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I was talking to my boyfriend in bed last night and we got onto the subject of my first proper lesbian experience. I've always been honest with him about it but had never gone into too much detail with him about it as I was worried he would find it weird. Anyway, we were talking and he seemed interested ao i started telling him and it really turned both of us on. As it was such a turn on for us i decided it was only fair to share the pleasure so hopefully others will be able to use this story for pleasure!![/i]

I was 16 at the time and I had been best friends with Hannah all my life. As I had grown up with her i was often invited to her family parties. When i was younger I had often met her Aunty Rebecca and had always known she was a lesbian. By the time I was 16 though I hadn't seen her for a while. I went round to Hannah's grandads with her as he was holding a party for Hannah's 16th Birthday, it was the day after her birthday as we'd been out with our friends the previous night and this was just a family thing. When i got there the rest of the family had been drinking already, so me and Hannah decided we'd needed to catch up! It started very innocently, I was sitting in the kitchen having a cigarette talking to Hannah's grandad as we were the only one's who smoked and somebody spilt a drink so he went to clean it up, as soon as he left Rebecca came in to talk to me. It was obvious from then that she fancied me. But it was all very subtle, her "accidentally" rubbing against me when she walked past, flirty little comments she was making and the looks she was giving me. Rebecca's girlfriend was at the party at that point so it had to be subtle I suppose. Hannah's grandad came back and told me to watch out as it was obvious Rebecca was making a bee-line for me. Up until that day I had been 100% certain I was staight but when he said that I couldn't help the reaction my pussy had to hearing those words!!
Then I went to dance with Hannah and tried my hardest not to think to much about Rebecca, but i couldnt get her out of my mind. i went up to the toilet and saw laura, rebeccas girlfriend in the doorway putting her jacket on and i was so disappointed that they were going already and nothing was going to happen.
i came back down from the toilet and at the bottom of the stairs i saw rebecca on her own. she told me that laura had gone because she had an early start at work the next day but she'd decided to stay longer. as the night went on i ended up dancing with rebecca and couldnt believe how wet i was just feeling her body so close to mine! Hannah drank to much and went upstairs to have a sleep because she felt sick. after about half an hour i went up and checked on her, she said she was fine and to go and wake her when we were leaving! so i left her to sleep it off. as i came out the room rebecca was standing there, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into one of the other bedrooms. she turned to me and said there was something she'd wanted to do all night. then she kissed me, gently and slowly, she began probing my mouth gently with her tongue, she suddenly stopped, looked at me and said have you ever kissed a woman before, i said i once practised kissing one of my friends once but not properly. she looked worried and asked me if she'd overstepped the mark. i answered her by leaning in and kissing her again, i just had to feel her lips again. i couldnt believe the reaction she was having on me. she gently pushed me back and lay me on the bed and got on top of me, she carried on kissing me, pushing herself onto me! i felt her hands going up my top and felt them find my large tits, she was older than me but my boobs were easily double her size. she took my top and bra off and kissed down my neck to my boobs and kissed them all over gently. my nipples were tingling waiting for her to turn her attention to them, when she finally did i felt myself let out a moan, as soon as i did this she seemed to go completely wild, she was tearing at my clothes and her own, stripping us both. i was left with jist my lacy black french knickers on and she was completly naked. she kissed all down my body and the inside of my thighs right by my wet throbbin crotch. i removed my knickers and as soon as i did she lowered her mouth onto my perfectly formed tight pussy. as she started licking my clit i couldnt believe i was doing this and actually enjoying it more than id ever enjoyed anything id done with a lad, maybe it was because i shouldnt be but i was finding it so sexy i couldnt resist. she filled my young tight pussy with her experinced tongue and i was trembling with pleasure. she moved back to licking my clit flicking her tongue quickly back and forth over it while she put one finger inside me. once her finger was completely in she put another one in, once they were both in there she started bending them it felt like she was pushing some magic button behind my clit inside me. she had now matched the rhythm of her tongue perfectly with the rhythm of her fingers. i felt her other hand gently squeezing my ass and my one hand was pushing her head further into my pussy and playing with her hair. i came right then,i couldnt help myself and i felt her licking it all up. she came up and kissed me and i could taste my own cum on her lips. it got me horny all over again. i ran my hands all down her naked body and finally reached her clit her pussy was wet and ready for me. i started rubbing her and was worried id do something wrong, id never done this to anyone but myself before, but as soon as i started playing with her she was moaning and gyrating against my hand. i went down with my mouth and as soon as i started touching her clit with my tongue she was moaning so loudly she had to put a pillow over her face. i pushed my tongue into her pussy then replaced it with my fingers one of her hands came down and started moving my hand the way she wanted it. as she got more aroused i started swirling my finger of my other hand round her arsehole and wen from licking her clit to lickin round her arsehole. soon after that she came too. we lay there for a little while and then got dressed and went down to the res of the party.

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That was so good you got me rock hard I was sooooo horny in that we'll written

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good story but need more any way welldun

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2011-10-25 06:14:39
When I was 7, I and my cousin Janet started to sleep over at each others house every other week and we always slept in the same bed. We loved to touch each other between our legs, kiss and pretend we had tits and that boys fancied us. Following a 9th birthday party at Janets I remember asking her if we could shower together and she said okay. It was nice and we washed each other and then when we were in bed and feeling each other we spontaneously got into licking each others cunts and two nights later we had a finger in each others hole and soon we had two. By the time we were fourteen we were full lesbian lovers and enjoyed the whole spectrum of womens love, we sometimes tribbed until our cunts were really sore bur it has always been lovely.
20 years on and we are still together although we have each fucked with lots of men. Janet doesn't like them at al now and I'm okay with a man if he has a very big knob and plenty stamina but I don't like cum in me at all, particularly my mouth

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a bit short but still made my bitch cum


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my wife and i have bee nmarried 23 yrs in all that time shes had one girl friend they get together every month for one night of sex i have met the woman lots of times she is also married and very smart i am not allowed to join them or watch my wife loves me and her

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