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Chapter 5

They decided to stay where they were for the night.
Wearing his cut-offs again, Jay fished from the rear deck.
Shellie had put her bikini back on, but feeling mischievous, she
had made sure the seat was drawn into the crack of her ass. She
didn't mind if her ass showed to those passing in boats. It was
no different from wearing a string bikini, and if she one, she
would have been wearing it. She adjusted the tight crotch to
allow dark curls of cunt hair to show, knowing only Jay would see
it, unless a boat came close to theirs.
She prepared a good dinner, and they sat on the rear deck as
the sun dropped off in the west. Jay wasn't having any luck with
his fishing, but he didn't really care. When the sun was down, a
full moon came up and they stayed on the rear deck, watching boats
pass. Most boats were finding places to tie up for the night, and
there were a few houseboats.
"I love being on the river, don't you, darling?" Shellie said
softly, sitting on the deck, her cheek resting on her son's thigh.
"It's so peaceful and quiet, especially at night."
"I want to live on the river, Mom," he said. He had put his
fishing gear away, and sat slumped in the chair. "I like staying
on the houseboat with you."
She turned and kissed his thigh. "That's because you're
getting fucked all the time," she whispered. "You can be fucked
anyplace, you know."
"I still like the river," he said.
"So do I," Shellie answered, then dragged the tip of her
tongue along his thigh. "Mmmm, you taste good."
"I'm sweaty," he said.
"I know. I love the taste of you."
"I need a shower."
"You're fine as your are," Shellie murmured. "I enjoy the
smell of sweat on a man's balls. I guess that makes me a little
crazy, but I don't care. I love to smell sweat on balls, and
that's the way it is."
"I'm sure sweaty right now," he said.
Shellie moved the crotch of his shorts to one said. "Let me
She pushed her nose into his balls, inhaling.
"Ohhh, that's nice," she purred.
Her tongue flicked along the side of his balls.
"Tastes nice, too."
Jay spread his thighs wide as his mother slipped between his
knees, turning to face him. She sat on the deck, her long legs
shoved underneath his chair. His cock and balls stood out in the
moonlight, and she kissed them, working her tongue around his
She moved her hands along his thighs, slipped one inside the
ragged leg of his cut-offs, and cupped a cheek of his ass. Her
other hand closed around his cock, pumping it slowly.
"Want another blow job?" she said in a low voice.
"Oh, yes, Mom!"
Shellie giggled. "I thought you would."
She licked her tongue along the hardened shaft of his cock,
swirling it around, tasting the heat of him, smelling the clean
sweat on his balls. She dragged her tongue up to the rounded
head, licking it, then swiping at his piss hole, tasting the
juices that started bubbling up from it. She closed her lips
around the head of her son's cock for a long moment, sucking it,
her tongue twisting about. She mewled softly and ran her moist
lips down the shaft, then licked at his balls. The taste of sweat
on her son's balls made her cunt throb, and her long clit bulged
inside her bikini bottoms. Drawing his balls into her mouth, she
removed her bikini bottoms as she sat there. The sound of a boat
came to her ears, and Jay tried to push her mouth from his balls,
but Shellie refused to drop them. A boat with running lights
passed them, the wake causing their houseboat to rock.
"They might have seen you, Mom," Jay said.
"Mmmmm, I don't care," Shellie replied, lapping his sweaty
balls hungrily, nuzzling them. "I'm going to suck your cock off
and I don't care how many boats come by."
She lowered her face, taking her son's cock into he mouth.
She slipped her hands to his ass, shoving her fingers inside his
shorts. Cupping his tight, young ass, Shellie began to suck. She
sat on the deck, her naked ass writhing, her long legs under his
chair, and sucked at his cock slowly and with pleasure. She
purred softly, sliding her lips up and down, thrilled to have the
hot hardness in her mouth for the second time. Her cunt bubbled
hotly, dripping, her clit swollen into a long, hard knot.
"Oooooh, Mom!" Jay gurgled, seeing her lovely face in the
moonlight. "You're sucking me real good! Your mouth sure is hot
and wet, Mom!"
"Mmmmm, that's because I love to suck your hard cock, baby,"
she whispered throatily, brushing her lips on the smooth head. "I
love to feel your cock in my mouth. Are your balls loaded,
darling? Do you have a real big, very hot, load of cum juice for
"Yes!" Jay groaned.
Shellie knew her son would do just about anything right now.
His cock was very stiff, and his balls were hot and full. He
would do anything she wanted, just to get his cock sucked off.
She licked his prick, down into his balls, squeezing the cheeks of
his ass.
"Did you enjoy kissing my asshole, darling?" she whispered,
her lips on his cock. "Did you like the taste of my hairy cunt,
of my asshole?"
"Oh, yes, Mom!"
"I bet you'd suck my asshole, wouldn't you?"
"Yes, yes!" Jay said, trying to shove his cock into her
Shellie laughed with delight. Like all boys, and men, too,
her son would do anything a girl wanted when his cock was so
stiff. She wasn't disappointed; she was pleased he was like other
boys. She licked up and down the shaft of his cock a few times,
then sucked his sweaty balls. What she had told him was true--she
loved sweaty balls.
"You'd even fuck my asshole, wouldn't you, darling?"
"Oh, yes, Mom! Come on, suck my cock!"
"Want me to piss on you?" she said, softly.
"Mom, you can piss all over me!" Jay groaned. "Suck me, Mom!
Please, suck my fucking cock! I'm about to come off already! You
want me to come in your cock-sucking face?"
"That's fine with me," she gurgled. "Come in Mother's face
if you want. You can even piss in my face, if you want."
"I will!" Jay yelped. "I'll suck your asshole, fuck your
ass, come in your fucking face, piss in your cock-sucking face ...
but, Mom, you just gotta suck me off now!"
"Remember, you promised," she said, and closed her lips
around his cock, taking it deep inside her mouth.
With night insects chirping along the bank of the river, with
the soft waves lapping gently at the houseboat, Shellie sucked her
son's cock. She clutched his ass with her hands inside his cut-
offs, making soft crying sounds of rapture. The feel of a hard,
hot cock inside her mouth was something she had always enjoyed.
Being fucked in her asshole, having piss splashing into her face,
was, so far, only a fantasy of hers. But it was fantasy she
desperately wanted to come true.
She bobbed her mouth up and down her son's cock. The night
was warm, and still. The gentle rocking of the houseboat added an
erotic element to her sucking, her desire.
She twisted her lips slowly around his cock, and when the
sound of another boat came to her, she kept sucking him. It was
dark, but the moon was full, and even if she were seen with her
mouth full of very stiff cock, no one would know who they were.
"Mom, a boat is coming," Jay warned.
"Shhhh," she hissed, then sucked his cock deeply.
She shoved and lifted her mouth on his throbbing cock,
listening to the boat pass them. The wake made their houseboat
rock a bit harder.
"I think someone saw us, Mom," he said.
"Mmmmmmm," Shellie mewled, sucking a little faster. She held
his ass tightly, her chin beating softly against his full balls as
she gobbled his cock deep.
Jay squirmed, one hand resting on top of his mother's head,
watching her in the moonlight. His mother's mouth was very hot
and wet, sliding up and down his cock easily. He enjoyed the slow
way she sucked him. He twisted his hips as the pleasure swelled,
starting to become intense.
"Mom, I'm getting ready to come," Jay groaned.
"Mmmmm!" Shellie mewled, and began to suck faster, her lips
She knew what her son was feeling, and if he was getting
ready to come, she wanted it to be a good one for him. She glided
her mouth up and down, dragging one hand from his shorts and
shoving it between his thighs. She felt his cock tighten, felt
the power of the throbs. His piss hole dripped more, and she
swished her tongue around it, tasting the juices with delight.
When he had come into her mouth earlier, she had allowed him to
ram his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. This time, when
he came, she wanted his cock spurting with only the head inside
her mouth. That way she could catch that sweet, thick cum juice
on her tongue, and get the full, sweet taste of it.
"Mom! Oh, Mom!"
Shellie pulled her tight lips upward, holding them just
behind the ridge of his cock. She sucked and swirled her tongue
around the smooth head, and his flaring piss hole.
"Mom!" he yelped.
Shellie caught the gush of hot cum juice with her tongue.
Her eyes, which had been open, closed dreamily as she sucked the
cum juice out of her son's cock. Squirt after squirt splashed
across her tongue, and she let her mouth fill. She didn't want to
swallow it yet. Her tongue raced about his piss hole, tasting the
sweet, thick cum juice spray across it. She held his throbbing
balls against her neck, her other hand squeezing the cheek of his
ass. She gurgled as her mouth filled.
She clung to his cock with tight lips, letting him spew the
creamy juices of his tender, young balls into her mouth. When he
stopped coming, she held the head of his cock with her lips for a
while longer, groaning with pleasure, her tongue slowly licking
the head. Finally she let his cock go, and lifted her face to the
sky, swallowing the hot load in her mouth.
"Ohhh, darling, that was delicious," she mewled. "God, you
came so much, too! I love a full, hot load like that!"
Jay gazed down at her face.
"Oh, don't look at me that way," she laughed softly. "I know
I'm a little different from most women, but I know what I enjoy
and I'm not ashamed of it."
"I didn't say that, Mom," he said.
"Maybe you didn't," she replied, kissing his thigh. "But
your expression told me a great deal. If you don't like me this
way, I'll stop doing all these delicious things with you."
"No, don't do that, Mom!" he said, quickly.
"Well ..." She dragged her tongue along his inner thigh,
then lapped his young, empty balls. "If you're ... cooperative."
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"Your promises, remember?"
"Aw, Mom, I was hot!"
"I know you were," she giggled, nuzzling at his balls. "But
a promise is a promise."
"You really want me to do all that, Mom? I mean, in your ass
and ... and pissing in your face?"
"Mmmmm, I do! I most definitely do!"
Jay's body shivered with excitement. "I'm sure glad it's
just you and me now, Mom."
Shellie stroked his thigh affectionately, touched by what he
had said. "You don't miss your father?"
"No, not at all."
Shellie felt happy, very happy. She rested on her face in
her son's crotch, feeling the heat of his cock and balls on her
flesh. She purred softly, rubbing her face into his crotch,
inhaling his slightly sweaty, very delicious, scent. She lifted
his legs and draped them over her shoulders, pressing his inner
thighs about her face. She pushed her mouth to his cock and
balls, kissing and licking tenderly, slipping her tongue below his
balls. The tip of her tongue probed at the crack of his ass.
"Oh, Mom!" Jay groaned as he felt the strange sensations of
her wet tongue reaching for his asshole.
Shellie made a soft sobbing sound as her tongue flicked
against his asshole. Swirling her wet tongue around, she tasted
her son's asshole. She circled the tight pucker with the tip of
her tongue, then lapped up and down on it.
Jay squirmed forward, gasping with this new delight.
Shellie's tongue slowly slipped into his asshole, and she breathed
deeply as the tight heat grabbed it. For a few moments, she
stabbed her tongue in and out of her son's asshole, enjoying his
squirming, the way he held her head between his young thighs.
She drew her feet beneath her body, squatting before her son,
swishing her tongue around and into his hot asshole.
"Mmmmm," she moaned against his ass, and began to piss.
Jay heard the exciting hiss of his mother's piss, the splash
of it against the deck of the houseboat.
Shellie giggled into her son's ass, then pulled back with her
lips near his balls.
"Ooooh, I just had to take a piss, darling," she whispered,
and swirled her tongue around his balls and asshole until she
finished pissing ...

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I don't know who the fuck "Longfellows" is, but this whole story is a chapter from a novel by Kathy Andrews called "Coming Mother", published by the great Greenleaf Classics imprint back in the 80s. Andrews was an incredibly hot writer who wrote tons of great books featuring mother- son incest and lots of pissing There's so much fucking plagiarism of porn stories on the Web and this is only one more example. If Greenleaf was still in business this would constitute copyright violation. Let's give credit where credit is due, guys. Google "Kathy Andrews" and "Greenleaf" and check it out.


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