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Chapter 1

Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun
burning into her already golden flesh.
She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini
top untied and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her
bikini were so skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling
ass was half exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed
sensually, opening her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner
Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even
though she was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the
beholder. She had rich, dark-brown hair reaching to her
shoulders. She was tall, an inch or so above the average woman.
Her face was exquisite, her flesh the creamy smoothness that made
other women envious.
Shellie's tits were rounded and firm, the valley between them
narrow. They were full tits, yet tilted at the tips, her nipples
arching toward the sky when she stood. Her tits had always been
firm, tight, and round. Her waist was quite small, easily spanned
by the hands of a big man. Her stomach was flat, with only a hint
of roundness below her dimpled belly button. Her hips were curvy,
flowing into exceptionally long thighs and curvy legs. Perfectly
shaped, her legs were outstanding in her bikini or shorts. Her
ass, although small, was tight and rounded, the cheeks flawless,
the crack deep and tantalizing to the watcher.
Below her belly button was a thick mass of curly, soft hair
that excited anyone lucky enough to view it. The lips of her
cunt, puffy and tight, were almost hidden by the hair, especially
with her legs closed. The only problem with Shellie's cunt, if
such could be called a problem, was her unusually long clit. It
was a good inch in length, and she knew there weren't many women
with such a clit.
Although the size of her clit had never caused her a problem,
it had caused her ex-husband to complain that it was like a very
tiny cock, and he refused to suck or lick it for that reason. But
Shellie's clit was the most sensitive part of her pussy. Not that
her cunt itself wasn't sensitive; it was. She could easily come
with a cock inside her cunt, the friction of a hard cock sliding
in and out of her wet cunt lips crating a wonderful spasm of
orgasm in her. But if her clit was sucked or licked, Shellie
would often go out of her mind with ecstasy, and come many times
before the spasms would fade away.
Shellie enjoyed her clit.
When she was aroused, her clit swelled and bulged out almost
an inch long. She loved to hold it between her finger and thumb,
and work it up and down. She had allowed her husband to watch
this once, and he had made fun of her, saying it was the same as a
boy jacking off. Needless to say, his attitude cut into their
relationship, and soon they were sleeping in different beds, and
no longer fucking. Since her divorce, Shellie had been stroking
her clit and making herself come as her sole means of
And hating it.
She writhed beneath the hot sun, almost asleep. The
background noises were soothing. The soft lapping of the waves
against the hull of the houseboat was peaceful, and the soft
clatter of her son inside the boat was a comfortable, familiar
sound. The river was wide, and clean, not muddy and dirty like so
many rivers. The banks were lined with shrubbery and trees, and
she had steered into this very small cove and docked for the rest
of the afternoon.
The divorce settlement had come at the end of the school
year, and now she and her son, Jay, had three wonderful months to
enjoy the river before he would return to school. Maybe they
would find a nice place to live on the houseboat where he could
attend school, too.
The houseboat wasn't large, but quite luxurious. It
contained only one bedroom, but there was fold-out bunk over the
queen-sized bottom bed.
"Mom, where's the damned tea?" Jay called.
"Honey," Shellie called back in a lazy voice. "You know I
don't like you to use such language. And the tea is on the top
shelf above the refrigerator."
"You want a glass, Mom?" he called, paying not the slightest
attention to her very mild complaint.
"That would be nice," she replied.
She thought of Jay, realizing he was growing up. When her
husband had drawn away from her, she had turned her affection
toward her son, and Jay accepted her hugs and caresses willingly.
As they drifted down the river that morning, they had passed
a smaller houseboat, with three girls, all in very skimpy bikinis.
Jay had stared at them with glowing eyes. Shellie had glanced at
the front of his swimming trunks. She smiled to see his cock
straining in hardness.
She heard her son come out of the cabin, and looked up at him
without raising her head. She took the tall glass of iced tea
and, as she lifted her arm, the curve of one tit showed all the
way to her nipple. She heard her son gasp, but she said nothing.
While Jay sat in a deck chair, Shellie put the glass next to her
head. She looked at her son with slitted eyes.
He was looking at her, too. She didn¹t mind him looking at
her; she was used to being looked at, and her son was a man.
Well, a boy, really, but he was showing a very intense interest in
girls, lately.
The sound of a motor came near, and she lifted her head to
see a cruiser slowly going past. It was filled with young girls,
all of them wearing practically nothing. One of the girls waved,
and Jay waved back. Shellie saw her son watching them.
The girl who had waved stood up and turned her back toward
them, sliding her bikini bottoms down and flashing her pretty ass.
The girls hooted and hollered, thrusting their middle fingers in
the air with the obscene gesture of fuck you.
"They¹re not very nice, are they?" Shellie said, sipping her
iced tea.
Jay had seen the girl flash her cute ass, but now he was
looking at his mother again, his eyes widening slightly as he saw
one of her tits. He saw the light-brown nipple, and made a noisy,
gulping sound.
Shellie glanced down at herself, then laughed softly. It was
okay if her son saw her tit, she felt. Even though she was his
mother, her tits were no different from those of any other woman,
although firmer and much prettier. She wiggled her hips into a
more comfortable position. Her long clit had begun to throb and
swell, and it pushed at the pad beneath her.
Jay watched his mother¹s ass wiggling, and again he made a
swallowing sound. He had caught a glimpse of his mother¹s crotch.
Shellie knew what he was seeing, but she didn¹t close her
thighs. With her unusually long clit swelling into hardness, she
found herself becoming excited, her cunt turning wet. With very
gentle, almost subtle, movements, she squirmed her crotch at the
mat, knowing her son was watching.
Jay was, indeed, watching. He saw the cheeks of his mother¹s
swelling ass clench in tightness, saw the way she pressed her
crotch at the mat. His cock began to throb, and he made no effort
to conceal it. Shellie, with her eyes slitted again, peeked at
him, watching his cock press at his wide-legged swim trunks. She
found herself growing warmer with desire, and her hips seemed to
move of their own accord.
Suddenly Jay turned away and entered the cabin.
Shellie was disappointed in him. She knew she had been
teasing her son sexually, making his cock hard, doing things to
draw his eye. She considered her actions, and discovered she
wasn¹t in the least ashamed of it. Her son was interested in
girls, and she was girl, although his mother. She closed her eyes
and found herself wondering about Jay¹s cock, his balls, his young
ass. That he was a virgin, she knew. He was far too young to
have become close enough to a girl to fuck her, she was sure. She
began to see her son in her mind, without his trunks on, his cock
and balls exposed to her. She started writhing her ass, pressing
her swollen clit at the mat, her cunt bubbling with sweet, wet
From inside the cabin, Jay was watching his mother through a
window screen, his cock in his hand. He squeezed and pumped his
prick, eyes staring at the exciting movements of her ass and
thighs. He knew what his mother was doing, and it sent shivers of
pleasure through him. When he first began to jack off a few weeks
before, squirting his young cum juice with force, he had started
looking at girls with intense desire, wishing he had one to shove
his cock into.
Shellie, not knowing her son was watching her, smashed her
throbbing clit into the mat, giving a soft cry of delight as she
came. When her ass became still, Jay pounded on his cock in a
frenzy, not knowing that his mother, now that her excitement was
cooling, could hear his gasping breathing. Shellie knew then that
her son had been watching her, and that he was inside the cabin,
jerking off wildly.
She wiggled her ass for his pleasure, opening her thighs so
he could see the bulge of her cunt inside the tight band of her
bikini bottoms. At the same time she lifted up, looking out over
the river. One of her tits showed now, and she listened to her
son¹s quick intake of excited breathing.
She shivered in pleasure as she listened to Jay¹s soft grunt
as he came, and then lowered herself back onto the mat, crushing
her tit beneath her, but leaving her long legs open.
Later, almost asleep, she heard the door of the cabin open,
and peeked.
Jay came out and walked to the side of the deck. She watched
him lift the side of his swim trunks and pull his cock out.
Arching his hips forward, he sent a long stream of piss into the
river. Shellie knew her son thought she was asleep, and the
knowledge that he would pull his cock out with her there and take
a piss sent a shudder of pleasure through her. Although she could
not see much of his cock, seeing him piss created a heat inside
her cunt that almost caused her to come again.
Still later, after dark, she prepared a light dinner. Since
she still wore her bikini, she felt her son watching her as she
moved about the small kitchen. She couldn¹t resist, and, humming
softly, did a few dance steps that made her tight ass moving
Since being on the houseboat, she had allowed her son to
climb into the top bunk before she entered, and had undressed and
pulled her nightgown on in the kitchen or living area. This was
accomplished in the same way tonight, but Shellie wanted to be
with her son badly now.
When her son called out that he was in bed, Shellie pulled
her bikini off and slipped a gown over her naked body. She
switched the lights off, then climbed into the queen-sized bed
beneath her son¹s bunk.
Almost immediately, she heard his sheets rustling. As she
listened, she found a rhythm to the sounds.
Knowing her son was jacking off again, Shellie felt her cunt
throb and become wet, her clit bulging out. She slipped her gown
to her waist and, feeling wanton, pushed her sheets to her feet.
If her son looked over the edge of his bunk, he would see her in
the dim light. Shellie stroked her long clit with two fingers,
listening to her son jerking at his cock. She squeezed her
inflamed clit between her thumb and forefinger, and then started
working on it with short jerks.
"Oh, fuck it!" Shellie suddenly gasped.
The rustling above her stopped.
"What did you say, Mom?"
For a moment, Shellie couldn¹t believe she had said that.
Then she giggled, a throaty, lewd sound.
"I said, fuck it!"
"Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it," she hissed, smashing her clit
hard. "I know what you¹re doing up there, Jay. I can hear what
you¹re doing, you did it near the window, and you¹re doing it
Silence greeted her words.
"Jay, you¹re jacking off!" she said. "I know you¹re playing
with your cock, and I know you played with it earlier, looking at
"Mom, what are you talking about?" Jay asked, his voice
quivering with part fear, part excitement. "I¹m not doing
anything like that!"
"Bullshit!" Shellie snorted, jumping to her knees and then to
her feet.
She looked over the edge of her son¹s bunk, but Jay had
pulled the sheets to his neck when he heard his mother. At the
side of his bunk was a small window, and the full moon seemed to
cast a silvery light right across his crotch. His cock stood up,
tenting the sheet.
With a quick dart of her hand, Shellie pulled the sheet from
her son¹s body and saw his cock sticking through the fly of his
shorts. She gasped as she stared at it.
Jay grabbed for the sheet with a surprised gasp, but his
mother tore it from his hands.
"Look at you," she said, her voice husky. "Lying up here
above me, jacking that cock off! And me ... and me ..."
Her hand shot out and closed about her son¹s cock. Jay
gasped as his mother squeezed his cock hard. He lay stiff and
unmoving, not certain what he was supposed to do. What his mother
said was true, but he didn¹t know how she knew. He wasn¹t afraid;
he was just startled by the sudden grab his mother had made on his
Shellie felt the heat of her son¹s cock searing her fist,
felt the throbbing of it. She held his cock as tight as she
could, making moaning sounds, staring at his bulging cockhead in
the shaft of moonlight.
"Oh, God!" she whimpered with excitement.
Her fist moved, slowly upward. Then downward, still slowly.
Up ... down.
"Mom, do you know what you¹re doing?" Jay gasped.
"Yes, damn you," she groaned. "I know perfectly well what
I¹m doing. I¹m jacking your goddamn cock, that¹s what I¹m doing!"
Jay gritted his teeth. His mother¹s fist wasn¹t moving very
fast on his cock, but it was going up and down. The sensations
were overwhelming him, and he struggled to remain as still as he
could, not knowing if he should move or not.
Shellie pumped her son¹s cock as she stood on her bed, her
pointing tits smashing at the edge of the overhead bunk. Her eyes
were big and round, glassy with increasing desire. The head of
her son¹s cock bulged out hotly, her fingers squeezing his prick
very hard. Then she moved her hand downward, and cupped his balls
through his shorts. She pressed at them, squeezing them, and Jay
groaned softly with delight. With a low cry she released his
balls and grasped his cock again.
"Ohhhh, Jay!" she whimpered, racing her fist up and down this
time, holding his cock tightly.
"Come here," she said, pulling at his cock. "Jay, climb down
to my bed."
As her son swung his legs over the bunk, Shellie kept a tight
grip on his cock as if afraid it would disappear. With her
holding his cock, Jay couldn¹t drop down to her bed. Shellie
brushed her cheek over this thighs as she stared at the hard-on.
Then, before her son knew what she was going to do, Shellie darted
her face to his prick and kissed the head. It was a quick kiss,
right on his piss hole, but it was long enough for Shellie to feel
his moistness, long enough to make her lips tingle, and her clit
to lurch.
"Now, climb down, baby," she said in a very low, throaty,
voice, turning his cock loose.

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