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road trip

It was the first day of summer, and i was in my room packing for my cross country road trip with my father. I hardly ever see my dad, he and my momther split up when i was little. he lives not to far from me and my mother but i dont usualy see him until summer for out anual trip from buffalo new york to death vally arizona, then back.

I sat on my bed thinking what cloths to pack. i knew i needed alot due to the fact that we only stop 4 times to do laundry the hole trip. i packed my entire colection of underwere about 6 skirts, 7 pairs of jeans, about 30 shirts and blouses, and a # of shoes and sandals. I couldnt forget the bathing suits, i packed a total of 12 bikinis, i had to try on every pair to make shure sum of them fit from last summer.

I stood infront of my mirrorgazing at my body dressed in my black bikini. I ran my finger from my tight thighs up across my thin tan belly over my small but full breast. I am a 32 b, i wish that i was c cup but they would look a little to large for my body. i am 5 feet 3 inches tall long brown hair about 5 inches past my shoulders witch curently was up in a pony tail. i lost track of time looking at my self, i noticed when i herd my mother yelling up the stairs to me that my dad was outside waiting for me.

I ran over to the window and saw my dads white RV in the street. i threw on a skirt and a button up. Put on my sunglases and walked downstairs. My dad greated me with a huge hug and helped cary my suit cases to the Rv.

I put my suitcases under the bed in the back room. I setteld all my things and worked my way up to the cab.

I said good bye to my mom and we were on our way. i reclined my seat and relaxed. I must have doosed off because the next thing i knew i was in pensylvania.

"Sleep well?" jake said. i looked up with a smile," yes i did."

"Soo what have you been up to since we last were together?" he asked.

"not much realy, cheerleading , shoping and partys. The usual"

"Fun!, you have a boyfriend?" he asked me.

" No not at the time"

He looked at me and said "Good."

I smilled at him and he looked back on at the road.

WE drove for 3 more Hours until it was 10 oclock. "Im going to hed to bed dad"

" Ok good night sweety. A few more hours and im gunna pull over and call it a night too.

I go to the back bedroom and change into a large tee shirt i found in my dads bags, and a pair of pantys. i crawled into bed and fell asleep.

I woke up the next day, and walked out to the cab, still dressed in my pajamas.

"Ahhhh, theres my angel" he said.

" GOOd morning Jake"
" sleep well?" he asked me.

"Yes i did!, what time is it and where are we?"

"its about noon, and we crossed into indiana about 2 hours ago."

"Shit dad, did u sleep last night?"

" Yeah, i layed down with you for an hour or so, i slept all day before i picked you up yesterday."

" Wow, dont rush this trip dad, we have all summer , sleep through the night."

" Say, can we stop at a rest stop in about a hour or so id liek to take a shower and grab a bite to eat"

"Shure thing sweety."

I turnd on the radio and enjoyed to open highway for the next few hours. We pulled into a public rest stop and grabed a towel and a few of my things and quickly started walkign to the building, I forgoten i was still dressed in my tee shirt and pantys, until i noticed a man around 30 years old looking at me jaw wide open, i smiled at him and walked into the ladys room.

I steped into the shower and undressed. I turned on the watter and started to lather my petiet body with soap. I washed quickly knowing that other women would be able to come in. Not that i didnt want to see any women in the shower or them to see me, i just didnt want to see an ugly one.
I dryed myself and put my large tee back on and walked to the Rv, pantys in hand.

i greeted my dad at the Rv where he was making sandwitches for the day. My body brushed against his as i walked to the back room. He looked at me and smiled. I closed the curtain and took of my tee. i fel backwards into the soft bed and layed still until i herd the buss start up. We were on the road again, as I was still naked. i felt soo comfertable naked, especialy against the silk bed sheets.

I ran my hands from my legs to my face then back again. i felt my bald pussy get hot with exitement. I ran my finger between my pussy lips. MY body jolted with exitement. I continued to rub myself for a wile until i couldnt take anymore teasing. I sunk my middle finger deep into my vagina. it felt soo good, i needed to stick another finger in.
I began to finger fuck myself slowly, then slightly picked up speed. My body was on fire. i needed more. I inserted a third finger deep into my pussy. I moaned with pleasure. I grabed a pillow and placed it over my face. I didnt want my father to hear. I continued to pound my pussy until i reached an orgasm. I stufed the pillow in my face as i screamed with my orgasm.

"Everything ok back there?" i heard my dad say from the cabin

"Yea, i just saw a spider." i quickly replied.

" Need me to come kill it?"

"NO!, i alraidy did."

Pulled my fingers from my wet pussy and stuck them in my mouth as i sucked my juices from them. Oh did it taste good.

i got up from the bed and put my black bikini on and walked out of the back room.

" theres my baby" my dad said as he spotted me in the rear view mirror.

I sat next to him in the cabin and asked " know any good road games?"

"Not realy, you?"

"Hmmm, not realy, how bout truth or dare?"

He smiled at me and said, "truth or dare is always fun"

"Truth or dare?" he asked.

" truth"

"OK, hmm........ are you a virgin?"

" If i said no, would you be mad?"

" i take it your not a virgin?" jake quickly replied.

I quietly answered him and with"no im not a virgin."

"Thats ok, everyone gets to the age where they need a good fuck once and a wile."

" Yes" i replied.

" ok dad truth or dare?"

he choose truth.

" who whas your first sex partner?"

" Yur mother, when i was 16, she was good."

"why did you leave her?"

" I love sex." he replied.

" I was young, im lookign to settle down now and stick to one female."

I laughed and said " you should get a sex slave."

" I would love to,and get all the sex i want at any time."

" Yeah that would kick ass." i said." a young one." I added.

"MMMMMM a hot brunette." he moaned.

" Yes, you should buy one," i said.

" I wish." he answered.

We drove along for a few hours and i asked how we were on gas. he told me he had a half a tank still.

" How much does all the gass cost for the hole trip?" i asked.

" Ohhh about 5 or 6 hundred dollars." he said.

"Fuck!, you could have got a sex slave with that money." i said smiling at him.

" Yeah i could, but you mean soo much to me i hardly get to see you, i want to get all i can out of this trip. Im ready to spend that kind of money on you." he said.

" But isnt getin all the hot sex you want at any time better than drving acrossthe countyry with your daughter?" i asked.

"well i guess, but i want to spend time with you at the same time."

"Awww dady, i wish there was a way to have a slave for you for the trip." i said with bad intent.

" that would be lovely!, i wish i had one." my father said.

i sat there and thought of what it would be liek to be my fatheres personal sex slave, to be violated to his liking." I loved the sound of it. I it made me horrny.

" dad, would you liek to buy a sex slave?" i asked

" ummm YES!, why? how much would she cost?" he asked.

" ohh 5 or 6 hundred dollars of gass money to put in the RV." I said in a aweet voice.

"What are you saying?" he asked me.

I reached over and placed my hand on his thigh. " I love you dady"

"I love you toos kaci."

I leand over and kissed him on the cheek and looked at him. then kissed him again on the lips witch lasted about 30 seconds. I mooved my hand down to his cock and felt his errect penis in my hands. I un buckled his belt and unziped his jeans. He hit the cruize controll button on the wheel and helped me slide his pants off. I now had his bare cock in my hands.

He opend his legs so that i could get between them wile he drove. I looked up at him and sadi "Dady i am yours, for the rest of the trip." I then lowerd my head down to his cock and kissed the head. I took the head of his penis and sucked for a wile, i swirrled my toung around it and played with his pee hole. I ran my toung up and down his shaft till i reached his balls.

I took one ball in my mouth and swirled my toung around it. I soon did the same to the right one. MY father lowerd a hand from the wheel to rub the back of my head and run his fingers through my hiar.

I then ran my toung back up his shaft and lowerd my mouth on his cock. Now i had half 4 inches of my dads cock in my mouth i mooved my head up and down as my dad matched me with a fucking motion. He moand loudly as i took the remaining 5 inches into my mouth and down the back of my throught. my bottom lips were now touching his balls.

I quickly rose up for air and looked at my father. I then when down on his cock again. i went straight down to the bottom as he started to moove his waits up and down to fuck my mouth.

I relaxed my throught to let my dads cock go in and out of my throught. i tryed to breath out my nose for aslong as i could till i rushed up for air.
he let out another moan as i rushed back down his cock to alow more fucking. this time he gave faster and harder thrusts. It made me gag, so i rushed up to breath.

i sucked on his cock for a wile and added a hand job to it, until i herd "OK baby, get redy for it!"

I quickly shoved his cock into my mouth and took it down my throught and fel his hot load spurting into my mouth as my father moand and held my head down on him.

when his cock finaly stops squirting, and he let my head go i rose up. I looked into his eyes and swallowed half of the cum. I got up from between his legs and sat in the seat beside him and swished the cum around in my mouth and swallowed the last of it.

" I love you sweety!"
" I love you too dad!"

Moments later my dad told me to go into the bathroom and hed pull over, "I have to piss"

i walked into the bathroom and waited.

He opend the door and steped in. "Get on your knees" he instructed.

I did what he said. he then pulled out his soft cock and placed it into my mouth.
I looked up at him as he let his urin run into my mouth. HE filled my mouth and pulled out his cock. "Gargle" he said. tilted my head back and gargled his urin. "Now swallow"

"WOW!, i didnt think i would enjoy that" i said.

" You will be geting that more often" he said.

He walked out and went back to the cabin and started the bus. I soon joind him and we continued our trip.


2008-02-22 17:08:09
learn how to spell!


2008-02-08 06:34:07
It Was so sad you need to learn how to spel it was a terrible story better luck next time


2007-09-04 17:57:13
this story was gay...y would u swallow someones piss.... thats fucked up


2007-06-24 10:50:13
aww just wen it was getn gud!!!!sequel needed


2007-02-08 07:29:35
It was good except for the cock softening ending! I was about ready to cum when the end of the story ended any chances! THANKS ALOT!
Make a part 2 with a better ending this time!

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