Why is she such a trouble maker and can he tame her?
The school bell rang, signifying the end of yet another day. Everyone left their seat and milled out into the halls to catch their ride except one girl, she hadn’t even noticed the other leave and it wouldn’t matter, she had detention yet again. The freshman sat in her daydream until the teacher roused her. “Wah? Oh... yeah I am supposed to write a report aren’t I?” The girl smiled sheepishly as she pulled out her notebook. She was caught fighting at lunch and it wasn’t the first time. She was a trouble maker, if there was a rule against something, she would break it out of spite. No one knew why she was so stubborn, there was a time when she was the best student but maybe the old adage was true, puberty changes everyone. Her teacher just watched her quietly, wondering why his student would keep up such terrible behaviors. She looked up from her note book and blushed realizing he was watching her. She quickly returned to the report but he was still puzzled, especially that reaction. He took notes while watching her work, trying to work it out in his mind but the more he thought about it, the less sense it made. She stopped working and was back to daydreaming again. He got up and walked to her side, looking first at the finished report and then at her. She had a faraway dreaming look to her and her breathing was a little jagged.

“Miss Kai, you know you can tell me about anything that is going on. I don’t only want to be your teacher but I want to be your friend, you can trust me. Why do you act out like this? Is everything okay?” He rested his hand on her shoulder and she turned her sweet innocent looking eyes up at him before shaking her head. “Well... you still have a few minutes until detention is over, want a soda?” She shook her head no again and he left the room. He walked so she wouldn’t be able to see her and just watched what she would do. She looked around and pulled a banana out of her lunch bag. He guessed that since she got into the fight, she didn’t have time to finish eating. He just watched her, if she wasn’t going to talk about what was wrong, he would have to just study her. He got his Masters in Psychology but when it got time to get a job, he chose the teaching profession over the head-shrinker one. He felt that understanding what people thought and felt would assist him in being a better educator, now he wasn’t so sure. The rest of his colleagues laughed at him, they thought that they should only do their job and not worry about problem children like Kai-Anne Borque.

She slowly unpeeled the waxy yellow skin of the long fruit, revealing the soft white edible meat. She looked around nervously and then started to lick the tip, her tongue lapping at the surface gently. After soaking the tip with her saliva, she ran her tongue up and down the gently curved fruit, panting softly as she imagined she was performing it on a man. She squirmed in her seat as blood started to rush to her nether regions. She didn’t dare touch herself yet, she wanted to torture herself more. She knew he would be back in the room any time but it just added to the thrill. After bathing the phallic fruit with wet licks and slurps, she pulled it away from her mouth and closed her lips. She pressed the wet point at her lips and whimpered like she was resisting as the sweet fruit opened her mouth. Gently sucking on it, she started blushing. Her clit was hardening and every time she shifted and squirmed, a little shock of pleasure tormented her. As she performed fellatio on the soft treat, her teacher watched in a stupor at what she was doing. He tried to keep control of his breathing as he watched her delicious mouth engulf the banana and tease it. His cock throbbed with delight as he couldn’t take his eyes off of the girl. He could almost imagine it was her pretty lips wrapped around him and her tongue tasting his flesh.

She couldn’t take the feeling in her pants any more, it was driving her too crazy. She held the banana in her mouth and stood up. She made up her mind, she wanted to get caught being dirty. She slid her pants off before sitting back down with her legs spread far apart. The crotch oh her white panties was already soaked through from excitement. With one hand she started teasing her slit through the fabric as she resumed sucking off her makeshift lover. By this time her teacher was sporting a full erection was driving the deepest ache into his nut sack, begging for the release that was being denied. He had to go in there and stop her but at the same time, he wanted her not only to keep going but to include him. He swallowed hard as he watched her pull the leg band aside to reveal her swollen vulva and rosy nub of a clit. Her fingers dove into the depths she just revealed. His attention was diverted for a moment as he looked at the teacher’s lot, the only vehicle was his own and a wave of relief washed over him. He only had to make one decision, whether to stop her or to take her. His fingers found their own way to his straining fly and with a smooth downward motion on the zipper, freed the fleshy captive. He opened the door to the class room and locked it from within, pulling down the shade on the door.

Her big brown eyes opened and she put on an innocent expression as she watched him, her fingers leaving the wetness they were just playing in. He had his back to her so she wouldn’t see his naked erection. “Miss Kai, what do you think you were doing? What if some one other than me saw your lewd behaviors?” He looked over his shoulder at her, watching her chest rise and fall in heaving breaths. He went and pulled the rest of the window shades, keeping his back to her. He heard her rustle and thought she was getting dressed. A tinge of disappointment came over him until he felt her hands reach around him and rest upon his throbbing manhood. She gasped a little as he turned to face her, it jutted out at her obscenely. “Oh, so I see... you wanted me to catch you. How can I punish you for this?” His cock twitched as he scolded her and her eyes remain locked on it. She never saw a real one, just the ones in the dirty sketches her sister done. The real thing seemed more beautiful to her. “Kai-Anne, get up on my desk, sit on your knees.” She looked at his spotless desk and nodded, climbing up on it and kneeling like he commanded. He walked over and stood in front of her, his shaft nearly touching her mouth. He knew this was very wrong but something inside of him took over. “Pretend I am your beloved banana...” Her tongue snaked out and grazed the head, tracing around the tip. He watched her as she then began to kiss and nibble down his length. He breathed hard and reached around her small body, petting her lips through the barricade. She took him into her mouth, sucking loudly as she moved her head back and forth. He thrusted against her mouth, fucking the pretty lips while she moaned from his touch. She may have been a novice but he was getting so close to his orgasm. He pulled away and watched her pout but he smiled, “Take off your panties, I will show you that bananas don’t compare.” She wriggled out of the flimsy cloth as he took off his pants. The break also gave him the chance to get back in control of himself. He wanted this to last as long as possible without blowing his seed. He had denied himself the pleasure of a female since his days back in high school, life was much too busy. It wasn’t every day though that a piece of illegal deliciousness offers herself to her teacher. The wave of near orgasm faded away as she returned to her spot on the desk, her pussy dripped with the juices of desire. He gently pushed on her to turn so he was lined up with her soaked sex. He caressed the skin of her legs and ran his hands beneath her shirt to cup the still developing tender breasts. He pulled her against him as he kissed the back of her neck to make her relax, he didn’t want to hurt her.

“P...Please be gentle with me, I want you though. I have daydreamed about this every night.” She breathed the words, finally speaking to him. He held her tightly as he placed himself into the wet path to her maidenhood. She relaxed the best she could, not wanting her first time to be a bad memory since it was with the one man she respected. He bucked swiftly into her, tearing through the hymen. She cried out at the sharp pain but he held himself inside, whispering soothing words and telling her how sorry he was that it hurt so badly. Her inner muscles clenched him as they resented the tearing, the pain soon passed and she pleaded that he continue. Slow smooth strokes in and out of her, he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he could. He was succeeding too according to her wailing. She arched her back and would buck against him. He moved a hand down to her pussy and found her hard little joy button. As he pumped in and out of her tightness, his fingers played with the nub of flesh that was designed only for pleasure. She screamed louder, calling out his name as he felt her flood his cock. He slowed again. Her first orgasm happened so quickly that he must have been hitting her g-spot perfectly. He smiled in satisfaction, at this rate, he could pleasure her all night. No one would know she wasn’t home for a long time. She told him this once when he demanded to talk to her legal guardian. She lived with her sister. The sister worked late most nights and the nights she didn’t work, she went out and was gone very late. “I want more... it felt so good....” The sound of her begging made him feel like he was her master.

“Shh... I will do anything for you, angel...” he paused in his speech to kiss and suck on her neck while getting a few hard strokes in. Her ass slapped against his pelvic bone, jarring her body a little. She cried out as his teeth grazed her flesh. He stopped and admired the red welt on her neck. “Lets try a different position now... I will keep going for as long as you want.” He picked her up so she was facing him and her legs was around his waist, he lifted her and then slipped back into her. He started fucking her hard, finding her g-spot yet again and nailing it for all he was worth. He clamped his mouth over her’s and started kissing her with an intense passion. Their tongue warred while she neared yet another wet release. He pressed her back against a wall so she wasn’t only resting in his hands. She stared into his eyes as she came. He groaned as he held himself inside her not moving. Seeing her pleasure nearly pushed him over the edge but she was lucky that he didn’t. He looked around and decided she should go back on the desk, he carried her over and lain her on her back and pulled out of her. She looked at him puzzled and returned his smile. He knelt behind the desk with his face level to her vagina and gave the dripping lips a deep kiss. “You are so sweet and delicious... it must be all the banana’s you eat.” He found her clit with his lips and lapped at it hard, flicking it every which direction. Her back arched as she writhed from the sensation. He slide his fingers into her cunt, tickling her from within and waiting to see her body jolt when he found that spot again. “What is it sweetheart... feeling good?” Her whimpers was his only answer so he took it as a yes. He kept massaging her from inside until he found a rough patch of spongy flesh as his fingers rubbed there, she reached down and grasped his hair, pulling his face hard into her. He rewarded himself by drinking in her juices when she yet again released. He stood and looked down at her, her hair was pasted to her face from sweat and tears. She was panting from all the moaning and the drained energy. He leaned down over her, bracing his weight with his arms and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. “Too tired to continue?” He gazed into her eyes as she shook her head no. He was supprised that she wanted to continue still. She looked like any more would kill her.
“Don’t over do it, this won’t be the last time we do this if you like.”

“J... Just one more time... I want you to come in me... please,” she pleaded as she raised her hand to his cheek. He kissed her palm and smiled kindly. He went and put a blanket they used to wrap instuments in for transport on the floor. He then scooped her up and placed her on the blanket before stripping the rest of the way. He knelt down on the blanket and took her shirt off, kissing her shoulders while he unhooked her bra. He tossed it aside and smiled at her, petting her nude body. He figured for this last time, it shouldn’t be just a quicky with clothes on but something special... not just sex but make it feel like making love. If only she was older, he could say that it was love. He watched as her legs opened for him and he lowered himself on her, not entering yet but kissing her beautiful tits and massaging them in his hand. He kissed, caressed, and shown love to every part of her from her hair to her toes before he was ready to complete his union with her. He found his way inside her again, slowly moving in and out, not wanting to rush himself nor tire her out anymore than she already was. He didn’t want to put his full weight on her, afraid he might be too heavy so he kept himself braced up. She moaned softly, joined by his moans, both enjoying the delicate feeling between them. She leaned up to him and captured his lips with her own, feeling his tears fall on her face. He slowly allowed his full weight to rest on her after a while, he thrusted just a little faster and harder, feeling his end near. She broke the kiss and whispered into his ear the words he most needed to hear. “I will always love you, no matter what.” With that, he exploded in her. It felt like fireworks went off inside his skin and his mind when blank, hearing nothing but the perfect beat of their two hearts. Once he regained his senses, he rolled onto his back and pulled her over onto him, just holding her there as he thought about her words. He doubted she would hold to them, no one ever had but for as long as she wanted him, he would be her’s.

Graduation-3 years later

Kai threw her cap into the air with the other classmates, she never thought she would have made it this far but here she was. She laughed as she retrieved her hat, taking it away from some one who tried claim it. “Better luck in college!” She taunted and looked into the crowd, she caught a glimpse of him but from down here and the people milling about she couldn’t see him. She sighed and hung her head when a bouquet of flowers was jabbed at her. She looked up and found the familiar and loving eyes attached to the man holding flowers. She kissed him lovingly, no need to hide anymore.

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