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“Do you need to use the restroom,” he asked.
“Are you kidding,” she joked, “of course I do.”
“Ok. Just sit still for a moment,” he said.
“Umm, don’t you need to untie me and take the cuffs off first,” she asked?
“Nope,” came his answer.
Now she didn’t know what to think. They were obviously at a public rest stop. And there was sure to be other people coming and going. She sat there waiting for a few minutes before he opened his door and got out of the van. Her door opened a moment later and she felt him untie her ankles. He then helped her out of the van and shut her door. She remembered that her bathrobe was still open in the front and she could feel her panties still bunched low on her hips.
“Won’t somebody see me like this,” she asked nervously?
“Well then I guess we better hurry inside,” he said.
As they walked she could hear the traffic on the freeway pass them. A moment later he stopped her long enough to open a door and usher her inside. He took her into one of the stalls and began to unlock the handcuffs. She stretched her free arm as he brought the other one around front. Then she felt him lock the open cuff to the rail at her side.
“Now don’t go anywhere,” he said. “I’ll be back in a moment.”
With a little difficulty she managed to get her panties down with only one hand. Her skin was still damp with sweat. As she sat there she played out the days events so far. Already she had had two great orgasms and they hadn’t even reached their destination. A slight shiver moved through again. Of course, maybe sex during trip was what he had in mind all along. The thought of turning around and going home disappointed her a little bit. But still, there was the trip home to look forward to. As she was finishing up she heard the restroom door open. She froze. She wasn’t even sure if he had closed the stall door, much less locked it. She didn’t know what to do. What if someone found her like this? Where was he anyway? She didn’t even know if he was still in the restroom. At least two men had come in. There could be more, but only two were talking. Carefully she reached forward to make sure the stall door was closed. When she found that it was she felt for the lock. Slowly, and as quietly as she could she locked the door. She sat back with a sigh of relief.
Then, ‘BAM.’ One of the stalls doors slammed open. She heard one of them walking her way.
‘BAM!’ Another one slammed open as the footsteps came closer. She suddenly realized that her feet could be seen under the stall. Quickly she picked them up, but she knew she couldn’t hold them up forever. As she braced her hands against the stall walls for support, she found a second rail opposite the first. As her legs began to hurt she got an idea. As quietly as she could she hooked a heel on either rail and waited.
‘BAM!!!’ It was door next to hers. She held her breath. She didn’t know what else to do. If she was caught she would have a hard time explaining this. And where was he anyway? He couldn’t have left her. He wouldn’t do that, she hoped.
“About time,” a voice said. Then she heard a toilet paper roll unwinding and a piece being torn off. Then she heard the guy blow his nose, flush the toilet, and then leave. He didn’t even wash his hands. Men could be so gross, she thought.
Just then she heard more footsteps. As they came closer she held her breath again. It sounded like they entered the stall next to hers. As she waited she couldn’t imagine where her boyfriend had gone to.
“Now that’s an interesting position,” he said from above her. “I’ll have to remember that one.”
“Damn it, I almost got caught.” She said. “What would have happened then?”
“I don’t know. I could always run out there and asked those two gentlemen. They might still be in the parking lot.”
“No thank you.” She said. “Let’s just get out of here please.”
He came down from the above her and tried to open the door,
“Uh hum,” he said quietly.
She reached forward and unlocked the door. By then she had already taken her legs down and was waiting to be unlocked herself.
“Damn, you moved,” he said, “I was hoping for a quickie.”
“Well maybe later,” she replied, “I just want to get out of here now.”
“Later, are you sure?” He asked.
“Yes, just not right now.” She was still a little spooked about almost getting caught by a total stranger. He led her back to the van. The two other guys must have left, because she didn’t hear anyone else around. Pretty soon they were back on the road again.
They continued to drive for a while. She still wondered where they were headed and what he had planned. After awhile the van began to move over to the next lane and started slowing down. As it continued to slow down she realized they were taking an exit somewhere. Eventually the van stopped. Excitement and dread mixed into a potent feeling as they turned right and began driving at a slower pace. Was this one of the many access roads leading off the highway into some small town? Again and again she heard cars passing by them. They must be able to see her. Her pussy began to tingle at the possibility of being seen again. She was feeling very naughty suddenly as the thought played out in her head.
They drove for awhile and then turned left. After the turn she didn’t hear too many cars. In fact, after another ten minutes of driving she heard only two cars. As she wondered where they could be going her imagination started kicking in. Maybe he was taking her out to some house in the country. Some place far enough out that he could walk her around naked. Or maybe someplace outside where he could tie her up and have his way with her. Or, he could be taking her to some friend’s house. A shiver went through her. What if his friend is home? Another shiver went up her spine.
The van began to slow down, and then made another left hand turn. It sounded like they were on a dirt road now. The road made several winding turns both left and right, before the van began to slow down. The van slowed even more as it turned sharply and then stopped. She heard him shift gears and the van started backing up. A moment later it slowed and stopped again. As he turned the van off she realized she no longer felt the sun on her thighs. They must have parked under something. She had no idea where they were. After he had turned the vibrator on her concentration began to falter. She had lost track of the distance they had traveled and all the turns they had made. All she could do at this point was wait.
But she didn’t have to wait long, before he got out of the van and shut his door. He was gone for several minutes before her door opened. He undid the bindings the held her ankle cuffs in place and helped her step out of the van. Her legs felt wobbly, as she stood on her own. She felt him slip his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and slowly begin pulling them down. “You won’t be needing these,” he told her as pulled her away from the van. As he shut the door she realized that her bathrobe was now completely open in front, and that was all she had on.
With her hands still cuffed behind her back he led her away from the van. She could hear cars in distance. As they walked she felt the sun on her body. She enjoyed the feeling as it gave her a distraction from her sexual need. Occasionally the warmth of the sun left her and she realized they must have been walking through trees. The sound of the cars was getting louder. And the route they were taking was starting to head uphill. She became really self-conscious of fact that she was practically naked. She realized this was some type of well-kept path. Maybe not a road, because she had no idea how wide it was, but a hiker or biker could come upon them with little or no notice. As the path started to level off it sounded like they were heading for a road. She could hear the traffic going both ways now as they got closer. She wasn’t sure about this now. If they came up to a road she would be seen by who knows how many people. And what would he do if someone stopped. Her anxiety built as they continued to walk toward the sound of the passing cars. Then suddenly she realized that they had started walking upward again and were actually above the traffic. Soon she heard the cars passing right below her. And as they kept walking she knew they were on some kind of bridge.
‘Honk,’ she suddenly realized she could be seen from the road. She stiffened slightly as shiver ran through her. ‘Honk, honk.’ Again she stiffened as another shiver raced through her body. She even hesitated a step, until the tremor stopped. The hand that had been guiding her suddenly left the small of her back. She took a couple more steps and stopped, not sure as to why he had removed his hand. She just wanted to get across the bridge before too many people saw her. Although the truck driver watching her had added to her excitement, she was still embarrassed about the thought of being seen.
She suddenly felt him step up behind her. With her hands cuffed behind her they were touching his belt. His hands touched the outside of her thighs and gently made their way up to her hips.
Another ‘honk’ sounded.
As his hands softly drifted up her stomach she reached down to fondle his crouch. She found his dick, hard and straining against his pants, as his hands reached and began to fondle her breasts. She stroked his dick as best she could from this position. This was the first time since the trip began that she gotten the chance to ‘touch’ him. As he fondled her breasts he began to pinch and pull on her nipples. This never failed to turn her on and her body responded by pushing back against him with her ass.
The occasional ‘honk’ would bring her back to where they were, but his hands kept causing her to forget again. Besides, how much could they see with him covering her with his hands?
She continued to rub him through his pants, trying to give back some of the pleasure he had given her today. She was sure that his little surprise would eventually allow her the opportunity to please him, but for now this would have to do. As his one hand continued stroking her breast and twisting her nipple, his other began to move slowly downward. Her heart quickened as his fingertips reached her pubic hair and began to comb through it softly. All the way down to the bottom of her pussy and back to the top, lightly stroking through her soft, fine hair. Still, the occasional sound of a passing motorist who spotted them could be heard, but she didn’t care. He was pleasing her again and that’s all that mattered. As his fingers continued to stroke, up and down over her pussy, one of them began to trace the line between her pussy lips. Another shiver raced through her body. He continued to this motion, slowly letting his finger slide between her lips. His other hand pinched and pulled and twisted her nipple. Up and down his whole hand slid while his finger slipped deeper into her.
Suddenly his finger entered her, and kept going. She stiffened as his palm pressed hard against her pussy. With hard, even strokes he shoved his finger into her, pulling it half way out and shoving it back again. This sudden change of tactics caught her completely by surprise. As his assault continued she started thrusting her hips forward to meet his finger. Again and again she thrust her hips to meet his finger. She loved it when he played rough. He had never hurt her and had always satisfied her. She wanted him to take her, but she was not sure about doing that right here. When another car honked at them she thought about the truck driver. Again she imagined the scene he had witnessed as writhed in sexual pleasure before him. She could feel her body respond to the memory, as another shiver took her. He was pumping faster now and she could feel her orgasm building. He had never made her cum this quick, but she knew it wouldn’t be long now. As she tried to prepare herself to cum while standing his hands suddenly left her body.
“No,” she cried.
Just as suddenly his hands had her open robe by the shoulders and it was pulled all the way down her arms. Two hands grabbed her arms from behind. She was turned and pushed toward the traffic below. As panic welled up inside her the hands slowed her, then slowly pushed her forward.
“Turn you head,” he told her.
She didn’t think about it, she just did as she was told. She felt the chain link with her breasts first. Then as her check made contact something pressed into her back holding her there. Suddenly his finger reached up inside her again. This time from the rear. She was bent over slightly and could not reach him. As his finger began to assault her senses again she heard the cars below honking. Again she thought about the trucker and could feel her orgasm building. As he continued to force his finger into her pussy over and over her nipples began to rub on the cool metal of the chain link fence. Again and again she was pushed into the fence and her breathing began to match the thrusts of his finger. As his pace picked up speed so did her ass, thrusting back to meet him.
The honks continued as he picked up speed. Just as she began to match his pace he stopped. She wasn’t close, but she was getting there.
He spun her around and picked her up over his shoulder. Her robe, dangling around her wrists and hanging down her legs, was pulled aside. He pressed her ass to the chain link fence. With his two hands he spread her knees until her feet spread out and landed on top of the bottom of the fence rail. With her ass spread open he began to play with her pussy again. As car after car began to honk he stuck two fingers up inside of her and started stroking her. The renewed assault on her excited pussy left her no choice but to enjoy the game. She was well into the ‘I don’t care anymore’ phase. She didn’t care that almost every car that passed below honked. She didn’t care that her naked ass was hanging spread open over some busy roadway for all to see. She just wanted to cum again. But that was not to happen yet. Just as suddenly as he put her up there, he grabbed her thighs and began to carry her. Several more cars honked as he carried her fireman style across the bridge. About the time it sounded like they had reached the far side of the bridge he turned left as if the follow the road. He carried her for a few more minutes and than gently lowered her to her feet. As he helped her stand he pressed her back until she felt the cold touch of some type of metal pole. With him leaning against her she was pressed upright against the cold metal. She felt him reach behind her. With his body pinning her to the pole he unlocked one of the cuffs. As he quickly locked on her wrist again she realized she was now locked to the pole.
As she felt the breeze gently caressing her body she listened to the cars passing not far away. Her skin tingled as she wondered if the passing motorists could still see her.
She could her him shuffling through something. A bag, or backpack possibly. She didn’t realize he had brought anything with him, but he must have. A moment later he was attaching something to one of her wrists. It felt like some type of band. He then move to her other side and did the same to her other wrist. When he was done he leaned in close to her.
“Have you enjoyed our little trip so far?” He asked.
“Oh yes, quite a bit actually,” she replied. She felt his fingertips on her inner thigh, slowly working their way up. She drew a deep breath as his other hand cupped her breast.
“Do you wish to keep playing,” he asked?
“Mmmmm,” she purred, “I would like that very much.” His lower hand finally reached her pussy and began to lightly stroke her soft pubic hair.
“Mmmmm,” she purred again, “you could do that as long as you like.”
“I just might at that,” he said. His fingers kept sliding up and down, tracing her lips and brushing through her soft curly hair. As his other hand began to grope her right breast, he lowered his mouth to her left. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and began to slowly roll it between his lips and teeth. She moaned softly and gently pushed her hips forward. Slowly he inserted the tip of one of his fingers into her pussy and let is slide up and down along the slit. Her body was still on fire for the foreplay on the bridge. If, after everything that had happened today, that could be called foreplay.
“Mmmm Mmmmph,” she said as her body began to tingle with impending need.
“Are you ready to cum again,” he asked? The hand on her breast began to pull her nipple.
“I want you to cum with me this time,” she said.
“Oh, I plan to take my pleasure,” he said, “just not yet. There’s so much I want to do to you first.” His finger slipped a little more inside of her and continued it’s up and down sliding motion.
“Oooh, but I want you inside of me,” she pleaded.
“Oh I’ll be inside of you,” he said, as he leaned closer and whispered, “deep inside of you, soon.”
A shudder raced through her body as she felt his breath on you neck and ear. She wanted something inside of her right now, as his finger continued to trace just along the inside of her.
“I still have to get you ready,” he teased, “if you want to continue to play.”
Afraid that he might stop, she said, “Yes, I want to continue.”
“Good,” he answered. He let go of her and backed away. She moaned in disappointment, but bit her lip and waited. He leaned against her again and reached behind her. He unlocked one of the cuffs again, but this time he attached it to the pole. Then he brought her free wrist up over her head and, with a metallic click, secured something to the band around her wrist. He unlocked that other cuff and secured that wrist above her head too. As her wrists were secured above her head she realized she was attached to a horizontal metal bar. There was more than enough play in her bindings to allow her to grasp the bar and support her own weight. Again she felt the cool breeze glide over her body as her already hardening nipples became stiff with anticipation. His hand traced its way up the back of her thigh and over her ass. She waited as he continued to run his fingers over her body. She was on fire with need. Every nerve in her body was tingling. His touch sent shivers through her again and again as he caressed her body ever so softly. He leaned close to her from behind, one hand fondling her breast while the other made little circles over her pussy.
“What do you want right now?” he asked.
“I want to cum,” she said between shivers.
“What can I do to you to make you cum?” he asked.
“Anything,” she whispered. He had already begun to pinch her nipple as the fingers of his other hand began to trace the line where her pussy lips met.
“I may touch your body anyway I choose?”
“Yes,” she said.
The fingers tracing their way up and down her pussy slowly began to part her smooth lips. “I can take you right here, where others might see you?”
“Yes,” she breathed as another shiver raced through her body. The tip of one of his fingers was now tracing its way inside her.
“And may I try new toys on you?”
“Oh yes,” she stammered as she thrust her hips forward. She wanted him so badly now.
“How far are you willing to let me go with my fantasy?”
It was getting harder for her to concentrate as first one, then two fingers entered her body. “As far as you want,” she breathed.
As he continued to stroke her breast and pinch her nipple, his fingertips continued their trek deeper and deeper into her pussy. Back and forth along the inner folds of her labia he caressed and stroked, applying pressure first to one side, and then the other. Then along the base of her slit, pushing his fingers in and stroking the bottom part of her pussy so firmly that she even felt it with her anus. And then bringing his fingers upward to curl and stroke the upper portion just beneath her clit, at the same time pressing down on her clit with his thumb, again and again. She felt her orgasm building. She knew that at any moment he could stop and leave her wanting him more.
“How bad do you want it,” he asked.
“You know how much I want it,” she breathed, “please.” She didn’t know what he was getting at, but she knew she was getting close.
“And what would you do to get it,” he asked as his fingers continued to stroked her one way and then the other.
“Anything,” she said as she bit her lip. She was getting there, but she knew he was going to control when she came.
“Anything, are you sure?” he teased as he lightened the pressure to slow her down a bit.
“Yes, anything,” she gasped, “use me anyway you want, please!” She knew she had just committed herself to whatever he had in mind, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to cum and would do anything at this moment to get there. And he knew it.
As his fingers began to bring her back to the edge, she suddenly felt a pair of hands grab her right ankle. Her heart began to race as she realized that this meant someone else was there with them. Her mind began to race as fast as her heart as she tried to digest this.
Suddenly a new shiver, stronger than the rest, interrupted her thoughts as his fingers once again reached deep inside her. He pinched her nipple hard and pressed his thumb onto her clit as the new hands began caressing their way up her leg. This was too much to think about. All she wanted was release. She was so close that she didn’t care, so long as it brought her to the place she wanted so badly to be. As the touch of his fingers alternated from firm to light she felt the other hands working their way up.
She tried to think about who it might be, but another shiver raced throughout her body. Her breathing was coming hard and fast as she felt those new hands rising. ‘Oh my God!’, she thought, ‘this is incredible’. As the new hands reached her upper thigh they stopped, just lingering to caress her just below her pussy. She moaned as she willed them to continue. Then, as they slowly began to go back down her leg she felt his touch soften to teasing caresses. ‘No,’ she cried to herself, ‘please don’t stop.’
As the hands were almost back down where they began, her whole body arched upward before she knew why. Her body was flooded with feelings as several things happened almost at once.
First, as the strange hands reached her ankle they locked on like a vice. Then suddenly a second pair of hands grabbed her left ankle in another vice like grip. But before her mind could begin to realize what that meant, his fingers lunged up into her.
As deep as anything that she could remember, with the half a second of thought she could muster, before the feelings overwhelmed her. And just as her whole world began to drop a new wave of feelings threatened to overwhelm her.
The hand pinching her nipple suddenly crushed her breast to her chest, pressing her back against his chest. The two pairs of hands pulled her legs apart and her whole body began to slide downward. But she didn’t slide far as the fingers of his other hand curled upward and his palm pressed downward, locking her clit and upper pussy in another vice like grip that almost lifted her off her feet.
She thrust her hands upward and locked her fingers on the bar above her head. Its not that she remembered the bar so much as it happened to be there as she desperately tried to grab for anything. Her feet jerked to a stop and landed firmly on the ground as the hands that held her let go. She felt them brushing over her feet and around her ankles for a moment and then they were gone. Just as suddenly he took his hands off her body. It was only then that she realized she was on the verge of an incredible orgasm, and her body began to shiver uncontrollably. She tried thrusting her hips back and forth to bring on her orgasm, but to no avail.
Now there was nothing she would not do or give to have her satisfaction. And she knew that he knew this. As she waited for her body to stop shaking the possibilities went racing through her mind. She had no idea who the other people were or even how many were there. She couldn’t speak. Other than the trembling of her body she couldn’t move. She couldn’t even imagine the situation she found herself in. Being bound naked, and writhing with sexual need, in front of who knows how many strangers sent dread and fear through her heart. The shame and humiliation she knew she should be feeling only heightened her awareness of her body’s need for release. The longer she stood there, naked and trembling, the stronger the fire within her grew. Despite her inner fears her need proved stronger. She had to be touched. She didn’t care by who, or how. Her body had long since stopped shaking, but the small shivers continued. As she stood there, holding the bar for support and listening to the traffic, she felt someone step up behind her.
“Are you ready,” he asked.
Her body began to tremble uncontrollably. She couldn’t believe the sound of his voice could do that. She waited, not sure how to respond. Someone else was there watching, listening. Another shiver raced through her as she almost felt the strange eyes looking at her naked body. As the shiver subsided she managed a small nod.
“Do you want to be touched again,” he asked.
Again her body trembled. And again she managed a small nod. The feeling of being watched causing another shiver.
“Say it,” he said.
As her body stopped shivering she whispered, “Touch me.”
“Louder, please.”
“Touch me,” she gasped.
Fingers began touching her upper arms and lower legs.
“Where,” he asked.
Her attention was transfixed as the hands began to trace their way up and down her limbs. The sound of his voice lost its meaning to the subtle caresses. Her body ached as the fingers made their way up over her hips and down over her shoulders.
“Where,” he insisted.
The fingers retraced their paths back to her arms and legs. She wanted them to touch her in her most sensitive spots.
“Where do you wished to be touched,” he asked, leaning closer.
As the fingers continued to their short paths over her arms and legs she needed them to touch her more intimately. Her desire was growing even stronger, but she knew it wasn’t enough. She needed more.
“Tell me where you want to be touched,” he asked. “Tell me where you NEED to be touched.”
Again her body began to tremble. It started out as a shiver running through her. But as it built it became more. The fingers, his voice, her naked body bound and blindfolded were mixing into a feeling she couldn’t describe. She needed to be touched. She needed release. “Touch me,” she whispered again.
“Where,” he asked again.
“Touch my…” she hesitated as the feelings washed over her. She needed this; she needed their touch. Her desire was burning beyond anything she had ever experienced before. “…please, touch my pussy.”
Suddenly the fingers left her. She gasped at the sudden lost of contact.
“Yes,” was all he said as his voice began to fade.
She quickly turned her head as if she could see him. ‘No,’ her thoughts screamed as she realized he was leaving her. She wanted to cry out, ‘you can’t leave me like this.’ She was on the verge of tears with need and desire. “Please don’t stop,” she pleaded.
“Do you wish to continue,” he asked.
“Yes,” she whispered.
“We’ll continue, but there’s a price that must be paid.”
“Yes,” she gasped, as she felt her heartbeat begin to quicken. “I’ll pay you anything.”
“Will you give us your body, to use for our own pleasure,” he asked.
“Yes,” she answered, her body becoming more sensitive to the light breeze that caressed it.
“To use anyway we please, for as long as we wish?”
“Yes,” she gasped as the sound of his voice caused another shiver.
“Ask us, then,” he said. She felt a single finger tracing circles around her nipple.
“Ask you…?” she hesitated, as her breath quickened.
“Do you wish to be used,” he asked. His finger continued its slow circles.
“Yes,” she breathed between shivers; “I want to be used.”
“All you have to do is ask, my dear,” he said. His finger was now rolling her hardening nipple around in circles.
“Please use me,” she breathed heavily. “Use my body anyway you wish!”
As if on cue, a pair of lips sucked her other nipple into someone’s mouth. Her breath caught as the mouth sucked gently on her breast, drawing her nipple further inside. Now, two fingers began gently rolling her right nipple around. Neither the mouth nor the fingers were in a hurry. Both were making slow, deliberate motions. A light spasm raced up her spine.
As her breathing began to match time with the fingers and mouth she felt something press against her ass cheeks. As her mind suddenly refocused on this new feeling she realized it was someone’s dick. It was pressing against her as if it were rocking gently back and forth. It gently pushed as if it were trying to spread her cheeks apart by itself. The fingers and mouth continued as the dick pressed in time with their rhythm. Slowly, her cheeks began to part. Her breathing was coming much faster as the dick tried to push even further.
She suddenly felt fingers brushing lightly over her pubic hair. Not quite touching her pussy, but causing feelings none the less. She felt her hips slowly rock forward to meet this new hand. As her hips rocked back she felt the dick press further between her cheeks. Now it was touching her asshole. Another spasm shot through her. She wasn’t sure about this now. She wanted someone in her pussy. She didn’t think she could take it in her ass without some lubricant or something. As she rocked forward again the dick moved with her. The hands and mouth on her front continued their motions as the fingers on her pubic hair made contact with her pussy.
Another spasm softly rocked her body as a fingertip entered her. As her hips rocked back again, the dick pressed harder against the entrance to her ass. Again her body began to softly shake as feelings ran up her spine. She couldn’t believe how good this felt. She needed to pick up the pace if she were going to reach orgasm. But as she started to buck her hips back and forth a little faster, a pair of hands grabbed her hips. The hands slowed her back down to an agonizingly slow pace again. The feeling inside her continued to build and she knew that she would eventually not be able to contain them. As the finger slowly began to enter her bit by bit, the dick continued to press against her ass.
The pressure against her ass was getting more sensitive as the dick pressed harder and harder against it. She wanted to scream as the finger slowly made its way into her pussy. Finally she felt a knuckle brush the base of her clit as the finger reached deep inside her. As another shiver began got rock her body she tried to thrust her hips back and forth to intensify the feeling. Still the hands held her movement to a minimum.
By now the finger was moving in and out of her in with the dicks thrusting. It began to feel like little jabs at her ass as the dick kept poking at her ass, almost as if it were trying to get inside of her all on its own. And the finger continued to dive into her and pull itself out again.
Suddenly she felt a second finger work its way into her. As her pussy began to spread open further she felt a wave wash over her. “Oooooohhhh,” she moaned as it hit her. Again another wave washed over her as the second finger reached fully into her pussy.
“Oooooooohhhh,” she moaned again, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhh.” She could felt it building inside of her as her body rocked back and forth.
“Aaaaaaaahhhhh,” she moaned as she felt the dick press harder against her ass. “Oooooooohhhhh ppplllleeeeeeaasssse,” she cried as she felt another wave of pleasure wash over her. It was coming now. She wanted it so much she couldn’t stand it.
Suddenly she felt the dick begin to force her asshole open. The feeling was beyond her wildest dreams. It didn’t hurt, it just started to slowly open her sensitive ass. She threw her head back as the first wave of orgasm hit her.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,” she cried as the head of the dick worked its way in. “AAAAAAGGGGHHHH.” She couldn’t control her body at all now, as she began to buck wildly back and forth. “AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH,” she felt wave after wave washing over her. Suddenly, the head of the dick slipped inside.
“OOOOOHHHH AAAAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGGGOOOO,” she screamed as the intensity of her orgasm multiplied. She couldn’t believe she could feel this much pleasure. She kept bucking and writhing as the fingers and mouth and dick drove her over and over to new heights. Again and again she twisted and bucked and tried to throw herself in any direction. “AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH,” she just couldn’t stop cumming. It was unreal as wave after wave crashed through her body.
Suddenly a new sensation hit her. As her body renewed its gyrations she tried to identify it. As the dick kept trying to push further into her and the fingers and mouth and hands sucked and pinched and teased this new feeling hit her like a freight train. As she screamed out her pleasure she realized someone was licking her clit. That was it. She couldn’t take it any more. Her body had long ago taken over as she twisted and turned with her whole body shaking from the force of the orgasm. Now she felt the dick sliding back and forth in the entrance of her ass as she began to lose touch with where she was being touched. Her body shook with the pleasure coursing through it. Again and again the dick rubbed back and forth in the entrance of her puckered asshole. The mouth at her pussy began to suck with a vengeance. The fingers probing her pussy continued to reach deep inside of her. Even the mouth and hands on her breasts caused her breath to come in short gasps. Several times she cried out with pleasure as her whole body shook. Again and again she tried to rock her hips in time with her orgasm, but the hands on her hips held her in place, only allowing her enough movement to let the head of the dick rub inside of her sensitive ass.
She lost count of the waves of passion that washed through her. Her body became one sensitive G-spot that danced with electricity. As one last shudder rocked through her body she passed out.


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this was a very hot story


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gorgeous when ill fuk u in ur all holes i ve to dream

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