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She now knew how to be both a slut and elegant at the same time.
Four years later....

As she moved from the bathroom to her boudoir, her mind started to consider the selection of her undergarments for her rendezvous later. Before design and structure are considered colour was her primary concern. Not the matched coordinates of a Versace skirt and blouse that was a statement to the whole world of her outer self of elegance, but when revealed the lingerie colour would say more about her mood than any words or actions in that most intimate of moments. She turned to her large wardrobes, her thighs rubbing together as did so. Thighs firm on the outer but so soft and supple on the inside. The suppleness that a mature woman knows that make the touch of a hand , the moisture of a tongue or the rigidity of a penis far more sensual in that valley of pleasure.

Her wardrobes were indeed cavernous affairs, framed by full length mirrors and subtly backlit by incandescent lights. They framed her in the most perfect way. A visual monument to her wanton ways. What those reflections had witnessed over the years were truly remarkable. The transformation of a persons sexuality from using these mirrors to decide on which clothes would most accentuate her figure and style to the sheer debauchery of the slut. Of silk blouses and liaisons with lovers. Of a fresh pleated skirt and the lust of an engorged penis violating her rosebud. "Colours", she mused opening the door and erasing the reflection as if cleansing and preparing for a new encounter. Would it the soft warm friendly tones of the burgundy that said so much of wanting to hold and cherish and share myself with you. The soft eroticism of black that shows a sinful yet demure side. The shades of purple from the lilacs and lavenders that are so cool yet inviting to the eye, to the azures of pink that a barbie doll like slut would wear. Should it be the somber efficiency of the green indicating an almost business like approach to a torrid sexual encounter. Or perhaps the fire engine red that screamed out "fuck me,ravish me, ram your cock full of love juice so far down my mouth I could almost gag".

She decided upon the burgundy as her husband was to be one of her lovers tonight , if he was there then his friend could be cherished and shared with her as well. A warm intimate coziness to spur onto wantonness. Firstly the panties , not the neon sign effect of a g string nor the complete surrender of the open crotch, no, a soft transparent silk of a hipster style that accentuated her play parts. No frills, just warm edging to show where they started and finished against her smooth skin. There was a small embroidered design across the front that didn't completely hide but would put a veil of intimacy around her pubis. She pulled the panties on one leg at a time enjoying, the feel of the silk on her legs as they rode upwards, then across her hips, using her hands to smooth the rear out so that the silk cupped her derriere, her hand lingering for a brief instant on those globes of flesh. She moved around the mirror to ensure the desired effect had been achieved.

Next came the garter belt, putting it on and doing the clips up, enjoying the feeling as the top of the belt bit deliciously into her torso. Again no frills or swirls of material but a somber silk cross pattern designed to complement her long shapely legs and the symmetrical vertical sign of her labia. As she smoothed the straps down across her full hips she looked into the mirror to ensure the belt framed her hips, hands delicately moving across flesh and bone. Oh how those hips had supported many lovers as they thrust their man meat into my vagina, supporting someone as they exploded inside her. There had been more than one occasion when the hot sweaty male torso had been replaced by the svelte subtleness of a female one complete with mechanical penis. How versatile and flexible they were these hips of mine. The stockings were the colour of burnt plums. So fine in denier to appear as a mist. As she sat on the leather chair to ease them on across her perfectly manicured toes a dark sinful secret was exposed. On each brown painted toe nail was a silhouette of a couple in carnal bliss. Each toe had a different position represented. She had gone to the Karma Sutra to select the positions, some simple, others so complicated almost impossible to achieve, but what fun to try.

She often asked her lovers to choose which position they wanted. She thought of herself as a living sex manual when she had done this. The stockings were eased slowly up each leg, the feeling of silk encapsulating her legs in libidinous form. She stood up to face the mirror and adjusted each stocking to accept the silk covered clips of the belt ensuring they were not to tight as to be constrictive, particularly when your torso was being turned to accept a penis in both your holes, she postured.

Satisfied, she then set selecting the crown of her undergarments, the bra. Was it to be the cloistered confines of the full, the sheer sluttiness of the open or sultry compromise. She chose a half bra ,again with the cross pattern to define a shape into those mounds of lust. Moving her shoulders forward to accept the garment her breasts swayed in anticipation of being harnessed but at the same time put on show like some sort of sexual rodeo. She clipped the bra up, by this stage her nipples had sensed to the touch and were responding as only they could, arching outwards and upwards to chase the thing that had excited them. "Perfect" she purred as she adjusted each breast so that the full nipple would appear over the cup of the bra like a spy looking upon her temple of lust. Turning to mirror again she surveyed her selection.

Turning to the mirror she surveyed the selection of her undergarments, singly they were just pieces of fine lingerie, but put in this combination they said more about her wants and desires, that of a sensuous woman. As she ran her hands over each garment adjusting here, turning there, to most accentuate and titillate, she thought the look she portrayed was one worthy of warm sensuality. However the slut in her wanted to say more. She turned to her dressing table and sat down, the silk of her panties making a swoon as it contacted with the soft leather of the chair.

She now knew how to be both a slut and elegant at the same time. Opening a side draw she drew out a small fur covered box, inside were two miniature like wedding rings, but different in that they didn't complete a full circle. She took one out and admired it. With her other hand she opened a small jar of scented cream, dipping her finger into the jar she slowly rubbed the cream onto her areola, the effect was almost instantaneous. The nipple so lovingly protected by the areola came forth when summoned. Closer inspection revealed two tiny openings in this pillar of lust. With a practiced hand she opened one of rings enough to sit in the openings. The instant wave of pleasure this sensation created in her body was like electricity, she could even feel her clitoris rise from slumber as if awakened by a touch "How can so little pain give me so much pleasure", she thought lustfully. The other nipple stood out, not to be outdone by its partner, also seeking the same attention. She diligently answered the call and applied the second ring.

Looking into the dresser mirror she assessed her handiwork. Two elegant gold rings that said so much of her wantonness. She remembered when the piercing had been done. The sterile clinic, the businesslike manner of the female technician. Even with the anesthetic the sensation of pain and then pleasure had caused an orgasm in her. Not the fury of when impaled on a turgid penis, nor of the smouldering bliss that comes with pleasing oneself with masturbation. But a new sensation, that a minuscule amount of torment could produce an inordinate amount of rapture.

She stood up and faced the full-length mirror, the image said it all, warm sensuous mature woman and lecherous slut. Now to merge the inner slut with the outer shell of elegance, the pure Thai silk blouse with its mother of pearl fastenings, not too tight across the front as to display her ribald fashion accessories but with enough cut to highlight her rounded breasts. The knee length skirt of a brocade so sharp it electrified the air as it entered a room. The design of the skirt so precise so that when she walked her hips caused the hem to shimmer like a mirage. The cut jacket with its small gold and diamond brooch. The brooch was a gift from a lover. It didn't cheapen her wearing it. This particular lover had a penis so large that she could not fit both of her hands around its girth, yet as was her want she accommodated this monster in all her holes. She fondly remembered when this beast like thing had erupted over her face it was akin to being inundated by a fire hose. His semen had spread from her ear to her breasts and she had lapped it all up, a rich feed for a sex hungry whore. She thought of the brooch as a gold medal from a perverse sexual Olympics. She had cum first second and third. She often wore it with lustful pride, a sexual athlete who takes all.

The shoes she selected were an elegant mix of pointed toe encasing her lower foot in a rich dark leather, before moving down to a 5" gold encased stiletto. Perfect for balance as she walked but equally balanced when squatting to take a hard cock in her mouth. Such functionality she thought. She turned and again sat at the dresser, ready to complete her preparations. The adorning of her body said much of her elegance and want, but it was the styling of the face that would make the most powerful statement. Having been at the beauticians all afternoon her skin glowed with a radiance of warmth, now to enhance that warmth to sensuality. Firstly the eyebrows, already trimmed, arching down, she used a fine liner of burnt copper at the roots to frame her brow. The eyelids were then attended too, a brush of the purest emerald green across each, then a further half line of a tropical lime. Coupled with her dark green eye colour, it was if to look at two pools of radiance. The eyelashes were coated with a black so dark they were almost obscured. Then the glitter pen, a thin line across the tips of the lashes and a further thicker line across the tops of the eyelids, when she turned in the mirror the light shone on the two layers of glitter, reflecting between the two, giving the effect of stars above her eyes.

Now the foundation cream on her cheeks and brow, just a daub on each. Experience had shown her that sperm rolled off unprepared skin, she enjoyed leaving the love juice there as wicked testament to her wanton abandon. Now the colour for her cheeks, not the gaudy rouge of the whore, but a subtle blush of crimson. Her lovers often used these patches of colour as aiming marks for their explosions of lust upon her face. The twin rows of pearls were attached by the subtlest of clips. "They look like a necklace of frozen sperm droplets", she laughed. The earrings were of a single large pearl supported by gold pillars leaving the pearl to hang halfway between her ear and neck. As she at the dresser she thought about her lips and how much they could say of her mood, the pout of the seductress, the slightly drawn apart of desire, the movement of surprise or the wide open of want as she accepted a throbbing member in her mouth. She chose a colour of elegant soft burgundy that said so much of her. Warm, inviting and available. She rolled the lipstick on in one sensual movement, careful not to move the colour away from the corners of her mouth. A defined statement of elegance yet with a hint of desire. A small coating of gloss to bring out the rise where the face joins these wondrous signs of sensuality.

Satisfied with look she eased her carefully prepared hair across her ears. She ensured the mane at the back came past her shoulder blades. When she was being taken from behind by a throbbing cock, her lover could reach up, grab her hair, pull her head back to accept another's erection in her mouth without losing a second of thrust on her vagina. A fine gold link double chain adorned her wrist. She stood up and turned to the full- length mirrors on the wardrobes. The reflection said it all, a statuesque goddess of elegance, dressed in the finest of clothes and accessories. Not enough make up to flaunt but enough to accentuate. The fine sensual woman. How fooled they would be when this outer shell came away to reveal the inner, that of a highly charged, sexual predator. She turned and grabbed the small evening bag, already prepared with its intimate contents, and moved to the hallway.

The car was waiting outside ready to take her to a rendezvous with lust. Dinner was a quiet and elegant affair in the restaurant of the hotel. There was a small quartet playing in the corner, soft melodies careening through the air to provide aural serenity. A good restaurant provided food to stimulate the sense of taste. A great restaurant provided other stimulants to the senses, so that dining became an experience of them all. She was enjoying meeting her husbands' friend. Witty, charming and flattering to her. The fine wine and exquisite food surging towards her stomach had sated her more basic wants, ready to provide the fuel for her sexual energy. The meal reached its pleasant climax; she then asked her husband if he would like to dance. They walked to the small space allocated, several couples already enjoying the feeling of closeness that a celebration of rhythm brings. They coupled and swayed with the somber grace.

She enjoyed this coupling with her partner and remembered how they danced at home, naked, his stallion like penis embedded in her vagina. The sensation of being penetrated whilst upright and being audibly aroused at the same time had been bliss. Then with the wearing of 6" stilettos that had changed the angle of penetration. She'd had more than one orgasm whilst performing that rhythmic celebration. Erotic dancing at its most carnal. The song finished, she asked if his friend would like to dance, she exchanged partners. A different type of coupling, more refined. She viewed this action as more of an assessment of this mans ability to arouse her, the first part of becoming another lover. He had passed with flying colours.

As the bracket finished they turned to walk back to the table her hip brushed his thigh, so slight he would not have noticed, she, as the sensual woman has a complete mastery of all her senses had felt a second thigh where there should have only been the soft folds of a flaccid penis but far below where any normal penis would hang. She knew he was not aroused, having experienced so many erect cocks in her life as a slut. The twitching of skin, the breath in shorter than normal movements, a mans body could not hide such an event from someone who so worshipped the penis. A thrill coursed about her, "will I have two stallions tonight?" she wished lustfully. Her husband and his friend had some business papers to attend to, so it was suggested that coffee and brandy be taken in the anteroom of the friend's room at the hotel. Before they went upstairs she excused herself to go freshen up, whilst in the cubicle she put the garter straps under her hipsters." If he is as big as I suspect the panties will only become a blockade to the enjoyment of my wantonness", she calculated.

Once upstairs, seated in the plush chairs of his anteroom, the conversation became more intimate. Both husband and friend were flattering her on her elegance and style. Her husband had then let the predator off its leash with this simple comment. "Why not show our friend how sensual you can be?" She rose from her chair and moved over to her husband and leant down and kissed him on the lips, a thank you for allowing me to show my real self. Breaking the embrace she moved in front of the chair and knelt down before him, deft hands moving directly to his crotch unzipping his fly and massaging the man flesh that lurked within. His penis responded to the touch and soon was out of the confines of the cloth. She replaced her hand with a tongue, carefully sliding the wet nerves of that sensory organ over the glans of the head. She then enveloped the whole length in her mouth.

She was always impressed at the ability of her mouth to harden a penis. It sent such a shiver through her body to feel the blood coursing along the shaft and this thing expanding whilst she sucked on it. Continuing to piston like her mouth on what was transforming from a penis to a cock, her hand reached under the shaft to fondle his scrotum. This touch caused the cock to stiffen further; when fully erect she couldn't take the whole length in her mouth. One night they had measured his cock when fully erect, it was 9". Her husband ran his hands through her hair, some men used their hands to force an unwilling mouth to a cock, she had never been reluctant about taking as much as she could greedily swallow, almost to the point of gagging. The true slut never needs forcing. Those hands then sent a signal to her; it was time to share your sexuality with her new friend. Removing her mouth she gave his cock a lascivious kiss on the head and then stood up. Her husband following, they moved away from the chairs into the centre of the room.

She turned to face her husband and softly kissed his lips, her hand grasped his cock and slowly pumped up and down on the shaft. A new hand brushed her shoulder and then continued to her neck where it slowly massaged that soft spot between earlobe and shoulder, it was the other she now wanted to explore. Breaking from her embrace she turned her head to meet this new friend. Eyes met, contact by the soft brushing of lips, nothing forced, exploring each other. What a paradox, she thought, exploring a new friend with all the sensuality that I can muster, yet in my other hand, wantonly masturbating a blood engorged cock. Sensual and slut in the one woman. Her husband had joined in this foray, his hands slipping the jacket from her shoulders. Hands moving and accommodating this shedding process but still able to explore and arouse without losing the momentum. The skirt skillfully unbuckled. A short half step so it was free. The soft fold of the shirt removed again; no loss of arousal. Not the burlesque of the stripper, nor the boldness of the lap dancer, just her lover helping to shed the outer of elegance to expose the inner of lust. As the shirt was being removed she had noticed the small flicker of an eyebrow on her new lover, as her breasts had been exposed, the nipples swinging with their adornments. That simple scene had said more than any words. " Yes sensual but there is a more lecherous side, want and desire." Had he been able to look further down her lingerie clad body he would have noticed a glimmer of moisture below the design on her panties, the transformation had begun.

This exploration of her new lovers upper torso continued for several long sensuous moments. She helped him remove his shirt. Her husband was pinching one of her breasts and using his other hand to arouse the side of her body, so whilst exploring this new find she was being aroused and still pumping that beautiful cock of her husband. Occasionally she would break the stroke and run a long painted fingernail under its length to ensure its hardness remained, ready to please her in any way she wanted. Only a truly lecherous woman could appreciate what that intimate act meant. She undid the buckle of her new man's trousers and let them drop. With all the desire moving to her free hand she delved into the opening of his silk shorts. What met her hand was not the soft tones of a penis but something much larger and going by the feel of the pulse in its base, with yet more to expand.

he continued moving her hand downward, towards the head, reaching what she thought was a small apple. The length was halfway to her elbow and not yet fully erect! Had her new lover been able to see her face, the small movement of the brow was not one of shock, more of want. He could not see because they were locked in a more passionate embrace, mouths' coupled, tongues exploring the inner of each other. His hands were moving about her body, one slowly stroking her hip across the garter belt, the other playfully tugging on the nipple ring. With two skillful hands arousing her breasts and another set moving over her erogenous zones, her body was responding, the nipples had hardened to become fully erect and at the same time her clitoris was standing proud waiting for more attention, sheer waves of pleasure coursed through her. She withdrew her hand, slowly rubbing the top of her new find.

Eager to remove the shorts so she could fully explore this wondrous beast and what pleasure it would bring to her as the tempo increased. As she pushed his shorts past his hips they revealed a dark tuft of hair and a junction of skin to groin that appeared like a small arm. The shorts continued their downwards travel to reveal a purely marvelous sight, anatomically correct as a penis but only much larger, "Oh but HOW much larger", she gasped momentarily. The scrotum and head in perfect symmetry with the shaft and still not fully hard. She calculated, as only a slut would do, that it was already 10", with more to come. If she could master this beast the gold brooch she wore as testament to her ability to conquer extremes of man flesh would become a mere trinket. Her one hand could not encompass the girth of the beast; merely move along top or bottom of the shaft. Wanting to excite it more to bring out the fullness of the erection, she dropped to her knees to come closer to this thing, still pumping her husbands cock vigorously, she attempted to place her mouth over the head of this monster, only with great dexterity and a skillful movement of her tongue could the head enter her mouth, she rolled her tongue around it, savoring the sweet salty taste that is a rampant cock. It could enter no further. Removing it from her mouth, she then used her tongue up and down the shaft, licking, kissing and probing to bring out the fully glory of this man thing. These actions brought a further movement upwards of this thing, it grew under her probing. She could feel the blood coursing through it and when she knew it was fully erect, as only a woman of much experience does, it was 12". Her labia gave a small shiver as the desire for such a magnificent appendage coursed through her body to delight at what was to come. Now that both her hands were full of cock, the rest of her body was unattended. Arising slowly, still grasping onto the tools of her slut like trade, she leant back into the plush chair, not a chair anymore but a prop to assist her greed for these rampant cocks.

She led her husband to her head and continued to devour his cock with her mouth, whilst positioning her lover between her legs. No explanations were necessary. The new friend immediately began kneading her breasts and flicking at the rings, sending small jolts through her body. That she positioned her new lover between her thighs was also a test, would he penetrate her now, without any preparation, or did he have the understanding of a truly great lover and prepare her for such an event with sexual foreplay? Her intuition of this man had been correct, his mouth lifted from titillating one of the rings and moved towards her crutch, leaving a small trail of kisses, when his tongue arrived at her belly button it delved into that hole in mock fornication, before moving to her panty line. Instead of continuing straight to her vagina he veered down one thigh gently kissing and kneading the warm flesh still encased in silk. The effect on her had been instantaneous; the glisten of moisture on her labia now became a damp spot, her juices responding to this stimulation. He moved from one thigh to the other repeating the arousal. As he then moved above her clit hood his hand slowly massaged the skin around the labia. That she was wet and nothing had touched clit or cunt was testament to this mans ability to arouse.

She then felt those hands grab at her pants and with the raising of her pelvis they were gone. All her glory was now exposed. Whilst this was occurring her husband still pumped at her mouth and manipulated her breasts at the same time. With the hipsters now removed the last vestige of exploration had gone, the true lecherous slut had arrived. Her new lover again moved down both thighs but this time as he passed her hole he pushed a small breath of cold air onto her hood and labia. The effect was the opposite, instead of cooling her fire it made it race. He moved a finger gently around the labia and hood not directly touching just teasing. This action made her passion race further so that when he finally slid his finger up her gash and onto the hood she had a mild orgasm. It surprised her, the waves of pleasure had risen considerably but this small explosion of pleasure had snuck past her. Only a small quivering of her sex lips and a shudder of the groin had announced its arrival. She grabbed his head and sent it directly to her cunt to continue this magnificent display of sexuality. He responded by using his tongue to probe at her hood and gently tease around the clitoris itself. His hand continued to massage around her labia and manipulate the folds.

She then felt those hands grab at her pants and with the raising of her pelvis they were gone. All her glory was now exposed. Whilst this was occurring her husband still pumped at her mouth and manipulated her breasts at the same time. With the hipsters now removed the last vestige of exploration had gone, the true lecherous slut had arrived. Her new lover again moved down both thighs but this time as he passed her hole he pushed a small breath of cold air onto her hood and labia. The effect was the opposite, instead of cooling her fire it made it race. He moved a finger gently around the labia and hood not directly touching just teasing. This action made her passion race further so that when he finally slid his finger up her gash and onto the hood she had a mild orgasm. It surprised her, the waves of pleasure had risen considerably but this small explosion of pleasure had snuck past her. Only a small quivering of her sex lips and a shudder of the groin had announced its arrival. She grabbed his head and sent it directly to her cunt to continue this magnificent display of sexuality. He responded by using his tongue to probe at her hood and gently tease around the clitoris itself. His hand continued to massage around her labia and manipulate the folds.

Culmination came of this oral adventure when her lover moved from her cunt to her rosebud, firstly a flick at the soft area of flesh between the two and then stabs at that secret place. She arched her back in sheer adulation of a finger pressing against her rosebud, three fingers moving in her moist cunt and a mouth nibbling on her clit. As the pleasure ebbed slightly she felt the familiar twitch in her husbands cock, she knew he liked to splatter her face with his cum but also that a more powerful orgasm was achievable when he entered her. Also she wanted to please her new lover orally and savor that beast.

She stopped sucking and moved her head away, looking into his eyes, contact made, " I want you", she whispered seductively. Her new lover moved up to her face and they coupled, the kiss was long and deep, "thank you and now I will show how skilled I am at bringing your passion and sexual gratification out with my mouth", was all she thought. They stood up and moved to the bedroom, she grabbed her small bag and brought it with her, throwing it casually on the bed. She still had her stilettos on, no need to remove them to display her sexual library; from what had already passed tonight she was the student and they the teachers. To wear them now was the ultimate form of wantonness. Chic fashion accessory and now the tool of the slut. She kissed both men and fondled their cocks keeping them hard for her desire. Grabbing a pillow, she sat at the end of the bed, pushed the pillow under her derriere and opened her legs. Her cunt inviting a cock to penetrate her. Her husband accepted the offer and moved between her legs and slowly rubbed his cock against her hole, he then inserted the head just past the labia and slowly used very short strokes to accommodate his large cock to the glove like cunt.

Once he had begun his rhythm she laid back on the bed and her new friend straddled her face from the side. Grabbing the beast she slowly pumped on the shaft and using her tongue repaid the viper like actions that had given rise to so much pleasure in her. The motions continued, her husband building up-tempo and using his hand to directly pinch and rub her clit. Her new lover was flicking at her breasts and rolling the rings in his fingers. The crescendo rising in her body was not like a wave; it arrived and did not subside, just getting greater and greater. She used her mouth over the head of his cock and her hands to cover his shaft and scrotum, feeling the blood race along the large exposed veins.

Such was the size of this beast she felt the sperm traveling from his balls to the shaft; she aimed the head directly into her mouth. Looking at his face the expression of pure joy foretold of what was about to happen. The first jet of cum hit the roof of her mouth with such force that she involuntarily closed her mouth. The second explosion landed on her chin, she opened her mouth again and the rest of the flood traveled down to her throat. It was that abundant and thick she almost gagged but still continued to milk this thing. The slut in her wanted it all, to feel that cock throb as it exploded was pure bliss. Hands rubbing the shaft to take every last drop of his seed. That she had done this whilst in the throes of a powerful orgasm was a testimony as to how she craved raw lust.

Her husband had increased his tempo to the point of withdrawing to the labia and pounding back in with the drive of a stallion. He was moving with such abandon that when her orgasm had hit, her cunt becoming vice like, he had cried out in pain as much as joy. The seizures of her love hole had brought his completion on. He came with that much gusto it was like a small explosion in her womb. Settling back she took stock of her situation and still wanted more. Body still racing with the after shocks of such an explosion of lust inside her, she still craved more. Her husband was still moving his softening penis inside her, her new lover continued to move her breasts but with less intensity that before. She again took charge. The student was becoming the teacher again. Sitting up she positioned the two cocks on either side of her face and proceeded to massage, suck, lick, scrape and fondle their penises back to hardness.

There was so much sperm and juice oozing from her cunt that the stocking tops were now damp. The cum on her chin was now running between her breasts and onto her stomach. After some time she felt both men begin to stiffen, the blood beginning its carnal coursings. Once they were erect again, she reached for her bag and pulled out a small glass atomizer. It didn't contain perfume but scented massage oil, used to stimulate or lubricate. She turned to her new lover and applied several puffs of the oil to his cock; she lustfully smeared the substance up and down his shaft, with great care to apply a liberal amount to the head. Nothing was said but the intention was clear." I want this huge throbbing beast to violate my most secret and dark place and give me the most debauched arse fucking possible."

From her bag she also took a gold chain with two clips and attached each clip to the nipple rings, tugging on the chain and delighting in the double jolt her body registered. She moved onto the centre of the bed on all fours, her new lover behind her and husband in front. Greedily lapping at the cock in her face she slurped on its head. This movement caused the chain to swing and excite the nipples at he same time. She shuddered slightly as she felt a finger press at her rear; slowly it penetrated her, nothing forced, just gradual acceptance by her body of this intrusion. As her body become used to this a second finger was inserted and again a shudder, a bit more powerful, then acceptance and the waves of desire rose. Finally the fingers were removed and she felt the head of the beast pressing there, she had to concentrate so hard to force her body to relax enough to accept the head that all the pleasant sensations were lost.

Such was her craving for a total lecherous experience; the slut in her was prepared to accept pain to reach the ultimate in pleasure. Slowly the head of the beast penetrated her rosebud, the pain was almost unbearable but she knew what the result would be and willed herself on. The head slowly passed the rosebud and was inside her, the pain began to subside and a warm glow began emanating from where she had been defiled, the final act in this erotic play had begun. Slowly ever so slowly her lover began the process of feeding his monster cock into her rear. She had stopped paying attention to her husbands cock whilst the initial act had taken place and she now resumed her assault on it. To increase her pleasure she gently tugged on the chain as she was pushed and pulled from either end, the pleasure moving to higher level as she did so, soon a steady beat was established.

She wanted more pleasure and craved the most carnal of orgasms possible, so whilst still able to control her actions she undid the pearls around her neck and let them fall to the bed. Grabbing the chain that held her nipples together she passed it to her husband and he started pulling in a pattern sending jolts continuously through her body. With her free hand she grabbed the pearls and reached down and began inserting them into her cunt one at a time leaving only the last few dangling like some obscene jewelry from her well-lubricated hole. The strength of this coupling could only be shown in natures purest elements, the dark thunder of a large cock banging at her rear, the electricity of her sensitive nipples being pulled and the subsequent jolt in her lust and the flood of juices coursing from her cunt. It rose and rose until the final element began rumbling through her body, the earthquake. She assisted the explosion by slowly pulling the pearls out across her clit. That it was so strong and so complete when it came from the inner part of her to the surface her whole body started to tremble, her legs collapsed but she could not fall, there was a small arm supporting her rear. On it coursed from the tip of her toes to the inner most part of her mind, she almost lost consciousness such was the wave of lust that overcame her.

Her two lovers had seen and felt what was happening and stopped their gyrations allowing her to completely envelop this total celebration by the body of pleasure. The feeling would not subside in her body she just took it all in. So wracked by it was she that her two lovers removed from their positions and allowed her to fall onto the bed. Weakly she rolled over to face them, the two throbbing cocks inches from her face. With hands that felt like lead, so spent was she, grabbed both cocks and began stroking them, they were both close to orgasm. Her husband first his cum starting at her nose and finishing on her brow, her lover next unloading completely on her forehead. Her hands again lusting after the last drop. She dropped her hands to her side spent.

How could one person crave for so much pleasure? She turned her head to the side and there was the mirror on the nightstand, she saw her face and knew, with great effort she drew her hand up and traced in the translucent gel adorning her forehead. As she turned back to face her two lovers, the word she had traced, that said all that she was....


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