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Chapter 6

Shellie stretched on the bed next to her son, coming awake
with a glorious feeling. She had not felt so good in a long time.
Swinging her slim legs over the bed, she stood and looked down at
her sleeping son.
Then, humming happily, she showered in the small bathroom.
Tucking the towel about her luscious body, she prepared her son a
good breakfast. By nine o'clock, she had to wake him up. She
watched him shower in the small bathroom, her eyes gazing over his
youth, staring with delight at his young cock and balls, his tight
Jay pulled on another pair of cut-offs as she watched him,
and she grinned when she saw the head of his cock would show if he
didn't watch himself. When he was dressed, she dropped her towel
and was pleased to hear the appreciative gasp he made. Selecting
a pair of short shorts and stepping into them, she posed for her
"Will these do?" she asked.
Jay asked at her swelling, shapely ass. The shorts were cut
high on her thighs, with the cheeks of her ass exposed
tantalizingly. The crotch was tight, the slit of her pussy
outlined. He grinned and nodded his head. Shellie then pulled on
a T-shirt, and her tits were beautiful in it, her nipples pressing
like two succulent points against the thin fabric.
"Mom, you could get fucked wearing that," Jay said.
"By you ... my pleasure," she replied.
They untied the houseboat and cruised lazily, the houseboat
rocking gently. Shellie steered while Jay sat on the front deck,
his feet dragging in the water.
"Be careful your cock isn't showing," she called out to him
as they approached another houseboat coming up river toward them.
"It's fine to fish, darling, but I want approval on what you
Jay grinned over his shoulder at her, then turned sideways to
flip the head of his cock at her. Shellie giggled and licked her
lips, and steered carefully past the approaching houseboat. There
was a beautiful young girl on the sun deck, and Jay stared at her
until the boat was around the bend.
"I know," Shellie called to him. "You like that, don't you?"
Jay stood and grinned at his mother. "It was kinda nice,
"You getting tired of my ass already?" she asked. "Do you
think you need some new pussy?"
"Aw, Mom," Jay said.
"I'm teasing, baby," she replied. "You wouldn't be much of a
man if you didn't look at pretty girls. But just remember, that
cock belongs to Mother."
Jay pulled aside his ragged cut-offs, releasing his cock.
Shellie felt her pulse race as he began to piss over the side of
the deck. She stared at his cock hotly, watching the golden piss
spurt. The cheeks of her ass clenched tightly, and there was a
burning sensation in her cunt.
"Oh, Jay!" she moaned. "Why did you do that? I wanted it!"
Jay shook his cock and stuffed it into his shorts.
"I forgot, Mom," he said, flushing slightly.
"You know what we walked about last night, baby," she
"I didn't know if you meant it, Mom."
"I meant it," she said. "Oh, yes, I meant it!"
Her long clit bulged against her tight shorts, the crotch of
them wet with seeping juices. She stared at him, her eyes fiery.
"Now," she said, standing up and unzipping her tight shorts.
She peeled them down her thighs, turning them inside out. When
they were at her knees, she leaned over and slipped her son's cock
from his shorts. "You know where I want this lovely cock,
"In the cunt, Mom," he grinned.
"Well, of course," she smiled wantonly, pulling at his
swelling prick. "But I was thinking about my ... asshole."
"Then you really meant it, huh?" he asked, his voice showing
his excitement.
"You bet I meant it, darling."
His cock stood firm outside his shorts, and Shellie squeezed
it. Turning him loose, she leaned over the table, her sweet,
naked ass on display. Jay stared at her ass. With her shorts
peeled to her knees, his mother looked extremely lewd to him.
Shellie cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling them wide open.
Jay gasped as he saw her puckered asshole, the curls of soft hair
beneath, and the puffy sweetness of her cunt. Shellie slipped a
finger to her asshole, rubbing it slowly.
"I want it up my ass, baby," she said softly, but with a
quiver in her voice. "I want to know how it feels, how you hard
cock feels inside my asshole."
"It's so pretty, Mom," he grunted, his cock jerking up and
down. "You have a pretty ass. You look awfully tight, though."
"Tight for you, darling," she cooed, wiggling her ass,
rubbing the tip of her finger about the crinkle. "Mother's ass is
very tight and very hot, all for you and your beautiful hard
Jay gulped wetly, and leaned down to her ass. He kissed a
creamy asscheek, and Shellie gurgled with delight.
"Oooh, lick it a little, Jay," she urged, wiggling her ass.
"Lick Mother's ass just a little."
Jay, becoming eager, slipped his tongue out of his mouth and
lapped the satiny cheeks of his mother's ass, swirling his tongue
along the backs of her thighs, tasting her flesh. Shellie cried
out with pleasure, her ass shaking. She used her fingers to hold
the lovely cheeks wide open for her son, her asshole puckering in
and out.
With an intake of air, Jay shoved his face into his mother's
ass, feeling his satiny inner cheeks. He kissed the pucker of his
mother's asshole, bringing a sob of delight from her. Shellie
shoved her ass into her son's face, and began to make soft cries
of ecstasy when he licked his tongue against the crinkled ring.
Placing his hands on his mother's trembling thighs, Jay probed her
asshole with the tip of his tongue. Shellie hissed and mewled and
squirmed into his face.
"Shove it up my ass, baby!" she grunted. "Ohhh, darling,
shove your tongue up Mother's asshole! Tongue-fuck my ass a
little, darling!"
Shaking her ass into his face, she held her breath as she
felt Jay's tongue stiffen, pushing at her tight asshole. As his
tongue slipped past the ring, she cried out softly.
"Ohhh, yes, Jay! God, that feels wonderful! Lick Mother's
ass, baby! Suck my hot asshole! Ooooh, fuck me in the asshole
with your wet, hot tongue! Oh, honey, you could make me come this
way! Stab my asshole with your tongue! Stab it hard and deep!
Oooooh, yes, you'll make me come so fucking hard!"
Jay clutched his mother's shaking thighs, pressing his open
lips around his mother's asshole, his chin pushing into the juicy
slit of her cunt. He ran his tongue in and out of her asshole,
stabbing as deep as he could. Shellie gurgled and sobbed,
wiggling her naked ass into his face. With her son fucking her up
the asshole with his tongue, her cunt was becoming wetter and
wetter. In face, the slippery juices dripped past Jay's chin and
ran over his neck.
"Ahhh, darling, darling!" she cried out, smashing her ass
back against his face. "Tongue-fuck my ass! Ooooh, Jay, fuck
Mother up the asshole with your tongue! You're going to make my
cunt come ... oh, deeper, baby! Fuck my ass with your tongue,
make me come! Make me come with your tongue and then shove your
hard cock in that hot asshole and fuck it and make come again!
Jay ... Jay! Ooooh, yes, yes, yes!"
Jay's tongue was deep inside his mother's asshole when
Shellie suddenly shrieked.
"Oh, God! I'm coming, darling!"
Her cunt convulsed, the rippling contractions causing her
asshole to suck his tongue. Jay pushed his tongue as hard and
deep as he could into his mother's fiery asshole, and felt it grip
tightly time and again as her orgasm boiled through her almost
naked body.
When she had finished coming, Jay slowly slipped tongue out
of her asshole. For a long while Shellie remained over the table,
her body shaking with a wonderful sensation. She was no longer
pulling the cheeks of her ass open, letting her arms hang loosely.
Jay, though, fondled her ass, squeezing the creamy cheeks, opening
them to see the flexing of her asshole. Glistening cunt juices
coated her inner thighs.
"I know your cock is very hard," Shellie finally whispered.
"Eating my asshole must have made your sweet cock very, very
stiff, baby."
"It's hard as hell, Mom," he replied.
"Put it in me, darling," she whispered. "Put it in my
Jay pushed the swollen head of his cock to his mother's
flesh. He rubbed the dripping piss hole up and down her thighs,
over the cheeks of her ass. Shellie shook and trembled with the
feeling, shoving her ass back eagerly. He placed the head of his
cock upon her asshole, and gasped with the steaming heat of it.
"Ooooh, that feels so good," she murmured as she felt the
pressure against her asshole. "Push that hard cock up my ass,
Jay! Ohhh, yes, baby! Shove that hard cock up Mother's asshole!
Fuck me in the ass, Jay!"
Jay increased the pressure of his cock, staring down, seeing
the ring of his mother's asshole giving way. The more he pushed,
the more Shellie's asshole stretched. She was holding her breath,
feeling that wonderful pressure and sensation. It was strange, a
very strange feeling, to have cock pushing at her asshole, but one
she found exciting and delicious. She moved her naked ass back,
urging her son to push his cock in.
Jay pressed harder, and the swollen head of his cock
penetrated the tight ring of his mother's asshole.
"Ahhhh, baby!" Shellie cried out. "You're in me! Yah, your
cock is up Mother's ass! Oooh, I can feel it in my asshole!"
Jay stared down, seeing the ring of his mother's asshole
stretched around the head of his cock. It was very tight, very
hot. He gasped with pleasure as his mother's asshole squeezed his
prick, gripping it deliciously.
Shellie sobbed with rapture, finding her son's cock in her
ass to feel very good. The sensations rippled her flesh as she
pulled her creamy ass cheeks wider yet. She made a soft
swallowing sound as her asshole clamped on the head of his cock.
"Ohhh, more, Jay!" she pleaded softly. "Shove more into me!
Ahhh, baby, that feels so good, so fucking good! Give Mother more
cock! Ooooh, give Mother's hot asshole more hard cock!"
Jay slipped his prick deeper, watching it with wide eyes.
The heat in his mother's asshole was very hot, searing the shaft
of his cock. It was as hot as her juicy cunt, and so much
tighter. He pushed his throbbing cock slowly inward, watching it
disappear into her ass. He was breathless with excitement, with
the rumbling sensations he was feeling.
Shellie purred as her son moved his cock deeper into her
asshole. She could feel the throbbing of it, the hardness of the
shaft. Her asshole kept stretching and burning around his prick.
The deeper it went, the better it felt. When he finally had his
cock completely inside her asshole, she felt stuffed, very
stuffed. His sweet balls were pushed against the slippery wetness
of her hairy cunt, she could feel the powerful pulsations of his
cock with the ring of her asshole.

She found her clit with her hand to be straining out with
hardness, and brushed it with her fingers. Her naked, creamy ass
wiggled as she slipped her hand past her cunt and pulled his
hairless balls, smashing them upon the sensitive lips of her fiery
"God, Jay!" she moaned. "I can feel you cock almost in my
throat! Oooh, baby, it feels so damned good in my asshole! You
feel so huge, so long and hard! Fuck it, darling! Fuck that
tight, hot asshole! Oh, yes, give Mother's hot asshole some
sweet, hard cock!"
Jay pulled back slowly, watching his cock slide inside the
tight pucker. Shellie cried out as he pulled, feeling the
friction. One of her hands kept pulling at a shapely cheek of her
ass, the other letting his balls slid in her fingers. When he had
paused with the head of his cock inside her asshole, she gasped
loudly and plunged her fingers into her bubbling, steaming cunt,
fucking herself wildly a few moments, her naked ass shaking with
excitement. As her son pushed his cock back into her ass, she
cried softly as his sweet, hot balls rubbed into her now-wet palm
again. She grasped them, squeezing as his cock filled her ass
once more.
"Ooooh, baby, baby!" she sobbed. "You don't have to be so
careful with me, with my asshole! Mother's asshole won't break,
darling! Fuck it! Oh, my baby, fuck that asshole hard! Fuck it
the way you fuck my cunt! Come on, Jay, I want it fast and hard
up my fucking asshole! Ram it to me, darling! Oh, God ... ram
that big fucking cock up my hot asshole hard an deep!"
Jay plunged inward, a soft slapping sound coming when his
lower body smacked the hot cheeks of her curvy ass. Shellie
yelped with pleasure, enjoying the power of his hardness up her
ass. Placing his hands on her hips, Jay pulled his cock back
slowly, and rammed it in quickly and fast. Shellie groaned with
delight as his balls smacked against her juicy cunt.
"That's it, Jay! That's the way to fuck that ass! Ram it,
baby, ram it! Stretch Mother's asshole ... fuck Mother's asshole!
Oooooh, slam it to me, darling!"
She jiggled her ass, dancing from foot to foot, her tits
smashed upon the table. She drew her other hand from between her
thighs, rubbing her very long clit a few times, and clutched her
ass cheeks once more. She spread her ass as wide as she could,
opening it to her son's quickening thrusts. The wider she opened
her ass, the deeper her son's cock went.
Her pussy pulsated hotly, and juice seeped from the hairy
lips, running along her inner thighs. Her clit strained out, very
long and hard, throbbing deliciously. She wiggled her ass lewdly,
crying out for her son to fuck her faster and harder. The
friction of his throbbing cock along the ring of her thoroughly
stretched asshole seemed ready to burst into flames, flames of
perverse, wanton ecstasy.
"Yes, baby, yes!" she squealed. "That's it, darling! Ram it
deep! Ohhh, this is so good, Jay! Your cock is so hard ... so
fucking hard! God, you fill Mother's ass with that hard prick!
Fuck it, fuck it! Ahhh, fuck me! Fuck me up my hot asshole!
Mother's pussy is throbbing and ... oooooh, this is fucking
She humped her ass back as her son came lunging forward,
grinding her sweet asscheeks against him. She sobbed with
increasing rapture, her almost naked body vibrant with passion.
The feel of his cock up her asshole was better than she could have
imagined. The depth surprised her, pleased her. The puckering of
her asshole excited both her and Jay. Her asshole squeezed and
flexed by its own accord, without direction from her already
spinning mind.
The wetness of her cunt seemed more pronounced than ever, the
juices making the inside of her thighs slippery. Her bushy cunt
was throbbing and her unusually long clit felt as if it were about
to burst from her cunt. She shook her ass wildly, crying out for
her son to ram her hard and deep, to fuck her fast. She loved his
cock up her ass, wanted to fuck him with asshole all day.
"Jay, it feels so good in my asshole!" she sobbed. "God, I
want you to fuck me up my asshole often, very often! I love it,
baby! God, I love the feel of your hard cock up my fucking
asshole! Ooooh, you're going to make Mother come! Fuck harder
... my cunt is ... my cunt is on fire!"
With his balls aching, loaded and full, Jay rammed his cock
in and out of his mother's fiery asshole. Shellie sobbed and
squealed in delight, arching back to meet his prick. His balls
slapped time and again upon her juicy, hair-rimmed cunt, sending
ripples of heated rapture through her body. Jay dug his fingers
into his mother's grinding hips hard. Shellie clawed the cheeks
of her ass, her fingers near his cock, holding herself lewdly open
for him.
"I'm about to come!" she shrieked. "Oh, Jay, you're about to
make Mother come! Ahhh, fuck it, fuck that hot asshole! Mother's
cunt is about to come! Ooooh, I feel it so deep in me! Ram it
... ram that fucking cock hard up my fucking asshole!"
Jay beat his cock in and out of her asshole, feeling it start
to clutch and release him. His eyes became glazed with passion,
his young body shaking as hard as his mother's. His legs were
getting weak as the ecstasy ran through him.
"Mom, I'm about to come, too! I can't hold it back, Mom!"
"Oh, shoot it up my ass, Jay!" she screeched. "Squirt that
hot juice up mother's asshole! Fill my asshole with sweet, hot
cum juice! Ohhh, now, baby--now!"
Shellie's cunt exploded, the orgasm bursting throughout the
whole expanse of her crotch. Her clit pulsated hard, the lips of
her cunt gripping at his banging balls. Her asshole began to
squeeze and suck his prick.
With a yelp, Jay rammed his cock as deep as he could into his
mother's asshole, and sent rapid squirts of thick cum juice
spraying between the soft walls of her greedy asshole. Shellie
cried with ecstasy as she felt his cum juice flooding her ass, her
cunt flexing with tight, searing pulsations. A series of orgasms
rumbled through her, one after the other, until she became so weak
she slumped across the table, her hands falling from her ass, her
body relaxing, gasping hotly. Her eyes were closed and she was
smiling happily.


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great story, i love ass fucking especaly my mom, best ass i get on a regular basis.


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2006-07-01 11:41:55
I'm not usualy into ass fucking, but your deions of this mom enjoying it from her son have me longing to be him!


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Nothing like sex on a boat. It gives it an extra kick. Twos, three ,fours, homo and hetero. Some of the best sex was on my sailboat.

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