baby! I'm cumming!"

"Ahhhh!" she wailed, her cunt filling with cum, mixing with her own hot
creamy juices. His cum squirted into her pussy, triggering another
explosive orgasm in her. Thrashing and screaming, she climaxed again.

"I'm cumming all over your cock, Daddy!" She bucked. "Oooooh, I'm

Douglas' cock blasted out thick wads of cum. He flooded her overheated
pussy, mixing his sticky cum with her bubbling juices. Squishy noises
blended with her cries of joy each time he fucked his cock through her
cum-stuffed cunt.

Their thick spurting cocks slammed into Crissy's climaxing body. They
fucked her, grunting and panting as she creamed. Two thick cocks
sprayed her fuckholes with cum. Jizz oozed from her pussy and seeped
from her jiggling ass. Cum trickled down her crack, coated both sets of
thick-skinned balls.

"I can't stop cumming, Daddy," she shrieked at the top of her lungs.
"Oooooh, I can't stop!" Her head snapped from side to side, her blonde
hair lashing across her father's face and her own. She twisted her
shoulders. Her father's hands pulled and mauled her tits. Her clit,
mashed against her father's groin, was raw and pulsing, sending hot
spasms through her cunt.

Harry matched his niece's bucking jerks. He lunged hard, fucking his
prick into her ass at a reckless pace. His balls rumbled, their spewing
load of jizz almost gone. He mangled the soft flesh of her hips and
plowed her hot body with all the strength he possessed.

Harry's back stiffened. He shuddered, gulping for air, his chest
heaving. His cock was buried to the hilt, her ass keeping him a

"Don't take it out!" she screeched, her hips rotating frantically. She
wrenched her body and slammed her pussy down on her father's cock,
grinding her clit on his groin. Another orgasm rifled through her

Harry was exhausted. He dropped back, his cum-coated cock popping from
her tight ass. He saw his cum dribbling from her ass. "Jesus," he
rasped, falling back on the floor to watch her ride her father.

With her asshole empty, Crissy rode her father's cunt-splitting cock
with wild abandonment. Quick jerks and frenzied twists had her howling
as Douglas spurted wad after wad of cum into her pussy. Her head
twisted, her eyes glazed, she stared at her uncle while she continued
to grind her clit on her father's groin.

Tammy came in the door and froze in her tracks. Her eyes took in the
scene at a glance. It blew her mind. "Jesus," she mumbled, stripping
off her clothes as quickly as possible. She joined her uncle on the
floor, saw his spent cock, knew where it had been, and gobbled it into
her mouth.

Crissy was too busy cumming to notice. She pounded her body against her
father's, almost tearing her tits from her chest in her crazed wild
contortions. "Daddy! Daddy!" she wailed.

Douglas arched his back. "Baby!" His hands slipped to her gyrating
hips. He drove his hips up, fucking her cunt as his strength began to
ebb. "Ooooh, baby!"

Cum gushed from her cushiony pussy walls. It drenched his prick.
"Daddy!" She hammered her body onto his, then collapsed, panting and
drooling, her mouth fused to his neck.

Douglas held his daughter as she trembled in his arms. "You're a woman
now," he whispered, stroking her back.

Tammy pulled her mouth from her uncle's cock and she crawled over to
Crissy and her father. She pushed Crissy off and attacked her father's
cock, sucking him clean.

Crissy fell back onto the floor, cum oozing from both her fuck holes.
She sighed, stared blankly up at the ceiling.

Tammy finished with her father, then turned her attention to Crissy.
"Now you!" she gasped.

"Oooh, no," Crissy moaned, but it was too late. Tammy was already
between her legs, sucking her father's cum from her pussy.

Tammy's mouth gobbled hungrily, drawing out every wad of her father's
cum from Crissy's pussy. Crazed with what she had seen, she rolled
Crissy over, attacked her ass and feasted on her uncle's cum as it
oozed from Crissy's ass.

Finished with them all, she sat up. "Now, it's my turn."

Both men groaned.

Crissy staggered to her feet. The day had been perfect. She didn't care
if Tammy enjoyed the same pleasures. She giggled, blew them all a kiss
and left. Today, she had really become a woman.

The End

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I came twice reading that. My cunt is now dripping.
I can equate to that story. My two brothers used to take me to the woods when I was just 14 and both fucked me. The odd time they double fucked me. It was the best feeling I have ever had. To feel two cocks in both my cunt and bum at the same time.
They were in their late teens I never told on them. I did get pregnant from it all, and had an abortion.

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very nice and very hot sex story

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Get both girls pregnant. Once pregnant get the wives/mothers involved and get them pregnant.


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Great series of stories. Tammyand Chrissy should get pregnant by dad, not Uncle. When I was actively fucking both my mother and my sister, most of the time I would fuck each on them just twice a day. Ocassionally. I would get fucking 3 to 4 times a day, but I never reached 5 times or more.


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Pretty good But reall can two guys come that often ??

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