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Women like me love to be desired by men. They love to count how many men want them. They can have any man they want given the right place at the right time. I love this feeling.
The Awakening of a Slut: Samantha

Women like me love to be desired by men. They love to count how many men want them. They can have any man they want given the right place at the right time. I love this feeling.

You might meet me at an elegant cocktail party, given at a well-appointed country house. Elbow-length gloves, a long, flowing silk evening dress, my hair carefully coifed and my face made up for evening seduction, I will seem to your eyes the ultimate in chic femininity. But I will only respond to those who see the fire in my eyes, who can sense the heat, feel the desire that emanates from between my legs.

Breathe in the scent of my lust, for there will be no words, only knowing glances as I silently lead you to a quiet part of the house, to a room far from the crowd. As you lock the door behind you and turn to face me, you will see me raising my skirt to my waist, revealing my intricate lingerie, all lace and straps and clasps, sheer black nylons and high-heeled shoes. My eyes will meet yours as I stand smiling naughtily before you, holding my skirt high with both hands, exposed, naked, haughty and beautiful.

You kiss me and my lips and tongue melt into yours as your hand slides gently down to my crotch, across the soft ridge of my mons, feeling the thick, silken hair of my pussy beneath your palm, hearing me moan softly as your fingertips tease my stiff, swollen clit, feeling my body spasm and hearing the soft wet noises your fingers make sliding into my wet hole of wanton delights.

A woman is born a trophy wife and wanton slut. Samantha needed sex on a daily basis, and if her husband was too tired to perform his duty she sought the aid of her toys and put on such a show for him that he inevitably jumped on her. She would never go out not wearing fully fashion nylon stockings and the most refined lingerie. For the trophy wife dressing is a ritual. She would spend an hour or so in the morning getting ready for the day. Being a lady of leisure, time was not a problem for her. She sought one thing: to be perfect and desirable for her husband. A true trophy wife is confident and submissive, haughty and sweetly lascivious. Samantha was all of that and much, much, more...

A trophy wife is a whore deep down, which means you must gratify her with sex or money, better if with both. For example, when getting ready to go out she flirts with the regular ensemble of skirts, stockings and lingerie, pumps, silk blouses or dresses shirts, scarves and whatever accessories matched the color scheme. She loves fashion and sports anything from the latest trends to timeless classics. She always tries to wear clothing appropriate to the setting without ever sacrificing her unique and eclectic style. In the past prim-and proper, and always true to form, Samantha wore girly, sophisticated clothing that never deviated from her socialite life. Then she started wearing bright colored feminine suits and slinky, suggestive dresses, dresses with plunging necklines and incredibly short hemlines were among her sex attire. Her clothes became an important aspect of her life. The clothes and accessories embodied everything about her-- financial power, independence, sexiness, professionalism....

Be aware that there are not many women like her in the world. Her vagina is wet most of the time and she seeks sexual gratification as much as her daily lobster, caviar and shopping sprees. Samantha is an intelligent and well educated lady, elegantly wanton in the long silk folds of her evening gown as she accompanies her husband to the opera or some gala.

Ever ask yourself how a classy and sophisticated lady could become a wanton slut? Taught by her husband to be a perfect slut wife, Samantha was a sex doll, a slut that bent to his wishes. A beautiful living sex doll for him to dress and fuck whenever, however he wished. She was a sweet sex toy. But wives can be so unpredictable at times. She not only enjoyed being a slut but wanted more, much more... It all started of with the classic question after she'd seen her first porno film with her husband: "Wouldn't you like to see me fucked and used dressed like that?," she purred into his ear like a wanton little pussy cat.

I guess you could say Samantha's transformation all began when she first cheated on her husband. She was very careful with her "rendezvous" and dressed elegantly without revealing even a hint of either her underbelly or her slut provocateur: a pleated silk skirt and dark grey velvet Gucci jacket, a white bow-tie silk blouse, with the bow hanging a little low as is this year's fashion . She wore a very mild fragrance: Bulgary Blu. A 400 dollar silk scarf elegantly placed over the jacket completed the trophy wife picture. She was very aroused and her knees trembled in anticipation. It was like a trance, a beautiful sensual sensation which hardened her nipples to unbearable pleasure. She had been writing to him for over a week. He was a very elegant and intelligent person man endowed with an enormous penis. In fact, it was the prodigious donkey dick proportions of his uncut cock--in both length and girth--coupled his unquenchable desire for her that reduced her to so much melted butter. He wielded such an overpowering sexual magnetism over her, that she threw caution to the wind and broke her cardinal rule: never, ever, venture beyond the cyber realm into the real world with her admirers-no matter how tempting they or their endowments might be. Yet, in this case, Samantha was virtually powerless to control her slut whore appetite for men with big fuck meat; she simply could not help herself, so she gave in to her wanton lusts. Yes, she would treat herself to this licentious indulgence, reward the gentleman and his horse cock with her cunt in the flesh, and she would willfully cuckold her husband.

It was fun and she was simply stunning in her elegance. She knew what would look like because of all the photos he'd sent her. He dressed to accommodate her tastes for classy attire and a distinctive masculinity. She knew the effect she had on him, and there was no doubt that every interaction between her and the gentleman produced a vein-popping, cola can thick erection for him. So she did tease him a little; nothing sleazy, but some of those things women are experts at doing to make guys hard.

As they ascended the stairway to the hotel room, her mind raced ahead. Anticipating the wanton fuck fest in which she was about to whorishly enjoin herself with this man and his big big dick, her pussy began to spasm involuntarily, excreting her lovely fuck juices, drenching her taut wispy lace panties rolling them into a rope of liquid velvet which sunk into her vulva's slit, flossing her cunt ecstatically with each stride.

She was in a state of total sexual intoxication as he pushed large cock head into her greedy mouth, pushing her jaw hinge to its full limit, bulging out her rouged cheeks. Ever since she was a teenager and had sucked her first dick in the back seat of a car, she had had the almost insatiable need to have large erections in her mouth! Samantha loved the distinctive feel and taste of big cock meat. The odor, the foreskin's silken texture, taste and gag reflex triggered by such a penile combination was indescribably delicious and exciting to the cock hungry slut. As she flickered her long curved tongue sluttishly along the underside of his wrist-thick shaft, her mouth full of cock head, she gasped for breath as he fuck-pumped the fat cudgel into her mouth and throat cavity.

She had brought him dangerously close to the edge of orgasm in a matter of minutes. She could always tell when a stud was ready to feed her, and this stud was no exception. Although subtle, she sensed that the hardness of his big erection had ever so slightly intensified--a sure sign that she was about to receive a thick and voluminous sperm milkshake! The loud groan that escaped from his lips confirmed what she already knew, and seconds later her mouth was being jetted with blast after blast of the sweet nectar! When the first spurt hit her throat, she felt a hand slip under her skirt and caress the slick wet lips of her vagina. Her cunt convulsed as his finger quickly found her erect clit and commenced giving her a fast hard fingering! Her own orgasm was flooding his hand while his penis filled her mouth with white hot cum!

How can a woman that has experienced such joy once, not seek it again and again? In fact this session was only just the start beginning of many other rendezvous.

Samantha now had other plans, other desires. She quickly changed transformed her, and her husband's, sexual routine. The sophisticated socialite, top manager in an important corporation became, in secret, a true slut, a high-class sybarite slut bitch slut, literally spending a fortune on designer clothes and dildoes. She now set new discriminating girth and length dimensions on cock size, defining in no uncertain terms, for any aspiring pick-up candidate hopeful, the definition of a "well-hung stud."

Now on most Saturdays you can find her doing extremely nasty things with special participants for select audiencesof men and women. Whenever Samantha has a swinger friend over making videos, they like to take time out to put on a show for her fans, and her real swinger colleagues. One of her favorite shows, which thoroughly brings out the nasty slut whore in her, and in which she genuinely and wantonly engages, features her simultaneously pumping some big fat rubber dicks in and out of her pussy and asshole followed by her cleaning them in deep-throat action. When she comes, several studs endowed with truly monster cocks spray jets of thick hot cum on her spasming stretched open holes as she grasps, gropes, and jacks the big dicks in a wanton frenzy. Her girlfriends, although not her slut equal, are nasty sluts in their own rite. Their usual box of goodies equips them to select a sequence of ever larger sized toys to work tricks and like to work into all their hot holes, climaxing in so many squirting orgasms . They are experts at showing off their gaping holes. Samantha has finally become what she always was deep down: a horny, sensual and highly sexual creature.

Perhaps some of you may find what they've read so far a little disgusting. Well if so, you are in the company of an exceedingly large mass of people. You are also missing sensual and sexual pleasures of a quality and quantity found only in a truly liberating sexual realm that are enjoyed by a correspondingly small number of human beings. To live happily among the sybarites and hedonists within this realm of licentious and wanton sex where every nuance of joy and pleasure experienced by men and woman of every sexual orientation is greatly magnified, one must choose to break free of narrow-minded traditions-the truly disgusting and obscene-and embrace the "no boundaries," truly beautiful lifestyle enjoyed in this erotic realm. So, in the spirit of this philosophy, perhaps it is better to explain Samantha's transformation a little more precisely and "scientifically". Orgasm in women is very complicated and although equally complex in men, 'mass cult' ignorance of human sexual biology prompts many to think that, because most men do not achieve multiple orgasms as readily as women do, that male orgasmic and ejaculatory processes must be much simpler than in women. Indeed it is safe to conclude that most men are not even aware that they capable of becoming skilled practitioners of the phenomenon. Even so,; a sensual woman can have infinite orgasms during sex far more readily than the average man can (for the reasons cited) and so the pleasure she feels during orgasm cannot be understood by the vast majority of men.

Samantha was very sexually active since a very early age. When still a teenager she once found a white vibrator in her mother's bedroom and also her "naughty" lingerie; Samantha was literally blasted away by this discovery and in her rose the need the need to dress like her mother, the prim-and-proper lady in public but slut in private. She put on her mother's slinkiest negligee and masturbated for hours in front of the mirror, looking at all the signature clothes and evening gowns. She walked out of the bedroom, down the hall and across the living room. She could hear the soft rustle of satin as her body moved within the light, sensual gleaming ivory white gown and fur. She could feel the wonderful sexy lightness of the silk, satin that caressed her skin, breasts and hard nipples. She could feel the way the soaring skyscraper heels forced her breasts out and made her take short mincing steps as her hips swayed and her ass wiggled in a sexy provocative, totally wanton way.

From that moment on she sought sex. She was never easy, but knew that a big bulge in a man's trouser meant heaven! Of course her "real" everday life was completely different. She had to conform to all the respected social norms and behave like a proper young lady. She got married and remained a closet slut for years. She had fantastic sex, three or four times a week; but she still longed to "expose" herself. Show in public how wanton she was, how slutty and passionately whorish. So she and her husband decided try swinging with the right people. Swinging was fun. Showing to another man what a sensual woman experiences when she plunges a dildo into her wet cunt was an unbelievable first experience; complete swapping shortly followed. She devoured love erotica and extreme fantasy sex.

Samantha was one of those rare women that can separate love and sex. She not only enjoyed playing the harlot, the common whore, dirty little slut, filthy little bitch, she was one. She started going to special clubs. Her lovers had to have enormous cocks and incredible stamina. She didn't make love to them: she had them service her body: there was nothing sentimental or intimate about it. She needed fresh cock every day and was never satisfied with just one, but preferred groups and wanton orgies. Samantha and her hubby were swingers and sybarites. She got double penetration at least once a month and they participated in orgies on a regular basis. Samantha had come to need fresh meat in her as most wives would if their hubbies let them be the sluts they are. She was a sensual woman with a strong libido and vivid imagination. She thought an orgy, a frenzied wanton pagan orgy the ultimate experience to work for. An orgy were all the women had very obscene big tits and the men enormous phalluses with which they penetrated the screaming moaning sluts. Double penetrations, two cocks in cunts and anal holes, plump women riding frenziedly into unceasing orgasms. This is how she saw herself. A "daemon woman wailing" from her cavern, possessed by an unquenchable lust and need to be ravished. The royal whore of Ancient Egypt and Greece. She longed for the divine rain of sperm from the slaves masturbated during the ritual orgies. She was the libertine and wanton Lady who, cloaked by darkness, leaves her palace and goes out to be fucked for hours in the city bordellos. She was the aristocratic lady, dressed in outlandish silk gowns, posed in a doggy position, and made to fart to put out candles by a noble.

Her transformation regarded her way of dressing as well. She wanted to always feel sexy and slutty and dressed up with garter and whore gear, seeking the slut barbie glamor-doll look. She was so horny and creamy wet that she would always masturbate, fuck and suck cock all night long! She loved feeling a long, thick, hard and hot cock slide in and out of her pussy, stretching her cunt walls and labia to screaming orgasms! Among the swinging crowd she wanted to be considered the hottest dressing bitch ever seen. She created the perfect whore's wardrobe. A life-sized Fuck Doll. pink, lace ribbons and all. Her make-up impeccable. Her face right out of a wetdream, eyes outlined in thick black eyeliner, lips puffy and lacquered in dark red, slightly too much rouge: the perfect wanton woman's face. For evening and club wear she donned a variety of flashy, feminine finery clearly designed for pleasure, not business. Sex was constantly on my mind.. She was possessed, as all sensual women , by the goddess of carnal pleasures.

Samantha was well aware of the social dangers involved in such behaviour. Sensual women who like to swing are often are called sluts, wanton women, dirty bitches, prostitutes, whores... They are always spoken off in unflattering terms. A word that describes them is even used as an insult" "She is a whore!"

But her fondest memories still go back to her first orgy. For the celebration of their fifth anniversary they had prepared a big party-Orgy- and sent out invitations to all of their swinger friends. The whole affair had more or less the atmosphere of a private party. Most of the invited were women of leisure who enjoyed this sort of gala affair. That evening she was wearing a very elegant ensemble, she projected the picture of an exquisitely coiffed and extravagantly dressed lady about to enter an elegant nightclub, pausing for a moment in front of a mirror to check her appearance before making her great entrance at the arm of her escort: High fashion sex . They had invited a lot of male (and lesbian female) guests, and wives who liked this kind of Orgy, who like to show off to their male partners in whore finery. Glitter had been added to around their eyes, chest, and legs to add to their allure. Dressed in silky lingerie with their pussies dripping into their delicate panties he ladies entered and drops of pre-cum oozed from the holes and started running down the smooth cock heads of the men present. Samantha lost in wonder opened her lips and moaned with pleasure at the idea that she had become a slut. It was Samantha's first appearance in "public".

From the top of her whore red hair to her 5-inch platform heels, she oozed sex. She always wanted to be a slave whore, the perfect picture of a beautiful whore complete, and now she was one at last. From the top of her whore red hair to her 5-inch platform heels, she oozed sex. Because she had taken such care in preparing herself, dressing, becoming the perfect product, perfectly packaged and presented, she was considered and applauded by all those present the ultimate Fuck-doll. And so was she treated. The height of eroticism is achieved not when a dumb fuck slut is just a dumb fuck slut, but when an intelligent women is acting the part of a dumb fuck slut. That is the ultimate turn on, a woman who understands the power of fantasy, and the complexity of a sexual relationship. Of course that doesn't mean Samantha didn't want to be a Max Hard-core sex girl pushing a bottle up her ass. Or ass fucked by four men in turn whilst a crowd of men and women cheer her on. Of course she did !

During that first orgy Samantha experienced something she'll never forget. All night long they took her. Without pause, without stint, without mercy. Hour after hour. As she lay spread and stretched and helpless for them. All night long. Again and again. Ravishing her firm luscious body, ripping their pleasure from the smooth skin and taut springy breasts and straining outstretched curving legs and soft tight squirming quivering vagina. Fucking all of it for their lustful satisfaction. Again and again and again. Ceaselessly. Fifty, forty, thirty, she didn't know. Keith, her husband, who was there through it all, who was watching all of it all night long, who said to her , smiling, smiling, "How do you like it, Sam? Is it fun? Is it good? How do you like getting gang fucked, Sam? You want more of it? There's lots more of it, whore. Do you like it? I like it. I love watching you doing this.

And she could say nothing because she was cumming hard, moaning, whimpering, gagging, screaming or babbling futile pleas, obscenities, all the time thinking how good it felt, how the orgasms never ceased. She lay there in front of him, naked and sweating and making wanton noises through her cock stuffed mouth.


2012-04-21 18:28:12
only one etime did i meet a true slut . she was repulsive with her demands , her langage was made for the gutter . there is no joy to be with a true slut . she is not human . she is a thing . a thing to be pitied .


2006-09-04 19:53:12
Was a little hard for me to understand sometimes I think the third person kind of throwed me


2006-08-29 19:05:27
Be careful what you wish for, Samantha! you wanted comments. this is dreadful, probably in my top 10 of worst reads ever. i did try reading this when it originally posted, but stopped after the first few lines of neverending cliches. I don't understand why the story switched from first person narrative to third person. also, it doesn't flow very well. it's choppy writing. You would benefit from taking advice and a few writing classes. Keep writing, though. 4/10


2006-08-15 22:33:38
Samantha, I loved your highly erotic and well written story. Please don;t feel that you have to dumb it down for 18-20 year olds, or people like doc. I certainly had no trouble understanding it.


2006-08-09 12:28:10
I think Doc doesn't understand the complexity of female sexuality and the courage it takes to give voice to certain fantasies. Good for you, Samantha. You've expressed what I've never had the courage to.

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