John and Sheila knew they were busted
John tried wiping the horse cum off of his face with his T-shirt. He could not believe all that cumm dripped on his face when Sheila could not swallow it all.
Omar, the caretaker, smiled. "You are some dirty little teenagers aren't you?"
Sheila was defiant. She said, "What the fuck do you want?"
"the same as you apparently," he replied.
He continued, "You like sex with animals? Let's do some more."
"Fuck you," screamed Sheila, "I am not doing anything."
Omar calmly said, "I think you both will, or I will tell your parents what little perverts you are. You will do exactly what I say. Do you understand?"
John and Sheila had a look of hopelessness in their eyes. They looked at each other and nodded towards Omar. Sheila said, "How bad can it be. I just sucked off a horse."
"Very good," Omar said, "Now start with my dick."
Omar pulled out his cock. Sheila could not belive it. HIs dick was huge. She had never seen a man with a dick like that. She was turned on by his huge member. She had actually been turned on before by his muscular body and the endless tan he always seemed to have.
She got on her knees right in front of Omar and began to suck on his dick. It began to get harder as she slowly went down on Omar's shaft. She could only swallow about 3/4 of his dick. Once she got used to the size, she started bobbing faster and used her hand at the base of his dick to stroke with.
John found it exciting to see Sheila sucking a huge cock. He moved around to get a better view. His dick was hardening, so he started to stroke it.
Omar said, "I see you like it. Why don't you get down there with her and help with this monster?"
John said, "Fuck no. I am not going to suck a dick."
Sheila said, "Come on, John. You already had a ton of cum on your face. Suck his dick. I dare you."
John kind of smiled. He was a little turned on by cock. What the hell. What could it hurt?
John got on his knees. Sheila aimed OMar's cock right at John's face. JOhn opened his mouth and started sucking on the head.
He must have hit a sweet spot because Omar let out a low moan. John just thought about what he liked in a blowjob. He focused on the head for a little but then he went down the shaft. As Omar's dick filled his mouth, John became excited and started sucking excitedly.
Sheila started stroking the base of OMar's cock and said, "Wow, what a cocksucker you are John!"
After a few minutes, Sheila said, "Move over and let me have some." Both her and John took a side of Omar's dick and started moving back and forth together on his cock. They could travel the whole length of his dick this way and Omar's knees started to give way.
He stopped them and said, "OK, now for the next phase."
Omar went to the closet and grabbed a bench that was slanted slightly back. He told Sheila to lay on it. She gladly obliged. She knew it was the perfect position to get fucked and she was ready.
Omar said, " I have a horse that I have trained to fuck all my girlfriends. NOw he will fuck you."
She was a little scared, but excited as well. He came back with a horse and a sheep. He told Sheila to not be afraid. She wondered how many times he had done this.
Omar walked the horse right over Sheila. She could feel the horse's body touching her and his dick on her belly.
Omar grabbed the horse dick and used the same lube on his dick that they use to do rectum checks and rubbed it on the horse dick. He seemed to enjoy stroking the horse dick a little too much, but it was soon extremely hard. He had the horse back up a little and positioned the horse dick right at the opening of Sheila's pussy.
She shuddered with excitement and fright. The horse slowly began to move forward. His dick was stretching sheila's pussy to the limit. It hurt at first, but also felt really good. The horse slowly creeped forward. Inch by inch the horse cock disappeared into Sheila's pussy until her pussy was filled to the bottom. The horse instinctively stopped when it hit bottom.
Sheila could not believe how full her pussy felt. She began to shudder. "Ahhhhh. Umpf. Umpf. Oh my God. Oh my God. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Sheila came all around the horse dick. Omar said something in Arabic and the horse started pumping his dick back and forth in Sheila's pussy.
Sheila grabbed the horse around the torso and held on for the ride.
Omar turned to John and saw him stroking his hard cock and said, "What are you waiting for? Why do you think I brought the sheep in here?"
John remembered how good the horse ass felt and could hardly wait to feel sheep pussy. He walked up behind the sheep and buried his cock deep inside the sheep. The sheep tried to buck away but John held on and kept fucking the sheep relentlessly.
Sheila was experiencing one orgasm after another. The stroking of the horse cock inside her was a little mechanical, but the size and depth made up for it. She screamed, "Fuck me. Fuck me with that huge horse cock of yours. Stretch my pussy to the limit. Ahhhhhhhhhh." She came again.
Omar put his cock right next to Sheila'a mouth. She needed no instruction. She sucked dick like a starving cock whore. Omar began fucking Sheila's mouth.
As Omar was closer to cumming. He whispered something to his horse. The horse buried his cock deeper in Sheila. It hurt and it felt good. She felt like she was getting ripped, but accomodated that horse dick.
Omar said, "Are you ready to get two huge loads of cum inside you?"
Shelia had a dick in her mouth and could only reply, "Mmm, hmm."
Omar patted the horse and that huge horse cock exploded deep inside Sheila. She could feel hot horse cum filling her pussy. Then, Omar started blowing his load in her mouth. It felt just like the horse cumming in her mouth, but Omar buried his dick deeper and she was determined to swallow it all.
Finally, Omar pulled his dick out of her mouth. The horse pumped one last time and finally quit cumming in her pussy. He had cum so much that it dripped around his dick and out of Sheila's pussy. Omar pulled the horse away from Sheila and his dick fell out of her. She felt like her pussy was gaping wide open.
They looked over and John was still fucking the sheep. Omar said, "What a waste. Why don't you comeover here and fuck a live human?"
John pulled his dick out of the sheep and walked over to Sheila. "Oh, no," Omar said, "You would not feel anything in there. I meant fuck me."
Omar got on his knees and bent over. John had never fucked a guy in the ass, but he had never given a blowjob or had sex with animals either.
His dick was hard, so he got behind Omar and buried his dick inside OMar. It felt good and Omar loved having his ass filled. Sheila felt left out, so she positioned herself under Omar and John's dick and would lick John's balls and dick as it went in and out of Omar's ass.
Omar leaned over and began to lick the horse cum out of Sheila's pussy.
They heard a voice say, "This all will make a great movie. We'll be rich!"

To be continued...

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